Maidstone 1832 Register

Maidstone, Kent

1832 Electoral Register

This is a list of 1106 men entitled to vote in Borough Elections following the 1832 Reform Act.
All freemen of the Borough living within 7 miles of the town were entitled to vote (shown as F in the final column). For more information on freemen see the freemen index.
Others were entitled to vote in respect of the value of property occupied being over 10. Usually the property is described as a house (shown as H in the final column).
Some people are listed under both qualifications.

Source: Maidstone Borough Records MD-REP-1 on LDS microfilm #1656614 Item 3 1832-1873

SURNAME         FORENAME                ADDRESS                     QUALIFICATION

Aldridge        Edward                  Meadow                      F                                                 
Aldridge        Joshua                  Meadow                      F                                                 
Aldridge        James                   Meadow                      F                                                 
Alexander       John Robert             Aylesford                   F                                                 
Alexander       Thomas                  Rocky Hill                  F                                                 
Alexander       Thomas                  Rocky Hill                  H                                                 
Allchin         Richard                 Queen Anne Road             H                                                 
Allen           Charles                 Westree                     F                                                 
Allen           John Sr.                Westree                     F                                                 
Allen           Richard Sr.             Westree                     F                                                 
Allen           Richard Jr.             Union Street                F                                                 
Allen           Thomas William          Westree                     F                                                 
Allen           Charles                 West Boro                   H                                                 
Allen           John                    Tovil                       H&Garden                                          
Allen           John Sr.                West Boro                   H&Yard                                            
Allen           Thomas William          West Boro                   H                                                 
Allender        Robert                  Leybourne                   F                                                 
Allender        Robert                  Pleasant Row                H                                                 
Allman          Daniel                  Bearsted                    F                                                 
Allman          Edward                  Bearsted                    F                                                 
Allnutt         Henry                   Ivy Mill                    H&Land                                            
Appleton        Henry                   Carey Street                H                                                 
Apps            George                  Water Lane                  F                                                 
Archer          George Sr.              Bank Street                 H                                                 
Archer          George Jr.              Earl Street                 H                                                 
Archer          William                 Earl Street                 H                                                 
Argles          John Archambo           Stone Street                F                                                 
Argles          Henry                   Bank Street                 H                                                 
Arkcoll         John                    Stone Street                H&Warehouse                                       
Ashdown         Levi                    Stone Street                F                                                 
Assiter         David                   Week Street                 H                                                 
Athawes         James                   Penenden Heath              F                                                 
Athawes         Samuel                  Penenden Heath              H                                                 
Atkins          George                  Weavering St., Boxley       F                                                 
Atkins          John                    Tovil                       F                                                 
Austen          Ambrose                 Week Street                 F                                                 
Austen          Ambrose                 Week Street                 H&Workshop                                        
Baily           George                  Sutton Valence              F                                                 
Baily           John                    George Street               F                                                 
Baker           Charles                 Bank Street                 F                                                 
Baker           Henry                   Upper Stone Street          F                                                 
Baker           Henry Wise              Tovil Road                  F                                                 
Baker           John Robert             High Street                 F                                                 
Baker           Charles                 Bank Street                 H                                                 
Baker           Henry                   Near Barracks               H                                                 
Baker           Henry Wise              Tovil Road                  H&Land                                            
Baker           William                 Sandling Road               H                                                 
Balston         William                 Sandling Road               H                                                 
Banks           Hercules                King Street                 H                                                 
Barlow          John                    West Boro                   H                                                 
Barlow          Robert                  Rocky Hill                  H                                                 
Barnett         John                    Westree                     F                                                 
Barnett         Charles                 Earl Street                 F                                                 
Barnett         Charles                 Earl Street                 H                                                 
Barnett         John                    West Boro                   H                                                 
Bartlett        Charles                 Allington Lock              F                                                 
Bartlett        Charles Jr.             Allington Lock              F                                                 
Bartlett        Samuel                  Week Street                 H                                                 
Barton          James                   Bank Street                 H                                                 
Beale           William                 King Street                 H&Offices                                         
Beard           John                    Loddington                  H&Land                                            
Beaumont        Charles                 Barming Road                F                                                 
Beaumont        Charles                 Barming Heath Road          H                                                 
Beeching        John Ebenezer           Shepway Court               H&Land                                            
Bellingham      Edward                  High Street                 H                                                 
Bellingham      James                   High Street                 H                                                 
Bellingham      John                    Mill Street                 H                                                 
Bensted         Joseph                  The Scrubs                  F                                                 
Bensted         William Harding         The Scrubs                  F                                                 
Bensted         William Harding         Earl Street                 Wharf & Wareh.                                    
Bentlif         James                   King Street                 H                                                 
Bentlif         John                    High Street                 H                                                 
Benzie          John                    Union Street                H                                                 
Betts           James                   Week Street                 F                                                 
Betts           James                   Week Street                 H                                                 
Bigg            John Jr.                Loose Road                  H                                                 
Bignal          Robert                  Barming Heath               H                                                 
Birch           Isaac                   Wheeler Street              H                                                 
Birch           Samuel                  King Street                 H                                                 
Bishop          William                 King Street                 H                                                 
Blinkhorn       Robert                  King Street                 H&Premises                                        
Bluett          Stephen                 Meadow                      H&Warehouse                                       
Boackham        John                    Brunswick Street            F                                                 
Boackham        John Jr.                Brunswick Street            F                                                 
Bodman          William                 Rocky Hill                  H                                                 
Bonner          Francis                 King Street                 H                                                 
Bonner          John                    Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Bonnick         John                    Pudding Lane                F                                                 
Bonny           George                  King Street                 H                                                 
Bonny           James                   Week Street                 H                                                 
Bosanquet       Richard Godfrey         Sandling Road               H                                                 
Bovis           Thomas                  Carey Street                F                                                 
Bovis           Thomas                  West Boro                   H&Workshop                                        
Bow             Edward                  Week Street                 H                                                 
Bow             William                 Week Street                 H&Workshop                                        
Bowens          Robert                  Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Bowles          William                 Meadow                      H                                                 
Bowyer          Thomas                  Mill Street                 H                                                 
Bradford        Isaac                   West Boro                   H                                                 
Brann           John                    High Street                 F                                                 
Brann           John                    High Street                 H                                                 
Brattle         Thomas                  Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Brenchley       John                    Stone Street                F                                                 
Brenchley       Frederick               Upper Stone Street          H&Bakehouse                                       
Brenchley       John                    Albion Street               H                                                 
Brenchley       John                    Upper Stone Street          H&Land                                            
Brenchley       Stephen Sr.             Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Brenchley       Stephen Jr.             Near Barracks               H&Bakehouse                                       
Brenchley       Thomas                  Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Bridgar         James                   Pleasant Row                H                                                 
Bridges         Taylor                  Waterside                   F                                                 
Briggs          Edward                  King Street                 H                                                 
Brislee         William                 Loose                       F                                                 
Brissenden      Robert                  Union Street                H                                                 
Bristow         William                 Cobtree, Boxley             F                                                 
Britter         John                    Paradise Row                F                                                 
Britter         Joseph                  Middle Row                  F                                                 
Britter         William                 Water Lane                  F                                                 
Britter         William (blacksmith)    Westree                     F                                                 
Britter         Joseph Mannerings       Upp. Stone Str. & Middle RowH                                                 
Britter         William                 Water Lane                  H                                                 
Brock           Edward                  Earl Street                 H                                                 
Brooke          John                    School Court, High Street   F                                                 
Brooke          John                    Union Street                F                                                 
Brooke          Thomas                  School Court, High Street   F                                                 
Brooke          William                 School Court, High Street   F                                                 
Brooke          William                 Union Street                F                                                 
Brooke          William Sr.             Union Street                H                                                 
Brooks          William                 Week Street                 F                                                 
Brown           Charles                 Pudding Lane                F                                                 
Brown           William Richard         Bank Street                 F                                                 
Brown           George                  Stone Street                H&Bakehouse                                       
Brown           James                   Earl Street                 H                                                 
