Ballincollig Marriages

Co. Cork

Updated 17 June 1999

Transcribed from public records by Patty Pickett and posted here with her kind permission.

Fermoy, Mallow and Mitchellstown, fiche number 6026294, LDS fiche listed under Ireland Cork Mallow Civil Reg (British Book area 941.95 v2bm)

Registered at Cork, 18 Liberty St., Co. Cork, Ireland
Book 1
4-2-1864 John Forde , Full, farmer Knockhamore father William to Margaret Hall, full, father John Hall, farmer, deceased
1-15-1865 Tade McCarthy, 21, labourer, father Tade McCarthy also laborer to Margaret Creedon, 24, daughter of Dan Creedon, laborer
4-23-1865 Jeremiah Coakley, 22, coachman, father Daniel Coakley, farmer to Ellen Lynch, 22, father Owen Lynch, laborer
Book 2 and 3 it has this listing NIL, then
James Donovan, F(servant? Book 3, father Joseph Donovan labourer then it says
Book 4 with the date 24, 11, 67 and Ellen Fitzgerald (f) one only, daughter of Daniel Fitzgerald dec., traficker
I assume these two were together)
2-19-1871 John Fitzgibbon, f, labourer, son of Thomas Fitzgibbon also laborer to Ellen Lucey, f, servant daughter of Thomas Lucey, carpenter
2-2-1872 John Forde, 26, farmer, sone of Cornelius Forde, farmer to Mary Ring, 17 daughter of Cornelius Ring, deceased, farmer
1-18-1874 John Lucey, f, huckster, Knockamore, son of James Lucey, a laborer to Ellen Devine, f, daughter of Cornelius Devine, laborer
8-7-1879 John Forde, f, son of Michael Forde, farmer to Hanorah O'Keefe, f, daughter of Patrick O'Keefe, publican
2-12-1882 Daniel Mullins, f, Ballincollig, son of Thomas Mullins a laborer to Margaret Cronin, f, daughter of Timothy Cronin, laborer
4-22-1883 Michael Fitzgerald, f, sone of James Fitzgerald, deceased, laborer to Ellen O'Brian, f, daughter of Morgan O'brian, farmer
6-19-1884 Cornelius Lucey, f, son of Cornelius Lucey, laborer to Mary Lynch, f, daughter of Dennis Lynch, deceased, laborer
Book 5 NIL
Book 6 NIL
Book 7
2-25-1886 Patrick Forde, f, carpenter, Corbally son of Michael Forde, farmer to Ellen O'Callaghan, f, Waterful, daughter of Dennis O'Callaghan, labourer
6-16-1891 Timothy Forde, f, farmer, Ballymurphy son of Timothy Murphy farmer to Catherine Healy, f, Castlechurch, daughter of Daniel Healey farmer
2-27-1892 Michael Fitzgerald , f, labourer , Ballyshaneen ? son of Edward Fitzgerald, labourer to Catherine Coughlan, f, servant, Knockanburden daughter of Timothy O'Coughlan, labourer, and that was where I ended on the marriages, left off at Book 8 (made a note there were Horgans to come in that book )
date, names, age if given, occupation if given, location if given, parents names and location

usually only the father is listed but sometimes in later years both parents are on the list.

