The Sharp Family


The McGough Family

Robert McGough was born in County Down, North Ireland around 1725 to 1730, and came to America in 1771.  His family fled to the U.S. due to British oppression, and settled in South Carolina.

Robert fought in the Revolutionary War, serving first under General Horatio Gates and then under General Nathaniel Green.  He was severely wounded by two sabre cuts, one to the head and one to the shoulder. 

Children of Robert McGough:
  1. Mary McGough
  2. John McGough
  3. Robert McGough
  4. William McGough
  5. Isabella McGough
  6. Sarah McGough

John McGough was born on August 21, 1761 in County Down, North Ireland.  He moved with his family to the U.S. in 1771. 

John married Elizabeth Carson in Abbeville County, SC in 1782. 

Children of John McGough:
  1. Sarah McGough
  2. Robert McGough
  3. Margaret McGough
  4. William McGough
  5. Martha McGough
  6. John McGough Jr.
  7. Thomas McGough
  8. Elizabeth McGough
  9. Matilda McGough
  10. Joseph McGough
  11. James McGough
  12. David Carson McGough

Matilda McGough married Marshall C. Sharp on November 30, 1819.