Maidstone 1845 Register

Maidstone, Kent

1845 Electoral Register

This is a list of 1705 men entitled to vote in Borough Elections following the 1832 Reform Act.
All freemen of the Borough living within 7 miles of the town were entitled to vote. For more information on freemen see the Freemen index.
Others were entitled to vote in respect of the value of property occupied being over 10.
Some people are listed under both qualifications.

Source: Maidstone Borough Records MD-REP-1 on LDS microfilm #1656614 Item 3 1832-1873
Transcribed by Robert Deloyde

SURNAME                      FORENAME                     ADDRESS                      QUALIFICATION

Abbot                        John                         Week St                      House
Abnet                        Charles                      Boxley Rd                    House
Aldridge                     Jerry                        Market St                    Freeman
Aldridge                     Joshua                       Medway St                    Freeman
Aldridge                     Joshus Junior                Medway St                    Freeman
Aldridge                     Edward                       Market St                    Freeman
Alexander                    John Robert                  Mote Rd                      Freeman
Allen                        Thomas William               Westree                      Freeman
Allen                        Gariel                       Upper Stone St               House
Allen                        James                        Chancery Lane                House And Premises
Allen                        Thomas William               Tonbridge Rd                 House
Allen                        William Hart                 King St                      House
Allender                     Robert                       Barming                      Freeman
Allman                       Daniel                       Bearsted                     Freeman
Allman                       Edward                       King St                      Freeman
Allman                       John                         Union St                     House
Allnutt                      Henry                        Tonbridge Rd                 House Mill Premises
Allsup                       John                         High St                      House
Allwork                      Henry                        Week St                      House
Allwork                      Thomas                       Bower Place                  House
Ambrose                      William                      King St                      House
Anderson                     Benjamin                     Union St                     House
Annison                      Richard Williams             Upper Stone St               House And Premises
Appleby                      Francis                      Wharf Lane                   House
Appleton                     Henry                        Carey St                     House
Appleton                     William                      Tovil                        House
Apps                         George                       Wheeler St                   Freeman
Apps                         William                      Bank St                      Freeman
Archer                       George                       Knightrider St               House
Archer                       George                       Bank St                      House Warehouse
Arckoll                      John                         Tonbridge Rd                 House And Premises
Argles                       Henry                        Rocky Hill                   Freeman
Argles                       Henry                        London Rd                    House Shop And Premises
Argles                       John Archambo                Stone St                     Freeman
Arkcoll                      Charles                      Stone St                     Shop And Premises House
Arnett                       John Henry                   Mill St                      House
Ashdown                      Levi                         Stone St                     Freeman
Ashdown                      Levi                         Stone St                     House
Ashdown                      John                         Wyatt St                     House
Assiter                      David George                 Week St                      House
Assiter                      John                         St Faith Green               House
Athawes                      Peter                        Stone St                     House
Atkin                        Richard Hayes                Tovil                        Freeman
Atkins                       George                       Weavering St Boxley          Freeman
Atkins                       John                         Tovil                        Freeman
Atkins                       John                         Tovil                        House
Austen                       Ambrose                      Week St                      Freeman
Austen                       Ambrose                      Week St                      House
Austen                       Thomas                       Wheeler St                   House
Avery                        Samuel                       Brewer St                    House
Axtell                       James                        Wharf Lane                   House And Premises
Bailey                       John                         George  St                   Freeman
Baily                        William                      London Rd                    House
Bajant                       John                         London Rd                    House
Baker                        Charles                      Bank St                      Freeman
Baker                        Charles                      Bank House                   House
Baker                        Edward                       Astley St                    House
Baker                        Henry                        Woollett St                  Freeman
Baker                        John                         St Faith St                  House
Baker                        Thomas Turner                Tovil                        House
Baker                        Charles Junior               Bank St                      Freeman
Baker                        Henry                        Upper Stone St               Freeman
Baker                        Henry Wise                   Boughton  Monchelsea         Freeman
Baker                        Jethro                       Bone Alley                   House
Baker                        John                         King St                      House
Baker                        John Robert                  High St                      Freeman
Baker                        Robert                       Sandling Rd                  House
Baker                        Richard                      Barming Heath                House And Land
Baker                        Thomas George                High St                      Freeman
Baker                        William                      Pudding Lane                 House
Baldwin                      .                            Union St                     House
Baldwin                      Wriothesley                  St Peter St                  House
Ballard                      Henry                        Stone St                     House
Ballard                      John                         Wheeler St                   House
Ballard                      John                         Church St                    House
Balston                      William                      Sandling Rd                  House
Bane                         John                         Upper Stone St               House
Banks                        Hercules                     Week St                      House
Barker                       James                        Tovil                        House
Barlett                      Charles                      Allington Lock               Freeman
Barlett                      Charles Junior               St Faith St                  Freeman
Barlett                      John                         Allington                    Freeman
Barlett                      Samuel                       Week St                      House
Barling                      Joseph                       High St                      House
Barnard                      Robert                       Bank St                      Freeman
Barnes                       Mark Horatiio Nelson         Earl St                      House
Barnett                      Charles                      Earl St                      Freeman
Barnett                      John                         Westree                      Freeman
Barnett                      William                      Earl St                      Freeman
Barr                         Robert                       Upper Stone  St              House
Bartlett                     Charles                      Waterside                    House
Barton                       William                      Union St                     Freeman
Barton                       William                      Unon St                      House
Barton                       James                        Bank St                      House
Baseby                       John                         Gabriels Hill                House
Bassett                      George                       London  Rd                   House And Premises
Batt                         William Robert               Boxley Rd                    House
Baxter                       Charles Frederick            Sheppy Court                 House
Beale                        William                      King St                      House
Beale                        Charles                      Astley St                    House And Premises
Beale                        John                         Wheeeler St                  House
Beard                        Richard                      High St                      House
Beattie                      John                         Union St                     House
Beecher                      Henry                        Astley St                    House
Beecher                      William                      Upper Stone St               House
Beeching                     Thomas                       Boxley Rd                    House
Beer                         James                        King St                      House
Bellchambers                 William                      Union St                     House And Premises
Bellchambers                 Benjamin                     Perryfield                   House And Premises
Bellchambers                 Stephen                      Queen Anne Rd                House
Bellingham                   John                         Mill St                      House
Bellingham                   Moses                        Union St                     House
Benchley                     John Jun                     Upper Stone St               Freeman
Benertt                      Caleb                        Union St                     House
Bennett                      John                         Upper Stone St               House
Bensted                      Joseph                       Bower  Lane                  Freeman
Bensted                      William Harding              Week St                      Freeman
Bensted                      William Harding              Sandling Rd                  House
Bentlif                      George  Amat                 High St                      House
Benzie                       John                         Union St                     House
Benzie                       Robert Hammond               Union St                     House
Betts                        James                        Week St                      House
Betts                        James                        Week St                      Freeman
Betts                        Thomas                       Week St                      House
Beumont                      Charles                      Wetsree                      Freeman
Bevis                        Francis                      High St                      House
Biggs                        George                       Upper Stone St               House
Birch                        Samuel                       King St                      House
Birch                        Thomas                       King St                      House
Birch                        Thomas                       Pudding Lane                 House
Blackbird                    James                        Orchard St                   Freeman
Blake                        Joseph                       Boxley Rd                    House
Blanchard                    Henry Burton                 Albion Burton                House
Blinkhorn                    George                       King St                      House
Bluett                       Stephen                      Meadow                       House
Boakham                      Job                          Mote Rd                      Freeman
Boakham                      John                         Brunswick St                 Freeman
Boakman                      John Jun                     Tovil                        Freeman
Bodkin                       Samuel                       High St                      House
Bodkin                       Thomas                       Upper Stone St               House
Bolton                       Edwin  Poly                  Union St                     Freeman
Bone                         William                      Medway St                    House
Bongard                      George Thomas                Wheeler St                   House
Bonner                       Edward                       Astley St                    House And Premises
Bonner                       Francis The Younger          King St                      House
Bonner                       Samuel                       Wyatt St                     House
Bonny                        Edward                       Ashford                      House
Bonny                        George                       King St                      House
Bonny                        James                        Week St                      House
Boorman                      John                         Earl St                      House
Boosey                       Charles                      Albion Place                 House
Boots                        William                      Sandling Rd                  House
Bosanquet                    Richard Godfrey              Sandling Rd                  House
Bovis                        Henry                        Shepway St                   Freeman
Bovis                        John                         Union St                     Two Houses
Bovis                        Thomas                       Shepway St                   Freeman
Bow                          Edward                       Knightrider St               House
Bow                          William                      County Rd                    House And Workshop
Box                          George                       Church St                    House
Box                          George                       Thornhills                   House And Land
Boyce                        Thomas                       Perryfield Place             House
Boys                         Thomas                       Medway St                    House
Bradshaw                     Watson                       Astley  St                   Freeman
Brann                        Richard                      High St                      Freeman
Brann                        Edwin                        High St                      Freeman
Brann                        John                         High  St                     Freeman
Brann                        John                         High St                      House
Brann                        John                         Union St                     House
Brazier                      James                        Camden St                    House
Brenchley                    .                            Barming                      Counting House And Warehouse
Brenchley                    Julius  Lucius               Albion  Place                Freeman
Brenchley                    Alexander                    Barming                      Counting House & Warehouse
Brenchley                    Alexander  Coare             Upper Stone St               Freeman
Brenchley                    John                         Upper Stone St               Freeman
Brenchley                    Stephen                      Sandling Rd                  House And Bankhouse
Brennan                      John                         Camden St                    House
Brewer                       Henry                        Union  St                    House
Brewer                       Jonah                        King St                      House
Bridge                       John                         Wheeler St                   House
Bridgland                    William                      Week St                      House
Bridgland                    William                      Ebanexer Place               House And Premises
Briggs                       Edward                       King St                      House
Brislee                      George                       Knrightrider  St             Freeman
Brislee                      George                       Knightrider St               House
Brislee                      William                      Loose                        Freeman
Brissenden                   Charles                      Wheeler St                   House
Brissenden                   John                         Earl St                      House
Brissenden                   Robert                       Union St                     House
Bristow                      William                      Upper Stone St               Freeman
Bristow                      William                      Upper Stone St               House
Bristow                      William                      Sandling Rd                  House
Britcher                     George                       St Peter St                  House
Britter                      John                         High St                      Freeman
Britter                      Thomas                       High St                      Freeman
Britter                      William                      George St                    Freeman
Britter                      John                         Paradise Row                 Freeman
Britter                      John                         Market Buildings             House
Britter                      Joseph  Mannering            Boxley                       Freeman
Britter                      Wiillam                      Westree                      Freeman
Britter                      William                      Sandling Rd                  Freeman
Britter                      William                      Upper Stone St               House
Brock                        Edward                       Earl St                      House
Brooke                       William                      Union St                     Freeman
Brooke                       John                         Union St                     Freeman
Brooke                       John                         High St                      Freeman
Brooke                       John                         Union St                     House
Brooke                       William                      Mote  Rd                     Freeman
