Pigot & Co.'s Directory, 1824 - Bandon

Pigot & Co.'s Directory
1824 - Bandon
Co. Cork

Updated 27 Oct 1999

Transcribed from public records by Anita and posted to Genexchange County Cork mailing list and used here with her kind permission.

**Post Office**
Shannon Street- Post Mistress, Mrs. Mary Burgess. The mail arrives from Dublin, Cork, and all parts of the United Kingdom (except to the west of Bandon) at eleven and is despatched at ten minutes before two. All letters from the westward of Bandon arrive at fifteen minutes past one and are despatched at a quarter past eleven.

**Nobility, Gentry & Clergy**
Adderly,_____ esq. (Innishannon)
Alcock, Maskelyne, esq. (Roughgrove)
Alcock, Rev. Mason, (Kingston buildings)
Baldwin, Hewitt, esq. (North Main Street)
Baldwin, John, esq. (Kingston buildings)
Baldwin, Mrs. (North Main Street)
Bandon, the Right Hon. Earl of
Bernard, Hon. Wm. Smith, Magistrate
Beamish, Mrs. (Mount Prospect)
Beaufort, Rev. Wm. Lewis (Upton)
Belsher, Captain Robert T. (North Main Street)
Biggs, Issac, esq. (North Main Street)
Biggs, Thos. esq. ((Devonshire-square)
Blair, John P. esq. (North Main Street)
Bowen, Rev. Nicholls Cole (Hill Street)
Corker, Chambre, esq. Magistrate (Downdaniel)
Cotter, Mrs. (Watergate)
Donovan, Mrs. (North Main Street)
Dunscombe, Richd., esq. (Brookfield)
Elwood, Capt. Charles (Innishannon)
Evanson, Nathaniel, esq. Magistrate (North Main Street)
Graves, Major Gen. (Frankfort)
Heard, Edw. esq. (Bridewell-quay)
Herrick, Capt. (Shippool)
Hewitt, Col. Issac (Clancool-terrace)
Hornibrook, Thomas esq. (North Main Street)
Hunter, Rev. Wm. (South Main Street)
Jenkins, Mrs. (North Main Street)
Jervois, Rev. Joseph, Vicar of Ballymodan parish (Clancool)
King, Rev. Edw. (North Main Street)
Kingston, Wm. esq. (Kingston-buildings)
Meade, Capt. John, R.N. (Innishannon)
McCarthy, Eugene,esq. (Innishannon)
McSweeny, Rev. Daniel, PP (Hill Street)
Nash, John, esq. (Brinny)
Newman, Rev. H.T., Rector of Kilbrogan parish, Glebe House
Norcott, John, esq. (Kingston buildings)
Orr, Wm. esq. (Innishannon)
Poole, Capt. Andrew (Bridewell-quay)
Poole, Thos. esq. (Mayfield)
Popham, John esq. (North Main Street)
Popham, Mrs. (Watergate)
Quinn, Thos. esq., Barrister (Firgrove)
Roche, O.M. esq. (North Main Street)
Rogers, Lieut. Robt. (near Bandon)
Sadler, Rev. Henry, Curate of Ballymodan parish (Castle Road)
Sealy, John esq. Magistrate (Richmount)
Sealy, Francis, esq. (Woodview)
Sealy, Mrs. Cath. (South Main Street)
Stawell, Chas. esq. (Sunning-hill)
Stawell, Mrs. (Sunning-hill)
Stawell, James, esq. (Sunning-hill)
Sullivan, Rev. Wm. Curate of Kilbrogan parish (Devonshire-square)
Swanston, John, esq. (Devonshire-square)
Swete, John, esq. Magistrate (Bridge Street)
Thornhill, Capt. James, Magistrate (Belmont)
Travers, Robert, esq. (Kingston-buildings)
Warren, A. esq. Magistrate (Barrack-hill)
Wiseman, John, esq. (Garryhaneard)

**Merchants, Treadesmen, &c.**

Barry, Wm. (North Main Street)
Barry, Mrs. (North Main Street)
Elms, Thos.& John, (classical & mathematical, South Main Street)
Rourkee, Miss (Bridge Street)
Sullivan, John Wheeler (South Main Street)
Young, Mrs. (South Main Street)

