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ROBERT PEASE [#956] (son of Robert Pease and Margaret King), bap. Great Baddow, Essex, Eng. 28 Oct 1589, d. Salem, MA 1644, maybe m(1)[1/12] Lydia ___, m(2) Marie ___. She m(2) Richard Haines of Beverly.

Robert and his brother John emmigrated from Great Baddow, Essex, England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634 aboard the Frances. He and his family settled in Salem, where he and John were granted land 2 Jan 1636-7. Robert joined the Salem Church in 1634.[1/11]

Robert died in 1644. The inventory of his estate was taken 27 Oct 1644, and wife Marie was made administrix. Robert was apparently married twice, first to Lydia, and then to Marie. Marie may have been a French Huguenot. The widow Marie married Richard Haines of Beverly. The Haines and Carriell families are also thought to have been Huguenots.[1/12] The Carriell/Carroll family is related by the marriage of daughter Mary (see below). It is not clear who the mother of all the children was.

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Children: 1. Robert, b. abt. 1629, m. Sarah ___ Chil.: (see below) 2. John, bap. Great Baddow, Eng. 11 Feb 1631-2, d. Enfield, MA/CT 8 Jul 1689, m(1) 1653 Mary Goodale (dau. of Robert Goodale and Catherine Killam), d. Salem, MA 5 Jan 1668-9, m(2) 8 Oct 1669 Ann Cummings (dau. of Isaac Cummings and Marie of Topsfield), d. Enfield, MA/CT 29 Jun 1689 Chil.: 1) John, b. Salem 30 May 1654, d. Enfield, CT 29 Nov 1734, m. 30 Jan 1677 Margaret Adams (dau. of James Adams and Frances Vassall), b. abt. 1655, d. Enfield 2 Jan 1737-8; 2) Robert, b. Salem 14 May 1656, d. 21 Jul 1744, m. 16 Dec 1678 Abigail Randall, res. Enfield; 3) Margaret, b. Salem 8 Oct 1658; 4) Abraham, b. Salem 5 Jun 1665, d. Enfield 6 May 1735, m. Jane Mentor, no issue; 5) Mary, bap. Salem 5 May 1667; 6) Jonathan, b. Salem 2 Jan 1668-9, d. Enfield 7 Apr 1721, m. 11 Oct 1692 Elizabeth Booth (dau. of Simeon Booth and Rebecca Frost), b. Saco, ME abt. 1671, d. 8 Jan 1722-3; 7) James, b. Salem 23 Dec 1670, d. Enfield 19 Dec 1748, m. 18 Oct 1695 Hannah Harmon; 8) Isaac, b. Salem 15 Jul 1672, d. Enfield 9 Jul 1731, m. Enfield 9 Jun 1692 Mindwell Osborne (dau. of John Osborn Jr. and Abigail Eggleston), b. 2 Jan 1673-4, d. 19 Aug 1731; 9) Abigail, b. Salem 15 Dec 1675, d. Enfield 9 Jul 1689 3. Nathaniel, bap. Salem, MA 15 Oct 1643, d. aft. 1714, m. 15 Mar 1668 Mary Hobbs, no known issue 4. Sarah, b. abt. 1636 (deposed age 35 in 1672),[2/207] bap. Salem 15 Oct 1643, d. bef. 26 Jun 1683 when Nathaniel Carrell and the "widow Willsone" were presented to the court "for living singly together in one house in Salem"[2/207], m. Beverly, MA 22 Oct 1667 John Sampson, b. abt. 1637[2/207] 5. Mary, bap. Salem 15 Oct 1643, m. 1659 Nathaniel Carriell of Boxford, MA 6? Isaac, b. abt. 1644

ROBERT PEASE [#478], b. prob. Great Baddow, Essex, Eng. abt. 1629, d. aft. 1713, m. SARAH ___, d. aft. 1704.

Robert was a minor when his father died in 1644. By order of the court, he was to remain with his mother for a year after which he could apply for permission to learn a trade.[1/12] Robert was bound out by the court on December 31, 1645 "upon motion and consent of both parties, to Thomas Root, to learn the trade of a weaver of woolen and linen". He was sometimes made keeper of the town herd and must have been engaged as a herdsman during his apprenticeship for in 1704 he testified that he had been a "keeper of several lots of creatures, as neat cattle, goats, &c., on the lands belonging to the inhabitants of Salem above 60 years agone". In 1655 he "was employed to keep one hundred cows, being a part of the town drove, and to have help so that he may attend worship every third Sabbath".[2/2:16]

At some time in his early adult life, Robert lived on Martha's Vineyard. As an inducement to keep him there, several of the citizens agreed to furnish him annually with one hundred pounds of fish, part of the agreement stating: "If the said Robert Pease leave the island he will leave the fish resigning up again to the owners. Also the said Robert Pease doth engage to weave cloth of the town for such pay as the town can raise among themselves except wampum".[2/2:16]

It is not known how long Robert remained at Martha's Vineyard. No mention is made of him at Salem after 1655 until 1667, except in the records of the birth of his children. Some of them may have been born at Edgartown as the record of the first five children were made at one time on the Salem books. Robert was with a Salem company in 1676 in King Phillip's War.[2/2:17]

Robert was living in 1713 when he was dismissed from the Salem church to aid in forming the first church in what is now Peabody, MA. No further record can be found of him.[1/12]

