Co. Clare Baptisms
CO. CLARE BAPTISMS: Killard/Kilrush/Kilmurry/Kilmacduane
While searching for my great grandmother's baptism, I transcribed several records from the following Roman Catholic parish registers:
       Parish Registers 1855-1880, parish of Killard and Doonbeg, LDS film # 979696
          Parish Registers 1827-1880, parish church of Kilrush, LDS film # 979696
          Parish Registers 1839-1880, parish church of Kilmurry Ibricken, LDS film # 926101
          Kilmacduane baptisms are from microfilm #P.2485 at National Library in Dublin

It is possible that I also viewed film #926100, parish church of Kilkee; with the exception of Kilmacduane, I did these transcriptions many years ago, but didn't keep careful enough notes

03 Apr 1859 Anglim Mary Anglim, John Halloran, Mary Brown, Michael Downs, Mary Killard Sragh
17 Apr 1859 Bennett Thomas Bennett, Thomas Mahony, Bridget Bennett, Sinon Mahony, Bridget Killard Killard
22 Mar 1859 Browne Anne Browne, Jn Vaughan, Bridget Browne, James Browne, Anne Killard Doonmore
22 Apr 1859 Cahill Bridget Cahill, Michael Lhyne, Bridget Cahill, Sinon Sullivan, Mary Killard Sragh
15 Jun 1871 Carmody Anne Carmody, John Lynch, Mary McGrath, Michael Cunningham, Johanna Killard Dunmore
24 Jun 1855 Carmody Bartholemew Carmody, Thomas Anglim, Ellen Carmody, Joseph Lynch, Mary Killard Rhynagonaught
05 Mar 1830 Carmody Honora Carmody, Michael Carmody, Ellen Gorman, Sinon Lynch, Honora Kilrush .
16 Feb 1829 Carmody Johanna Carmody, Pat Connelle, Catherine Sexton, Tom Carmody, Margaret Kilrush .
13 Jun 1829 Carmody John Carmody, James Meskele, Mary Maloney, Thomas Carmody, Bridget Kilrush .
15 Jun 1851 Carmody John Carmody, John Lynch, Mary McMahon, John Butler, Ane Killard Dunmore
25 Nov 1827 Carmody Margaret Carmody, Jonathan O'Sullivan, Margaret O'Connor, Honora . Kilrush .
29 Jun 1856 Carmody Mary Carmody, Patt O'Dea, Margaret O'Halloran, John O'Halloran, Bridget Killard Lower Clohanes
30 Sep 1855 Cullinan Bridget Cullinan, Patrick Barrington, Kate Boland, Michael Carry (Carrig), Mary Kilrush Kilrush
23 Oct 1839 Cungngham Patrick Cungngham, Patrick McNamara, Bridget Cungngham, Bridget . Kilmurry Kilclohanes
24 Nov 1839 Cungngham Thomas Cungngham, John Downes, Margaret Donnilan, Honora . Kilmurry Cragaknock
03 May 1856 Cunningham Bridget Cunningham, James Gorman, Bridget Cusack, Bridget . Kilmurry Clonlahan
29 Mar 1857 Cunningham Bridget Cunningham, George McGuane, Bridget Cunningham, Ellen . Killard Clohanes
16 Jan 1859 Cunningham Bridget Cunningham, Patt Kett, Catherine Kett, Joe Kett, Hillary Killard Carhulaughmore (Carrowblough More?)
