Pigot & Co.'s Directory, 1824 - Cloyne

Pigot & Co.'s Directory
1824 - Cloyne
Co. Cork

Updated 8 Nov 1999

Transcribed from public records by Anita and posted to Genexchange County Cork mailing list and used here with her kind permission.


Is a small market town, distant 125 miles south of Dublin Castle, and 15 miles east of Cork.

The see of Cloyne, whose bishop is a suffragan of the archbishop of Cashel, was founded in the sixth century, and is solely in the county of Cork; it contains 137 parishes, (106 of which are in the patronage of the bishop) 69 benefices, and 51 churches.

In the year 1436 it was united to Cork, but since the year 1638 it has been governed by its own bishop, and constitutes an independent see. The cathedral is a venerable Gothic structure, whose nave is 120 feet long, having lateral aisles, besides cross aisles divided by Gothic arches; it is kept in excellent repair, and has lately been newly roofed.

It contains several ancient monuments of the Thomonds, Longuevilles and Forsters; in the churchyard are interred the remains of a Mr. Upton, who died at the advanced age of 101.

Near the cathedral is a Danish rath, and a round tower 90 feet high, and 15 feet in diameter at the base.

The bishops palace is a large and commodious building. There is a charity school here for the educating, clothing and maintaining of eight boys, which is supported by a bequest of Dr. Crow. About a mile and a half east of Cloyne is Castle Mary, and adjoining is Rostellan Castle, the seat of the Marquis of Thomond, and about a mile and a half distant is Ballimaloe Castle, the seat of C.J. Forster, esq. In the hall of this castle are two pairs of the horns of the Moose Deer, one of which, measured from tip to tip, is ten feet three inches, the breadth of the palm is thirty-two inches, and from the top of the head to the end of the nose is twenty inches.

The market is held on Saturday, and there are fairs on the 8th of June and the 5th of December.

**Post Office**
Post Mistress, Mrs. Sarah Collins. The mail arrives at half past seven in the morning, and is despatched at six in the evening. The letter box closes at half past five.

**Nobility, Gentry and Clergy**
Marquis of Thomond (Rostellan Castle)
The Right Rev. Charles Morgan Warburton, Lordbishop of Cloyne (Palace)
Adams, Rev. Charles R. (Aghada Glebe)
Adams, Richard Wallis Goold, esq. (James Brook)
Adams, Samuel Wallis (Kilbree)
Austen, Rev. Robert, L.L.D., Precentor (Middleton)
Bennett, Rev. John (Chancellor)
Bowles, Lieutenant Thos. H.P.
Brooke, Rev. John Michael, Rector (Kilmahon)
Burgh, the very Rev. John H., A.M. Dean
Collins, Rev. Wm. Curate (Kilmahon)
Collis, the Venerable and Rev. Z.C., Archdeacon
Fitzgerald, Lieutenant Henry P., R.N. (Rostellan Castle)
Forster, Clement John, esq. (Ballymaloe Castle)
Gaggin, John, esq. (Ballybane)
Gaggin, Lieut. Pierce, H.P. (Ballybane)
Gibson, John, esq. (Kilbay)
Gibson, Lewis, esq. (Kilbay)
Hanning, James, esq (Kilcrone)
Haynes, Capt. J., (agent to the Marquis of Thomond, Maryland)
Hingston, Rev. Dr. James, Vicar General
Hingston, Mrs. Wm.
Kearns, Rev. Patrick, P.P.
Lawless, John, esq. (Wood-view)
Lawless, Thos., esq. (Ballymaloe Castle)
Mansell, Rev. Wm. Wray, Preceptor
Montmoreney, Lieutenant Edward, R.N, Inspector of the preventive water guard.
O'Hea, Lieutenant R.N., H.P. (Cottage)
Roche, Colonel Edward (Trabulgar)
Roche, Francis, esq. (Roche-mount)
Roche, Fran. jun., esq. (Roche-mount)
Roche, John, esq. (Aghada)
Rowland, Francis, esq. (Kilbay)
Scott, Captain P. (Aghada)
Stawell, George, esq. (agent to Master Longfield, Trabulgar)
Toomy, Rev.____, P.P.
Upton, John Ruby, esq. (Ballybrahar)
Upton, Samuel, esq. (Ballybrahar)
Warburton, the Venerable and Rev. Charles, Archdeacon of Tuam
Welland, Rev. Wm., Curate to the Dean and Chapter
Wilkinson, John Rayal, esq., Registrer.

**Merchants, Tradesmen &c.**

**Professional Gentlemen**
Butt, George, surgeon
Doyle, James, master of the free school
Lane, Andrew, attorney
McCarthy, Timothy, physician
Travers, Abraham Hen., apothecary

Connolly, Michael
Grogan, Alexander
Mullanny, Mary
Parker, Edward
Quinlan, Timothy
Riordan, Denis
Toomy, Eliza, Three Tuns Inn

**Shopkeepers, Traders, &c.**
Cahill, James, grocer
Corbett, edward, boot & shoe maker
Cotton, David, leather seller
Duggan, John, tobacconist and tallow chandler
Lane, David, tallow chandler
Lane, Wm., corn merchant
Mullawny, Michael, tobacco and snuff maker
Mullowny, John, grocer & draper
Wall, Edward, grocer & baker

**James Sisk and James Nagle convey goods to Cork once a week each.

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