Pigot & Co.'s Directory, 1824 - Bantry

Pigot & Co.'s Directory
1824 - Bantry
Co. Cork

Updated 31 Oct 1999

Transcribed from public records by Anita and posted to Genexchange County Cork mailing list and used here with her kind permission.


A small but very populous town, in the county of Cork, one hundred seventy miles south-west of Dublin, forty-six west-south-west of Cork, and thirty west of Bandon. It is situated at the bottom of one of the finest and most extensive bays in the universe, capable of containing all of the shipping in Europe. Near this town, Ireton erected fortifications with four regular bastions in the protectorship of Cromwell.

The Bay is memorable for a naval victory obtained by Admiral Herbert, over the French fleet in the year 1689. Here also a formidable French armament, destined to invade Ireland, was totally dispersed in the year 1796. The Earl of Bantry is the proprietor of this town, & has an elegant mansion within a quarter of a mile of it, situated on a slight eminence, commanding a most delightful prospect of the bay with a tract of rich and cultivated country, and at a distance, a long chain of stupendous mountains, the bold and romantic appearance of which has a grand and awful though not unpleasing appearance.

His Lordship has also a delightful cottage at a short distance from the town, situate in the most charming and romantic spot that can well be imagined; and at one of those pleasing retreats this distinguished nobleman devotes the greater part of his leisure and fortune to the to the improvement and cultivation of his large estates, thereby giving employment to the poor, and setting a rare example to other noblemen and gentlemen, who derive their riches and superfluities from this ill-requited country. The chief business of the town is fishing, which is carried on to a very considerable extent, and gives employment to the majority of its population. The linen trade, though in its infancy, is rapidly increasing, and cannot fail of having a most beneficial tendency, in ameliorating the condition of the poor.

The church is a new and elegant Gothic structure, having a lofty tower adorned with four pinnacles; but the interior remains in an unfinished state. The Roman Catholics and Wesleyan dissenters have commodious places of worship.

A large school house is now erecting, where poor Catholic children will receive education, to defray the expense of building, which, the late Rev. Daniel O'Crowley, parish priest, left by will 200 (pounds), and the Earl of Bantry most liberally presented the land on which it is built. The Protestants have also a school for the education of the poor children of their persuasion.

At the distance of fourteen miles, on the direct road to Bandon, is situated the small town of Dunmanway, near the head of the river Bandon; it has a chartered school for forty children, and was the first place in this province, where the linen manufacture flourished. Bantry has a good market on Saturday, a fair every month in the year, and a population of about 5,000.

Post Office, Main Street.-- Post Master, Mr. Robert Clerke. The mail arrives at six in the evening, and is despatched at seven in the morning.
**Nobility, Gentry & Clergy**
Alcock, Rev. Edw. Jones (Sea-Lodge)
Bantry, The Earl of (Bantry House)
Barry, Rev. Thos., PP & VF(Blackrock Road)
Bird, John S. esq. (North Street)
Burke, Lieut. Stephen, Chief Constable (North Street)
Burke, Thos. Surgeon HP (Blackrock Road)
Carew, Ensign Wm. M. HP (Chapel-Hill)
Cooke, Lieut. James HP (Blackrock Road)
Ellis, Capt. Dixie HP (Whiddy Island)
Evanson, Rev. Allen, Curate (Main Street)
Evanson, Nathaniel esq. (Four Mile Water)
Evanson, Richard esq. (Four Mile Water)
Hutchins, Arthur esq. Magistrate (Ardnagashell)
Jagoe, John esq. (Lahern)
Kirby, Lieut. David HP (Strand)
McCarthy, Daniel esq. (Gortnascreeny)
McCarthy, Lieut. Wm. HP (Caheir Daniel)
Moore, Wm. esq. (Inchaclough)
Murphy, John esq. (Ards)
Murphy, Michael esq. (Newtown)
O'Donovan, Richd. esq. (Donovan's Cove)
O'Donovan, Thaddeus esq. (Aghakisty)
O'Donovan, Timothy, esq. Magistrate (Glenlogh Lodge)
O'Donovan, Lieut. Daniel HP (Kealvenougue)
O'Regan, Chas. esq. (Strand)
O'Regan, James esq. (Strand)
O'Sullivan, Daiel esq. (Reendonagan)
O'Sullivan, Jeremiah esq. (Ashgrove)
O'Sullivan. Wm. esq (Carrigreeness Castle)
Pottinger, Lieut. H. HP (Main Street)
Quinn, Rev. Richd. (Meentervara)
Ratcliffe, Lieut. Wm. HP (North Street)
Smith, Rev. Charles, Vicar (Glebe House)
Symns, Wm. Theo. esq (Park Place)
Vaughan, Rev. Daniel (Main Street)
White, Simon esq. Magistrate (Glangariff Castle)
Wood, Geo. esq. (Raheen Cottage)
Young, Saml. esq. (Main Street)


**Shopkeepers, Traders, &c.**
Bird, Robt. Jr., fish curer (North Street)
Bird, R.N., fish curer (North Street)
Boyce, John, inspector of fisheries (Main Street)
Clerke and Levers, fish curers (North Street)
Clerke and Kingston, millers (Bantry Mills)
Clerke, Thos. grocer, fish curer and tallow chandler (Main Street)
Connell, John, iron and steel dealer (Main Street)
Connell, Morgan, corn, coal and salt dealer (Main Street)
Cripps, James publican (Main Street)
Cronin, Jeremiah, spirit sealer (Main Street)
Donovan, J. and Son, rope makers & fish curers (Main Street)
Flyn, James, flour and iron dealer (Main Street)
Gill, Wm., tanner (Main Street)
Godson, John, spirit and porter dealer (North Street)
Grimstone, John, boot and shoemaker (Main Street)
Harrington, Timothy, tailor (Strand)
Kearney, S., Bantry Arms (Main Street)
Kingsmill, Luke, guager (Blackrock Road)
Kingston, John, linen draper and sprit dealer (Main Street)
Kingston, John, baker (Main Street)
Kingston, John, grocer (Main Street)
Lanin, Wm., boot and shoemaker (Barrack Street)
Lavers, Young, spirit & porter dealer (North Street)
Mahony, Jas., architect (Blackrock Road)
O'Connell, John, linen draper (North Street)
O'Sullivan, Morty, draper & grocer (North Street)
Piddell, John, grocer (Main Street)
Quirt, John, tanner (near Bantry)
Slatery, John, fish curer & spirit dealer (Main Street)
Splane, D., tailor (Barrack Street)
Splane, Jeremiah, baker (Main Street)
Splane, Paul, dyer (Main Street)
Sullivan, Denis, spirit dealer (Main Street)
Sullivan, John, baker (Main Street)
Sullivan, Timothy, tobacco manufacturer and spirit dealer (Main Street)
Vickery, John, linen draper (Main Street)
Williams, Michl., baker (Main Street)
Willis, Saml., dyer (Main Street)
Young, Richd., inspector of linens (Main Street)
Young, Thos., fish curer (Main Street)
Young, Wm., tanner & leather cutter (North Street)
**A Mail Car with Passengers and Parcels every morning at seven, through Dunmanway to Bandon, where it meets the Mail Coach for Cork; and returns the same evening at six.

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