Brown           John Sr.                Week Street                 H                                                 
Brown           John Jr.                High Street                 H                                                 
Brown           Joseph                  Week Street                 H                                                 
Brown           Joseph                  Wheeler Street              H                                                 
Brown           Joseph                  Market Street               H                                                 
Brown           Thomas                  Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Brown           Valentine               Union Street                H                                                 
Browne          John                    Mill Street                 H                                                 
Bryans          Samuel                  High Street                 H&Stables                                         
Bunyar          John                    Stone Street                H&Warehouse                                       
Bunyard         James                   St Faith's Street           F                                                 
Bunyard         William                 Camden Street               F                                                 
Bunyard         James                   West Boro                   H&Land                                            
Bunyard         Thomas                  West Boro                   H                                                 
Bunyard         Thomas                  Loose Road                  H                                                 
Burch           James                   Bank Street                 H                                                 
Burch           Joseph                  Pudding Lane                H&Stables                                         
Burch           William                 Bank Street                 H                                                 
Burgess         Edwin                   King Street                 F                                                 
Burgess         George                  Week Street                 F                                                 
Burgess         George                  Week Street                 H&Premises                                        
Burr            George                  St Helens, East Farleigh    F                                                 
Busbridge       John                    Westree                     F                                                 
Busbridge       Thomas                  Water Lane                  F                                                 
Busbridge       Thomas Harris           Water Lane                  F                                                 
Busbridge       John (mariner)          Westree                     F                                                 
Busby           James                   High Street                 H                                                 
Butcher         Richard Thomas          Havock Lane                 H                                                 
Butcher         William                 Loddington                  H&Land                                            
Buxton          George                  Near Barracks               H                                                 
Cabbell         John                    St Faiths Street            F                                                 
Cabbell         William                 Week Street                 F                                                 
Cabbell         William                 Week Street                 H                                                 
Caney           Thomas                  Jeffery Street              F                                                 
Carman          Robert                  St Faiths Street            F                                                 
Carrison        James                   Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Carter          Thomas                  Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Carter          Thomas William          Stone Street                H&Premises                                        
Case            John                    Mill Street                 H                                                 
Chambers        John                    West Boro                   H                                                 
Champion        James Henry             Gabriells Hill              H                                                 
Chaplin         Charles                 Westree                     F                                                 
Chaplin         Isaac                   Hollingbourne               F                                                 
Chaplin         Robert                  Stone Street                F                                                 
Chaplin         Thomas Pepperell        Middle Row                  F                                                 
Chaplin         Thomas Pepperell        Middle Row                  H                                                 
Charlton        George                  Mill Street                 F                                                 
Charlton        Charles                 High Street                 H&Malthouse                                       
Chittenden      Edward                  Stone Street                F                                                 
Chittenden      Friend Edward           Stone Street                F                                                 
Chittenden      George                  Pudding Lane                F                                                 
Chittenden      John                    King Street                 F                                                 
Chittenden      Thomas                  Stone Street                F                                                 
Chittenden      Thomas                  Tovil                       F                                                 
Chittenden      Thomas                  Woollett Street             F                                                 
Chittenden      Friend Edward           Stone Street                H                                                 
Chittenden      George                  Pudding Lane                H                                                 
Chittenden      John                    Union Street                H                                                 
Chittenden      John                    Orchard Street              Messuage&Premises                                 
Chittenden      Thomas                  Stone Street                H                                                 
Clapson         James                   Sutton Road                 H                                                 
Clatworthy      George                  Westree                     F                                                 
Clegg           Joseph                  Under the Cliffe            F                                                 
Clegg           Thomas                  Under the Cliffe            F                                                 
Clegg           William                 Under the Cliffe            F                                                 
Clegg           William Jr.             Under the Cliffe            F                                                 
Clemson         Richard                 King Street                 F                                                 
Clemson         Richard                 King Street                 H                                                 
Clever          William                 Orchard Street              H                                                 
Clifford        Robert                  Union Street                H&Forge                                           
Climson         Edward                  Bone Alley                  F                                                 
Climson         George                  St Faiths Street            F                                                 
Climson         William                 Under the Cliffe            F                                                 
Clout           Thomas                  King Street                 F                                                 
Clout           William                 King Street                 F                                                 
Cobb            William                 King Street                 F                                                 
Cobb            William                 King Street                 H&Workshop                                        
Cogger          William                 Gabriels Hill               F                                                 
Cogger          John                    Half Yoke                   Cottage&Land                                      
Cogger          William                 Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Cole            John                    Westree                     F                                                 
Collens         George                  Week Street                 F                                                 
Collens         James                   Willington Street           F                                                 
Collens         Robert                  St Faiths Street            F                                                 
Collens         Robert Jr.              St Faiths Street            F                                                 
Collens         James                   Willington Street           H&Land                                            
Collens         Robert                  St Faiths Street            H&Malthouse                                       
Collis          Henry                   Stone Street                F                                                 
Collis          henry                   Stone Street                H&Workshop                                        
Collison        Henry                   East Malling                F                                                 
Cooe            Joseph                  Knightrider Street          H                                                 
Cook            John                    High Street                 H                                                 
Cook            Thomas                  Havock Lane                 H                                                 
Cooper          Lewis                   Bower                       H&Land                                            
Cooper          William                 Willington Street           H&Land                                            
Cooper          William                 Stone Street                H&Land                                            
Copper          George                  King Street                 H                                                 
Corke           Henry                   Bank Street                 H                                                 
Cornford        Samuel                  Knightrider Street          H&Sheds                                           
Cornford        Samuel Jr.              Near Barracks               H                                                 
Corrall         Philip                  College                     F                                                 
Corrall         Philip                  College                     H&Land                                            
Couchman        Charles                 Loddington                  H&Land                                            
Cowen           John William            High Street                 F                                                 
Cowen           William                 High Street                 F                                                 
Crandall        William                 Week Street                 H                                                 
Crane           William                 Wheeler Street              F                                                 
Crisfield       George                  The Mote                    F                                                 
Crispe          John                    High Street                 F                                                 
Crispe          William                 High Street                 H                                                 
Crocker         Edward                  Week Street                 F                                                 
Crouch          John                    Near Barracks               H&Bakehouse                                       
Crowder         John                    George Street               F                                                 
Crowder         John                    High Street                 F                                                 
Crowder         John                    High Street                 H                                                 
Cruttenden      John                    Week Street                 H                                                 
Cuckow          Thomas                  Week Street                 H                                                 
Currie          Archibald John          Week Street                 H                                                 
Currie          William                 King Street                 H                                                 
Curtis          Thomas                  King Street                 H                                                 
Custard         George                  Albion Place                H                                                 
Cutbush         George                  King Street                 F                                                 
Cutbush         John                    King Street                 F                                                 
Cutbush         John                    Stone Street                F                                                 
Cutbush         Richard James           Week Street                 F                                                 
Cutbush         Robert                  King Street                 F                                                 
Cutbush         Thomas                  High Street                 F                                                 
Cutbush         Thomas                  King Street                 F                                                 
Cutbush         William Thomas          Pudding Lane                F                                                 
Cutbush         John                    Upper Stone Street          H&Workshop                                        
Cutbush         Richard James           Week Street                 H                                                 
Cutbush         Robert                  King Street                 H&Garden                                          
Cutbush         Thomas                  King Street                 H&Garden                                          
Cutbush         Thomas                  High Street                 H                                                 
Dampier         George                  Pudding Lane                H                                                 
Dane            William                 Mill Street                 F                                                 
Dane            William                 Mill Street                 H                                                 
Danell          James                   Hollingbourne               F                                                 
