• 1798 The Battle Through Maps.Ballinamuck, Leinster, Mayo, Ulster, Wexford. local.ie
  • Bandon - Early settlers submitted by Suzanne Lisson to the cork mailing list
    Submitted by Anita
  • Biographies, 1798 - local.ie
  • Blarney 1798 The raid on Rev. William Stopford's House at Blarney in 1798. - Posted to the Cork mailing list.
  • Chronology submitted by Peter Langley to the Cork Genexchange mail list.
  • The Charter Granted to Cork 1185. Philip O'Rourke's Irish Ancestral Page.
  • Cork Directory for the year 1787. Submitted to the Genexchange mailing list.
  • Dates - Critical dates in Irish Genealogy
  • Debtor's Prisons Dublin Notes by Jane Lyons submitted to the cork mailing list. Please note copyright.
  • Emigration, History of - local.ie
  • Executions in the United Kingdom. Link submitted by Patty Pickett to Genexchange Co. Cork.
  • Famine- Interpreting The Irish Famine, 1846-1850 from Liz Szabo's Home Page
  • Famine-related news from the Cork Examiner, 150 years ago.
  • Famine November 1, 1847 Cork Examiner
  • Great Irish Famine Department of History, University of Wisconsin - Madison , Semester 1996-97. When you get to this page pick the DATA button and then pick first Joel Mokyr's data. You will find the number of Farms in Ireland in 1841, farm size by county, and social indicators in his data. The other gentleman has crop export/import data. Check it out when you get a chance. Carving up the land into tiny pieces was hard on all of them. The picture on the first page is so sad. Submitted by Patty Pickett to the Genexchange mailing list.
  • Famine Dating - Scottish prelude. Submitted by Denis Grant.
  • Famine Orphans from County Cork to Australia. Mallow Archaeological & Historical Society
  • Flax Growers List, 1796 Free Database from Ancestry.com. Processed to produce oil and textile goods, flax was an important cash crop of the 18th and 19th Centuries. During this time period, thousands of Irish farmers grew the crop for their livelihood. Provided by the Ulster Historical Foundation, this database is a list of known flax growers on the island in 1796. It provides the name of grower and county of residence. Reference numbers are provided for those desiring further information regarding particular entries. Researchers may contact the Ulster Historical Foundation at 12 College Square East, Belfast, BT1 6DD, United Kingdom. Revealing information on over 56000 persons involved in the flax industry, this can be an illuminating collection.
  • Fostering in Ireland, 1920. Sisters of Mercy in Dublin. The Great Island News. Submitted by Colman Ahern.
  • Irish History - general. This site is a good starting place for general Irish History. Submitted by Michael Cronin.
  • Irelands History Links Page Famous Irish Persons, The Irish Famine, Myths and Legends, General Irish History, Celts, Newgrange, Archaeology, Vocabulary , Historic Places, Other History, Irish Family History Foundation.
  • Ireland History in Maps
  • Irish History on the Web
  • the History of Cork One small extract from - by Charles Smith, M.D., published in Dublin c. 1774, second Edition. Submitted by Patty Pickett. Posted to the Genexchange cork mailing list.
  • Journal of the Cork Archaeological and Historical Society (JCHAS) - second series, 1895 Item # 7, Contents Vol. 1. Submitted by Anita to Genexchange Cork mailing list.
  • Irish KingsThe University College, Cork, as part of its Celt Corpus of Electronic Texts, has published on the Internet an English translation of the Annals of the Four Masters. Hugh McGovern has a table that lists the spellings of the names of the Irish high kings as they appear in this digital edition of the Annals.
  • Kilmainham Gaol - Easter 1916 Executions Perhaps on this anniversary of that monumental act of courage, the Easter Rising, and the subsequent execution of so many of Irelands heroes some of us may want to browse the following site in our meditation and remembrance. Link submitted Easter 2000 by Denis Grant to Cork City mailing list.
  • Kilworth Deaths in 1847 as a result of the famine. a list of those who died in the Kilworth area between January 1 and April 17 1847. Collected by Captain Forbes USS Jamestown. Posted to the cork mailing list.
