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Welcome To Judith's Genealogy Page

This web site is dedicated to sharing my family ancestry information and hopefully help someone find there family lines. I am working on many family surnames. You will find a list of my family surnames below. Good Luck to all in the search for your family roots. Remember when you are climbing the family tree, you are bound to find a few nuts!!

Paternal Surnames:

Brine(O’Brien), Comeau, Cormier, Elery, Flannery (Flaney, Flanney), Gandet, Girouard, LeBlanc, LeBrun, McDonald, Mitchell, Nelson, O’Brien, Peraud, Phynex (Finnex), Roy, Stevens, Thibideau, Vautour, Wright

*Note: Mostly from Maine, Nova Scotia and New Foundland. Lots of French.

Maternal Surnames:

Barrett, Beattie, Burbank, Curtis, Danforth, Delano, Dyer, Farnum, Farrington, Gore, Hutchinson, Jordan, Knight, Larrabee, Morse, Partridge, Patch, Perham, Pratt, Putnum, Roundy, Smalley, Spencer, Strout, Taylor, Trufant, Twitchell, Webber, Wight

*Note: Mostly from Massachusetts and Maine. Some Indian.

My Children’s Father’s Family surnames:

(1)Ames, LaLiberty (LaLiberte, Liberty), Lavoie, Spaulding, Taylor

(2)Beck, Geiser, Heiler, Kramer, Livingston, Milch, Miller, Simon, Voisinette

Here are some of my favorite websites:

My Personal Web Site (http://judithsgenealogypage.4t.com/)
The Mayflower Descendents of which I'm one (http://www.mayflowerhistory.com/)
Ne-Do-Ba - The Abenaki Indians of Western Maine (http://www.avcnet.org/ne-do-ba/index.shtml#home)

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