Danell          John                    Sandling, Boxley            F                                                 
Dann            Benjamin                High Street                 F                                                 
Dann            George                  High Street                 F                                                 
Dann            James                   Tovil                       F                                                 
Dann            John                    St Faiths Street            F                                                 
Dann            Luke                    High Street                 F                                                 
Dann            William                 Pudding Lane                F                                                 
Dann            George                  High Street                 H                                                 
Dann            Luke                    High Street                 H                                                 
Dann            Thomas                  Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Dann            William                 Pudding Lane                H                                                 
Davies          Timothy                 Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Davis           John                    Union Street                F                                                 
Davis           John                    High Street                 F                                                 
Davis           Oliver Saxby            Week Street                 F                                                 
Davis           James                   Near Barracks               H                                                 
Davis           Oliver Saxby            Week Street                 H                                                 
Davis           Robert                  Union Street                H                                                 
Dawson          William                 Loose Road                  F                                                 
Dawson          William                 Week Street                 H                                                 
Dawson          William                 Loose Road                  H                                                 
Day             Thomas                  Gabriels Hill               F                                                 
Day             John                    Half Yoke                   Cottage&Land                                      
Day             Richard                 Half Yoke                   H&Land                                            
Day             Thomas                  Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Day             William                 High Street                 H&Premises                                        
Deall           Edward                  Wheeler Street              H                                                 
Dear            James                   Earl Street                 F                                                 
Dear            James                   Earl Street                 H                                                 
Dear            William Richard Deacon  Week Street                 H                                                 
Dell            Thomas                  Stone Street                H                                                 
Denne           William                 Stone Street                H                                                 
Dickenson       William                 Bank Street                 F                                                 
Dickenson       John                    Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Dickeson        Robert                  1 Parliament Street         H                                                 
Diprose         John                    Mill Street                 F                                                 
Diprose         William                 High Street                 F                                                 
Diprose         John                    Mill Street                 H                                                 
Dodson          James                   Lower Fant                  H                                                 
Doe             John                    High Street                 H                                                 
Drawbridge      Flavius Kingsford       High Street                 H                                                 
Driver          John                    Week Street                 H                                                 
Drury           Henry                   West Boro                   H&Warehouse                                       
Dunmill         Richard                 Gabriels Hill               F                                                 
Dunmill         Richard                 Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Dunmill         William Barrow          Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Durrant         Thomas  Hall            Gabriels Hill               F                                                 
Durrant         John                    High Street                 H                                                 
Durrant         Thomas Hall             King Street                 Warehouse&Loft                                    
Dyne            John                    Week Street                 H                                                 
Eastham         William                 Week Street                 H                                                 
Edgley          Crispianus              Wheeler Street              H                                                 
Edmeads         William                 Earl Street                 H                                                 
Edmett          Thomas                  Middle Row                  F                                                 
Edmett          Thomas                  High Street                 H                                                 
Edmett          William                 High Street                 H                                                 
Elgar           George                  Bone Alley                  H                                                 
Elliott         George                  Union Street                H                                                 
Ellis           Charles                 Gabriels Hill               F                                                 
Ellis           Alexander               Spring Cottage,Near BarracksBuilding&Garden                                   
Ellis           Charles                 Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Elvy            Francis Barham          Tovil                       F                                                 
Elvy            Francis Barham          Tovil                       H&Land                                            
England         William                 Week Street                 H                                                 
Eve             John                    Union Street                H                                                 
Evenden         Leonard                 Union Street                F                                                 
Evenden         Charles                 Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Farrant         John                    Romney Place                H                                                 
Farrant         Richard                 Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Fauchon         James                   Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Fidge           George                  Mill Lane                   F                                                 
Fidge           James                   Wateringbury                F                                                 
Field           Samuel                  Tovil                       H                                                 
Finn            John Terry              Queen Anne Road             F                                                 
Finn            William                 County Road                 H                                                 
Fish            William                 Earl Street                 H&Brewery                                         
Fletcher        John                    Upper Stone Street          F                                                 
Fletcher        William                 Near the Barracks           F                                                 
Foreman         George                  Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Fortnam         George                  King Street                 F                                                 
Foster          Lawrence                Wheeler Street              H                                                 
Foster          Robert                  Wheeler Street              H                                                 
Fowle           William Robert          Bower                       F                                                 
Fowle           John                    Near Barracks               H                                                 
Fowle           Thomas                  St Faiths Street            H                                                 
Fowle           William                 Near Barracks               H                                                 
Francis         John                    Earl Street                 F                                                 
Francis         John Jr.                Earl Street                 F                                                 
Francis         John                    Earl Street                 H                                                 
Francis         William                 Week Street                 H                                                 
Franks          Henry                   Wheeler Street              F                                                 
French          Richard Vigor           King Street                 H                                                 
Frost           Joseph                  Orchard Street              F                                                 
Froud           William                 Market Street               H                                                 
Gamon           Edward William Farr     Havock Lane                 F                                                 
Gamon           John                    St Faiths Street            F                                                 
Gandy           Edward                  Union Street                F                                                 
Gandy           William                 Week Street                 F                                                 
Gandy           Edward                  Union Street                H                                                 
Gandy           William                 Week Street                 H                                                 
Gardener        Martin                  Waterside                   H                                                 
Gegan           James                   Bank Street                 F                                                 
Gegan           James                   Bank Street                 H                                                 
Gibbons         James                   Week Street                 H                                                 
Gibbons         William                 Gould's Court               H&Land                                            
Gilbert         John                    Week Street                 F                                                 
Gilbert         John                    Week Street                 H                                                 
Gildersleeves   William                 St Faiths Green             H                                                 
Giles           John Scott              Stone Street                F                                                 
Giles           Nicholas                Stone Street                F                                                 
Giles           Nicholas                Stone Street                H                                                 
Gillyatt        Benjamin                High Street                 F                                                 
Gladwish        Thomas Lovel            Week Street                 H                                                 
Glover          Thomas                  Union Street                F                                                 
Godden          Henry                   Earl Street                 F                                                 
Godden          Henry                   Earl Street                 H                                                 
Goding          John                    Union Street                H                                                 
Golding         George                  Near Penenden Heath         H&Land                                            
Goldsmith       Cassius                 Earl Street                 H                                                 
Goodhew         George                  Bower Road                  Stable,Warehouse+                                 
Goodwin         Samuel                  Albion Place                H                                                 
Goodwin         William                 Middle Row                  H                                                 
Gorham          John                    Knightrider Street          F                                                 
Gorham          William                 Knightrider Street          F                                                 
Gorham          John                    Knightrider Street          H                                                 
Gorham          William                 Knightrider Street          H                                                 
Gower           William                 High Street                 H                                                 
Graham          William                 Near Barracks               H                                                 
Green           John                    Mill Street                 F                                                 
Green           John                    Union Street                F                                                 
Green           William                 Tovil                       F                                                 
Green           William Jr.             Tovil                       F                                                 
Green           William                 Week Street                 F                                                 
Green           John Jr.                Otham Mill                  H&Land                                            
Green           John Sr.                Mill Street                 H                                                 
Green           John Jr.                Union Street                H                                                 
Green           John                    Otham Mill                  Papermill,cornmill,Land                           
Green           William                 Week Street                 H                                                 
Green           William                 Tovil                       H                                                 
Greenfield      George William          King Street                 F                                                 
Griffin         Michael                 Earl Street                 H                                                 
