German Ancestors/GILCHERs in 1920 U.S. Census, Illinois

German Immigrant Ancestors
in Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York

Gilchers, Gilgers, etc.
in the 1920 U.S. Census of Illinois
(an index)

Notes taken from National Archive micropublication M1559, Roll 156 (G426)
at the National Archives Southeastern Branch, East Point, Georgia
by M. Stone on 25 May 2001.

[Notes: this microfilm was hard to read, so my guesses at some words
and numbers may be incorrect. This list does NOT include surnames
beginning with GL such as GLASER, GLISCHER, GLEICHER,
GLAESCHER, etc. and does NOT include GILCHRIST.
The abbreviation "e.d." means "enumeration district"--
use this to find the actual entry in the census.
My annotations are in brackets. --MS]

GILCHER, ADOLPH, e.d. 1205[?], sheet 4, line 51
age 21, born in Germany, a lodger
336 Wisconsin, Chicago, Cook County, with Carlson, Amos

GOLCHART, ALBERT, e.d. 934, sheet 13, line 20
age 54, born in Germany, naturalized
1830[?] Gerard Street, Chicago, Cook County, with
wife Pauline, age 52, born in Germany, and three sons born in Illinois

GOLCHART, ANNA, e.d. 934, sheet 13, line 22
age 33, born in Illinois
Gerard Street, Chicago, Cook County,
enum. with, and daughter of, Dode, Gustave

GILCHER, ANNIE, e.d. 1180[?], sheet [?], line 23
age 49, born in Mains
N. Ohio, Chicago, Cook County, with 12 lodgers

GILCHER, CHARLES, e.d. 118[?] sheet 11, line 27
age 41, born in Germany
65 N. Ohio, Chicago, Cook County,
a lodger enumerated with Gilcher, Annie

GUILKER, CHARLEY, e.d. 28, sheet 10, line 87
age 62, born Westfalon [spelling?] Germany, naturalized
West 8th, S[illegible]town, C[illegible] county, with
wife Anna, age 54, born in Germany, and
children Friedrich, Albert C., and Emma

GILKER, DELLA, e.d. 34, sheet 7, line 18
age 37, born in Illinois
214-1/3 N. 14th, D[illegible], Adams County, with
Gilker, Alta, daughter, age 18, born in Illinois

GILKER, EARLIN, e.d. 10, sheet 5, line 98
age 10, born in Illinois,
Adams County, grandchild of Spindle, William

GOLCHERT, ELISE, e.d. 1257[?], sheet 6, line 10
age 21, born in Illinois
3753 Jansen Ave., Chicago, Cook County,
a boarder with Weshorf [Wesberf?], Charles E.

GOLCHERT, FRED, e.d. 2221, sheet 5, line 80
age 35, born in Germany, naturalized
1938 Nebraska Ave., Chicago, Cook County, with
Golchert, P., wife, age 27, born in Austria, naturalized,
and two sons, one daughter, all born in Illinois

GOELZER, FRED, e.d. 92, sheet 7, line 58
age 50, born in "Germany (Bavaria)", naturalized
416 Phoenix, Bloomington, Mc[illegible] County, with
Goelzer, Caroline, age 48, born in Germany,
and two sons and two daughters

GOLSER, GERTRUDE, e.d. 2298[?], sheet 1, line 621
age 19, born in Germany
1916 Fremont, Chicago, Cook County,
enumerated with Geyer, Otto, her brother-in-law

GOLKER, GUSTAV, e.d. 865, sheet 3, line 42
age 47, born in Germany, naturalized
3521 Chicago Ave., Chicago, Cook County, with
Golker, Louise, wife, age 42, born in Germany, and
two daughters, born in Illinois

GOLGERT, HUGO J., e.d. 919[?], sheet 4, line 39
age 37, born in Illinois
1444 Kadzir Ave., Chicago, Cook County
with wife Elfrida, age 35, born in Wisconsin,
and a daughter

GOELZER, JACOB, e.d. 96, sheet 9, line 23
age 84[?], born in Germany, naturalized
806 W. Chestnut, Bloomington
with wife Minnie, age 68, born in Germany, and
Sack, Cordelia, a roomer, age 56, born in Illinois

GILCHERT, JOSEPH, e.d. 1646, sheet 3, line 72[?]
age 52[?], born in Germany, naturalized
3641 [illegible], Chicago, Cook County,
with wife Josephine, age 52, born in Germany, and
children born in Illinois

GOLCHART, LAURA, e.d. 934[?], sheet 13, line 28
age 4-11/12, born in Illinois
426 Gerard, Chicago, Cook County,
daughter of Dode, Gustave

GELKER, LOUISE, e.d. 1804, sheet 14, line 48
age 29[?], born in Illinois
6406 South Winchester, Chicago, Cook County
roomer with Love, Harry G.

GULCHAR, MARGARET, e.d. 134[?], sheet 11, line 62
age 44, born in Ohio
418[?] 42nd Place, Chicago, Cook County
enumerated with Catherine, daughter, age 19, born in Ohio,
and Charles, son, age 8, born in Illinois, and others

GILGAR, MARTIN, e.d. 1965, sheet 1, line 15
age 56, born in Illinois
6447 Yale Ave., Chicago, Cook County
with wife Delie, age 51, born in Ireland,
and daughter Genevie, age 18, and son Henry, age
10, both born in Illinois

GULSHAR, OSCAR LINCOLN, e.d. 4, sheet 2, line 15
age 35, born in Iowa
545 South State, Chicago, Cook County, lodger

GOLCHART, PAUL, e.d. 934, sheet 13, line 26
age 37, born in Germany
426 Gerard St., Chicago, Cook County,
son-in-law of Dode, Gustav

GOLCHERT, PAUL, e.d. 934[?], sheet 12, line 60
age 26, born in Germany, naturalized
1833[?] Lincoln, Chicago, Cook County,
with wife Anna, age 23, born in Illinois, and
daughters Carolyne[?] and Dorothy, both born in Illinois

GOELZER, WILLIAM, e.d. 382[?], sheet 7, line 93
age 41, born in Wisconsin
McHenry County, enumerated with Goelzer, Belle, age 42,
born in Wisconsin, and Rodman, Mary, born in Illinois

GOELZER, William, e.d. 1513, sheet 1, line 56
age 37, born "Rhine Province," naturalized
2104 S[avannah?] Ave., Chicago, Cook County
with Goelzer, Madeline, age 52, born "Rhine Province,"
and son Paul, age 17, born in Illinois

GUELKER, WILLIAM F., e.d. 27, sheet 6, line 64
age 47, born in Germany, naturalized
710 Layfayette, B[eartown?], C[illegible] County
with wife Guelker, Nona, age 43, born in Illinois

GOELZER, WILLIAM F., e.d. 144, sheet 18, line 11
age 31, born in Illinois
308 E. Cherry, Normal, Mc[illegible] County
with wife Goelzer, Jessie C., age 29, born in Illinois

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