Brooke                       William                      Union St                     House
Brooks                       Thomas William               Upper Stone St               House
Brooks                       William                      High St                      House
Brown                        George                       Stone St                     House
Brown                        John Sen                     Week St                      House
Brown                        Joseph                       Earl St                      House
Brown                        Joseph Sen                   Market St                    House
Brown                        Peter                        Union St                     Freeman
Brown                        William Richard              Lucerne St                   House
Brown                        Charles                      Pudding Lane                 Freeman
Brown                        Cornelius                    High St                      House
Brown                        James                        St Faith St                  House
Brown                        James Mathew Deacon          Market St                    House
Brown                        Joseph (Baker)               Week St                      House
Brown                        Joseph (Stationer)           Week St                      House
Brown                        Joseph Charles               Market St                    House
Brown                        Peter                        Union St                     House
Brown                        Valentine                    Astley St                    Freeman
Brown                        William John                 Union St                     House
Brown                        William Richard              Union St                     Freeman
Browne                       John                         Bank St                      House
Browne                       Joseph                       Earl St                      House
Bruster                      John                         Sandling Rd                  House
Bruster                      William                      Sandling Rd                  House
Bryans                       Samuel                       High St                      House
Bryant                       John                         Gabriels Hill                House
Buchanan                     Freiend William              Week St                      House
Buck                         John                         George St                    House And Premises
Buckingham                   Emanuel                      Wyatt St                     House
Buckingham                   George                       Sandling Rd                  House
Buckingham                   Stephen                      Week St                      House And Premises
Buckland                     Freind William               Pudding Lane                 House
Budgen                       Henry                        Paradise Row                 House
Bull                         William                      King St                      House
Bulmer                       Martin                       London Rd                    House Yard Workshop & Premises
Bunnett                      John                         Ashford Rd                   House
Bunyar                       Edward                       Union St                     House
Bunyar                       John                         Stone St                     House
Bunyar                       John                         Upper Stone St               House
Bunyard                      James                        Camden St                    House And Stable
Bunyard                      Thomas                       38 Camden St                 House And Shop
Bunyard                      Thomas                       London Rd                    House
Bunyard                      Thomas                       London  Rd                   House
Bunyard                      Thomas Cruttenden            Astley St                    House
Bunyard                      William                      Camden St                    Freeman
Burch                        John                         George St                    House
Burch                        Robert                       Stone St                     House
Burch                        William                      Bank St                      House
Burgess                      Edwin                        Wheeler St                   Freeman
Burgess                      George                       Queen Ann Rd                 Freeman
Burgess                      George Junior                Week St                      Freeman
Burn                         George                       Sandling Rd                  House
Burn                         James                        Meadow                       Freeman
Burn                         James                        Meadow                       House
Burr                         George                       St Helens East Farliegh      Freeman
Burr                         Henry                        High St                      House
Burren                       James                        Borough Stone                House
Busbridge                    Edgar                        East Malling                 Freeman
Busbridge                    Hillier                      Upper Stone St               Freeman
Busbridge                    James                        Upper Stone St               Freeman
Busbridge                    John                         Westree                      Freeman
Busbridge                    Thomas                       Upper Stone St               Freeman
Busbridge                    Thomas Harris                East Maling                  Freeman
Busbridge                    Thomas Junior                Waterloo Lane                Freeman
Busby                        James                        Church St                    House
Bushnell                     Joseph                       Week St                      House
Butcher                      William                      Loddington                   House And Land
Butcher                      William                      Week St                      House
Buxton                       John                         Week St                      Freeman
Buxton                       George                       Sandling Rd                  House
Caney                        Thomas                       Jeffery St                   Freeman
Caney                        Albert                       Jeffery St                   Freeman
Caney                        John                         Jeffery St                   Freeman
Caney                        John  Jun                    Jeffery St                   Freeman
Cantan                       Thomas                       Upper Stone St               House
Carman                       Robert                       St Faith St                  Freeman
Carman                       Robert                       St Faith St                  House
Carpenter                    John                         Brewer St                    House
Carter                       John                         Bank House                   House
Carter                       William                      St Faith St                  House
Case                         John                         High St                      House
Castle                       William                      Tonbridge Rd                 House
Caulfield                    William                      Union St                     House
Chaloner                     James                        County Rd                    House
Chaloner                     John                         Boxley Rd                    House
Chaloner                     Samuel                       Albion Place                 House And Premises
Chamberlayne                 Edward                       London Rd                    House
Chambers                     George                       Wyatt St                     House
Chambers                     John                         St Peters St                 House
Chapell                      Jonothan George              Albion Place                 House
Chaplin                      Robert                       High  St                     Freeman
Chaplin                      Robert                       Waterside                    Freeman
Chaplin                      Robert                       High St                      House
Chappell                     William                      Romney Place                 House
Charles                      Thomas                       St Faith St                  House
Charlton                     Charles                      High St                      House
Charlton                     John                         West Farleigh                Building And Land
Charlton                     William                      Mill St                      Freeman
Charlton                     George                       Mill St                      Freeman
Charlton                     George                       Mill St                      House
Cheeseman                    William Henry                Marsham St                   House
Chittenden                   Edward Junior                Orchard St                   Freeman
Chittenden                   Edward Senoir                Orchard St                   Freeman
Chittenden                   Edwin                        Stone St                     Freeman
Chittenden                   Friend Edward                Stone St                     House
Chittenden                   Friend Edwards               Stone  St                    Freeman
Chittenden                   George                       Pudding Lane                 Freeman
Chittenden                   George (Cabinet Maker)       Pudding Lane                 House
Chittenden                   George (Tailor)              Pudding Lane                 House
Chittenden                   Jerimiah                     Scrubble Lane                House
Chittenden                   John                         Upper Stone St               House
Chittenden                   Thomas                       Bank St                      Freeman
Chittenden                   Thomas                       Camden  St                   Freeman
Chittenden                   William  Edwards             Upper Stone  St              Freeman
Chitty                       Thomas                       Union St                     House And Premises
Christian                    Edward Minter                King St                      House
Clackett                     Charles                      St Peter St                  House
Claggett                     Thomas                       Church St                    House
Clark                        James                        Sandy Lane                   House
Clark                        William                      Paradise Row                 House
Clayton                      Thomas                       King St                      House
Clegg                        William                      St  Faiths  St               Freeman
Clegg                        Thomas                       Under The Cliffe             Freeman
Clegg                        William                      George  St                   Freeman
Clegg                        William  Junior              Under The Cliffe             Freeman
Clemson                      Richard                      King St                      Freeman
Clemson                      Richard                      King St                      House
Clifford                     Charles                      Union St                     House
Clifford                     James                        Bank St                      House
Clifford                     .                            Mote Rd                      House
Clifford                     Robert                       Union St                     House
Climpson                     Edward                       Bone Alley                   Freeman
Climpson                     George                       Bone Alley                   Freeman
Climpson                     John                         Loose                        Freeman
Clinton                      John                         Week St                      House Stable & Premises
Clobb                        William                      King St                      Freeman
Clout                        William                      King  St                     Freeman
Clout                        Thomas                       Ashford Rd                   Freeman
Clout                        Thomas                       Ashford Rd                   House
Coatsworth                   William                      Upper Stone St               House
Cobb                         John                         Upper Stone St               Building And Premises
Cobb                         William                      King St                      House
Cock                         William                      Bank St                      House
Cockerell                    Henry                        Stone St                     House
Cocks                        Burton                       Sandling Rd                  House
Cogger                       William                      Gabriel Hill                 Freeman
Cogger                       John                         High St                      House
Cogger                       William                      Gabriels Hill                House
Cole                         John                         Rocky Hill                   Freeman
Cole                         John                         Meadow                       House
Cole                         John  Junior                 Westree                      Freeman
Cole                         Thomas                       Tovil Rd                     Freeman
Cole                         William                      London  Rd                   Freeman
Colegate                     Richard King                 Sandling Rd                  House & Workshop
Coleman                      John Alfred                  Week St                      House
Collens                      James                        Willington St                Freeman
Collens                      James                        Week St                      House & Land
Collens                      Robert                       Ashford  Rd                  Freeman
Collens                      Williams Henry               Bone Alley                   Freeman
Collison                     Henry                        East Malling                 Freeman
Colyer                       William                      Union St                     House
Coman                        James                        Medway St                    House
Cooe                         Joseph                       Stone St                     House Stable & Premises
Cook                         Thomas                       Havock Lane                  House
Cooke                        Samuel                       King St                      House
Cooker                       George                       High St                      House
Cooney                       Thomas                       Sandling Rd                  House
Cooper                       Edward                       High St                      House
Cooper                       Robert                       London Rd                    House
Cooper                       Thomas                       Pudding Lane                 House
Cooper                       William                      Willigton St                 House And Land
Copleston                    Thomas                       Union St                     House
Copper                       George                       King St                      House
Cork                         Richard                      Church St                    House
Cornell                      George                       Gabriels Hil                 House
Cornwell                     Thomas                       Romney  Place                House
Couchman                     William Frederick            Mill St                      House
Court                        George                       County Rd                    House
Court                        Joseph                       Camden St                    House
Cowen                        John                         St Peters St                 Freeman
Cowen                        Thomas                       Leeds                        Freeman
Craft                        William                      Wyatt St                     House
Crandall                     William                      Boxley Rd                    House
Crane                        William                      Wheeler St                   Freeman
Crisfield                    Henry                        Queen Ann Rd                 Freeman
Crisfield                    Joseph                       Union  St                    Freeman
Crisfield                    Thomas                       Union St                     Freeman
Crispe                       John                         Gabriels Hill                Freeman
Crispe                       John                         Gabriels Hill                House
Crispe                       William Henry                High St                      House
Crocker                      Edward                       Week St                      Freeman
Crocker                      Edward                       Week St                      House
Crouch                       John                         Sandling Rd                  House
Crowhurst                    John                         Mote Rd                      House And Stable
Crowhurst                    Stephen                      Boxley Rd                    House And Premises
Crowther                     Richard                      Wheeler St                   House
Crundell                     James                        Upper Stone St               House
Cruttenden                   John                         Week St                      House
Cuckow                       Robert                       Boxley Rd                    House Garden And Premises
Cuckow                       Robert                       Wheeler St                   House
Cuckow                       Thomas                       Brewer St                    House And Premises
Cuckow                       William Miles                Boxley Rd                    House And Garden
Cullum                       John                         Mote Rd                      House
Curtis                       Henry                        King St                      House
Cutbath                      William George               Week St                      House
Cutbush                      George                       Marsham  St                  Freeman
Cutbush                      Robert                       King St                      Freeman
Cutbush                      Thomas Robert                Yalding                      Freeman
Cutbush                      Frederick Walter             Week St                      Freeman
Cutbush                      Frederick Walter             Week St                      House
Cutbush                      Richard  James               Week St                      Freeman
Cutbush                      Richard James                Week St                      House
Cutbush                      Robert                       King St                      House
Dadds                        William                      Boxley Rd                    House
Dale                         Robert Dickensen             High St                      House
