1911 census

1911 census
LDS film numbers
Comments by Michael Cronin

Updated 14 August 1999

Submitted by Michael Cronin and posted here with his kind permission.

I posted the 1911 census LDS Film Numbers from Fianna web page. I have since acquired the index film and have realised that this page is misleading.

Firstly it states there are 58 microfilm reels, count them and you will find 99, OK I admit this is picky but the true total would have been useful when trying to work out the next problem.

Second: The index states that there are 343 districts (which is true) but these are divided on the film into items 3-5. The fianna list gives only the districts listed in item 3, ie it only covers about one third of the county. I don't know how many films there are for the whole county but it must be about 300.

Third: Don't fall into the trap I did. The Killeagh listed as ED 81 is not the town in east Cork, it's some other very small place!

The EDs I wrote down for myself were:
Knockmourne: 139
Ightermurragh: 265
Clonpriest: 338
Killeagh: 340

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