Belcher, Wm. (Bridge Street)
Jagoe, Wm. St. John (Bridge Street)

Baldwin, Franklin (North Main Street)
Chinnery, Geo. (South Main Street)
Doherty, Edw. & town clerk (South Main Street)
Popham, Benj. (Devonshire-square)
Tresilian, John (North Main Street)
Tresilian, Robt. (South Main Street)

Those marked thus * are Grocers also.
Coombs, Roger (Shannon Street)
*Falvey, Ann (Shannon Street)
*Falvey, Thos. (Castle Street)
Fisher, Alice (South Main Street)
Galvan, Denis (South Main Street)
*Hunter, John (Bridge Street)
Lovell, Wm. (South Main Street)
*Moriarty, Cath. (South Main Street)
Mulholland, Geo. (South Main Street)
Sheltis, Wm. (North Main Street)
*Shine, John (Bridge Street)
*Sullivan, Ann (South Main Street)
Tresilian, Thos. (Shannon Street)

**Boot & Shoe Makers**
Barry, John (Hill Street)
Burchill, Geo. (South Main Street)
Clark, Francis (South Main Street)
Crowley, John (South Main Street)
Dawson, James (North Main Street)
Drew, Richard (South Main Street)
Elms, Stephen (South Main Street)
Murray, Thos. (Bridge Street)
Moxly, Stephen (South Main Street)
Ring, Denis (North Main Street)
Shine, William (North Main Street)
Young, Wm. (South Main Street)

**Brewers & Maltsters**
Cornwall, George & sons (Watergate)
Hurly, Cornelius (South Main Street)

Hamilton, Wm. (South Main Street)
Hickey, Edw. (Castle Road)
Williams, Paul (North Main Street)

**Coal Dealers**
Jenkins, Henry (South Main Street)
Scott, John (North Main Street)
Thomas, Benj. (Shannon Street)
Weekes, Thos. (Hill Street)

**Corn Merchants & Millers**
Allman, Francis & James C. (Shannon Street)
Biggs, Wm., Jacob & John (North Main Street)
Heazle, Wm. (Bridewell quay)
Sweeny, Francis (Union Hall)

**Cotton Manufaturers**
Those marked thus * are also Cotton Spinners
*Allman, Geo. (Overton)
Allman, Chas. (South Main Street)
Allman, Wm. Geo. (South Main Street)
Burchill, John (South Main Street)
Harris, George (and stuffs, North Main Street)
Harris, Geo. jun. (South Main Street)
Heazle, Henry, (South Main Street)
Richardson, John (South Main Street)
Robinson, S. (South Main Street)
Scott, Jas. (&s stuffs, South Main Street)
Sullivan, Giles (South Main Street)
Tresilian, Stewart (South Main Street)
*Wheeler, Richd. (South Main Street)

Beamish, Thos. (South Main Street)
Bullen, Josh. (North Main Street)
Scott, James (South Main Street)
Sullivan, John (South Main Street)

**Earthenware Dealers**
Becher & Harding (Bridge Street)
Clerke, Eliza (North Main Street)
Hayes, Mary (North Main Street)
Sloane, John (Shannon Street)
Sloane, Wm. (North Main Street)

**Grocers (see also bakers)**
Baker, Thos. (South Main Street)
Bennett, Geo. (& spirit dealer, South Main Street)
Hickey, Edw. (Castle Road)
Hunter, Wm. (North Main Street)
Lovell, Thomas, (and spirits, South Main Street)
McIntosh, Jane (North Main Street)
Robinson, S. (South Main Street)
Stanton, John (Castle Street)
Weekes, Thos. (Hill Street)
Williams, John (North Main Street)

Coulter, James (South Main Street)
Hamilton, James (South Main Street)