  • Life in 1822, Causes of Emigration Emigration from the north part of Cork to Canada 1823-1825.
    Government Assisted Emigration to Canada
    Transportations to Australia from Cork
    Contains transcriptions of an account of 1823 emigration and two ships lists plus links to other emigrants etc. from Cork. From Roberta O'Brien.
  • Limerick Prison 1923 Roll Call. Submitted by Denise Sheahan Bringmann. Posted to the cork mailing list.
  • The Lismore Papers, Remembrances and Diaries of Sir Richard Boyle, the First and Great Earl of Cork. Submitted by Patty Pickett to Genexchange County Cork mailing list.
  • Murder of R Hutchinson 1799. On the night of Friday 19th April 1799 United Irishmen from in and around the parish of Aghabullogue raided the house of a local landlord Robert Hutchinson of Codrum near Macroom. Posted to the cork mailing list.
  • The Magdalens. "It is the story of thousands of Ireland's women...judged "sinners" by the cruel Church-driven society of the 1800's through present day. Their crime? Bearing children out of wedlock...". Link submitted by Deirdra Sullivan to RootsWeb County Cork List.
  • The Magdalens. University of Texas. Link submitted by Deirdra Sullivan to RootsWeb County Cork List.
  • National Archives- "Relief Commission Index". Submitted by Denise.
  • Night of the Big Wind, January 6/7, 1839 taken from the Weather Eye column in The Irish Times of January 6, 1995. Posted to Shamrock List.
  • Northern Ireland Life in the 1800s. Excellent site mainly about Northern Ireland/Ulster but touches the other provinces and gives a good backgrounder on emigration and the famine. Link submitted by Richard Daly Reddick to the County Cork mailing list.
  • Old Irish Kingdoms and Clans A supplement to Ireland History in Maps
  • Orphanages in Cork City in 1840. Submitted to Genexchange mailing list.
  • St. Patrick's Day & Past Pageantry Notes by Jane Lyons submitted to the cork mailing list. Please note copyright.
  • Timelines from Fianna
  • Timelines. Eircom. Submitted by Denise. (link updated 12 Jan 2004)
  • Travellers in Irish Society Pavee Point Home Page. The group of people in Irish society known as "Travellers" because they aren't settled residents, have a rich history which is passed from one generation to the next, mostly in stories. This group has had many names and designations over the years, and has been widely misunderstood. These are the people referred to as "tinkers". Visit the Travellers website, it's very enjoyable. Link submitted by Trish to Co. Cork mailing list.
  • Tucky - Francis G Tucky's "The City and County of Cork Remembered" c.1830. Submitted to the Genexchange cork mailing list.
  • The Virginia London Company and Co. Cork. Submitted by Dick Barr to the Rootsweb County Cork mailing list.
  • Young Ireland Movement - The Rising of 1848. Link submitted by Julie Bradley to the Shamrock list.
  • Work House Records Notes by Jane Lyons submitted to the cork mailing list. Please note copyright.
  • Work Houses and Poor Law Unions Submitted by Anita Sheahan Coraluzzi to the genexchange cork mailing list.
  • White BoysDaniel O'Connell and the Doneraile Conspiracy. Clan Magner web site
  • White Boys the complete article from "An Anglo-Irish Miscellany" by Author: Murice Denham Jephson. Clan Magner web site
  • White Boys John Stanislaus Joyce. The Voluminous Life and Genius of James Joyce's Father. By John Wyse Jackson And Peter Costello
    "On a visit to Cork as a child in 1894 with John Stanislaus, the young James was to hear his great-grandfather, James Joyce the elder, from whom his own name came, extolled by one of the older generation of Corkonians as a `fierce old fire-eater'. In his youth he was said to have been a Whiteboy, one of those agrarian terrorists who ravaged Munster from 1760 onwards -- this must have been in the early 1820s. There was at this time a great deal of disturbance in Munster"
  • White Boys "Peasants and Power. The Whiteboy Movements and Their Control in Pre-Famine Ireland." Michael Beames. The Harvest Press , Sussex, U.K.. 1983. 238pp. dw. IR£28 The Celtic Bookshop On-line Catalogue May 1996

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