Cork Directory 1787

The Cork Directory for the year 1787

Updated 21 Sep 1999

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The Cork Directory for the year 1787
by Richard Lucas
Printed for the Author by J. Cronin, no.12, Grand Parade.

(Meet some of the characters featured in Tucky's Cork Remembrancer!)


Samuel Rowland, Esquire, Mayor
Hue Carleton, Esquire, Recorder
Christ. Wagget, Esq. Sand-quay , Sherrif
Christ. Allen, Esq., Grand Parade, Sherrif
Rowland Morrison, Esqr., Morrison's-island, Common-speaker


Adam Newton, Esq., Newberry
Usher Philpott, Esq., Mallow-Lane
John Swete, Esq., Black-rock
Phineas Bury, Esq., Grand-parade
Joseph Witheral, Esq., Pope's-quay
Christ.Collis, Esq., County of Kerry
Godfrey Baker, Esq., South-mall
John Webb, Esq., Patrick-street
Francis Rowland, Esq, Sand-quay
John Travers, Esq., Ann-street
William Butler, Esq., Prospect-row
Hue T.Lawtown, Esq., Blue-coat Hospital
Thomas Owgan, Esq., Francis-street
Francis Carleton, Esq., Morrison's-island
Walter Travers, Esq., Little-island
Sober Kent, Esq., St. Fin Barry's
Richard Kellett, Esq., Drawbridge-street
James Morrison, Esq., Mardike-house
Sit John Franklin, Knt., Prince's-street


Usher Philpot, Esq., Mallow-lane
Godfrey Baker, Esq., South-mall
John Travers, Esq., Ann-street
Thomas Owgan, Esq., Francis-street
Sober Kent, Esq., St. Barry's


Godfrey Baker, Esq., S. Mall, Water Baliff
Mr. Robt. Patterson, S. Main-street, Deputy
Edmond Roche Kinselagh, Esq., Patrick-street, Sword-bearer
Mr George Barber, George's-street, Deputy
John Snowe, Esq., Clerk of the Crown and Peace, Jones-square, Hammon's-marsh
Wm. Jones, Esq., South-mall, Town-clerk
Thomas Gregg, Esq., Bishop-street, Seneschal of the Manor of St. Fin Barry's
Sober Kent, Esq., City-overseer, St. Fin Barry's
Gibbs Ross, Esq., Sales-master, Stamp-office
Ed.R. Kinselagh, Patrick-street, Coroner
William Phillips, South-mall, Cornoner
Richard Hendly, Cove-lane, Serjt. at mace
Wm. Daniel, C Church-lane, Serjt. at mace
John Johnson, S. Main-street, Sh. Serjeants
Richard Langley, ditto, Sh. Serjeants
William Swain, S. Main-street, Sher.Bailiffs
John Hovingdon, Sand-quay, Sher Bailiffs
Th. Hardaway, Back-shambles, Change Porter


Bennett (Joseph) George's-street
Chatterton (Thomas) St. Patrick-street
Crawford (Jacob) Grand-parade
Deane (Peter) Grand-parade
Gregg (James) St. Patrick-street
Hayes (Benjamin) South-mall
Jack (George) South-mall
Jones (William) South-mall
Lander (Jonas) Fenn's-quay
Phillips (William) South-mall
Pothet (Ruby) Paul-street
Wallis (James) South-mall

Traders to and from Cork to Bristol

Juno, Joseph White, Master
Helen, William Cranitch, Master
Queen Charlotte, John Sheehan, Master
Thomas and William, John Jones, Master
Mary, George Mayberry, Master
Susanna, Simon Lampert, Master

COMMISSIONERS for Widening Streets, and improving the CITY are,

The Mayor, Recorder, and Aldermen for the Time being.
The Right Hon. John Hely Hutchinson,
William Ponsonby, Esquire
William Clark, Esquire
Hugh Lawton, Esquire
Stephen Denroche, Esquire
Si Riggs Falkiner Bart.
Kevan Izod, Esquire
William Denroche, Esquire
Samuel Rowland, Esquire
Richard Hare, Senior, Esquire
John Cuthbert, Esquire
Abraham Lane, Esquire


Sir Riggs Falkiner, Sir James Lawrence Cotter, Charles Leslie, Richard
Kellett, Esqrs. and Sir Richard Kellett, knt. - opposite the Custom-house

A Abbott (Paul) Wollendraper, N. Abbey
Abbott(John) Woollendraper, S. Main-str.
Abbott(Abraham) Attorney, Grand-parade
Abell(James) Merchant, Morrison's-island
Abell(Richard) Merchant, Pope's quay
Abernathy(William) Clothier, Cross-street
Acteson(Cadwallader) Chandler and Tobacconist, North-gate
Acteson(Arthur) Cooper, Fish-street
Adams(Mary) Vintner, Brunswick-tavern, Bunswick-street.
Adams(St.Leger) Vintner, Swan and Badger-Inn, Mallow-lane
Ahern(Garrett and John) Nursery and Seedsmen, Castle-street
Ahern(Maurice) Merchant, Cove-street
Aickin(George) Watchmaker, Jame's-str.
Aikenhead(David), Apothecary, Daunt's-bridge, Grand-parade
Alexander(William) Shoe-maker, S-Main-st.
Allen (Edw) and Son, Ship-builders, Leitrim
Allen(Aylmer) Brewer, Cremer's-square
Allment(Mark) Shoe-maker, Grattan-street
Alms(Stephen) Clothier, North-abbey
Anderson(John) Merchant, Lapp's-island
Archer(John) Butter-merchant,Mallow-lane
Archer(Mary) Victualler, Mallow-lane
Argar(William) Rope-maker, Mallow-lane
Arundell(Margaret) Grocer, Fish-street
Atkins(Rich.) Butter-merchant, Mallow-lane
Atkins(Thos.) Apothecary, North Main-str.
Atkins(Jane) Haberdasher, 14 Grand-parade
Austin(Martha) Grocer, Paul-street

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