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Montreal Star [Quebec, Canada]
Index to Birth and Death Notices

Genealogists researching in Quebec are hampered by the closure of post-1899 civil register records to the general public. Because of this situation, I have begun indexing the birth and death notices of the Montreal Star newspaper. These notices may at times provide wonderful nuggets of information about people who lived in Montreal and the surrounding area, as well as those who maintained ties there after moving elsewhere.

Currently indexed [over 6,244 birth & 16,191 death notices]:
January - May 19, 1976; January 1977 - September 25, 1979.

[Due to a labour relations dispute, The Montreal Star suspended publication from June 14, 1978 to February 11, 1979]

I would be glad to do look-ups in my index. If an entry is found, I will provide the date the notice appeared in the newspaper. You will then have to contact a library that owns microfilm of the Montreal Star in order to obtain a photocopy of the relevant notice.

To learn if there is a notice indexed for a particular individual, send an e-mail to: montrealstar@sbcglobal.net

Please provide as much information as possible, including full name, maiden name, name of spouse and/or parents, etc.

Remember, only January - May 19, 1976; January 1977 - September 25, 1979 is indexed. Please check back for updated information.

Last updated: May 8, 2013