Grigsby         Thomas                  Wheeler Street              F                                                 
Grigsby         William                 Well Meadow Row             F                                                 
Groser          William                 Albion Place                H                                                 
Gurney          John                    Week Street                 H&Warehouse                                       
Guy             William                 Queen Anne Road             H                                                 
Hackett         Francis                 Penenden Heath Road         Cottage&Land                                      
Haffenden       William                 Knightrider Street          H                                                 
Hall            John                    Middle Row                  H                                                 
Hall            John Vine               High Street                 H&Premises                                        
Hall            Robert                  Earl Street                 H                                                 
Harris          Christopher             Gabriels Hill               F                                                 
Harris          Walter                  Gabriels Hill               F                                                 
Harris          Christopher             Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Harris          Robert                  King Street                 H&Warehouse                                       
Harris          Walter                  Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Harrison        Thomas                  Earl Street                 H                                                 
Harrisson       James Jr.               Camden Street               H                                                 
Harrisson       James Sr.               Union Street                H                                                 
Harrisson       Joseph                  St Faiths Street            H                                                 
Harrisson       William                 Upper Stone Street          H&Premises                                        
Hart            Richard                 King Street                 H                                                 
Hartnup         John                    Maginford                   H&Land                                            
Hawkins         Abraham                 Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Hawkins         George                  High Street                 H&Warehouse                                       
Haynes          Edward                  King Street                 H                                                 
Hazell          Robert                  High Street                 H                                                 
Hearnden        James                   Pleasant Row                F                                                 
Hearnden        John                    Bower Turnpike              F                                                 
Heath           Stephen                 Upper Stone Street          H&Premises                                        
Heathorn        Charles                 West Boro                   H                                                 
Heathorn        John                    Earl Street                 H&Brewery                                         
Heathorne       Charles                 Westree                     F                                                 
Heathorne       John                    Earl Street                 F                                                 
Hedges          George                  Week Street                 H                                                 
Henley          John                    High Street                 H                                                 
Henty           John                    Week Street                 F                                                 
Henty           Thomas                  St Faiths Street            F                                                 
Henty           Edward                  Brewer Street               H                                                 
Hepburn         James                   Tovil Place                 H&Land                                            
Higgins         Edmund                  Upper Stone Street          F                                                 
Higgins         Charles                 Earl Street                 Wharf&Warehouse                                   
Higgins         Edmund                  Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Higgins         William                 Union Street                H                                                 
Highwood        John                    Staplehurst                 F                                                 
Highwood        William John            Havock Lane                 F                                                 
Hilder          Thomas                  Westree                     F                                                 
Hill            Richard                 Mote Road                   F                                                 
Hills           Henry                   Gabriels Hill               F                                                 
Hills           Robert                  Stone Street                F                                                 
Hills           Thomas                  Mote Road                   F                                                 
Hills           Thomas                  Thurnham                    F                                                 
Hills           Walter                  Week Street                 F                                                 
Hills           William                 Meadow                      F                                                 
Hills           William Beek            Bank Street                 F                                                 
Hills           Francis                 Doctors Field               H                                                 
Hills           Henry                   Gabriels Hill               H&Stables                                         
Hills           Robert                  Stone Street                H&Bakehouse                                       
Hills           Thomas                  Moat Road                   H                                                 
Hills           Walter                  Week Street                 H                                                 
Hoadly          Alexander               Week Street                 F                                                 
Hoadly          John Charles            Week Street                 F                                                 
Hoadly          Alexander               Week Street                 H&Premises                                        
Hoadly          John Charles            Week Street                 H                                                 
Hoadly          William                 St Faiths Green             H                                                 
Hoar            Charles                 King Street                 H                                                 
Hodges          George                  Week Street                 F                                                 
Hodges          James                   Meadow                      F                                                 
Hodges          George                  Week Street                 H&Premises                                        
Hodges          Richard                 Romney Place                H                                                 
Hodgskin        Richard                 Earl Street                 H                                                 
Hodgskin        John Rogers             Week Street                 H                                                 
Hogben          James                   Upper Stone Street          F                                                 
Hogben          James                   Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Hogben          Kennett                 Mill Street                 H                                                 
Hollingworth    Finch                   Turkey Mill, Boxley         F                                                 
Hollingworth    John Sr.                Turkey Mill                 Counting H & Land                                 
Hollingworth    John Jr.                Turkey Mill                 Counting H & Land                                 
Holloway        John                    Week street                 F                                                 
Holloway        Richard                 Tovil                       F                                                 
Holloway        Thomas                  Tovil                       F                                                 
Holloway        William (bricklayer)    Union Street                F                                                 
Holloway        William (baker)         Mote Road                   F                                                 
Holloway        William Bassett         Sandling Road               F                                                 
Holloway        William Bassett         Near Barracks               H                                                 
Holmes          Richard                 Union Street                H                                                 
Homer           Benjamin                Near Barracks               H&Forge                                           
Hopkins         Henry                   Waterside                   H&Timber Yard                                     
Horsnail        Edwin                   High Street                 H                                                 
Horton          Edmund                  King Street                 H                                                 
How             Charles                 Earl Street                 H                                                 
Hughes          John Newington          High Street                 F                                                 
Hughes          John                    Pudding Lane                H                                                 
Hughes          John Newington          High Street                 H                                                 
Hughes          Thomas                  Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Hughes          William                 Pudding Lane                H                                                 
Hulburd         George Jr.              Week Street                 F                                                 
Hulburd         George Jr.              Week Street                 H                                                 
Hull            Henry                   High Street                 H                                                 
Hunt            Edward                  Earl Street                 F                                                 
Hunt            William                 Orchard Street              F                                                 
Hunt            Anthony                 St Faiths Street            H                                                 
Hunt            Edward                  Penenden Heath              H&Land                                            
Hussey          William                 King Street                 H&Garden                                          
Hyde            Thomas Sr.              Clarendon Place             H                                                 
Hyde            Thomas Jr.              High Street                 H                                                 
Hyland          John                    King Street                 F                                                 
Hyland          John                    King Street                 H                                                 
Iggulden        Stephen                 Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Inge            Benjamin                Earl Street                 H                                                 
Isaac           John                    High Street                 H                                                 
Jackson         William Richard Radley  Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Jacobs          Jacob                   Week Street                 H                                                 
Jacobson        James                   Week Street                 H                                                 
Jarrett         John                    Middle Row                  H                                                 
Jenkins         Fossey                  Romney Place                H                                                 
Jenkins         Edmund                  Week Street                 H                                                 
Jewell          John                    Week Street                 F                                                 
Jewell          John Jr.                Week Street                 F                                                 
Jewell          John                    Week Street                 H                                                 
Johnson         Benjamin                Middle Row                  F                                                 
Johnson         Benjamin                Middle Row                  H                                                 
Johnson         Thomas                  Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Jordan          George Burr             King Street                 F                                                 
Jordan          Robert Collens          Week Street                 F                                                 
Jordan          William                 East Malling                F                                                 
Jordan          Robert Collens          Week Street                 H                                                 
Jury            Edward                  Havock Lane                 F                                                 
Jury            Edward                  St Faiths Street            F                                                 
Jury            Henry                   Broomfield                  F                                                 
Jury            George                  Gabriels Hill               F                                                 
Jury            Thomas                  Carey Street                F                                                 
Jury            William                 Stone Street                F                                                 
Jury            George                  Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Jury            William                 Stone Street                H                                                 
Kebbel          John                    Week Street                 H                                                 
Kemp            George                  Tovil                       F                                                 
Kemp            James                   West Boro                   H                                                 
Kemp            John                    Union Street                H                                                 
Kennett         Bishop                  High Street                 H                                                 
