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"German Immigrant Ancestors
in Syracuse & Onondaga County, NY"

What's New!

Recent uploads:

A Story of Two Fisher Families
uploaded 18 January 2015

The Civil War diaries of Thomas Campbell, 1862-1965
(Tom served in Company I of the 122nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry)
uploaded 9 April 2013, starting here with Part 1

Photos taken and contributed by Sally R. Chandler
of Deacon Simon Stone's homestead and
Mary Whipple Stone's house, Massachusetts

uploaded 30 March 2012

Photos from my visit to Essex, England
to tour St. George the Martyr's Chuch in Great Bromley
and St. Peter's Church, Boxted,
(churches of my reputed ancestor, Deacon Simon Stone)
uploaded 23 April 2011

Notes from Drummond Island (Chippewa Co.), Michigan death records,
Book 1: 1912-1919, Book 2: 1919-1930, and Book 3: 1930-1944
uploaded 11 January 2011
Index uploaded 21 February 2011

Probate files of Windsor, Massachusetts family
Captain Simon Stone (c.1769-1818) and his sons Lyman Stone (1793-1818),
Ward Stone (1803-1829), and Philander Stone (1807-1890),
linked from my STONE page and
uploaded 18 May 2010

Biography of Dr. DAVID ROBERTS (1827-1863)
uploaded 1 November 2007

Several historical lists of employees and other information
regarding the Crouse-Hinds Company of Syracuse, New York
uploaded 24 October 2007

Revised text of Lewis Humphrey Roberts' biography
(all three pages) to reflect new findings
uploaded 5 August 2007

Added new webpage of photos and text on Dolgellau, Wales,
native village of my ancestor DAVID ROBERTS
uploaded 1 July 2007

New webpage on David ROBERTS
husband of Catherine HUMPHREY/S
and father of Lewis Humphrey Roberts
uploaded 20 June 2007

New Catherine HUMPHREY/S webpage and
photos and description of her home town of Mallwyd, North Wales
uploaded 20 June 2007

Uploaded the rest of the Lewis Humphrey Roberts biography
(references/sources to follow later)
uploaded 19 March 2007

Updated my ROBERTS page and uploaded a new
ROBERTS-HUMPHREY descendants' chart
uploaded 8 March 2007

Added photos and updated my STONE webpage
uploaded 5 March 2007

Lewis Humphrey Roberts webpage (to be continued)
with accompanying webpages on Old West Church, Boston
and Madison Barracks, Jefferson Co., New York
uploaded 1-4 March 2007

Loretta Elsie Ehmann webpage
uploaded 17 March 2006

My STONE genealogy main page
and Philip Nelson Stone page
uploaded 13 March 2006

Addendum to Compiled Burial Records
for Drummond Island, Chippewa Co., Michigan
uploaded 10 September 2005

Revised and expanded my REXIN genealogy
including new main page, descendants' chart,
gravemarkers page, city directory listings page,
and reference notes,
uploaded 1 and 2 June 2005

My REXIN genealogy
(German immigrants to Syracuse, NY, 1906)
uploaded 30 March 2005
(reference notes and descendants' chart to follow)

Peter DEMARE and Sophia LANDMAN narrative
and reference notes
uploaded 25 January 2005

my family tree chart (bottom of webpage)
uploaded 18 January 2005

Johann Lipke's U.S. Naturalization Certificate
uploaded 12 December 2004

A new LIPKE, LIEPKA, LIEPKE, etc. main page
with family tree charts, timeline and gazetteer
uploaded 20 November 2004

Photo of George Poehlman
and photo of The Poehlman House
uploaded 27 October 2004

Gilchers & Gilgers
listed in Syracuse City Directories,
1851-1880, intermittent

uploaded 9 October 2004

Updated and rewritten, new and improved:
Chapter 1 of
John Jacob Kreischer and Katherine Gilcher:
Their Story and Family in Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York

by Michelle Stone
uploaded 5 March 2004

New POEHLMAN genealogy
uploaded 17 January 2004

Easter postcards from the Nellie Roberts Kreischer LaClair collection
uploaded 19 April 2003

More location postcards
linked from the Nellie Roberts Kreischer LaClair collection page
uploaded 15 February 2003

Valentine's Day postcards
from the Nellie Roberts Kreischer LaClair collection
uploaded 11 February 2003

New webpage/portal:
General Index of Michelle Stone's Genealogy Online
uploaded 17 July 2002