Cork All RC Parishes Addresses and Maps

Cork All RC Parishes Addresses and Maps

Last updated on 10 Jul 1999.

All of County Cork Map

Dioceses of Cloyne, Cork and Ross - Map - large

Diocese of Cloyne Map links to Murray Family Page

Dioceses of Cork and Ross - Parishes (South and West Cork) Map - large

Dioceses of Cork and Ross map links to page of Father Tom Hayes

Dioceses of Cork and Ross links to page of Father Tom Hayes - has link to parish list

Dioceses of Cloyne, Cork, Kerry and Ross - Parish Addresses by Dioceses-, includes RC Parish, Church, Comment, Civil Parish, Parish Address and Phone number.
Use the find facility on your browser to find a civil parish, townland or RC parish.
Note more than one RC parish may be over a number of civil parishes and one civil parish may contain more than one RC parish.

Cork City map of RC parishes

Map Cork City Ancestral Project, Cork County Library, Farranlea Road, Cork, ph. (021) 346435

From the Cork mailing list July 1998
When writing to the Parish Priests, please remember to enclose an Self Addressed Envelope (sae) and International Reply Coupons (IRC). Be patient and a small donation helps speed things up! Donations should be around the 20 mark.
It's quite common not to get a reply from a Parish Priest or else to be waiting months for one. Most Irish parishes are undermanned nowadays as a consequence of the drop in vocations so Parish Priests just don't have the time to reply to us. In order to reply in the first place, they would have to go down into some musty cellar, search through some dusty old books, peer at damp-spotted, decaying pages and finally translate what they get from Latin into English.
The alternative is, in the case of most of the Diocese of Cloyne, is to pay the Mallow Heritage Centre for a search of their computerised records. Otherwise, you will have to go to the National Archives in Dublin, which has filmed the records, or else commission a genealogist in Dublin to search them on your behalf.

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