**Inns & Hotels**
Devonshire Arms, Paul Williams (North Main Street)
Shannon Arms, Robert Ponclue (Shannon Street)

**Leather Sellers**
Baker, Thos. (South Main Street)
Bullen, Josh. (North Main Street)
Carroll, Edw. (Bridge Street)

**Linen Factors**
Those marked thus * are also Linen Manufacturers
*Dowden, Chris. (South Main Street)
Dowden, Wm. (Shannon Lodge)
Heazle, Henry (South Main Street)
Wheeler, Josh. Jn. (North Main Street)
*Wheeler, Josh. T. (South Main Street)

**Linen & Woolen Drapers**
Beamish, Wm. (South Main Street)
Beek, John (South Main Street)
Dowden, M. (South Main Street)
Drew, Richd. (South Main Street)
Evans, Wm. (South Main Street)
Fawsitt, Edw. (South Main Street)
Harris, Geo. jun. (South Main Street)
Heazle, Henry (South Main Street)
O'Brien, John (South Main Street)
O'Connor, Edw. (South Main Street)
O'Sullivan, Eugene (South Main Street)
Pope, Wm. (& stamp distributor, South Main Street)
Tresilian, Stewart (South Main Street)

**Oil, Colour, and General Dealers**
Bennett, Thos. (South Main Street)
Bright, Richd. (South Main Street)
Lucey, Timothy (South Main Street)
Perrott, Geo. (Bridge Street)

**Painters & Glaziers**
Baldwin, Saml. jun. (South Main Street)
Sloane, Thos. (Bridewell-quay)

Bennett, Joseph (Castle Street)
Bennett, Thos. (Castle Street)
Carbury, Abm.(South Main Street)
Fuller, Thos. (Bridge Street)
Joyce, Ann (South Main Street)
Williams, Richd. (North Main Street)

Beamish, John (Devonshire-square)
Clerke, J. MD & MA (North Main Street)
Harris, Richd. (Kingston-buildings)
Hayes, Francis (South Main Street)
Homan, John (South Main Street)
Magrath, John (South Main Street)

Barry, Wm. (Shannon Street)
Burchill, Robt. (North Main Street)
Cahalane, Danl. (North Main Street)
Cahalane, John (South Main Street)
Callaghan, Danl. (Castle Street)
Callaghan, Jeremiah (Shannon Street)
Carbury, John (South Main Street)
Carbury, Richd. (Castle Road)
Connell, James (Bridewell-quay)
Crimen, David (Shannon Street)
Crowley, Florence (Sahnnon Street)
Cummins, Jeremiah (Bridewell-quay)
Falvey, Cath.(Shannon Street)
Falvey, Dennis (Shannon Street)
Ford, Daniel (Castle Street)
Ford, John (South Main Street)
Haggarty, Cornelius (North Main Street)
Hales, Thos. (North Main Street)
Hudson, Henry (Shannon Street)
Joyce, Henry (South Main Street)
Loane, Thos. (Bridge Street)
McCarthy, Florence (Castle Road)
Moxly, Stephen (Bridge Street)
Murphy, Daniel (South Main Street)
Murphy, Mary (South Main Street)
Murphy, Mm. (Bridewell-quay)
Parrett, Matthew (Watergate)
Percival, Charles (Castle Street)
Quinlan, Denis (Castle Street)
Scannell, John (North Main Street)
Scannell, Julia (North Main Street)
Sullivan, Margaret (South Main Street)
Thomas, Benjamin (Shannon Street)
Tobin, John (North Main Street)

**Saddlers and Harness Makers**
Cotter, John (North Main Street)
Walsh, Thos. (South Main Street)

Cronin, John (Bridge Street)
Hart, James (Bridge Street)

**Tallow Chandlers and Tobacconists**
Those marked thus * are maufacturers
*Edwards, Robt. (South Main Street)
England, Michael (South Main Street)
*Hardway, Fred. (North Main Street)
*Kingston, Wm. (North Main Street)
*Sullivan, M. (North Main Street)
Whiting, John (North Main Street)

Hornibrook, Saml. (Springfield)
Hornibrook, Thos. sen. (Springfield)
Hurly & McCarthy (New Road)
Lovell, John (Watergate)
Murphy, Timothy (North Main Street)
Stanton, John (North Main Street)
Sullivan, John (North Main Street)
Sullivan, Wm (North Main Street)
Swanton, John (South-quay)