Sarah Pease was caught up in 1692 in the hysteria we know as The Salem Witch Trials. She was accused and imprisoned but never tried, having been released after the hysteria died down. On May 23, 1692 "Lt. Nathaniell Ingersall and Thomas Rayment both of Salem Village yeoman Complained on behalfe of theire Majest's, against Benjamin procter the son of John Proctoer of Salem Farmes, and Mary Derich the wife of Michall Derich and daughter of William Basset of Lyn and [ ] pease the wife of Robert pease of Salem weaver for Sundry acts of Witchcraft by them Committed on the bodys of mary Warren Abigaile Williams and Eliz Hubbard &c of Salem Village, whereby great hurt is donne them therefore Craves Justice".[3/655] On the same day a warrant for arrest was issued. "To the Marshall of Essex or dept or Constables in Salem. You are in theire Majest's names hereby required to apprehend and forthwith bring before us Benjamin procter the son of John Procter of Salem farmes and Mary Derich the wife of mic'l Derich of Salem farmes husbandman, and Sarah pease the wife of Robert Pease of Salem Weaver who all stand charged of having Committed Sundry acts of Witchcraft on the Bodys of Mary Warren Abigail Williams and Eliz. Hubbert of Salem Village whereby great hurt is donne them In order to theire examination Relating the abovesaid premises and hereof you are not to faile Dated Salem May the 23'd. 1692". Singed by John Hathorne, Jonathan Corwin.[3/655-6] George Herrick, Marshall of Essex, appointed John Putnam to be his deputy to serve this warrant.[3/656] A separate arrest warrant was made out the same day for Sarah Pease for acts of witchcraft against Mary Warren. "I heave aprehended the parson mensioned within this warrant and heave broghte hir", signed by Peter Osgood Constable in Salem May the 23: 1692.[3/639]

Sarah was accused several other times: "the testomeny of John derech Eaged about sixten years testefieth and sayeth that gils Cory also Came to me and afflicted me this 5 of September as wel be fore as after he al so Came a bout the 20 of oges and told me that he wanted som platers for he was gowen to afeast he told me that he had a good mind to ask my dame but he sayd that she wouled not let him have them so he took the platers and cared them a way being gown a bout half a oure with them then he brot them a gaine gowen a way and sayd no thing.

"also Sary pese afliceth me at several times she Came to me af the fast day last at Salem She pinched me then and i have not sene har sencs".[3/245]

"John Doritch aged 16 years or thereabouts Testifieth and Saith. That John Small and his wife Anne both deceased and formerly of the Towne of Salem doth both appear to this Deponent and told him that they would tare him to peices if he did not goe and Declare to Mr. Harthorne that George Jacobs senior: Did kill them: and likewise that Mary Warrens mother did appeare to this Deponent this day with a white man and told him that goodwife Parker and Oliver did kill her: and Likewise Core Procter and his wife: Sarah Procter Joseph Procter and John Procter did all afflict this deponent and do continually every day sense he hath began to be afflicted: and would have him this deponent to sett his hand to a Booke but this deponent told them he would not: Likewise Phillip English and his wife Mary doth appear to this deponent and afflict him and all the aboves'd persons Thretten to tare this Deponent in peices if he doth not Signe to a Booke: Likewise Goodwife Pease and Hobs and her daughter Abigail doth Afflict him and thretten the same: and Likewise a woman appeares to this Deponent who lives at Boston at the Uper end of the Towne whose name is Mary: she goes in black clothes hath: but one Eye: with a Crooked Neck and she saith there is none in Boston like her, she did afflict this deponent but saith she will not any more, nor tell him her name".[3/482-3]

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Children: 1. Berthia, b. 11 Apr 1660, d. Nov 1667 2. Elizabeth, b. 20 Jun 1662, m. 28 Oct 1703 Thomas Venney of Marblehead 3. Deliverance, b. 16 Oct 1664 4. Mary, b. b. 15 Dec 1666, m. Salem, MA 16 Jul 1686 Electious Reynolds, b. abt. 1655, d. Middleborough, MA 19 Jun 1738 Chil.: see Electious Reynolds Family 5. Robert, b. Salem, MA 25 Mar 1669, res. Enfield, CT 6. Isaac, b. Salem 30 Nov 1671, d. Peabody, MA 1745, m. 20 Apr 1697 Elizabeth Thomas Chil.: 1) Elizabeth, b. Salem 2 Feb 1698, d. abt. 1778, m. Salem 14 Jul 1733 Nathaniel Whittemore (son of Nathaniel Whittemore), b. Lynn, MA 1698, d. Davers abt. 1761; 2) Isaac, b. Salem 2 Jul 1699, res. Danvers, MA; 3) Mary, b. Salem; 4) Joseph, d. abt. 1777, res. Salem; 5) John, res. Danvers; 6) Ruth 7. Bethia, b. Salem 18 Jun 1673 8. Nathaniel, b. Salem 28 Dec 1677, d. abt. 1737, m. 20 Oct 1701 Elizabeth Ashley Chil.: 1) Benjamin, b. Salem 10 May 1702, d. aft. 1755, no issue; 2) John, b. Salem 4 Feb 1704, d. aft. 1785, m. 29 Jul 1726 Elizabeth Goodwin of Newbury, d. aft. 1787; 3) Elizabeth, b. Salem 15 May 1706, m. ___ French; 4) Jonathan, d. 1777, m. Sarah ___, d. abt. 1777; 5) Nathaniel; 6) Lydia, m. Joseph Brown a mariner

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