Dally                        Frank Fether                 Orchard St                   House
Dane                         John                         Mill St                      Freeman
Dane                         William                      Mill St                      Freeman
Dane                         William                      Bower Lane                   House
Danell                       James                        Leeds                        Freeman
Danell                       John                         Earl St                      Freeman
Danells                      John                         Earl St                      House
Dann                         Benjamin                     Earl St                      Freeman
Dann                         Benjamin                     Fant St                      Freeman
Dann                         Charles                      Weavering  St Boxley         Freeman
Dann                         George                       Loddington                   Cottage And Land
Dann                         George                       High St                      Freeman
Dann                         George                       High St                      House
Dann                         James                        Weavering  St Boxley         Freeman
Dann                         John                         Union St                     Freeman
Dann                         Luke                         Havock Lane                  Freeman
Dann                         William                      Week St                      House
Dann                         William                      Week St                      Freeman
Davis                        George                       High  St                     Freeman
Davis                        John                         Week St                      Freeman
Davis                        John                         Sandling Rd                  House
Davis                        John                         High St                      Freeman
Davis                        Leonard                      High St                      Freeman
Davis                        Oliver  Saxby                High St                      Freeman
Davis                        Oliver Saxby                 High St                      House
Davis                        William                      Romney Place                 House
Davy                         George                       London Rd                    House
Dawson                       John                         Market Building              House
Dawson                       Peter                        Union  St                    Freeman
Dawson                       Willam                       Loose Rd                     House
Dawson                       William Sandwell             Week St                      House
Day                          Richard                      Half Yoke                    House And Land
Day                          Thomas                       Ashford Rd                   Freeman
Day                          Thomas                       Ashford Rd                   House
Day                          William                      Week St                      House
Day                          William (Broker)             High St                      House
Day                          William (Corn Dealer)        High St                      House
Deall                        Edward                       Wheeler St                   House
Dear                         James                        Week St                      Freeman
Dear                         James                        Sandling Rd                  House
Dear                         William Richard Deacon       Week St                      House
Dedrick                      William                      Wheeler                      House
Dell                         Thomas                       Stone St                     House
Delo                         George                       Bank St                      House
Denne                        William                      King St                      House
Dennis                       John                         Mote Rd                      House
Dickenson                    William                      Bank St                      Freeman
Dickenson                    John                         Boxley Rd                    House
Dickeson                     John                         Sandling Rd                  House
Dickeson                     Robert                       Sandling Rd                  House
Dickson                      Alexander                    Church St                    House
Dickson                      George                       Upper Stone St               House
Dickson                      William                      Sandling Rd                  House
Dilks                        William                      Perryfield Place             House
Diprose                      John                         Mill St                      Freeman
Diprose                      William                      High St                      Freeman
Ditton                       Thomas                       Mill St                      House
Dobney                       Henry Hamlet                 Marsham St                   House
Doe                          Richard                      High St                      House
Doe                          Richard                      High St                      Freeman
Doe                          John                         Brewer St                    House
Doe                          John                         High St                      House
Dolby                        Samuel                       Week St                      House
Dove                         Henry                        Bower Place                  House
Down                         Francis                      Barming Heath                House
Down                         John                         Upper Stone St               House
Dray                         James                        Union St                     House Coal Shed & Premises
Dray                         James Jarvis                 Bower Lane                   House
Driver                       John                         King St                      House
Drowley                      John                         Week St                      House
Dungate                      Richard                      King St                      House
Dungey                       John Theophilus              Albion Place                 House
Dunk                         Charles                      Gabriels Hill                House
Dunk                         Richard                      Mote Rd                      House
Dunmill                      Richard                      High St                      Freeman
Dunmill                      William Barrow               Gabriels Hill                House
Durrant                      John                         High St                      House
Durrant                      Joseph Hall                  Sanding Rd                   Freeman
Durrell                      John Tanner                  Sandling Rd                  House
Dwason                       William                      Loose  Rd                    Freeman
Dye                          Henry                        Brewer St                    House
Eastes                       George                       King St                      House
Edmed                        Thomas                       London Rd                    House
Edmett                       George                       High St                      House
Edmett                       Thomas                       High St                      Freeman
Edmett                       Thomas                       High St                      House
Edmett                       William                      Brewer St                    House
Edwards                      Edward                       Week St                      House
Edwards                      William                      Week St                      House
Eley                         John                         Marsham St                   House & Premises
Elgar                        Henry                        Havock Lane                  House
Elliott                      George                       Brewer St                    House
Elliott                      James                        Church St                    House
Ellis                        Charles                      Gabriels Hill                Freeman
Ellis                        Charles                      Pudding Lane                 House & Premises
Ellis                        Charles                      Gabriels Hill                House
Elmore                       John                         Wyatt St                     House
Elphee                       Henry                        Week St                      House
Elvy                         Francis  Barham              Bow Hill Yalding             Freeman
Elvy                         Thomas                       Marsham St                   House
Epps                         Joseph                       Brewer St                    House
Epps                         Read                         Tovil                        House
Epps                         Vincer                       Boxley Rd                    House
Epps                         William James                Tonbridge Rd                 House
Evans                        Henry                        High St                      House And Premises
Evans                        William Mathew               Sandling  Rd                 House
Evenden                      Leonard                      Union St                     Freeman
Evenden                      Thomas                       Wheeler St                   House
Evernden                     Thomas                       Week St                      House
Excell                       George                       Mote Rd                      House
Fancet                       Thomas                       Union St                     House
Fancett                      George                       Wheeler St                   House
Fancett                      John                         Boxley Rd                    House
Farmer                       Thomas                       Gabriels Hill                House
Fauchon                      James                        Upper Stone St               House
Feakins                      John                         Tufton St                    House
Fearn                        John                         Marsham St                   House
Featherstone                 George                       Wyatt St                     House
Featherstone                 William                      Wheeler St                   House
Fergusson                    Alexander                    Tovil Rd                     House And Land
Field                        John Edwin                   Marsham St                   House
Field                        Stephen                      George St                    House
Fincett                      Thomas                       Union St                     House
Finch                        Edward                       Medway St                    House
Finn                         John Terry                   King St                      Freeman
Finn                         Richard                      Woollett St                  House
Firld                        Samuel                       Tovil                        House
Fish                         William                      Earl St                      House
Fletcher                     George                       Marsham St                   Freeman
Fletcher                     George                       Marsham St                   House
Fletcher                     John                         Havock Lane                  Freeman
Fletcher                     William                      Wharf Lane                   Freeman
Follett                      John                         Jeffery St                   House
Foord                        Robert                       Marsham St                   House
Ford                         James                        Union St                     House
Foreman                      George                       Upper Stone St               House
Fortnam                      George                       King St                      Freeman
Foster                       Lawrence                     Wheeler St                   House
Fowle                        John                         St Faith St                  House
Fowle                        Thomas                       Marsham St                   House
Fowle                        William Robert               Bower                        Freeman
Fowler                       John                         Tonbridge Rd                 House
Fowler                       Robert                       High St                      House
Francis                      John                         Earl St                      Freeman
Francis                      George                       St Peters St                 House
Francis                      John                         Earl St                      House
Francks                      Henry                        Upper Stone St               Freeman
Franklyn                     Thomas                       Stone St                     House Office Vaults Premises
Franks                       William                      Mill St                      House And Premises
Freed                        .                            London Rd                    House Bakehouse Premises
Freman                       Thomas                       Sandling Rd                  House
French                       Edward                       Stone St                     House
French                       John                         Wheeler St                   House Garden Premises
French                       Weldish                      Waterloo Lane                House Garden Premises
Frith                        Stephen Neighhbour           Jeffery St                   House
Frost                        Joseph                       Mote Road                    Freeman
Froud                        Charles                      Bone Ally                    Cottage Workshop Premises
Froud                        Robert                       The Square                   House
Fry                          Frederick                    High St                      House
Fulleck                      John                         King St                      House
Fuller                       Thomas                       Wheeler St                   House
Fulljames                    Robert                       High St                      House
Gaddard                      William                      Market St                    House
Gamon                        Edward William Farr          Bone Alley                   Freeman
Gandy                        Edward                       Penenden Heath               Freeman
Gandy                        Edward                       Penenden Heath               House
Gandy                        William                      Week St                      Freeman
Gandy                        William                      Week St                      House
Gardener                     James                        Week St                      House
Garrett                      Balls                        Earl St                      House
Garside                      James Crowther               Upper Stone St               House
Gascoine                     George                       Astley St                    House Premises
Gegan                        James                        Bank St                      Freeman
Gegan                        James                        Bank James                   House
Gibbons                      James                        Marsham St                   House
Gibbons                      William                      Goulds Court                 House And Land
Gibson                       William                      Wharf Lane                   Freeman
Gilbert                      George                       Gabriels Hill                House And Premises
Gilbert                      John                         St Faith St                  Freeman
Gilbert                      Joseph                       Gabriels Hill                House
Gilbert                      Joseph Thomas                Gabriels Hill                House And Premises
Giles                        John Scott                   Gabriels Hill                House
Giles                        Francis                      Tovil                        House
Giles                        Francis George               Tovil                        House Paper Mill Premises
Giles                        John Scott                   Gabriels Hill                Freeman
Giles                        Nicholas                     Gabriels Hill                Freeman
Giles                        Nicholas                     Gabriels Hill                House
Gill                         James                        London Rd                    House
Gilliard                     Benjamin                     George St                    Freeman
Gilliard                     Frederik                     George St                    Freeman
Gilliard                     Henry                        George St                    Freeman
Gilliard                     Joseph                       Westree                      Freeman
Gillliard                    John                         George St                    Freeman
Glover                       Thomas                       Union St                     Freeman
Godden                       Henry                        Westree                      Freeman
Godden                       Henry                        St Peters St                 House
Godfrey                      Thomas                       Upper Stone St               House
Goodchild                    Robert                       Havock Lane                  House
Goodwin                      Samuel                       Week St                      House
Goodwin                      Samuel                       Marsham St                   House
Goodwin                      William                      High St                      House
Gordon                       James Gabriel                Church St                    House
Gorham                       John                         Earl St                      House
Gorham                       John                         Earl St                      Freeman
Gorham                       John Beadle                  High St                      House
Gorham                       William                      Bower St                     House
Gower                        William                      High St                      House
Gray                         Charles                      Woollett St                  House
Greeen                       Joseph                       Loose                        Building And Land
Green                        John                         Mill St                      Freeman
Green                        John                         Mill St                      House
Green                        John                         Union  St                    Freeman
Green                        Abraham                      Sandling Rd                  House
Green                        William                      Wheeler St                   House
