Anna Moran


Anna Moran

Anna Moran
Anna Moran
From Mary Jo Egoville

Married Name: Anna Troy

Born Oct. 1870 Mayo, Ireland2 6

Died: Dec. 14, 193510

Residences: Philadelphia: ~1900-02 2006 Seybert St.; ~1903 2431 Seybert St.; ~1904-07 2713 Swain St.; ~1908-09 2024 Seybert St.; ~1910-12 2436 Ingersoll St.; ~1913-14 2439 Ingersoll St.; ~1915-23 1912 Harlan St.; ~1924-30 (possibly longer) 2762 N. 23rd St.8

Religion: Roman Catholic


Career:  Housewife2 5

Father:  (b. Ireland)5

Mother:  (b. Ireland)5

Siblings:  Frank (?)14

Husband: James J. Troy m. June 20, 1897 in Philadelphia by James Monahan 12


Other Details: Immigrated to US in 18902 Under the law at the time, Anna automatically became a Citizen when her husband John was naturalized on Sept. 14, 1903


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