31 Oct 1873 Cunningham Bridget Cunningham, John Haugh, Mary Haugh, John Haugh, Bridget Killard Sragh
06 Oct 1872 Cunningham Catherine Cunningham, Pat Keane, Catherine Knight, Thomas Knight, Mary Anne Killard Farrahy
23 Jul 1854 Cunningham Cornelius Cunningham, Michael _______, Mary Kettery, Pat Galligan, Mary Kilmurry Craggaknock
02 May 1859 Cunningham Johanna Cunningham, George McCormac, Bridget McCormack, Pat McCormack, Hanna Killard Clohanes
20 Jun 1858 Cunningham John Cunningham, Thomas Roche, Bridget Roche, Murty Roche, Mary Killard Killard
02 Jun 1872 Cunningham John Cunningham, Thomas Roche, Bridget Clancy, George Clancy, Bridget Killard Killard
16 Jan 1820 Cunningham Mary Cunningham, Sinon Marinan, Betty Cunningham, ..?.. . Kilrush .
24 Jan 1855 Cunningham Mary Cunningham, Patt Kett, Catherine Kett, Thomas Cunningham, Margaret Killard Farahy
18 Mar 1869 Cunningham Michael Cunningham, Pat Keane, Kate Keane, John Keane, Bridget Killard Farahy
19 Sep 1871 Cunningham Michael Cunningham, John Haugh, Mary Haugh, Cornelius Haugh, Mary Killard Newtown
13 Apr 1859 Downes Francis Downes, Pat Lynch, Bridget Lynch, Walter Lynch, Ellen Killard Balaha
20 Mar 1859 Downes Joseph Downes, Pat Green, Mary ..?.., Mary . Killard Newtown
23 Mar 1859 Egan Patrick Egan, Thomas McInerny, Mary Egan, Sinon Egan, Mary Killard Doonmore
25 Mar 1859 Frawley Mary Frawley, Pat McKnight, Mary McNamara, Thomas McNamara, Catherine Killard Doonmore
06 Apr 1859 Gorman Mary Gorman, Michael Cullinan, (.....) ____, Michael Cullinan, Bridget Killard Sragh
25 Mar 1859 Gorman Tom Gorman, Michael Cunningham, Bridget Cunningham, Pat Cunningham, Mary Killard Doonmore
03 Apr 1859 Halloran John Halloran, Michael Keane, Bridget McNamara, Thomas McNamara, Mary Killard Sragh
03 May 1859 Haugh Mary Haugh, John Haugh, Bridget McGrath, _____ Haugh, Mary Killard Clohanes
17 Apr 1859 Haugh Thomas Haugh, Thomas Roche, Mary Haugh, Michael Haugh, Catherine Killard Killard
27 Mar 1859 Keane Mary Keane, Pat O'Dea, Mary O'Dea, Thomas O'Dea, Margaret Killard Sragh
22 May 1856 Ketson James Ketson, Pat Carmody, Margaret S...., John S...., Catherine Killard Doonmore
13 Mar 1859 Killian Patrick Killian, Jn Reidy, Ellen Killian, Connor Killian, Jane Killard Newtown
13 Apr 1859 King Frances King, William King, Johanna Quinlan, Pat Quinlan, Johanna Killard Doonbeg
20 Mar 1859 Kitson Margaret Kitson, Pat Carmody, Mary Kitson, John Kitson, Mary Killard Doonmore
08 May 1839 M'Guane Bridget M'Guane, Antone Cleary, Margaret M'Guane, Ellen . Kilmurry Kooch
21 Apr 1856 Marinan Bridget Marinan, Martin Mulqueen, Margaret Mulqueen, Martin McInerny, Honora Killard Sragh
26 Apr 1859 McDonnell Honora McDonnell, D. Lynch, Katherine Ryan, John McConnell, Bridget Killard Slt Rivers (Mountrivers?)
01 May 1859 McDonnell Honora McDonnell, John Carthy, Mary Casey, John Casey, Bridget Killard Clohanes
09 Apr 1859 McDonnell Michael McDonnell, Michael McMahon, Anne McMahon, Pat McMahon, Ellen Killard Derryary
19 Mar 1859 McInerny Johanna McInerny, Michael Talty, Bridget McInerny, Martin Talty, Margaret Killard Doonmore
13 Apr 1859 McInerny Michael McInerny, John Cunningham, Mary Blake, Michael Blake, Mary Killard Killard
28 Apr 1859 McMahon Honora McMahon, Thomas Hanrahan, Mary McMahon, Margaret . Killard Slt Rivers
19 Apr 1859 Meehan Mary Meehan, Pat Gorman, Margaret Cooney, Pat Looney, Catherine Killard Killard
11 Apr 1833 Meskil John Meskil, Ned Byrnes, Mary Byrnes, Tim Madigan, Biddy Kilrush .
20 May 1830 Meskill John Meskill, Math. Cunningham, Honora O'Dea, John Cunningham, Peggy Kilrush .
05 Oct 1858 Meskill Matthew Meskill, John McCormac, Mary Nugent, Bridget . Killard Clohanes
05 Jun 1833 Meskill Matthias Meskill, Matt Mescal, Bridget Stenson, William Fox, Mary Kilrush .
07 Apr 1869 Meskill Thomas Meskill, Thomas Cunningham, Jane Clohessy, Robert O'Neill, Catherine Killard Ballard
10 Sep 1828 O'Dea Bridget O'Dea, John McGrath, Bridget O'Dea, Catherine McMahon, John Kilrush .
31 Dec 1859 O'Dea Catherine O'Dea, John McCormack, Hanna McCormack, Pat Meskill, Catherine Killard Doonmore [?]
22 May 1856 O'Neill Catherine O'Neill, George Cunningham, Jane Cunningham, John Clancy, Mary Anne Killard Baltard
16 May 1871 O'Neill John O'Neill, James Murrahy, Ellen Cunningham, George Cunningham, Bridget Killard Clohanes
01 Sep 1839 O'Sullivan Bridget O'Sullivan, Michael Walsh, Mary O'Sullivan, Antony O'Sullivan, Mary Kilmurry Fuilty West [?]
12 Oct 1839 O'Sullivan James O'Sullivan, Patrick Breen, Mary Brook, Catherine . Kilmurry Finan
28 Dec 1855 Sullivan Bridget Sullivan, Thomas McGrath, Magt. Sullivan, John . Cooraclare (Kilmacduane) Cloghaunmore
02 Jan 1859 Sullivan Connor Sullivan, Bernard, Catherine Higgings, Ellen . Kilrush Carnanes
28 Feb 1829 Sullivan Cornelius Sullivan, Cornelius Sullivan, Mary Connor, Michael Culligan, Catherine Kilrush .
21 May 1855 Sullivan Ellie Sullivan, Connor O'Brien, Mary Carey, Jane . Cooraclare (Kilmacduane) Ballinagun
19 Dec 1855 Sullivan Honor Sullivan, James Bar[rolt], Ellen Connors, Mrs. . Cooraclare (Kilmacduane) Brisla
22 Jul 1859 Sullivan John Sullivan, Conor Clohessy, Mary Madigan, Pat Madigan, Mary Cooraclare (Kilmacduane) Chree
07 Apr 1876 Sullivan Pat Sullivan, Connor Hickey, Mary Doyle, James Doyle, Bridget Killard Clohanes
04 May 1859 Talty Mary Talty, John Carmody, Honora Kett, John Carmody, Bridget Killard Clohanes
10 Apr 1873 Walsh Catherine Walsh, David Sullivan, Margaret Cunningham, Michael Cunningham, Johanna Killard Clohanes
22 Mar 1859 Walsh Hanna Walsh, Jn Browne, Margaret Shannon, Catherine . Killard Doonmore
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