Greenfield                   Luke                         King St                      Freeman
Greenfield                   George  William              King St                      Freeman
Greenfield                   James                        King St                      Freeman
Greenleaf                    John                         Mote Rd                      House
Grensted                     William                      Pleasent Row                 Freeman
Griffin                      John Robert                  Bank St                      House
Griffin                      Robert                       Bank St                      House
Griffiths                    Frederick                    Ashford Rd                   House
Grigsby                      Thomas                       Wheeler St                   Freeman
Grigsby                      Thomas                       Sandling Rd                  House
Gurney                       John                         Week St                      House
Guy                          William                      St Faith St                  House
Hackett                      Francis                      Scrubbs Lane                 House Warehouse & Land
Hadlow                       William                      King St                      Freeman
Hadlow                       William                      King St                      House
Hadlow                       William                      Union St                     House
Haffenden                    John                         Paradise Row                 House
Haffenden                    Thomas                       Gabriels Hill                House
Haffenden                    William                      Jaffery St                   House
Haffenden                    William John                 Week St                      House
Hagell                       David                        Sandling Rd                  House
Hall                         Edward Pickard               Bank St                      House
Hall                         George                       Boxley  Rd                   House Garden & Premises
Hall                         John                         Little Buckland              House & Land Buildings & Land
Hall                         John                         Wtatt St                     House
Hall                         John Jun                     High St                      House Slaughterhouse Stable
Hall                         John Vine                    Week St                      House Shop
Hall                         Robert                       Astley St                    House
Hammond                      William                      Bower Place                  House
Hannington                   James                        London Rd                    House
Harden                       John                         High St                      House & Premises
Hards                        John                         East Farleigh                Building & Land
Hardy                        Luke                         Woollett St                  House & Premises
Harris                       Walter                       King St                      Freeman
Harris                       John Polhill                 Union St                     House
Harris                       Joseph                       King St                      House
Harrison                     Basil                        Brewer St                    House
Harrison                     James                        Union St                     House
Harrison                     James                        Camden St                    House
Harrison                     Joseph                       Brewer St                    House
Harrison                     Thomas                       King St                      House
Hart                         Richard                      Week St                      House
Hartnup                      John                         Tonbridge Rd                 House And Land
Hawtorn                      Adam Duncan                  Bank St                      House
Haydon                       Charles                      Marsham St                   House
Hayler                       William                      Wyatt St                     House
Haynes                       Willam                       Albion Place                 House Shop
Hayward                      William                      Paradise Row                 House And Stable
Haywood                      William                      Gabriel Hill                 House
Hazell                       Robert                       London Rd                    House
Hazell                       Stephen Link                 Mill St                      House
Head                         James                        Astley St                    House And Premises
Headford                     William                      Church St                    House
Healey                       James                        Sandling Rd                  House And Premises
Hearnden                     Thomas                       Barming                      Freeman
Hearnden                     James                        Waterloo Lane                Freeman
Hearnden                     John                         Sandling Rd                  Freeman
Hearnden                     John Hogben                  Gabriels Hill                House
Hearnden                     Thomas                       Sandling Rd                  Freeman
Hearnden                     William                      Water Lane                   House
Hearnden                     William                      Bower Rd                     Freeman
Hearnden                     William Junior               Bower  Rd                    Freeman
Heath                        Stephen                      Upper Stone St               House
Heathdorn                    Charles                      Brewer St                    Freeman
Heel                         Edward                       Tufton St                    House Premises
Heming                       Thomas                       High St                      House
Henty                        Edward                       Brewer St                    House
Henty                        Thomas                       St Faiths St                 Freeman
Hepburn                      James                        Tovil Place                  House And Land
Hewitt                       Phineas                      County Rd                    House
Hewlett                      Ebenezer                     Union St                     House
Heyburn                      George                       London Rd                    House And Land
Heyburn                      Henry                        Sandling Rd                  House
Hickmott                     John                         St Faith St                  Freeman
Hickmott                     Walter                       Waterside                    House
Hickmott                     William                      King St                      House
Hickmott                     William                      Knighrider St                House
Higgens                      Edmund                       Queen Anne Rd                House
Higgins                      Williams                     Mills St                     House
Higgins                      Charles                      London Rd                    House
Higgins                      Edmund                       Queen Ann Rd                 Freeman
Hilbert                      William                      St Faith St                  House
Hill                         John                         King St                      House
Hill                         Richard                      Mote Rd                      Freeman
Hill                         Thomas                       High St                      Freeman
Hill                         Walter                       King St                      Freeman
Hills                        Francis                      Mote Road                    House
Hills                        George                       Stone St                     House
Hills                        Henry                        Water Lane                   Freeman
Hills                        John Hyde                    Week St                      Freeman
Hills                        John Hyde                    Week St                      House
Hills                        Joseph                       Pudding Lane                 Freeman
Hills                        Richard                      Pudding Lane                 House
Hills                        Richard                      Pudding Lane                 Freeman
Hills                        Robert                       Stone St                     Freeman
Hills                        Robert                       Stone St                     House
Hills                        Robert Golding               Rocky Hill                   Freeman
Hills                        Thomas                       Chatham                      Freeman
Hills                        Thomas                       High St                      House
Hills                        Thomas William               Rocky Hill                   Freeman
Hills                        Walter                       Water Lane                   Freeman
Hills                        Walter                       King St                      House
Hills                        William                      Meadow                       Freeman
Hills                        William Beck                 Queens Anne Rd               Freeman
Hing                         Stephen                      Upper Stone St               House
Hoadley                      John Charles                 Week St                      House
Hoadley                      Alexander                    Week St                      House
Hoadley                      Joseph Sawyer                Union St                     House
Hoadly                       Alexander                    Week St                      Freeman
Hoadly                       John Charles                 Week St                      Freeman
Hoar                         Charles                      King St                      House
Hobbs                        William                      Stone St                     House
Hodges                       James                        Meadow                       Freeman
Hodges                       John                         Bower Place                  House
Hodges                       John                         Sandling Rd                  House
Hodges                       Samuel                       Penenden Heath               House
Hodgskin                     George Shrubsole             King St                      Shop
Hodgskin                     John Rogers                  King St                      House
Hodskin                      Richard                      Qeen Anne Rd                 House
Hodsoll                      James Hackett                Stone St                     House
Hogben                       John                         Upper Stone St               Freeman
Holdin                       Thomas                       Tovil                        House
Holland                      Charles                      Sandling Rd                  House
Hollely                      Robert James                 Union St                     House
Hollely                      Benjamin                     Union St                     House
Hollingworth                 John                         Turkey Mill                  Counting House & Land
Hollingworth                 John                         Borough Stone                House
Holloway                     Henry                        Tovil                        Freeman
Holloway                     James                        St Faiths St                 Freeman
Holloway                     John                         Week St                      Freeman
Holloway                     John                         Wharf Lane                   Freeman
Holloway                     John                         Wharf Lane                   House
Holloway                     Philip                       Tovil                        Freeman
Holloway                     Richard                      Tovil                        Freeman
Holloway                     Thomas                       Wharf Lane                   Freeman
Holloway                     Thomas                       Tovil                        Freeman
Holloway                     William                      High St                      House
Holloway                     William   Bassett            Sandling Rd                  House
Holloway                     William Bassett              Sandling Rd                  Freeman
Holmes                       Joseph                       Sandling Rd                  House And Premises
Holmes                       John                         Week St                      House
Holmes                       Richard                      24 High St                   House
Holness                      Stephen                      Pudding Lane                 House
Holoway                      Thomas                       Wharf  Lane                  House
Homer                        .                            Barracks                     House
Honey                        Maxfield                     Gabriels  Hill               House
Honey                        James                        Earl St                      Freeman
Honey                        Richard                      Wharf Lane                   Freeman
Hopkins                      Henry                        Albion Place                 House
Hopkins                      Thomas                       High St                      House
Hosmer                       Horatio                      George St                    House
How                          Charles                      Earl  St                     House
Howard                       John                         Wheeler St                   House
Howes                        John                         Upper Stone St               House
Hughes                       William                      Mote Rd                      House
Hughes                       William                      Pudding Lane                 House
Hulband                      George                       Week St                      Freeman
Hulburd                      George                       Week St                      House
Hunt                         Edward                       Week St                      Freeman
Hunt                         Edward                       London Rd                    House Warehouse
Hunt                         Edward                       Harbour Land                 House And Land
Hunt                         Edward                       Week St                      House
Hunt                         George                       London Rd                    House And Premises
Hunt                         Henry                        Markett St                   House
Hunt                         James                        London Rd                    Warehouse House
Hunt                         James                        Boxley Rd                    House And Land
Hunt                         William                      Pleasant Row                 Freeman
Hunt                         William Beadle               Week St                      Freeman
Hunt                         Willliam                     Sandling Rd                  House
Hyde                         Charles                      Tovil                        House
Hyde                         John                         Medway St                    House And Premises
Hyde                         Thomas                       Tonbridge Rd                 House Counting House Warehouse
Hyland                       John                         Thornhills                   Freeman
Hyles                        James                        Week St                      House
Iggulden                     Thomas                       Sandling Rd                  House
Illsley                      Edward                       Stone St                     Freeman
Ingram                       Thomas                       St Faith St                  House
Inkpen                       George                       Meadow                       House And Premises
Inkpen                       Henry                        Wyatt St                     House And Premises
Issac                        John Shelton                 High St                      House
Jackson                      Arthur                       Boxley Rd                    House
Jackson                      William Richard Radley       Romney Place                 House
Jacobs                       Jacob                        Week St                      House
Janes                        Henry                        Meadow                       House
Jarrett                      Frederick                    High St                      House
Jarrett                      James                        Mill St                      House
Jarrett                      Thomas                       High St                      House
Jarvis                       Stephen                      Union St                     House
Jeffery                      George                       King  St                     House
Jeffery                      John                         Union St                     House
Jenkins                      Fossey                       Brewer St                    House
Jennings                     John                         Stone St                     House
Jennings                     Richard                      Church St                    House
Jessell                      Micheal Aaron                High St                      House
Jewell                       John                         Week St                      Freeman
Jewell                       John                         Week St                      House
Jinkings                     Edmund                       Week St                      House
Johnson                      Thomas                       Gabriels Hill                House
Johnson                      Benjamin                     Mill St                      House
Johnson                      John Thomas                  Wharf Lane                   House
Johnson                      Robert                       Earl St                      House
Johnson                      William                      Buckland                     Counting House & Premises
Johnston                     Benjamin                     Nill St                      Freeman
Johnston                     James                        Union St                     Freeman
Jones                        Robert                       .                            House
Jones                        Thomas                       Tovil                        Freeman
Jordan                       Robert Collens               Week St                      House
Jorden                       Robert  Collens              Week St                      Freeman
Jorden                       William                      East Mallings                Freeman
Joslen                       Jonothan Pollard             Earl St                      House
Joslen                       Jonathan  Pollard            Earl St                      Freeman
Jury                         Edward                       Waterside                    Freeman
Jury                         Edward                       St Faith St                  Freeman
Jury                         Edward                       St Faith St                  House