Kennett         John                    King Street                 H                                                 
Keutenius       John                    Upper Stone Street          F                                                 
Kidwell         William                 Bone Alley                  F                                                 
Kiernan         John                    Near Barracks               H                                                 
Kingman         Richard                 Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Kipping         Henry                   King Street                 H                                                 
Kirby           Edward                  Paradise Row                F                                                 
Kirby           Edward                  The Square                  F                                                 
Kirby           John                    Queen Anne Road             H&Premises                                        
Knell           Robert                  Week Street                 H                                                 
Knott           Michael                 Union Street                H                                                 
Knowles         William                 King Street                 H                                                 
Knyvett         Carey Seymour           Padsole                     Paper Mill                                        
Laker           John                    Brewer Street               H                                                 
Laker           Thomas                  Union Street                H                                                 
Lamprey         Stephen                 Penenden Heath Road         H&Garden                                          
Lane            Joshua                  Westree                     F                                                 
Lanes           Edward                  Near Barracks               H                                                 
Langridge       John                    Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Lawrence        Thomas                  High Street                 H&Warehouse                                       
Lawrence        David                   Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Leigh           Thomas                  Newhithe                    F                                                 
Lemon           Thomas                  Meadow                      F                                                 
Lester          Thomas                  Union Street                H                                                 
Lindridge       George                  Week Street                 H                                                 
Long            Liberty                 Earl Street                 F                                                 
Long            Edward                  St Faiths Street            H&Stables                                         
Long            John                    Barracks                    Canteen                                           
Long            Robert                  Earl Street                 H                                                 
Long            Samuel                  High Street                 H&Stables                                         
Longley         James                   Tovil                       F                                                 
Longley         James Jr.               Tovil                       F                                                 
Longley         Thomas                  Tovil                       F                                                 
Lowry           James                   Earl Street                 H                                                 
Lushington      Edmund Henry            Sandling Road               Stables&Land                                      
Mackellow       John                    King Street                 H                                                 
MacRitchie      Thomas                  Bower                       H&Land                                            
Maidman         Robert                  Week Street                 F                                                 
Maidman         Robert                  Week Street                 H                                                 
Manwarring      William                 Stone Street                H                                                 
Marchant        Joseph                  Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Mares           Charles                 Weavering Street, Boxley    F                                                 
Mares           John                    Lenfield                    F                                                 
Marriott        George                  Bone-alley                  F                                                 
Marsh           John                    Middle Row                  H                                                 
Marsh           Matthew                 Near Barracks               H                                                 
Martin          Charles                 Paradise Row                F                                                 
Martin          James                   Romney Place                F                                                 
Martin          John                    Romney Place                F                                                 
Martin          Thomas                  Upper Stone Street          F                                                 
Martin          Thomas                  Water Lane                  F                                                 
Martin          William                 Paradise Row                F                                                 
Martin          William Jr.             Paradise Row                F                                                 
Martin          Edward                  Havock Lane                 H&Sheds                                           
Martin          James                   Romney Place                H                                                 
Martin          James                   22 Gabriels Hill            H                                                 
Martin          Joseph jr.              High Street                 H                                                 
Martin          Richard                 Moat Road                   H                                                 
Martin          Samuel                  Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Mason           Edward                  Waterside                   F                                                 
Mason           Robert                  Suffolk Place               F                                                 
Mason           William                 Penenden Heath Road         F                                                 
Mason           Edward                  Waterside                   H&Warehouse                                       
Masters         William                 Stone Street                H                                                 
Masters         William                 Romney Place                H                                                 
Matthews        John                    West Boro                   H                                                 
May             John                    Boxley                      F                                                 
Medhurst        Thomas                  The Scrubs                  F                                                 
mercer          John                    Pudding Lane                F                                                 
Mercer          Robert                  Pleasant Row                F                                                 
Mercer          William                 High Street                 F                                                 
Mercer          John                    Stone Street                H&Garden                                          
Merrall         John                    Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Merritt         Thomas Light            Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Middleton       William                 Pudding Lane                Schoolroom                                        
Milbourn        Mark                    Tovil                       F                                                 
Miller          Joseph                  Queen Anne Road             F                                                 
Mills           Edmund                  Week Street                 H                                                 
Misson          William                 Earl Street                 F                                                 
Misson          William                 Earl Street                 H                                                 
Mitchell        John                    Stone Street                F                                                 
Mitchell        John                    High Street                 H                                                 
Mitchell        Thomas                  Stone Street                H                                                 
Monckton        John                    High Street                 H&Garden                                          
Moon            John                    Earl Street                 H                                                 
Moore           Charles                 Wheeler Street              F                                                 
Moore           Robert                  Waterside                   F                                                 
Moore           Stedman                 Stone Street                F                                                 
Moore           Thomas                  Wheeler Street              F                                                 
Moore           William                 High Street                 F                                                 
Moore           William                 High Street                 H                                                 
Moore           Robert                  Waterside                   H&Foundry                                         
Morecraft       James                   Lucerne Street              F                                                 
Morgan          Joseph Langdon          High Street                 H                                                 
Morice          Thomas Henry            Penenden Heath              H                                                 
Morris          John                    Upper Stone Street          F                                                 
Morris          Henry                   Week Street                 H                                                 
Morris          Samuel                  Week Street                 H                                                 
Mortimer        Fuller                  Waterside                   F                                                 
Mortimer        John                    Westree                     F                                                 
Mortimer        John                    West Boro                   H                                                 
Moseley         george                  Gabriels hill               F                                                 
Mullendar       Thomas Richard          Waterside                   F                                                 
Munk            Edward                  Stone Street                H&Warehouse                                       
Munn            John                    Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Newman          Henry                   Bower Road                  Building&Land                                     
Newman          John                    Stone Street                H&Stables                                         
Nicholson       Richard                 Brewer Street               H                                                 
Nickells        Joseph Sr.              High Street                 H                                                 
Nickells        Joseph Jr.              Near Barracks               H                                                 
Nickolls        Joseph                  Sandling Road               F                                                 
Niess           William                 Mill Street                 H                                                 
Nobbs           William                 Camden Street               F                                                 
Nobbs           William                 King Street                 F                                                 
Norman          John                    St Faiths Street            H                                                 
Norrish         William                 Week Street                 H                                                 
Norton          William                 Union Street                H                                                 
Okins           William                 Union Street                H&Stables                                         
Oliver          Charles                 Week Street                 F                                                 
Oliver          Edward                  Pudding Lane                F                                                 
Oliver          Edward                  Week Street                 F                                                 
Oliver          george                  High Street                 F                                                 
Oliver          George                  Week Street                 F                                                 
Oliver          George Jr.              Week Street                 F                                                 
Oliver          Henry                   Rose Yard                   F                                                 
Oliver          Henry                   Week Street                 F                                                 
Oliver          James                   High Street                 F                                                 
Oliver          Joseph                  Hollingbourne               F                                                 
Oliver          William                 Week Street                 F                                                 
Oliver          George Sr.              Week Street                 H                                                 
Oliver          George Jr.              Bank Street                 H                                                 
Oliver          Henry                   High Street                 H                                                 
Oliver          James                   High Street                 H                                                 
Oliver          William                 Week Street                 H                                                 
Ongley          Edward                  Week Street                 H                                                 
Orford          George                  Hollingbourne               F                                                 
Orford          Thomas                  Mill Street                 F                                                 
Orford          William                 High Street                 F                                                 
Orford          William                 High Street                 H                                                 
Orman           John                    Waterside                   F                                                 
