Pigot & Co.'s Directory, 1824 - Charleville

Pigot & Co.'s Directory
1824 - Charleville
Co. Cork

Updated 2 Nov 1999

Transcribed from public records by Anita and posted to Genexchange County Cork mailing list and used here with her kind permission.


Is a large and highly respectable market town, distant 112 miles southwest of Dublin, 30 north of Cork, 20 south of Limerick, 14 north of Mallow, and 58 northeast of Killarney, by Macroom.

It is pleasantly situated on the confines of the county of Cork, and owes its establishment to Roger, first Earl of Orrery, and Lord President of Munster, who held his court here, and bestowed on its improvement a portion of that munificence, for which the noble family of Boyle has been eminently distinguished.

Among other spirited acts, was the liberal endowment of a free school, and a charter school.

It was a corporate town, governed by a sovereign, two baliffs, and twelve burgesses, and, until the union, returned two members to Parliament. Here is a court for the recovery of debts to the amount of one hundred pounds and upwards, and there are weekly petty sessions.

The situation of the town was well chosen, as it stands on the great road leading from Cork to Limerick, in a very rich and fertile country, and possesses the advantage of being well supplied with water: its greatest want is that of fuel, which was probably little felt at the time of its establishment, when wood was in sufficient abundance. Charleville, however, under the disadvantage above mentioned, has been lately much improved; the markets are excellent, and the town is well furnished with good shops, for the supply of the adjacent country, as well as the inhabitants, among whom are many opulent residents. The church is a plain structure; the Catholic chapel a new, spacious and commodious building.

The market is held on Saturday, and fairs on the 10th of October, and the 12th of November.

At the distance of six miles from Charleville, on the road to Mallow, is situate the ancient town of Buttevant, formerly a place of very great note: its present wretchedness exhibits some vestiges of its religious buildings, now nothing more than a heap of ruins. The castle has been repaired by its present owner, Sir John Anderson, and is become and elegant and respectable mansion.

**Post Office**- Post Master, Mr. Alexander Eyre Eddington. The Mail arrives from Limerick and Dublin on its way to Cork, at 47 minutes past two in the afternoon, and is despatched on its arrival from Cork at a quarter past eleven in the morning.

**Gentry and Clergy**
Barry, Rev. James, P.P.
Barry, Rev. John
Batwell, L. esq., Magistrate
Bruce, George, esq.
Bruce, Rev. Jonathan, Magistrate
Cahill, Wm. esq.
Clanchy, Daniel, esq.
Calnchy, John, esq.
Conyers, Charles, esq.
Dunn, Rev. Wm., sovereign
Fisher, Captain Jas. H.P.
Fisher, W.S., esq.
Green, Thos. esq.
Hanagan, Thos., esq.
Harrison, Henry, esq.
Hutchins, Samuel, esq.
Holmes, Godfrey, esq.
Knight, Mrs.
Knight, Miss
Lumsden, Wm., esq., chief of police
Lyons, John, esq.
Magrath, Patrick, esq.
Maume, Richd., esq.
Maxwell, Major Samuel, Magistrate
Maxwell, Robt., esq.
Maxwell, Robt. jun. esq.
Nash, Mrs.
Roberts, Jonth. Bruce, esq., Magistrate
Ryan, Kennedy, esq.
Sanders, Robt., esq.
Spread, Wm., esq.
Webb, Wm., esq.
White, Mrs.
Willis, Rev. Wm., classical school

**Merchants, tradesmen, &c.**

**Professional Gentlemen**
Bernard, John, M.D.
Crone, Wm., apothecary
Cronin, Wm., attorney
Crouch, Wm., attorney
Featherstone, Robt., M.D.
Fitzmaurice, Richd., surgeon
Hooper, Garrett, attorney
O'Connell, Wm., apothecary
O'Shaughnessy, Jas. R., attorney
Rahilly, Denis, apothecary
Raleigh, M., M.D.

Arthur Copely, New Inn
O'Kelly, David, King's Arms (and military hotel)

**Shopkeepers, Traders, &c.**
Barry, G., publican
Barry, John, boot and shoe maker
Browne, Jas., boot and shoe maker
Carmody, Michael, shopkeeper
Casey, R., publican
Connelly, Daniel, tobacconist
Crow, Edward, publican
Donworth, Wm., publican
Fitzgerald, John, boot and shoe maker
Graham, Patrick, grocer
Henchy, Jas., woolen draper
Hogan, Michael, shopkeeper
Johnson, Thos., tallow chandler
Keating, Cornelius, breeches maker and glover
King, David, hardwareman
Knowles, John, publican
Lillis, E., tanner
Lynch, Cornelius, draper and spirit dealer
Lynch, David, merchant
McCarthy, Michael, huckster
McCarthy, Owen, publican
Meehan, Edmund, publican
Montjoy, Zebulon, watch &c. manufacturer
Murphy, Edmund, publican
O'Brien, Daniel, tobacconist
O'Brien, Edward, publican
O'Brien, John, publican
O'Connell, David, publican
O'Connell, James, auctioneer and undertaker
O'Connell, Richd., grocer
O'Connor, Wm., grocer &c.
Quin, C., general dealer
Raleigh, Richd., wool comber
Russell, Michael, baker
Sanders, Edward, saddler and hardwareman
Sanders, John, miller
Sanders, Mary, grocer
Sarsfield, Michl., grocer, draper &c.
Shine, John, woolen draper, and Manchester warehouse
Townsend, Christ., weighmaster, &c.
Townsend, Francis, baker
Vaughan, Jas., grocer & spirit dealer
Walsh, E., general dealer
Walsh, John, draper, &c.

Cork, The Mail every afternoon at half past two.
Limerick, the Mail every morning at quarter past eleven.

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