Jury                         Edward                       Gabriels Hill                House
Jury                         Henry                        Gabriels Hill                Freeman
Jury                         Thomas                       Carey St                     Freeman
Jury                         Thomas                       Week St                      Freeman
Jury                         Thomas                       Quenn Anne Rd                House
Kemp                         James                        High St                      House
Kemp                         John                         Carey St                     House
Kemp                         John                         Union St                     House
Kemp                         Thomas                       Loose                        Building & Land
Kennard                      Thomas                       Bank St                      Freeman
Kennett                      Bishop                       High St                      House
Kennett                      Heorge                       King St                      House
Kentish                      William                      Brewer St                    House
Kettle                       Henry                        Jeffery St                   House
Kiernan                      John                         Sandling                     House
Kiernan                      Thomas                       Union St                     House
Killick                      John                         Wharf Lane                   House
King                         John                         Gabriels Hil                 House
King                         Knowles                      London Rd                    House
King                         William                      Perryfield Place             House
Kingman                      Richard                      Upper Stone St               House
Kipping                      Henry                        King St                      House
Kirby                        Edward                       Paradise                     Freeman
Kirby                        Edward                       Prospect Place Boxley        Freeman
Kirby                        Jesse                        The Square                   Freeman
Kirby                        John                         Boxley                       Freeman
Kirk                         Robert                       Upper Stone St               House And Premises
Kite                         Felix                        King St                      House
Knight                       Henry                        Marsham St                   House
Knight                       Daniel                       Waterside                    House
Knight                       Henry                        Tovil                        Freeman
Knight                       Robert                       Thornhills                   House
Knight                       Samuel John                  Waterside                    House
Knight                       William                      Earl St                      House
Knight                       William Tolhurst             Medway St                    House
Knott                        Stephen                      Queen Anne Rd                House And Premises
Knowles                      Edward                       Brewer St                    House
Knowles                      Henry                        High St                      House
Knowles                      Wiliam                       King St                      House
Laker                        John                         Brewer St                    House
Lambert                      Edward Jesse                 Wtatt St                     House
Lambert                      William                      St Peters St                 House
Lampard                      Stephen                      Week St                      House
Lancfield                    Thomas William               Albion Place                 House
Lane                         John                         Westree                      Freeman
Lane                         Joshua                       Westree                      Freeman
Lane                         Josua Junior                 Westree                      Freeman
Laplian                      Charles                      Havock Lane                  House
Larking                      John                         Pudding Lane                 House
Laurence                     Thomas                       East Malling                 House
Leach                        Thomas                       Sandling Rd                  House
Leigh                        Thomas                       New Hythe                    Freeman
Lemon                        Thomas                       St Faith St                  Freeman
Lemon                        Thomas                       St Faith St                  House
Leney                        George                       High St                      House
Lester                       Thomas                       Brewer St                    House
Lingham                      Henry                        Upper Stone St               House
Lingham                      James                        County Rd                    House
Linton                       William                      Wheeler St                   House
Lloyd                        Thomas                       St Faith St                  House And Premises
Loader                       Francis                      Boxley Rd                    House
Lock                         Richard                      Woollett St                  House And Premises
Lockyer                      Robert                       Union St                     House
Logan                        James                        High St                      House
Logan                        William                      High St                      House
Lomas                        John                         Sandling Rd                  House
Long                         Liberty                      Upper Stone St               House
Long                         Edward                       Union St                     House
Long                         Liberty                      Upper Stone St               Freeman
Long                         Robert                       Union St                     House
Long                         Thomas                       Carey St                     Freeman
Longley                      James                        Tovil                        Freeman
Longley                      James Junior                 Tovil                        Freeman
Longley                      John                         Tovil                        Freeman
Lower                        Charles                      Week St                      House
Lower                        Henry                        Earl St                      House
Lowry                        James                        Earl St                      House
Lucas                        John William                 Tonbridge Rd                 House And Premises
Luce                         Edmund                       Wyatt St                     House And Premises
Luckhurst                    John                         Queen Anne Rd                House Land & Stables
Lurcock                      John                         Earl St                      House
Lurcock                      Thomas                       Earl St                      Freeman
Mackellow                    John                         King St                      House
Maidman                      Robert                       King St                      Freeman
Maidman                      Robert                       King St                      House
Main                         John                         Well Rd                      House
Mannering                    George                       High St                      House
Manser                       William                      Havock Lane                  House And Premises
Manwarring                   William                      Camden St                    House
Manwarring                   Richard                      Earl St                      House
Manwarring                   William                      London Rd                    House
Marchant                     Joseph                       Gabriels Hill                House
Marchant                     Thomas                       Wharf Lane                   House
Mares                        Charles                      Weavering St Boxley          Freeman
Mares                        Charles Edwin                Weavering St Boxley          Freeman
Mares                        Joh Henry                    Bank House                   House
Mares                        John                         Lenfield  Boxley             Freeman
Mares                        John                         Ashford Rd                   Counting  House & Premises
Mares                        William                      Banks St                     Freeman
Marriott                     George                       Bone Alley                   Freeman
Marriott                     Robert                       Havlock  Lane                Freeman
Marriott                     Thomas                       Aylesford                    Freeman
Marsh                        John                         High St                      House
Marshall                     Henry                        King St                      House
Marshall                     Henry                        Upper Stone St               House
Martin                       George                       Upper Stone St               Freeman
Martin                       James                        Brunswick  St                Freeman
Martin                       Thomas                       Water Lane                   Freeman
Martin                       William                      Paradise  Row                Freeman
Martin                       William Junior               Union St                     Freeman
Martin                       Edward                       Havock Lane                  House
Martin                       James                        High St                      House
Martin                       John                         Church St                    Freeman
Martin                       John                         Church St                    House
Martin                       Richard                      Upper Stone St               House
Martin                       Thomas                       Orchard St                   Freeman
Maskell                      John                         St Peters St                 House
Mason                        Charles                      Chatham                      Freeman
Mason                        Edward                       Waterside                    Freeman
Mason                        John                         Chatham                      Freeman
Mason                        Thomas Junior                Union St                     Freeman
Mason                        Thomas Senoir                Union St                     Freeman
Mason                        William                      Boxley Rd                    Freeman
Mason                        Edward                       Waterside                    House
Mason                        James                        Union St                     House & Premises
Mason                        Robert                       Tovil  Rd                    House
Mason                        William                      Wheeler St                   House And Land
Masters                      James                        Sandling Rd                  House
Masters                      Charles                      Week  St                     House
Masters                      Henry Joseph                 Week St                      Freeman
Masters                      John                         Ashford Rd                   House
Masters                      William                      Stone St                     House
Masters                      William                      Ronney Place                 House Counting House
Masters                      William                      St Faith St                  House
Maten                        John                         Queen Anne Rd                House
Mathews                      Thomas                       Union St                     Freeman
May                          George                       Wyatt St                     House
May                          James  Joseph                Meadow                       Freeman
May                          John                         Boxley                       Freeman
May                          Thomas Charles               Wheeler St                   Freeman
May                          Thomas Charles               Wheeler St                   House
Mead                         Henry                        King St                      House
Meades                       James                        Union St                     Workshop
Meades                       Samuel                       Union St                     House
Medhurst                     Thomas                       Rocky Hill                   Freeman
Meek                         John                         Borough Stone                Counting House & Premises
Mercer                       John                         Pudding Lane                 Freeman
Mercer                       John                         Rocky Hill Terrace           House
Mercer                       John Jun                     Bank St                      House
Mercer                       Robert                       Sandling Rd                  House And Premises
Mercer                       William                      High St                      Freeman
Merrall                      John                         Upper Stone St               House
Merritt                      Thomas Light                 Church St                    House
Merroney                     George                       Marsham St                   House
Milbourn                     Mark                         Loose Rd                     Freeman
Millen                       Henry                        County Rd                    House
Miller                       John                         Sandling Rd                  House
Miller                       William                      Havock Lane                  House
Millingchamp                 William                      Week St                      House
Millingchamp                 Edward                       Wyatt St                     Freeman
Mills                        Edmund                       Union St                     House
Mills                        John                         Boxley  Rd                   House
Mills                        William                      Week St                      House
Mils                         Samuel                       Union St                     House
Missingham                   Robert  Saxby                Market St                    House & Garden
Misson                       John  The Younger            Boxley  Rd                   Freeman
Misson                       William                      Boxley Rd                    Freeman
Misson                       William                      Earl St                      Freeman
Misson                       William                      Earl St                      House
Mitchell                     John                         Stone  St                    Freeman
Mitchell                     John Frederick               Wyatt St                     House And Premises
Mitchell                     Thomas                       Stone St                     House
Moffin                       Joseph                       Astley  St                   House And Premises
Monckton                     John                         King St                      House
Moodie                       Douglas                      Week St                      House
Moon                         John                         Earl  St                     House
Moore                        James                        Tonbridge Rd                 House
Moore                        John                         Union St                     House
Moore                        Charles                      Wheeler St                   Freeman
Moore                        Edward                       Tovil                        Freeman
Moore                        John                         Union St                     Freeman
Moore                        Stedman                      Astley  St                   Freeman
Moore                        Stedman                      Astley St                    House
Moreton                      Charles                      Well  Rd                     House
Moreton                      John                         Sandling Rd                  House
Moreton                      Thomas                       Union  St                    House
Morfill                      William                      Week St                      House
Morgan                       Charles                      Earl St                      House
Morris                       Henry                        Week St                      House
Morris                       Charles                      Union St                     Freeman
Morris                       Edward                       St Faith St                  House
Morris                       John                         Sandling Rd                  Freeman
Morris                       Samuel                       Week St                      House
Mortimer                     Fuller                       St Faith St                  Freeman
Morton                       John Henry                   Week St                      House
Moseley                      George                       Gabriels Hill                Freeman
Mosely                       George                       Gabriels Hill                House
Mullender                    Thomas Richard               Havock Lane                  Freeman
Munn                         John                         Stone St                     House
Munn                         William                      Orchard St                   House
Munns                        Thomas                       Camden  St                   House
Nash                         Edward                       St Faith Green               House And Premises
Naylor                       William                      Upper  Stone St              House
Neale                        Thomas                       Sandling Rd                  House
Nelms                        Richard                      Week St                      House
Nercer                       William                      High St                      House
Newman                       Denny                        Marsham St                   House
Newman                       James  Hallows               Sandling Rd                  House
Newman                       John                         Upper Stone St               House
Newport                      Thomas                       Wheeler St                   House
Nicholles                    George                       High St                      House
Nicholls                     Joseph                       Sandling Rd                  Freeman
Nicholson                    Richard                      Brewer St                    House
Nickells                     Joseph                       Sandling Rd                  House