Ottaway         Henry                   Middle Row                  H                                                 
Overy           William                 Ashford Road                H                                                 
Page            Gregory                 Earl Street                 F                                                 
Paine           Joseph                  Middle Row                  H                                                 
Palmer          Charles                 24 Wheeler Street           H                                                 
Paris           Thomas                  Stone Street                F                                                 
Paris           Thomas                  Stone Street                H                                                 
Parker          Henry John              London Road                 H                                                 
Parks           Thomas                  King Street                 H                                                 
Parminter       William                 Union Street                H                                                 
Parren          John                    Wheeler Street              F                                                 
Parsons         Thomas                  High Street                 H                                                 
Pattenden       Robert                  Week Street                 H                                                 
Pawley          John                    Westree                     F                                                 
Payne           John                    Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Payne           John                    Week Street                 H                                                 
Peale           Edward                  Knightrider Street          F                                                 
Peale           John                    Knightrider Street          F                                                 
Peale           William                 Dean Street, East Farleigh  F                                                 
Pearce          George                  Mote Road                   F                                                 
Pearce          James                   Brunswick Street            F                                                 
Pearce          William                 Mote Road                   F                                                 
Pearce          William                 Wheeler Street              H&Premises                                        
Pearson         Henry                   Westree                     F                                                 
Pearson         Isaac                   King Street                 F                                                 
Pearson         Isaac                   Westree                     F                                                 
Pearson         Jonathan                Westree                     F                                                 
Pearson         Samuel                  George Street               F                                                 
Pearson         Isaac Sr.               West Boro                   H&Forge                                           
Pearson         Isaac Jr.               King Street                 H&Forge                                           
Pearson         John                    Market Street               H                                                 
Pearson         Jonathan                West Boro                   H                                                 
Pell            George                  Stone Street                F                                                 
Pell            John                    Penenden Heath Road         F                                                 
Pell            Thomas                  Stone Street                F                                                 
Pell            George                  Gabrials Hill               H                                                 
Pell            John                    Back of Gaol                Cottage&Land                                      
Penfold         William Margesson       Near Ivy Mills              Buildings&Land                                    
Peskett         Philip                  Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Peters          George                  Stone Street                F                                                 
Peters          Henry                   Tovil                       F                                                 
Peters          James                   Tovil                       F                                                 
Peters          George                  Stone Street                H                                                 
Philpot         George                  Stone Street                H                                                 
Pike            Edward                  Earl Street                 H                                                 
Pike            William                 Romney Place                H                                                 
Pillow          John                    Tovil                       H&Land                                            
Pine            John                    Earl Street                 F                                                 
Pine            Thomas                  Ashford Road                F                                                 
Pine            Thomas (papermaker)     Otham                       F                                                 
Pine            Thomas (farmer)         Otham                       F                                                 
Pine            William                 Ashford Road                F                                                 
Pine            Thomas                  Ashford Road                H                                                 
Pine            Thomas                  Willington Street           H&Land                                            
Piper           Charles                 Havock Lane                 H                                                 
Piper           henry                   Havock Lane                 H&Yard                                            
Piper           Thomas                  Week Street                 H&Workshop                                        
Plane           William                 Earl Street                 CountingH&Brewery                                 
Plummer         William                 Penenden Heath              H                                                 
Pollard         Henry                   Fair Meadow                 F                                                 
Poole           James                   Week Street                 F                                                 
Poole           James                   Week Street                 H                                                 
Poolly          Edwin                   meadow                      F                                                 
Poolly          George                  Waterside                   F                                                 
Poolly          Joseph                  Westree                     F                                                 
Poolly          Edwin                   Meadow                      H&Stables                                         
Poolly          George                  Waterside                   H&Wharf                                           
Poolly          Joseph                  West Boro                   H&Workshop                                        
Poolly          Stephen                 West Boro                   H&Stables                                         
Pope            Horatio                 Fant House                  F                                                 
Pope            Horatio Jr.             Fant House                  F                                                 
Pope            Thomas Blissett         King Street                 F                                                 
Pope            Horatio                 Fant                        H&Land                                            
Pope            Thomas Blissett         King Street                 H                                                 
Porter          William                 Near Barracks               H                                                 
Post            Beale                   Tovil                       H&Land                                            
Potter          Henry                   Bank Street                 F                                                 
Potter          James                   Bank Street                 F                                                 
Potter          James                   Bank Street                 H                                                 
Potter          John                    Upper Stone Street          H&Bakehouse                                       
Potts           Thomas                  Wheeler Street              H&Land                                            
Pound           George                  Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Powell          James                   Camden Street               H                                                 
Powell          Thomas                  Wheeler Street              H                                                 
Prance          James Connell           High Street                 H                                                 
Prentis         George                  Penenden Heath              F                                                 
Prentis         Stephen                 Palace                      F                                                 
Prentis         George                  Penenden Heath Road         H                                                 
Prentis         Stephen                 Mill Street                 H                                                 
Price           Thomas                  King Street                 H                                                 
Pullen          Edward                  Tovil                       F                                                 
Pullen          George                  Tovil                       F                                                 
Pybus           Thomas                  Waterside                   H&Timber Yard                                     
Rachell         George                  Gabrialls Hill              H&Stables                                         
Railton         Thomas Robert           Bank Street                 H                                                 
Randall         Alexander               Week Street                 H                                                 
Randall         William                 Near Barracks               H&Stables                                         
Randall         William                 Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Ransley         James                   Earl Street                 F                                                 
Ransley         James                   Earl Street                 H                                                 
Rayfield        James                   Tovil                       H                                                 
Reader          John                    Stone Street                F                                                 
Reader          John Jr.                Stone Street                F                                                 
Reader          Thomas                  Stone Street                F                                                 
Reader          Walter                  Stone Street                F                                                 
Reader          William                 Stone Street                F                                                 
Reader          John                    Earl Street                 H                                                 
Reader          John                    Stone Street                H                                                 
Reader          Walter                  Stone Street                H                                                 
Reader          William                 Stone Street                H&Stable                                          
Reeve           James                   King Street                 H                                                 
Relf            Bennett                 Wheeler Street              H                                                 
Rice            Thomas                  Union Street                H                                                 
Richardson      Samuel                  Earl Street                 F                                                 
Roberts         William Brooke          Queen Anne Road             F                                                 
Roberts         William Brooke          Queen Anne Road             H                                                 
Robinson        James                   Bank Street                 H                                                 
Robinson        Samuel                  King Street                 H&Bakehouse                                       
Robinson        Thomas                  Rocky Hill                  H                                                 
Rogers          John                    Westree                     F                                                 
Rogers          Thomas                  Brewer Street               H                                                 
Roots           James                   Boxley                      F                                                 
Rowe            William Thomas          Mill Street                 H                                                 
Ruck            Benjamin                Week Street                 F                                                 
Ruck            Charles                 Thornhills                  F                                                 
Ruck            Henry                   St Faiths Green             F                                                 
Ruck            James                   King Street                 F                                                 
Ruck            Joseph                  St Faiths Green             F                                                 
Ruck            William Henry           King Street                 F                                                 
Ruck            Benjamin                Week Street                 H&Yard                                            
Ruck            Charles                 Back of Gaol                Cottage&Land                                      
Ruck            James                   King Street                 H                                                 
Ruck            Joseph                  Brewer Street               Workshop&Yard                                     
Ruck            Joshua                  Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Ruse            Thomas Fassett          Romney Place                H                                                 
Russell         Clement Taylor          Wheeler Street              F                                                 
Russell         Edward                  Linton                      F                                                 
Russell         Henry                   High Street                 F                                                 
Russell         John Taylor             West Malling                F                                                 