**Timber Merchants**
Dowden, Wm. (Shannon-lodge)
Hamilton, Wm. (North Main Street)
Seymour, Henry (South-quay)

**Watch Makers**
Jenkins, Wm (North Main Street)
Montjoy, Thos. (North Main Street)
Orr, James (South Main Street)

**Wine Merchant & Bottled Porter Dealer**
Tresilian, Richd. (South Main Street)

Allman, Francis, jun.- thread manufacturer (South Main Street)
Barry, Wm.,-clerk of Kilbrogan parish church
Clarke, Daniel - paper warehouse (South Main Street)
Hagarty, Cornelius- rope maker (North Main Street)
Hussey, Mary - wool card maker (North Main Street)
Marshall, Miss- straw &c. manufacturer (North Main Street)
Scott, Edw. - flour factor (North Main Street)
Seymour, Samuel - brazier &c. (North Main Street)
Smith, William- professor of music (Watergate)
Sullivan, D. - clerk of Ballymodan parish church

**Coaches &c.**
CORK, the mail everyday at ten minutes before two, from the Shannon Arms, and returns the next mornig at quarter past eleven.
A dilligene every morning at six from H.Joyce's, South Main Street, and returns the same evening.
A jingle, every morning at six from J. Harte's, Bridge St., another from J. Humphries & a third from J. Merry's South Main St.: all return the same evening.
The Clonakilty and Skibbereen mail every morning at eleven from the Shannon Arms.
The Bantry mail cart every morning at eleven, from the Shannon Arms.

Goods, Luggage and Parcels are conveyed between this place and Cork every Tuesday and Friday.

**Shopkeepers, Traders, &c.**
Bird, Robt. Jr., fish curer (North Street)
Bird, R.N., fish curer (North Street)
Boyce, John, inspector of fisheries (Main Street)
Clerke and Levers, fish curers (North Street)
Clerke and Kingston, millers (Bantry Mills)
Clerke, Thos. grocer, fish curer and tallow chandler (Main Street)
Connell, John, iron and steel dealer (Main Street)
Connell, Morgan, corn, coal and salt dealer (Main Street)
Cripps, James publican (Main Street)
Cronin, Jeremiah, spirit sealer (Main Street)
Donovan, J. and Son, rope makers & fish curers (Main Street)
Flyn, James, flour and iron dealer (Main Street)
Gill, Wm., tanner (Main Street)
Godson, John, spirit and porter dealer (North Street)
Grimstone, John, boot and shoemaker (Main Street)
Harrington, Timothy, tailor (Strand)
Kearney, S., Bantry Arms (Main Street)
Kingsmill, Luke, guager (Blackrock Road)
Kingston, John, linen draper and sprit dealer (Main Street)
Kingston, John, baker (Main Street)
Kingston, John, grocer (Main Street)
Lanin, Wm., boot and shoemaker (Barrack Street)
Lavers, Young, spirit & porter dealer (North Street)
Mahony, Jas., architect (Blackrock Road)
O'Connell, John, linen draper (North Street)
O'Sullivan, Morty, draper & grocer (North Street)
Piddell, John, grocer (Main Street)
Quirt, John, tanner (near Bantry)
Slatery, John, fish curer & spirit dealer (Main Street)
Splane, D., tailor (Barrack Street)
Splane, Jeremiah, baker (Main Street)
Splane, Paul, dyer (Main Street)
Sullivan, Denis, spirit dealer (Main Street)
Sullivan, John, baker (Main Street)
Sullivan, Timothy, tobacco manufacturer and spirit dealer (Main Street)
Vickery, John, linen draper (Main Street)
Williams, Michl., baker (Main Street)
Willis, Saml., dyer (Main Street)
Young, Richd., inspector of linens (Main Street)
Young, Thos., fish curer (Main Street)
Young, Wm., tanner & leather cutter (North Street)
**A Mail Car with Passengers and Parcels every morning at seven, through Dunmanway to Bandon, where it meets the Mail Coach for Cork; and returns the same evening at six.

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