Noakes                       Thomas                       Camden St                    House And Premises
Nobbs                        Edward                       Aylesford                    Freeman
Nobbs                        Wiliam                       St Faith St                  Freeman
Norburn                      Joseph                       Week St                      House Building Land & Prmises
Norman                       William                      Brewer                       House
Norton                       Wiliam Battyn                Union St                     House
Nortonn                      John William Shepherd        Bower Lane                   House
Nurse                        Charles                      Pudding Lane                 House And Premises
Nye                          George                       Gabriels  Hill               House
Oakley                       Tom                          High St                      House
Oakshot                      Rueben                       Week St                      House
Ogden                        Benjamin                     Market St                    House
Okhill                       Samuel                       Wyatt St                     House
Olive                        Nicholas                     Mote Rd                      House
Oliver                       William                      Earl  St                     House
Oliver                       Charles                      Week St                      Freeman
Oliver                       Charles                      Week St                      House
Oliver                       Edward                       Pudding Lane                 Freeman
Oliver                       Edward                       High St                      Freeman
Oliver                       Edward Junior                Pudding Lane                 Freeman
Oliver                       George                       Knighrider St                Freeman
Oliver                       George                       Earl  St                     Freeman
Oliver                       Henry                        High St                      Freeman
Oliver                       Henry                        Boxley                       Freeman
Oliver                       James                        High St                      Freeman
Oliver                       James                        Pudding Lane                 Freeman
Oliver                       James                        High St                      House
Oliver                       Joseph                       Week St                      House
Oliver                       Thomas   Overy               Earl St                      House
Oliver                       William                      Week St                      House
Olver                        Edward                       High St                      House
Ongley                       Thomas                       Week St                      House
Orford                       Thomas                       Orchard St                   House
Osborne                      David                        Boxley Rd                    House  & Premises
Ostler                       Charles                      Union  St                    House
Otley                        John                         High St                      House
Ottaway                      Edward Steele                County Rd                    House  And Premises
Ottaway                      Richard                      Tovil                        House
Ottaway                      Robert                       Wheeler St                   House
Packham                      John                         King  St                     House
Packman                      Orlando                      Union St                     House
Page                         Gregory                      Market St                    Freeman
Paine                        John                         Upper Stone St               House
Paine                        Joseph                       Week St                      House
Pakes                        Thomas                       Chancery Lane                Freeman
Pakes                        Thomas                       Chancery  Lane               House
Pamprey                      Stephen                      Boxley Rd                    House
Pankhurst                    Alexander                    Rombey Place                 Freeman
Pankhurst                    Richard                      Hart St                      House
Paris                        Thomas                       Stone St                     House
Paris                        Thomas                       Stone St                     Freeman
Parker                       Francis                      Union St                     House
Parker                       James                        Earl St                      House
Parks                        Thomas                       King St                      House
Parrin                       John Junior                  Wheeler St                   Freeman
Parrin                       John                         Wheeler St                   Freeman
Parrin                       William                      Boxley Rd                    Freeman
Parrin                       Henry                        Wheeler St                   Freeman
Parsons                      Thomas                       Hart St                      House
Parsons                      Joseph Ham                   King St                      House
Parsons                      Robert  William              Union  St                    House
Parton                       John                         Mill St                      House
Patrick                      John                         Pudding Lane                 House
Pattenden                    George                       Sandling  Rd                 House
Pattenden                    Willam                       Union  St                    House And Premises
Pawley                       John                         Westree                      Freeman
Payne                        William                      Boxley Rd                    House
Payne                        Samuel                       Marsham                      House
Peale                        Edward                       Knightrider  St              House
Peale                        Edward                       Knightrider St               Freeman
Peale                        John                         Knightrider St               Freeman
Peale                        William                      Boughton Monchelsea          Freeman
Pearce                       Thomas                       Church St                    House
Pearce                       William                      Wheeler St                   House And Premises
Pearce                       Edward                       High St                      House
Pearce                       George                       Mote Rd                      Freeman
Pearce                       George                       Mote  Rd                     House
Pearce                       Thomas                       Church St                    Freeman
Pearce                       William                      Mote Rd                      Freeman
Pearson                      Henry                        Westree                      Freeman
Pearson                      Jonathan                     Westree                      Freeman
Pearson                      Jonathan                     London Rd                    House
Pearson                      Henry                        London  Rd                   House
Peene                        William                      King St                      House
Pell                         George                       Stone St                     House
Pell                         George                       Stone St                     Freeman
Pell                         John                         Wyatt St                     Freeman
Pellen                       George                       Queen  Anne Rd               House
Pemble                       Henry                        Tonbridge Rd                 Cottage And Land
Penfold                      William  Margesson           Loose  Court                 House
Peppercorn                   James                        High  St                     House
Perfect                      John                         Tufton  St                   House And  Premises
Perren                       John                         Wheeler  St                  House
Peskett                      Phillip                      Gabriels Hill                House
Peters                       Alfred                       Astley St                    Freeman
Peters                       Charles                      Tovil                        Freeman
Peters                       Frederick                    Loose                        Freeman
Peters                       George                       Stone St                     Freeman
Peters                       George                       Stone  St                    House
Peters                       George Junior                Salem St                     Freeman
Peters                       Henry                        Tovil                        Freeman
Peters                       James                        Tovil                        Freeman
Peters                       James  Junior                Tovil                        Freeman
Peters                       Robert                       Tovil                        Freeman
Pettet                       William                      Upper Stone  St              House
Pettet                       William The Younger          Upper Stone St               House
Phillips                     Issac                        Bower Place                  House
Philpot                      George                       Stone St                     House Building Land
Philpot                      Charles                      Albion Place                 House
Philpot                      William                      Bower Place                  House
Phippen                      James                        London  Rd                   House
Phipps                       John  Terry                  Well Rd                      House Premises
Pigram                       Edward                       Marsham St                   House
Pike                         William                      Romney  Place                House
Pile                         George                       Astley  St                   House And Premises
Pine                         Thomas                       George St                    House
Pine                         John                         Earl St                      Freeman
Pine                         Thomas                       George St                    Freeman
Pine                         Thomas                       Ashford Rd                   Freeman
Pine                         Thomas                       Ashford Rd                   House
Pine                         William                      Astley St                    Freeman
Piper                        Henry                        Havock  Lane                 House
Piper                        Thomas                       Brewer  St                   House
Piper                        William                      Tovil                        House
Piper                        Charles                      Union St                     House
Piper                        Philip  Detellin             County  Rd                   House And  Premises
Pipon                        George                       Rocky Hil Terrace            House
Pitman                       Edward George                Week St                      House
Pittfield                    Hatton                       Union St                     House
Plater                       William                      King St                      House
Plomley                      William                      Havock  Lane                 House
Pobgee                       Edward                       George St                    House
Pollard                      Henry                        Loose                        Freeman
Pool                         John                         King St                      House
Poole                        James                        Week St                      House
Poole                        James                        Week St                      Freeman
Poole                        James                        Week St                      Freeman
Poolly                       Edwin                        Boxley  Rd                   Freeman
Poolly                       George                       Waterside                    Freeman
Poolly                       Joseph                       Westree                      Freeman
Poolly                       Joseph                       Westree                      Freeman
Poolly                       Thomas                       Boxley Rd                    Freeman
Pope                         Horatio                      Fant House                   Freeman
Pope                         Horatio                      Fant                         House
Pope                         Horatio Junior               Fant House                   Freeman
Porter                       Robert                       London Rd                    House And Garden
Post                         Beale                        Tovil                        House  And Land
Post                         Edward                       Dean St East Farleigh        Freeman
Potts                        Thomas                       Wheeler St                   House Office Vaults & Premises
Pound                        Thomas                       Pudding Lane                 House
Powell                       James                        Camden                       House
Powell                       Richard                      Union St                     House
Powell                       William                      Boxley  Rd                   House
Power                        James  Joseph                Stone  St                    House
Prance                       James  Connell               High St                      House
Pratt                        George                       Camden  St                   House And Premises
Prebble                      William                      Mote  Rd                     House And Bakehouse
Prentis                      George                       Earl St                      House
Prentis                      George                       Earl St                      Freeman
Presnail                     Peter                        Chancery  Lane               House And Premises
Prew                         George                       St Faith St                  House
Prince                       William                      Bone Alley                   House
Pullen                       Edward                       Tovil                        Freeman
Pullen                       George                       Tovil                        Freeman
Pullen                       William                      Tovil                        Freeman
Punnett                      George                       Loose Rd                     House
Puttenham                    Richard                      Sandling  Rd                 House
Pybus                        James                        Waterside                    House
Pybus                        Thomas                       Waterside                    House
Pyne                         William                      Chancery  Lane               House
Quicke                       William  George              Tonbridge  Rd                House
Railton                      Thomas  Robert               Bank St                      House
Rainment                     William                      High  St                     House
Randall                      William                      Sandling  Rd                 House
Randall                      Alexander                    Ashford  Rd                  House
Rankin                       Robert                       Tufton  St                   House And Premises
Ransley                      James                        Earl St                      Freeman
Ransley                      James                        Earl St                      House
Rawlings                     William                      Week St                      House
Rawlinson                    John                         Boxley Rd                    House
Rayfield                     James                        Tovil                        House
Reader                       John                         Earl  St                     House
Reader                       Joseph                       Stone  St                    House
Reader                       Charles Thomas               Tovil Place                  Freeman
Reader                       John                         Stone St                     Freeman
Reader                       Joseph                       Stone St                     Freeman
Reader                       Samuel  Godden               Stone St                     House
Reader                       Thomas                       Chancery Lane                Freeman
Reader                       Thomas Junior                Prospect Place               Freeman
Reeves                       William  Alexander           Stone St                     House
Reeves                       William Alexander            Stone St                     Freeman
Relf                         Joseph                       Union St                     House
Reynolds                     Nicholas                     Sandling Rd                  House
Reynolds                     Thomas                       Union St                     House
Rice                         Thomas                       Union St                     House
Richardson                   James                        Romney  Place                House Shop
Ring                         William                      London  Rd                   House
Ring                         Mark                         London Rd                    Freeman
Roberts                      William Brooke               Queen Anne Rd                House
Roberts                      John                         Week St                      House
Roberts                      William                      Week St                      House
Roberts                      William Brook                Queen Ann Rd                 Freeman
Robinson                     George                       Wheeler St                   House And Bake House
Robinson                     James                        Earl  St                     House
Robinson                     Samuel                       King St                      House And Bakehouse
Robinson                     Isaac                        High St                      House
Robinson                     William                      Wyatt St                     Freeman
Rogers                       George                       Tonbridge Rd                 House  Aand Bakehouse
Rogers                       Israel                       Astley  St                   House And Premises
Rogers                       John                         Westree                      Freeman
Rogers                       John                         George St                    House
Rolfe                        Thomas                       Sandling  Rd                 House
Rose                         George                       Wyatt St                     House
Rowe                         William  Taylor              Mill St                      House