Russell         Barnabas                Wheeler Street              H&Bakehouse                                       
Russell         Robert                  Bower                       H                                                 
Sale            John                    Mill Street                 F                                                 
Sancto          Alexander               King Street                 F                                                 
Sancto          Edward                  Knightrider Street          F                                                 
Sancto          James                   Week Street                 F                                                 
Sancto          John                    Bone Alley                  F                                                 
Sancto          Johnston                Upper Stone Street          F                                                 
Sancto          Johnston jr.            Bank Street                 F                                                 
Sancto          William                 Bone Alley                  F                                                 
Sancto          Johnson Jr.             Middle Row                  H                                                 
Sanders         Edward                  St. Faiiths Green           H&Garden                                          
Sanders         John                    Stone Street                H                                                 
Sanders         Joseph                  Romney Place                H                                                 
Sanders         William                 Pleasant Row                H                                                 
Sarles          John                    Waterside                   F                                                 
Saunders        Edward                  St Faiths Green             F                                                 
Saunders        Edward                  Stone Street                F                                                 
Savage          Richard                 West Boro                   H&Bakehouse                                       
Sawer           John                    County Road                 F                                                 
Sawer           Joseph                  Upper Stone Street          F                                                 
Sawer           Joseph Pobjoy           County Road                 F                                                 
Sawer           John                    Week Street                 H                                                 
Sawer           Joseph                  Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Scoons          Richard                 High Street                 H                                                 
Scoons          William                 High Street                 H, Stable and Tap                                 
Seager          George                  Market Street               F                                                 
Seager          Richard                 Market Street               F                                                 
Seager          Richard                 Market Street               H&Workshop                                        
Sedgwick        William                 High Street                 H                                                 
Sellen          Joseph                  Stone Street                H                                                 
Sexty           Richard                 Mill Street                 H                                                 
Sharp           Joseph                  King Street                 H                                                 
Sharp           Richard                 Earl Street                 H&Warehouse                                       
Sheen           Thomas                  Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Shepherd        Henry                   Ashford Road                H                                                 
Shepherd        James                   Union Street                H                                                 
Sheppard        James                   Union Street                F                                                 
Shirley         William                 Union Street                H                                                 
Short           Charles                 Union Street                F                                                 
Short           Charles James           Union Street                F                                                 
Short           James                   Week Street                 F                                                 
Short           William                 Virginia                    F                                                 
Shortter        William                 Rocky Hill                  H                                                 
Shreeves        William Jr.             Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Simmonds        Charles                 King Street                 F                                                 
Simmonds        Charles                 King Street                 H                                                 
Simmonds        Henry                   Rocky Hill                  H                                                 
Simmons         Thomas                  King Street                 H                                                 
Simmons         William                 High Street                 H                                                 
Simson          George                  Carey Street                F                                                 
Sinden          Edward                  Middle Row                  H                                                 
Skeere          Thomas                  Queen Anne Road             H                                                 
Slaughter       William                 Market Street               H&Stable                                          
Smallman        Robert                  High Street                 H                                                 
Smith           Benjamin Postley        School Court, High Street   F                                                 
Smith           Henry                   Waterside                   F                                                 
Smith           John                    Week Street                 F                                                 
Smith           Robert                  St Faiths Green             F                                                 
Smith           Thomas                  King Street                 F                                                 
Smith           William                 Westree                     F                                                 
Smith           George                  Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Smith           John                    Week Street                 H&Premises                                        
Smith           John                    Tovil                       H                                                 
Smith           Robert                  King Street                 H                                                 
Smith           Thomas                  Debtling Road               H&Land                                            
Smith           Thomas                  King Street                 H                                                 
Smith           Thomas                  Tovil                       H&Land                                            
Smyth           Robert                  Ashford Road                F                                                 
Smythe          Clement Taylor          Brewer Street               F                                                 
Smythe          James                   Brewer Street               F                                                 
Smythe          William                 Westree                     F                                                 
Smythe          William                 West Boro                   H                                                 
Southon         David                   Week Street                 H                                                 
Spencer         Abraham                 High Street                 H&Stables                                         
Spencer         George                  Earl Street                 H                                                 
Spencer         Richard Read            Week Street                 H&Premises                                        
Spong           Charles                 Wheeler Street              H                                                 
Springate       John                    Week Street                 F                                                 
Springate       Richard                 Week Street                 F                                                 
Springate       Richard                 Week Street                 H                                                 
Springett       Charles                 Rocky Hill                  H                                                 
Springett       John                    Clarendon Place             H                                                 
Stacey          Courtney                Hill Green, Stockbury       F                                                 
Stacey          Edwin                   West Malling                F                                                 
Stacey          William Henry           Hill green, Stockbury       F                                                 
Stacey          Courtney                Stone Street                Brewhouse                                         
Stacey          William Henry           Stone Street                Brewhouse                                         
Standen         Thomas                  Pudding Lane                H                                                 
Standen         Thomas                  Union Street                H                                                 
Stanford        James                   High Street                 H                                                 
Stanger         James                   High Street                 H                                                 
Stanger         John                    Waterside                   H                                                 
Stanley         Samuel                  Week Street                 F                                                 
Stanley         Samuel                  Week Street                 H                                                 
Staples         James                   Week Street                 H                                                 
Steer           James                   High Street                 H&Premises                                        
Stephens        William                 Week Street                 F                                                 
Stephens        John Cribb              Week Street                 H&Garden                                          
Stevens         William                 Rocky Hill                  H                                                 
Stevenson       William                 King Street                 F                                                 
Stevenson       William                 King Street                 H                                                 
Stiles          William                 Upper Stone Street          F                                                 
Stone           Arthur                  Rocky Hill                  H                                                 
Stonham         Stephen                 Upper Stone Street          F                                                 
Stonham         Stephen                 Middle Row                  H                                                 
Streeton        Benjamin                Rocky Hill                  Cottage&Land                                      
Stubbersfield   John                    Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Sutton          George Coast            Westree                     F                                                 
Sutton          Thomas                  Union Street                F                                                 
Sutton          Edward                  West Boro                   H                                                 
Sutton          James Sr.               Rocky Hill                  Oasthouse&Land                                    
Sutton          James Jr.               West Boro                   H                                                 
Sutton          John                    Bower                       H                                                 
Sutton          Thomas                  Union Street                H                                                 
Swain           Charles Clement         High Street                 F                                                 
Swain           Henry                   Waterside                   F                                                 
Swain           John                    Waterside                   F                                                 
Swain           Robert                  Union Street                F                                                 
Swan            Thomas                  Tovil                       H&Garden                                          
Sweetlove       David Tanner            Mill Street                 H                                                 
Sweetlove       James                   King Street                 H                                                 
Sweetlove       Thomas                  Moat Road                   H&Workshop                                        
Swinfin         John                    Near Barracks               H                                                 
Swinnock        Daniel                  Near Barracks               H                                                 
Sycklemoore     William                 Wheeler Street              H                                                 
Tanner          Benjamin                Bank Street                 H&Tan Yard                                        
Tanner          Edward Russell          Bank Street                 H&Tan Yard                                        
Tapp            John                    Brunswick Street            H                                                 
Tassell         Robert                  East Malling                F                                                 
Tassell         Thomas                  Bank Street                 F                                                 
Tassell         Thomas                  Westree                     F                                                 
Tassell         Thomas Jr.              Westree                     F                                                 
Tassell         Robert                  High Street                 H                                                 
Tassell         Thomas                  Bank Street                 H                                                 
Tassell         Thomas                  West Boro                   H&Workshop                                        
Tate            James                   Middle Row                  H                                                 
Taylor          George                  King Street                 H                                                 
Taylor          James                   Stone Street                H                                                 
