Blarney 1798

Blarney 1798
Co. Cork

Updated 14 June 1999

Transcribed from public records by Margaret Moon and posted here with her kind permission.

The raid on Rev. William Stopford's House at Blarney.

On the night of the 22 Mar 1798, about 300 United Irishmen from the Blarney
area raided the house of the Rev. William Stopford (COI) at Blarney.
Stopford took off his nightshirt and hid in the bushes. Tithe books were
burnt, furniture, arms and money were taken and the house was wrecked. Mrs
Stopford, who has remained in the house, was unharmed.

As a result of this incident, John BUCKLEY of Blarney was executed on 21 Jun 1799. His body was placed in a butt and buried in "the Croppie's Hole" in the Gaol at Cork, his head was placed on a pike and displayed at Blarney Castle.

Thomas HEALY and William RIORDAN of Cloghroe and Daniel O BRIEN of Killeens were sentenced to Transportation for life. Patrick O CALLAGHAN of Cloghroe received 500 lashes. John HEALY, Denis RIORDAN and Denis MURPHY of Cloghroe and Denis DONOGHUE of TOWER were acquited.

Seperately, Thomas PROSSOR of Blarney was charged with High Treason,"disaffection to Government and administering unlawful oaths" and sentenced to Transportation for life.

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