Rowles                       Thomas                       Upper Stone St               House
Ruck                         Benjamin                     Week St                      House
Ruck                         James                        King St                      House
Ruck                         Josuha                       Earl  St                     House
Ruck                         Benjamin                     Week St                      Freeman
Ruck                         Benjamin Junior              Week St                      Freeman
Ruck                         Charles                      St Faith Green               Freeman
Ruck                         Edward Carter                St Faith St                  Freeman
Ruck                         Henry                        St Faith Green               Freeman
Ruck                         Henry                        St Faith  Green              House
Ruck                         James                        King St                      Freeman
Russell                      Edward                       Linton                       Freeman
Russell                      George                       Tovil                        House
Russell                      George                       Upper Stone St               House And Premises
Russell                      William                      High St                      House
Russell                      George                       High St                      House
Russell                      Hillier                      10 Barnham Row Week St       Freeman
Russell                      Robert                       King St                      House
Russell                      Thomas                       St Faith St                  House
Sallows                      Charles                      Medway St                    House
Salmon                       William                      Brewer St                    House
Sancto                       Johnstone                    Upper Stone St               Freeman
Sancto                       Alexander                    St Faith St                  Freeman
Sancto                       Alexander                    King St                      Freeman
Sancto                       Alexander                    Union St                     Freeman
Sancto                       Charles                      Stone St                     Freeman
Sancto                       Edward                       Knighrider St                Freeman
Sancto                       George                       St Peter St                  Freeman
Sancto                       John                         Bone Alley                   Freeman
Sancto                       Johnston                     Upper  Stone  St             Workshop And Premises
Sancto                       Johnstone                    George St                    Freeman
Sanders                      Edward                       St Faith Green               Freeman
Sanders                      Edward                       St Faith Green               House
Sanders                      Jonathan                     Sandling  Rd                 House
Sarles                       John                         Waterside                    Freeman
Saunders                     William                      Sandling     Rd              House
Savages                      Richard                      Westree                      Freeman
Sawer                        Joseph Pobjoy                County Rd                    Freeman
Sawer                        Joseph Pobjoy                County  Rd                   House
Sawkins                      Henry                        King St                      House And Premises
Scones                       William                      Well Rd                      Cottage Stable And Land
Scratton                     Daniel                       Penenden  Heath              House
Scudamore                    Charles                      Stone St                     House Office
Scudamore                    Frederick                    Week  St                     House
Sculup                       Joseph                       Pudding Lane                 Freeman
Seager                       George                       Chancery Lane                Freeman
Seager                       George                       Union St                     House
Seager                       John  Larkin                 Market St                    Freeman
Seager                       Richard                      Market St                    Freeman
Sedgwick                     Willam                       Stone St                     House
Sellen                       Joseph                       Stone St                     House
Sergeant                     Richard                      Week St                      House
Sewwtlove                    Thomas                       Mote Rd                      House
Shadgett                     Benjamin                     Sandling Rd                  House
Shadgett                     Joseph                       Brewer St                    House And Premises
Sharp                        Joseph                       King St                      House
Sharp                        Joseph                       Union  St                    House
Sharp                        Stephen                      Brewer  St                   House And Premises
Sharp                        Thomas Junior                Wheeler St                   House
Sharp                        John                         Wheeler St                   House
Sharp                        John Jun                     Perryfield Place             House
Sheen                        Thomas                       Market St                    House
Shelly                       Robert                       19  Marsham  St              House And Premises
Shepheard                    Samuel                       Wheeler  St                  House
Shirley                      William                      High St                      House And Premises
Short                        George                       Bank  House                  House
Short                        Henry                        King St                      Freeman
Short                        James                        Earl St                      Freeman
Short                        James                        Earl St                      House
Short                        William                      King St                      House
Short                        Charles  James               Earl St                      Freeman
Short                        Edward                       Markett Buildings            House
Short                        James                        King St                      Freeman
Short                        Robert                       King St                      Freeman
Short                        Thomas                       Wheeler St                   Freeman
Short                        William  Junior              King St                      Freeman
Short                        William Charles              Sandling Rd                  Freeman
Shreeves                     Wiliam                       Wheeler St                   House
Shrpheard                    Robert                       London St                    House
Shrubsole                    George                       Marsham St                   House
Sibbald                      William                      The Palace                   House
Sibley                       James                        Paradise  Row                House
Silk                         Benjamin                     Upper  Stone St              House
Sills                        James                        Sandling Rd                  House
Sills                        John Senior                  Sandling Rd                  House
Sills                        Thomas                       Sandling Rd                  House
Sills                        William                      Tovil                        House
Sills                        John  Junior                 Sandling   Rd                House
Simmonds                     Thomas                       Week St                      House
Simmonds                     Stephen Samway               Stone St                     House
Simmonds                     Henry  Junior                Tonbridge  Rd                House  Wharf Warehouse & Premises
Simmonds                     Robert                       Woollett  St                 House And Premises
Simmonds                     Charles                      King St                      Freeman
Simmonds                     Charles                      King St                      House
Simmonds                     Thomas                       London Rd                    House
Simmonds                     Thomas                       King St                      House
Simson                       George                       Ashford  Rd                  Freeman
Sinden                       William                      Carey St                     House
Skeere                       Thomas                       Queen  Anne  Rd              House
Skinner                      Ezekiel                      High St                      House
Slaughter                    William                      Earl St                      House
Sloman                       William                      Sandling Rd                  House
Smith                        John                         Week  St                     House
Smith                        Richard                      Stone St                     House
Smith                        Benjamin Pastley             Medway St                    Freeman
Smith                        Charles                      King St                      Freeman
Smith                        Gilbert                      Boxley Rd                    House
Smith                        Guy                          Camden  St                   House
Smith                        John                         Mill St                      House
Smith                        John                         King St                      House
Smith                        John                         Well Rd                      House
Smith                        John                         Wharf Lane                   House
Smith                        Robert                       St Faith St                  Freeman
Smith                        Samuel                       County  Rd                   House
Smith                        Samuel                       King  St                     House
Smith                        Samuel                       Mote  Rd                     Building And Land
Smith                        Thomas                       Boxley  Rd                   House
Smith                        Thomas                       Mill St                      House
Smith                        William                      Boxley Rd                    Warehouse  And Land
Smith                        George                       Gabriels Hill                House
Smith                        Henry                        King St                      Freeman
Smith                        John Martin                  George St                    House
Smith                        Stephen                      Loose Rd                     Freeman
Smith                        Thomas                       Under The Cliffe             Freeman
Smith                        Thomas                       King St                      Freeman
Smith                        Thomas                       Tovil                        House
Smthe                        William                      London  Rd                   House
Smythe                       Clement Taylor               Brewer St                    House
Smythe                       Clement Taylor               Brewer St                    Freeman
Smythe                       John  Disney                 Brewer St                    Freeman
Smythe                       William                      London  Rd                   Freeman
South                        Francis William              Week St                      House
Southon                      David                        Boxley Rd                    House
Spencer                      George                       Rocky Hill Terrace           House
Spencer                      Richard  Read                Week St                      House
Spencer                      Abraham                      High St                      House
Spraggs                      Alfred                       Queen  Anne Rd               House
Springett                    Charles                      Knightrider  St              House
Springett                    John                         Albion     Place             House
Staacey                      Edwin                        Stone St                     Freeman
Stacey                       Courtney                     Boxley                       Freeman
Stacey                       Edwin                        Stone St                     Counting House And Warehouse
Stacey                       James                        Sandling Rd                  House
Stacey                       John                         St Faith St                  House
Standen                      Francis                      George  St                   House
Standen                      Thomas                       Pudding Lane                 House
Standen                      Thomas                       Union St                     House
Standen                      Stephen                      Medway  St                   House  And Premises
Stanger                      John                         High St                      House
Stanger                      Joseph                       Wheeler St                   House Shop
Stanger                      Ebenezer                     Romney Place                 House
Stanger                      George                       Bower  Lane                  House
Stanger                      James                        Bower  Place                 House
Stanworth                    James                        Chancery  Lane               House
Starks                       Henry                        Wheeler St                   House
Steer                        James                        High St                      House
Steinmetz                    William  Thomas              Tovil                        House
Stephens                     Charles                      Water Lane                   Freeman
Stephens                     John Cribb                   Week St                      House
Stephens                     William                      King St                      Freeman
Stevens                      James                        Banks St                     House
Stevens                      John Henry                   Narsham St                   House Premises
Stevens                      William                      King  St                     House
Stevens                      Williams                     Tonbridge Rd                 House
Stevenson                    James                        Union St                     House Premises
Stevenson                    William                      King St                      Cottage And Yard
Stiles                       .                            Upper Stone St               House
Stiles                       James                        Sandling Rd                  House
Stiles                       William                      Upper Stone St               Freeman
Stone                        Alfred                       Loddington                   House
Stone                        Henry                        Union St                     House
Stonestreet                  William                      Pudding Lane                 House
Stonham                      Stephen Junior               Upper Stone St               Freeman
Stoud                        William                      Wheeler St                   House
Streatfield                  William                      Romney Place                 House
Streeter                     Samuel                       Mote House                   House
Streeton                     Benjamin                     Wharf Lane                   House
Streeton                     John                         Bower Lane                   House
Strutt                       James                        Sandling  Rd                 House
Stubberfield                 John                         Gabriels Hill                House
Sturges                      John                         Bowrer    Place              House
Styles                       Edward                       Queen Anne Rd                Freeman
Suanders                     William                      Perryfield  Place            House  And Premises
Sutton                       James                        Westree                      Freeman
Sutton                       James Senior                 London Rd                    House
Sutton                       John                         London Rd                    House
Sutton                       Joseph                       Perryfield   Place           House
Sutton                       Edward                       St Peters St                 House
Sutton                       George Coast                 Westree                      Freeman
Swain                        John                         Medway St                    Freeman
Swain                        John  Senior                 Pudding Lane                 Freeman
Swain                        William                      Waterside                    Freeman
Swain                        George                       St Peters St                 Freeman
Swain                        George Clements              Waterside                    Freeman
Swain                        John Junior                  Pudding Lane                 Freeman
Swain                        Richard                      Wharf Lane                   Freeman
Swain                        Thomas                       Pudding Lane                 Freeman
Swan                         Thomas                       Tovil                        House And Garden
Swan                         William                      Week St                      House
Sweetlove                    David Tanner                 Mill St                      House
Sweetlove                    James                        Mill St                      House
Swinfen                      John Junior                  Sandling  Rd                 House
Swinnock                     Daniel                       Sandling Rd                  House
Swinnock                     William                      Boxley Rd                    Freeman
Swinnock                     William Junior               Wharf Lane                   Freeman
Swnfen                       Spencer Bow                  Week St                      House
Syckelmore                   Ebezer                       Marsham St                   House
Syckelmore                   Thomas                       Gabriels Hill                House
Tadman                       James                        St Faith St                  House
Tandy                        Samuel                       Wheeler  St                  House
Tanner                       Edward Russell               Upper  Stone St              House
Tanner                       James                        Orchard St                   House Garden Workshop & Premises
Tanner                       Benjamin                     Bank St                      House
Tanton                       Edwin                        Camden St                    House