Taylor          John                    Queen Anne Road             H                                                 
Terry           George                  Loose                       F                                                 
Terry           Robert                  Foot of Great Bridge        F                                                 
Terry           Robert                  Westree                     F                                                 
Terry           Henry                   Union Street                H                                                 
Terry           Robert                  High Street                 H                                                 
Thatcher        John                    41 Earl Street              H                                                 
Thomas          Edward                  Union Street                F                                                 
Thomas          Edward                  Union Street                H                                                 
Thomas          Henry                   Gerge Street                H                                                 
Thompson        Thomas                  Stone Street                F                                                 
Thomson         Robert                  Tovil                       H&Garden                                          
Tilbe           Edward                  Wheeler Street              F                                                 
Tilbe           John                    Market Street               F                                                 
Tilling         Isaac                   Union Street                H                                                 
Tolhurst        William Henry           Gabriels Hill               H&Warehouse                                       
Topping         Charles                 Albion Place                H                                                 
Torrington      Thomas                  St Faiths Green             H                                                 
Tree            Francis                 Ashford Road                H&Land                                            
Trendall        William                 Water Lane                  H                                                 
Tucker          James                   Loose                       F                                                 
Tucker          William                 Loose                       F                                                 
Turner          Henry                   Barming Heath Road          H                                                 
Turner          Richard                 Tovil                       Paper Mill&Houses                                 
Tusler          John                    High Street                 H                                                 
Tyssen          William George Daniel   Penenden Heath              H&Land                                            
Upfold          Henry                   Wheeler Street              F                                                 
Upton           William Ashdowne        Camden Street               F                                                 
Usmar           Russell                 Union Street                H                                                 
Usmar           William Stephen         Union Street                H                                                 
Valentine       John William            High Street                 H&Premises                                        
Valentine       Valentine               Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Varty           Robinson                Moat Road                   H                                                 
Vigor           William                 Market Street               H&Premises                                        
Waghorne        Charles                 Wheeler Street              H                                                 
Waghorne        Joseph                  Wheeler Street              Cottage&Land                                      
Wakefield       George                  Knightrider Street          H                                                 
Wakeford        George                  Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Walker          William                 Rocky Hill                  H                                                 
Wallis          John Homewood           King Street                 H                                                 
Walmsley        William                 Queen Anne Road             F                                                 
Walter          Richard                 Westree                     F                                                 
Walter          William                 Mill Street                 F                                                 
Walter          William                 Stone Street                H                                                 
Warwick         John                    High Street                 H                                                 
Warwick         Richard                 High Street                 H                                                 
Waters          Benjamin                Westree                     F                                                 
Waters          Samuel                  Westree                     F                                                 
Waters          William                 Wheeler Street              F                                                 
Waters          William                 Westree                     F                                                 
Waters          William                 West Boro                   H                                                 
Waters          William                 Wheeler Street              H                                                 
Wattell         John Boorman            King Street                 F                                                 
Wattell         John Boorman            King Street                 H                                                 
Watts           Edward                  West Boro                   H&Land                                            
Watts           James                   High Street                 H                                                 
Webb            Charles                 Union Street                F                                                 
Webb            Charles                 Union Street                H                                                 
Webb            Edward                  Havock Lane                 H                                                 
Wedd            Richard                 Stone Street                F                                                 
Wedd            Richard                 Stone Street                H                                                 
Weeks           Thomas                  Tovil                       H                                                 
Weeks           William                 Upper Stone Street          H                                                 
Welch           John Goodwin            Stone Street                H                                                 
Wenman          William                 Stone Street                H                                                 
West            William                 King Street                 H                                                 
Westbrook       James                   Aylesford                   F                                                 
Whatman         James                   Stone Street                F                                                 
Whatman         James                   Stone Street                H                                                 
Wheatley        John                    Union Street                F                                                 
Wheeler         Benjamin                Week Street                 H                                                 
Whichcord       John                    Week Street                 H                                                 
White           James                   Week Street                 H&Garden                                          
White           Stephen                 Near Barracks               H&Stables                                         
Wibley          George                  Havock Lane                 H                                                 
Wickens         James Sr.               Meadow                      H                                                 
Wickham         William                 Week Street                 H                                                 
Wicks           Thomas                  Earl Street                 H&Stables                                         
Wildes          Henry Atkinson          St Faiths Street            F                                                 
Wildes          Henry Atkinson          St Faiths Street            H&Garden                                          
Wildish         Henry                   Union Street                H&Plumbing House                                  
Wildish         Valentine               Week Street                 H&Stables                                         
Wilkins         Samuel                  Market Buildings            F                                                 
Willard         John William            Upper Stone Street          F                                                 
Willcocks       Thomas                  High Street                 H                                                 
Williams        James                   Union Street                H                                                 
Williams        George                  Earl Street                 H                                                 
Williams        Richard                 Stone Street                H&Warehouse                                       
Wills           William                 Stone Street                H                                                 
Willson         Robert                  Tovil                       H&Garden                                          
Wilson          George                  St Faiths Street            F                                                 
Wilson          George                  Week Street                 H                                                 
Wilson          Thomas                  Week Street                 H&Bakehouse                                       
Wimble          Edward                  Week Street                 F                                                 
Wimble          Henry                   Week Street                 F                                                 
Wimble          John                    East Malling                F                                                 
Wimble          George                  Week Street                 F                                                 
Wimble          Edward                  Week Street                 H                                                 
Wimble          George                  Waterside                   Warehouses&Wharf                                  
Wimble          Henry                   Waterside                   Warehouses&Wharf                                  
Wimble          John                    Waterside                   Warehouses&Wharf                                  
Winter          William                 Pole Mill, Boxley           F                                                 
Winter          John                    Week Street                 H                                                 
Wise            John                    Stone Street                F                                                 
Wise            John                    Stone Street                H                                                 
Wise            Stacey                  Mote Road                   H&Garden                                          
Wood            James                   Earl Street                 F                                                 
Wood            James                   Queen Anne Road             F                                                 
Wood            John                    Westree                     F                                                 
Wood            John Martin             Earl Street                 F                                                 
Wood            Thomas                  Havock Lane                 F                                                 
Wood            William                 Westree                     F                                                 
Wood            William Jr.             Westree                     F                                                 
Wood            James                   Earl Street                 H                                                 
Wood            John                    Scrubs Lane                 Cottage&Land                                      
Wood            Robert                  Union Street                H                                                 
Woodman         Robert                  Union street                F                                                 
Woodman         William                 Union Street                F                                                 
Woodman         William                 Union Street                H                                                 
Woodward        Thomas                  Gabriels Hill               H                                                 
Woollett        John                    Jeffery Street              F                                                 
Woollett        Robert                  Orchard Street              F                                                 
Woollett        William                 Upper Stone Street          F                                                 
Woollett        William                 Wheeler Street              F                                                 
Woollett        William jr.             Wheeler Street              F                                                 
Woolley         Philip Samuel           Pudding Lane                H                                                 
Worley          George                  Havock Lane                 H&Sheds                                           
Wren            Jesse                   Orchard Street              F                                                 
Wren            Jesse                   Water Lane                  F                                                 
Wright          Charles                 Bank Street                 F                                                 
Wright          George                  Bank Street                 F                                                 
Wright          George jr.              Bank Street                 F                                                 
Wright          Henry                   Bank Street                 F                                                 
Wright          William                 Union Street                F                                                 
Wright          Charles                 King Street                 H                                                 
Wright          George                  Bank Street                 H                                                 
Wright          William                 Union Street                H                                                 

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Maidstone 1832 Register
Created by Maureen Rawson