1901 Census - Head in Billeragh West, Macroney

1901 Census
Head in Billeragh West, Macroney
Co. Cork

Updated 28 March 2000

Submitted by John Paul Bradford and posted here with his kind permission.

1901 Census of Ireland
Heads of Households and Strays
Townland of Billeragh West
Civil Parish of Macroney
Barony of Condons and Clangibbon
Co. Cork

Section One
Page    Name                    Age     Rel     Birth
p.1     Michael O'Donnell       60      RC      Cork
        Maggie Nash             24      RC      Cork
p.2     Mary Daly               60      RC      Cork
        Jerry Dume              24      RC      Cork
p.3     David Colbert           62      RC      Cork
        John O'Donnell          70      RC      Co Tipperary
p.4     Mary Begley             56      RC      Cork
        Thos. Parker            55      RC      Cork
p.5     Patrick Daly            80      RC      Cork
p.6     Edmond Tobin            40      RC      Cork
p.7     William McCarthy        62      RC      Cork
p.8     Pat Dahill              45      RC      Tipperary
p.9     Edmond Parker           40      RC      Cork
p.10    William Coppering       60      RC      Cork
p.11    John Burke              50      RC      Cork
p.12    Lawrence Lomasney       85      RC      Cork
        Hannah O'Neil           60      RC      Waterford
p.13    Willian Harty           60      RC      Cork
p.14    David Kielly            60      RC      Cork
p.15    Patrick Ahern           48      RC      Tipperary

Section Two
p.1     John Dunne              50      RC      Cork
        Thomas Begly            21      RC      Cork
p.2     Mary Strangman          57      RC      Limerick
p.3     Thos. Condon            84      RC      Cork
        Daniel Sullivan         27      RC      Cork
        Mary Madden             29      RC      Cork
        James Heffernan         15      RC      Cork
p.4     James Donoghue          50      RC      Cork
        Patrick White           40      RC      Cork
p.5     John O'Donnell          55      RC      Waterford
p.6     Thomas O'Donnell        57      RC      Cork
p.7     Patrick Hynes           55      RC      Cork
p.8     Ellen Eustace           62      RC      Wexford
        Katie O'Brien           13      RC      Cork
p.9     James Mancel            45      RC      Cork

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