Tapp                         John                         Brunswick   St               House
Tassell                      Thomas Junior                London Rd                    House
Tassell                      Henry                        Waterside                    Freeman
Tassell                      Joseph                       Wharf Lane                   Freeman
Tassell                      Joseph                       Wharf Lane                   Freeman
Tassell                      Richard                      Wharf Lane                   Freeman
Tassell                      Robert                       East Malling                 Freeman
Tassell                      Robert                       Westree                      Freeman
Tassell                      Robert                       London Rd                    House
Tassell                      Thomas                       Barming                      Freeman
Tassell                      Thomas Junior                Westree                      Freeman
Tassell                      William                      Wharf Lane                   Freeman
Tate                         James                        High St                      House
Taylor                       Edward  Austen               Penenden Heath               House
Taylor                       George                       Ashford  Rd                  House
Taylor                       Thomas                       Water  Lane                  House
Terrill                      Colin                        Week St                      House
Terry                        Wiliam                       Sharps Yard King St          Freeman
Terry                        Henry                        Union St                     House
Terry                        Jasper                       High St                      Freeman
Terry                        Robert                       High St                      Freeman
Terry                        Robert                       Tovil                        Freeman
Thatcher                     John                         Church St                    House
Thomas                       Edward                       Brewer St                    Freeman
Thomas                       Edward                       Brewer St                    House
Thomas                       Thomas                       King St                      House
Thompson                     George                       Sandling Rd                  House
Thompson                     Robert                       Tovil                        House And Garden
Thompson                     Thomas                       Upper Stone St               Freeman
Thompson                     Thomas                       Upper Stone St               House
Thompson                     William                      Upper Stone St               Freeman
Tickner                      James                        Wheele St                    House
Tilbe                        Edward                       Thornhills                   Freeman
Tilbe                        James                        Market St                    Freeman
Tilbe                        John                         Knightrider St               Freeman
Tilbe                        John Junior                  Waterside                    Freeman
Tilbe                        Thomas                       Kniightrider St              Freeman
Tindall                      Henry                        Marsham  St                  House
Titus                        James                        Wheeler  St                  House
Tolhurst                     William  Henry               Gabriels Hill                House
Tolhurst                     Henry                        Woollett St                  House
Tomsett                      William                      Orchard St                   House
Tootell                      Joseph                       Stone St                     House
Toothill                     John                         Union St                     House
Topping                      Charles                      Alion  Place                 House
Town                         William                      Havock  Lane                 House And Workshop
Townsend                     Richard                      High St                      House
Trendall                     Wiliam The Younger           Water Lane                   House
Trill                        John                         St Faith St                  Freeman
Tucker                       James                        Loose Rd                     Freeman
Tucker                       Nathan                       Loose                        Freeman
Tuckey                       Samuel                       Wheeler St                   House
Turley                       John                         Tonbridge Rd                 House And Garden Land
Turner                       John                         Upper Stone St               House
Turner                       John                         Albion Place                 House
Tusler                       John                         High St                      House
Tuson                        Henry                        Union St                     House
Twitchell                    George Hearn                 King St                      House
Tyler                        Benjamin                     Pudding Lane                 House And Warehouse
Tyler                        John                         Union St                     House
Underdown                    Samuel                       Union St                     Freeman
Upfold                       Henry                        Astley St                    Freeman
Upfold                       Henry                        Astley St                    House
Upton                        William                      Upper Stone St               House
Upton                        William Ashdown              Sandling Rd                  Freeman
Usborne                      George                       Knightrider St               House And Premises
Usher                        Frederick                    Wheeler St                   House And Premises
Usmar                        Draper                       Brewer St                    Freeman
Usmar                        Horatio                      Meadow                       House
Usmar                        Horatio                      Astley St                    House
Valentine                    William   John               High St                      House And Premises
Vallance                     William                      Upper Stone St               House
Varty                        Robinson                     Upper Stone St               House
Verrall                      James                        Havock Lane                  House
Vigor                        Samuel                       King St                      House
Vigor                        Samuel                       King St                      Freeman
Voysey                       John                         Wyatt St                     House
Waghorne                     Charles                      Wheeler St                   House
Waghorne                     James                        Gabriels Hill                House
Waghorne                     Stephen                      Wheeler St                   Freeman
Wakefield                    George                       Knightrider St               House
Wakefield                    George                       Stone St                     House
Wakeford                     George                       Romney Place                 House
Walker                       John                         King St                      House
Wallace                      John                         Gabriels Hill                House
Waller                       William                      Union St                     Freeman
Wallis                       William                      Brewer St                    House
Walmesley                    William                      Wyatt St                     Freeman
Walter                       William                      Sandling Rd                  House
Walter                       James                        Hart St                      Freeman
Walter                       John Richard                 Hart St                      Freeman
Walter                       Richard                      Westree                      Freeman
Walter                       Richard                      Hart St                      House
Walter                       William                      Mill St                      Freeman
Walter                       William Hollyer              Westree                      Freeman
Walter                       William Junior               Bower Lane                   Freeman
Ward                         John                         New Hythe                    Freeman
Ward                         Richard                      Ashford     Rd               House
Ware                         Richard                      Perryfield Place             House
Warwick                      Isaac                        High St                      House
Waters                       Benjamin                     Mote Rd                      Freeman
Waters                       George                       Westree                      Freeman
Waters                       James                        Upper Stone St               House
Waters                       Samuel                       Westree                      Freeman
Watkins                      Thomas                       Wheeler St                   House
Wattell                      John Boorman                 King St                      House
Wattell                      John Borman                  King St                      Freeman
Wattell                      Robert John                  King St                      Freeman
Watts                        John                         High St                      House
Watts                        Edward                       Tonbridge Rd                 House
Watts                        James                        London Rd                    House
Weaver                       George                       Bower  Place                 House
Webb                         Charles                      Union St                     Freeman
Webb                         Charles                      Union St                     House
Wedd                         Richard                      Stone St                     Freeman
Wedd                         Richard                      Stone St                     House
Weekes                       John                         Wyatt St                     House And Premises
Weeks                        Thomas                       Mote Rd                      House
Weeks                        James                        Stone St                     House
Weeks                        William                      Upper Stone St               House Workshop Yard
Wenborne                     John                         Wheeler St                   House
Wenham                       James                        Church St                    House
Wenham                       William                      Stone St                     House
West                         William                      King St                      House
West                         William                      High St                      Freeman
West                         William                      High St                      House
Westcott                     Thomas                       Wheeler St                   House
Weston                       James Londwell Small         Albion Place                 House
Westover                     Jonathan                     Wheeler St                   House  And Premises
Whatman                      James                        Rocky Hill                   Freeman
Whatman                      James                        Rocky Hill Terrace           House
Wheatley                     John                         Week St                      Freeman
Wheatley                     John                         Week St                      House
Wheeler                      Benhjamin                    Week St                      House
Whichcord                    John                         Week St                      House
White                        John                         Paradise Row                 House
White                        John                         Perryfield Place             House
White                        David Stephen                Tovil                        House
White                        James                        Week St                      House
White                        John                         Wyatt St                     House
White                        William                      Albion Place                 House
Whybrow                      Henry                        Sandling  Rd                 House
Wickenden                    Robert                       Hart St                      House
Wickens                      James                        Meadow                       House
Wickham                      Friend                       Sandling Rd                  House
Wickham                      George                       Week St                      Freeman
Wickham                      William                      London Rd                    House
Wicks                        Thomas                       Earl St                      House And Warehouse
Wicksted                     William  Henry               London Rd                    House
Wildes                       Henry  Atkinson              Boxley Rd                    Freeman
Wildes                       Henry Atkinson               Boxley  Rd                   House Office
Wildish                      Valentine                    Week St                      House
Wiles                        John                         Newadow                      House And Premises
Wiles                        William                      Bone Alley                   Freeman
Willcocks                    Thomas                       Bower Place                  House And Premises
Wills                        William                      Stone St                     House
Wilson                       George                       St Faith St                  Freeman
Wilson                       George                       St Faith St                  House
Wilson                       George                       Gabriels Hill                House
Wilson                       John                         Tovil                        House
Wilson                       John                         Brunswick St                 House
Wilson                       John Lambert                 Wyatt St                     House
Wimble                       Edward                       Week St                      Freeman
Wimble                       Edward                       Week St                      House
Wimble                       Francis Springett            Week St                      Freeman
Wimble                       Francis Springett             Albion Place                 House
Wimble                       Frederick                    East Malling                 Freeman
Winch                        Richard                      Romney Place                 House
Winser                       Edward                       Gabriels Hill                House
Winter                       John                         Boxley Rd                    House
Winter                       Joseph                       Gabriels Hill                House
Winter                       Joseph Rufos                 Gabriels Hill                Freeman
Winter                       William                      Marsham St                   Freeman
Winter                       William                      Marsham St                   House
Wise                         Samuel                       Upper Stone St               House
Wood                         John                         Scrubbs Lane                 Cottage And Land
Wood                         John                         Marsham    St                House
Wood                         Richard                      London Rd                    House And Garden
Wood                         James                        George St                    Freeman
Wood                         James                        Loose Rd                     Freeman
Wood                         Joh  Martin                  Loose                        Freeman
Wood                         John                         Marsham St                   Freeman
Wood                         Thomas                       Havock Lane                  Freeman
Wood                         William                      Albion Place                 House
Wood                         William                      Westree                      Freeman
Wood                         Wilson                       Week St                      House
Woodcock                     Josiah                       Wheeler St                   House
Woodman                      Robert                       Stone St                     Freeman
Woodward                     Thomas                       Gabriels Hill                House
Woollett                     James                        Week St                      House
Woollett                     Joh  Samuel                  Medway  St                   Freeman
Woollett                     John                         Jeffery St                   Freeman
Woollett                     Robert                       Orchard St                   Freeman
Woollett                     William                      Upper Stone St               Freeman
Woollett                     William                      Wheeler St                   Freeman
Woollett                     William                      Orchard St                   Freeman
Woolley                      Philip Samuel                Pudding Lane                 House
Woolllett                    William                      Hollingbourne                Freeman
Woolven                      Edward                       Pudding Lane                 House
Worger                       John                         Stone St                     House
Worley                       William                      Astley St                    House
Wright                       Charles                      Earl St                      Warehouse Counting House House
Wright                       Charles                      Earl St                      Freeman
Wright                       Charles                      Week St                      House
Wright                       George                       King St                      Freeman
Wright                       George                       Bank St                      House
Wright                       Henry                        Westree                      Freeman
Wright                       Henry                        London Rd                    Warehouse House
Wright                       William                      Bank St                      Freeman
Wright                       William                      Bank St                      House
Young                        John                         Upper Stone St               House And Premises
Young                        Thomas                       Union St                     House And Premises
Young                        William Christopher          St Faith St                  House

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Maidstone 1845 Register
Created by Maureen Rawson