Pigot & Co.'s Directory, 1824 - Castle-Lyons

Pigot & Co.'s Directory
1824 - Castle-Lyons
Co. Cork

Updated 31 Oct 1999

Transcribed from public records by Anita and posted to Genexchange County Cork mailing list and used here with her kind permission.


Anciently called Castle Lehan, from the O'Lehan's, an ancient Irish sept, is in the county of Cork, and distant from Dublin 111 miles, nearly south west, and 15 north by east of Cork. It is a neat, small town, pleasantly situated in a fertile valley, near the river Bride.

The ruins of an old abbey of Franciscans, founded in 1307, are still to be seen. On its dissolution it was granted to the Earl of Cork, who assigned it to his son-in-law, David, first Earl of Barrymore. On the ruins of O'Lehan's Castle stood the stately mansion of the Barrymore family, which was consumed by fire in 1771. In removing some of the old castle walls a stone chimney piece was discovered, on which was inscribed, ' O'Lehan hoc fecit MCIII.' (O'Lehan erected this in the year 1103) which furnishes proof that private stone structures were erected in Ireland at an earlier period than is generally allowed.

The parish church, dedicated to St. Nicholas, is a chaste building, situated on a gentle declivity near the Fermoy road, and close to the town; in this churchyard, over the family vault, is erected a marble statue of James, Earl of Barrymore, who, in the reign of Queen Anne, was eminently distinguished for his virtues as a patriotic statesman and philanthropist. The Rev. Mr. Weybrants, of Cloyne, is rector, and the Rev. John W. Edgar officiates as curate; the latter resides at High Park, about a mile from the town.

In 1771, about half a mile east of the town, a neat Catholic chapel was erected, of which the Rev. Mr. Maume is priest; he is assisted in his duties by the rev. Mr. O'Donovan, as coadjutor. A free school is now erecting here by the munificence of Samuel Perrott, esq. of Cork, which will afford facilities of education to upwards of fifty children of the parish.

This neighborhood, which till lately, was exclusively occupied by dairies, and totally destitute of agricultural improvements, is now in a high state of cultivation.

Rathcormac is the nearest Post Office.

**Gentry and Clergy**
Barry, Thos. M.D. (Kill st., Anne Hill)
Edgar, Rev. John W. (High Park)
Fitzgerald, James, esq.
Mackay, Michl. esq. (Mohenia House)
Maume, Rev._______, P.P.
O'Brien, Cornelius, esq. (Kilcor)
O'Donovan, Rev._____, P.C.
Peard, Richard, esq. (Coole)
Pyne, Captain_____ (Ballyvolan)
Ryder, Rev. Joshua Brown (Castle Lyons House)

**Shopkeepers and Traders**

**Corn Merchant**
Couch, William

**Shopkeepers & Traders**
Couch, Henry, spirit store
Couch, John, tobacconist
Flahavan, Jeremiah, spirit store
Hagarthy, Richard, spirit store
Hogan, Jno., grocer and tallow chandler
Kenny, James, grocer &c.
Lynch, Daniel, dryer & clothier
Lynch, John, spirit store
Lynch, Robert, general shopkeeper
Lynch, William, grocer & spirit store
McAuliff, Thomas, spirit store
Morrison, Richard, spirit store
Mullen, Daniel, linen draper
O'Brien, John, baker
Vaughan, David, baker

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