2-13-1899 Michael Shea( O'Shea) , F, Joseph O'Shea a farmer Mary Corkery, F, Matthew Corkery, labourer
2-14-1899 John Looney, widower, F, John Looney,farmer Katherine Fitzgerald, F, Edward Fitzgerald laborer
6-30-1901 Richard Fitzgerald, F, Edward Fitzgerald, laborer Mary McCarthy, F, William McCarthy, laborer
7-14-1901 William Fitzgerald, F, farmer, Richard Fitzgerald, deceased, farmer Hanora Keane or Fahy (widow), John Fahy, deceased, farmer
4-5-1904 John Lucey, F, labourer, Timothy Lucey, dec., laborer Nora Downing, F, then there is a (-) Querty Downing, laborer
2-21-1905 John O'Mahony, F, farmer, Bartholomew O'Mahony, farmer Abina Fitzgerald, John Fitzgerald, farmer
2-4-1906 Cornelius Forde, laborer, Jeremiah Forde, laborer Margaret Kennially, servant, Patrick Kenially, dec. laborer
2-10-1906 James Gooch, soldier, John Gooch, deceased Nora Lucey, servant, John Lucey
1-14-1908 Henry Westnutt, soldier, Holder Westnutt Margaret Lucey, servant, John Lucey
2-1-1908 Denis Crowley, farmer, Jeremiah Crowley, farmer Ellen Lynch, Denis Lynch, farmer
4-30-1910 Dennis O'Connor, carpenter, John O'Connor, carpenter Ellen Lucey, Patrick Lucey, deceased, farmer
2-17-1912 Daniel Corkery, farmer, John Corkery, farmer Margaret Forde, Jeremiah Forde, farmer
9-18-1913 Cornelius McDonnell, farmer, Windsor, John McDonnell, farmer Catherine Fitzgerald, F, Windsor, John Fitzgerald, farmer
5-23-1915 Timothy Forde, F, Train driver- Cork, John Forde, dec farmer Margaret Crowley, F, Colork? , Michael Crowley, dec farmer
2-17-1917 James Forde, F, Warehouseman, Ballyburden, John Forde dec. farmer Bridget Healy, F, Streelane, Maurice Healy, publican
2-9-1918 Daniel Forde, F, farmer, Ballyhoolen, John Forde, Farmer Ellen Dwyer, F, Castlewhite, Daniel Dwyer, railway servant
11-9-1918 John Lucy, F, laborer, Ballincollig, John Lucy, laborer Mary Forde, F, Ballincollig, Patrick Forde, carpenter
1-3-1920 Michael Forde, F, laborer, Ballyburdenmore, John Forde, farmer Nora Hennessy, F, Ballincollig, John Hennessy, laborer
4-29-1920 Patrick Horgan, f, farmer, Laciricag, Dan Horgan, farmer, dec Nora Lucey, F, Barnagore, Patrick Lucey, postman, dec
6-10-1922 William Horgan, F, laborer, Rooveskore, Daniel Horgan, dec lab Mary Mahony, F, Knockshavee, Jeremiah Mahony, farmer
9-8-1924 Joseph Collins, F, Civil Servant, Cork, Christopher Collins, dec., Constable RIC Julia Monica Fitzgerald, F, Cork, Edward Fitzgerald, contractor
2-13-1926 Jeremiah Creedon, F, laborer, Brinny Upton, Jeremiah Creedon, lab Mary Nagle nee Lane, F, widow, Waterfall, Patrick Lane blacksmith
2-10-1931 William Creedon, F, farmer, Kilonane, Peter Creedon, farmer Mary Agnes Fenton, F, Waterfal, David Fenton, farmer
1-30-1934 Daniel Fitzgerald, F, farmer, Brandon, John Fitrzgerald, victualler Mary Horgan, F, Ballimora, Cornelius Horgan, farmer
11-18-1934 Denis Forde, F, carpenter, Patrick Forde, carpenter Margaret Lynch, F, Michael Lynch (Sic) laborer
2-25-1936 Daniel McCarthy, F, farmer, Patrick MCCarthy dec Julia Corkery, F, Denis Corkery, dec
2-9-1937 Daniel Sheehan, F, farmer, William Sheehan, farmer Kathleen Corkery, F, Daniel Corkery, farmer
4-29-1937 Daniel Creeden, F, farmer, Daniel Creedon, farmer Hannah Desmond, F, Patrick Desmond, farmer
11-14?-1939 Edward Holland, F, Farmer, John Holland, farmer Julia Corkery, F, Daniel Corkery, farmer
1-30-1940 Cornelius O'Donovan, F, farmer, James O'Donovan, farmer Mary Corkery, F, Daniel Corkery, farmer
7-29-1941 Patrick Toomey, F, farmer, Michael Toomey,farmer Mary Corkery, F, Daniel Corkery, farmer I double checked this last night and it is right. It is hard to believe two Daniel Corkery farmers had daughters named Mary but maybe.
2-12-1942 Daniel Forde, f, tradesman, John Forde, dec Margaret O'Sullivan, F, Timothy O'Sullivan, laborer
2-23-1943 John Lucey, labourer, Jeremiah Lucey, dec Margaret Hegarty, Denis Hegarty, dec
9-26-1945 Edward Fitzgerald, blacksmith, Edward Fitzgerald, laborer Susie Daunt, Thomas Daunt, laborer
11-27-1945 Denis Twomy, farmer, Michael Twomey, farmer Johanna Corkery, Daniel Corkery, farmer
2-7-1948 Mortimer Lucy, kitchen helper, John Lucey, dec Mary O'Leary, Mathew O'Leary, worker
7-2-1948 Patrick Joseph McFarland, soldier, Patrick Joseph McFarland, dec Margaret Forde, Jeremiah Forde, railway worker
11-20-1951 Daniel Lucey, builders laborer, John Lucey, Railway worker Theresa Barry, Patrick Barry, builders laborer
9-27-1952 Peter Lucey, laborer, John Lucey, dec Julia Grainger, Henry Grainger, dec
8-3-1957 Daniel Joseph O'Shea (born 2-9-1931, builder laborer son of Denis o'Shea and Mary Mahony m Margaret Lucey 12-10-1933 daughter of James Lucey and Mary Keidy
9-17-1957 Patrick Fitton born 3-17-1928 son of William Fitton and Catherine Creahich m Mary Lynch born 3-30-1935 daughter of Jeremiah Lynch and Catherine Kenneally
10-27-1956 Michael Fitzgerald, sandpit worker, son of Edward Fitzgerald RIP Mary Patricia Long daughter of Patrick Long, Army pensioner
11-8-1958 Willliam Greene born 2-28-1930 soldier, son of Timothy Green and Mary Dawson Juliann Forde born 8-21-1928 daughter of Jeremiah Forde and Julia Moloney
1-20-1960 Michael Fitzgerald born 5-29-1931, driver, son of Patrick Fitzgerald and Mary Dillon Margaret Mary Lyons, daughter of Jeremiah Lyons and Elizabeth Murphy

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