Names in 1851 Census Records Book

Names in 1851 Census Records Book
Co. Cork

Updated 13 Nov 2001

Submitted by Jan Lyman and posted here with her kind permission.

County Cork, Ireland, A Collection Of 1851 Census Records
Author: Josephine Masterson $17.50.
Only fragments of the 1851 census of Ireland are known to survive, and most such fragments are for County Antrim, in the north. However, a little-known census fragment for County Cork also survived the destruction of the Public Record Office in 1922, and it is here transcribed and published for the firs time. It deals exclusively with the parishes of Kilcrumper Kilworth in County and parts of Leitrim and Micron in the Union of Kilworth. The entries for the parishes of Kilcrumpe and Kilworth appear to be inclusive of all of their town lands however, the Records for Leitrim would appear to omit four town lands and the Micron entries refer to only five of the parish's sixteen town lands. The census records themselves are arranged by house hold, just as they appear in the original. For each households the following information is provided: surname, given name age, relationship to the head of the household, town land parish, page number of the original transcription, and, occasion, remarks such as "widow," ³gone to America," and so on. The householderıs index at the back of the volume makes it easy to locate any of the 4,000 persons found in the census. If your missing Irish ancestor came from the area of County Cork, here is an important new source you shouldnıt fail to consult. 117 pp., indexed, paper. (1994), repr. 1996. - Ancestor

I am listing the names appearing and the four parishes they are from. I will only respond to requests sent off list and for a specific given and surname. I can't look up all Smiths for example. If you already sent a request I will respond, depending onhow many I receive please be patient.

The census records are those of two parishes of County Cork, Kilcrumper and Kilworth and parts of two Leitrim and Macroney, which make up the Union of Kilworth.

The following is an alphabetical list of the surnames listed:
Ahern Ambrose Andrews Armor Ashby Atkins
Baker Baldwin Banfield Barrett Barry Bassett Beary Begly Bennett Birmingham Bible Blake Boland Bolster Bonynge Bourke Bowen Bowler Boyce Brady Brien(quite a few), Broderick Bronig Brouder Brown Browne Brunig Bryan Buckly Bull Bulman Burchill Burke Byrnes
Cahill Caine Callaghan Campion Cane Carey Carrol Carroll Carthy Casey (quite a few), Casheen Casheran Cauley Clancy Clarke Cleary Clifford Cody Coffee Colbert Coleman Collins Collis Condon (quite a few), Connell Connelly Connolly Connoly Connors Conroy Cooney Coppinger Corban Corbitt Corency Cormack Cormick Cosgrove Coskeran Cotter Coughlan Courtney Cranwell Creedon Cronan Croneen Cronin Crotty Crowe Crowly Cummins Cunningham Curtin
Dalton Daly Daniels Dawson Dennehy Devine Digeen Dillon Divine Doherty Donegan Donoghue Donoughue Donovan Doody Doran Dorling Dorney Downey Doyle Drake Driscoll Duane Duggan Dundan Dunn Dwyer
Egan Ellard Ellaw Elsworth English Erles
Fannesy Fanning Farrell Fawsitt Fennell Fennesy Fenton Feore Fey Fing Finley Finn Fitzgerald Fitzgibbon Fitzpatrick Flanagan Fleming Flynn Foley Fouhy Frazier
Galavan Galligan Garrett Gearey Geary Geeleher Geran Govld Govlde Grant Greehy Green Griffin Guinevan
Hackett Hagarty Hales Halloran Haly Handley Hanlon Hanrahan Harding Harrington Harris Hartnetty Hayes Heafy Healy Heffernan Heffernon Hegarty Hendley Hennesy Henry Heskin Hickey Higgins Hogan Holehan Holmes Horgan Hoskin Howard Howe Hudson Hughes Hurley Hurly Hurst Hutchinson Hyde
Johnson Jones Joyce Kane Keane
Kearney Keating Keeffe Keleher Kelly Kennedy Kenny Kenrick Kent Keresy Kinnealy Knowles
Lande Lane Leahy Leamy Leary Lee Lehane Lenard Lenehan Leonard Linehan Lodge Lomasney Londregan Londrigan Lonergan Looney Luby Lukey Lynch Lyons
Mackey Madden Magner Mahoney Mahony Malone Mangan Mansergy Meade Meagher Meany Meara Miller Mills Milton Moakley Moher Molan Molone Molony Molowphy Molowpy Montgomery Moore Moran Moriarty Moroney Morony Morrison Morrogh Mulcahy Mullins Murphy Murray Murry Myles McAuliffe McCarthy McCauley McCoy McCraith McDonald McDonnell McEnernay McGrath McLean McMahon McNamara McNamarra
Nagle Neil Nolan Noonan Norcott Norman Norris Nugent Nunan
O'Brien O'Connor O'Donnell O'Flanagan O'Hara O'Leary O'Neil O'Neill
Parker Payne Pendergast Pierce Pigott Pillon Pinchon Pine Power Price Prior
Quinlan Quinn Quirk Quirke
Rankin Rea Readey Really Redding Regan Rial Rice Riley Riordan Roche(quite a few), Ronan Russell Ryall Ryan
Saul Savage Scanlon Scully Sennott Sexton Shanahan Sheedy Sheehan Sheely Sherlock Simmons Sinnott Slattery Smyth Spalane Stack Stanton Starkie Steele Strapp Sullivan(quite a few), Swain Swaine Sweeny
Teulon Thompson Tobin Toohill Torbett Torhill Touel Trehy Troy Twomy
Verlin Verling
Wade Wall Walsh Warner Waters Watson Watts Whelan Whibbs White Wilkinson Williams Woods Worrell Wright

appendix names Hayes Murphy Brien Casey Shemerling Connors Hendley Coughlan Fitzgerald Ahern Quinn Keleher Ryan

Some names have one or two listings some have 15 others have two colums of listings. Gives surname given name age relationship to head of household occupation remarks Townland and Parish.

Hope that helps. Jan

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