Pigot & Co.'s Directory, 1824 - Cork City

Pigot & Co.'s Directory
1824 - Cork City
Co. Cork

Updated 20 Nov 1999

Transcribed from public records by Anita Sheahan Coraluzzi and Margaret Moon and posted to Genexchange County Cork mailing list and used here with her kind permission.

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Alphabetical Reference Index to Cork City Pigot's Surname Order

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Adams, Mrs. (South Terrace) Austin, Joseph, esq. (1 Dunbar Street) Babbington, Mrs. (Bachelor's Quay) Basyly, Miss (81 George's Street) Beamish, Wm. jun., esq. (South Terrace) Beazly, John, esq. (6 Pembroke Street) Bellesainge, Matthew, esq. (22 Maylor Street) Beresford, Honbl. G.D.P. (Inniscarra) Berkeley, the Rev. J., Vicar of Christ Church (Dean Street) Bernard, John, esq. (24 Dunbar Street) Bleasby, Jas., esq. (Dyke-parade) Bleasby, Wm., esq. (of Ballinacora, Bachelor's Quay) Boyton, Lieutenant Jas. (Donovan Street) Boyton, Lieutenant John (Langford Row) Barrows, the very Rev. Robt., Dean of Cork (Dean Street) Burt, Richard B., esq. (14 Rutland Street) Busteed, Michael, esq. & Alderman (Morrison's Island) Busteed, Wm., esq. (Morrison's Island) Callaghan, Daniel, esq. (Lotabeg) Callannan, Lieutenant (Nicholas Street) Carleton, Rev. Edward (Woodside) Carleton, George, esq. (Rock-view) Carleton, Webber, esq. (Rock-view) Carr, Henry, esq. (Sunday's Well) Carr, Robert, esq. (Sidney-place) Charters, Peter, esq. (9 Peter's Street) Chatterton, Rev. Wm. (Lower Glenmire Road) Cleburne, Micajah, esq. (Cove-Street) Cogan, Mrs. (30 Douglas Street) Comerford, Peter, esq. (Bachelor's Quay) Colthurst, Sir Nicholas Conway, M.P. for Cork (Ardrum) Connell, John, esq. (8 Francis Street) Copinger, Richd., esq. (Camden-place) Cotter, John, esq. (South Terrace) Creed, Misses (Bachelor's Quay) Croker, Mrs. (Lota-cottage) Croker, Robt. Edward, esq. (5 St. Thomas Street) Crowley, Mrs. Margaret (South Mall) Daunt, John, esq. (Sunday's Well Road) Davies, Rowland, esq. (Charlotte's Quay) Digby, Richard, esq. (Camden-place) Dilkes, Captain Charles, R.N. (Patrick's Hill) Dowman, Jas., esq. (Sunday's Well Road) Doyle, Captain (Sidney-place) Drew, Mrs. (97 George's Street) Dunscombe, George, esq. (Mount-desert) Elms, Thos. ,esq. (Bachelor's Quay) Exham, Thos. esq. (King Street) Fagan, John, esq. (Camden place) Farmer, Mrs. (14 Henry Street) Faulkner, Mrs. (Sidney place) Fibbs, Benjamin, esq. (Morrison's Island) Fitten, Russell, esq. (Benou) Fitzgerald, Joseph Capell, esq. (Cloghroe) Fitzsimmons, Walter, esq. (7 Rutland Street) Fortescue, Henry, esq. (50 George's Street) Fowke, Lawrence, esq. (4 Devonshire Street) Gibbings, Colonel Arthur (Lapp's Island) Gibbings, Thos. esq., Alderman (31 Marlboro Street) Gorman, Mrs. Elizabeth (6 Hardwick Street) Graham, Captain, H.P. (Sunday's Well Road) Gray, Captain James R. (9 South Terrace) Gray, the Rev. Rowland D. (Dyke-parade) Greene, Wm. Hastings, esq. (Lota County Cork & Greenane County Kilkenny) Gregory, Captain (South Mall) Gunnell, John ,esq. (Sunday's Well Road) Guy, Richd. Frederick, esq. (23 Mary Street) Harding, Joseph, esq. (6 St. Thomas Street) Harding, Mrs. (Patrick's-hill) Hardy, Captain Thos. (Patrick's-hill) Harley, Captain (21 Henry Street) Harris, Mrs. (Dyke-parade) Harris, Thos., esq. (Patrick-street) Harris, Wm., esq. (North Mall) Harrison, Samuel, esq. (Sunday's Well road) Harrison, Thos., esq. (Lotamore) Hayes, Mrs. (29 South Mall) Hewson, Robt.,esq. (8 Mary Street) Hickman, Mrs. (5 South Terrace) Hobbs, Samuel A., esq. (1 Marlboro Street) Holland, Wm. Howard, esq. (15 Fitton Street) Hort, Rev. Wm. J. (1 Charlotte's Quay) Hutchings, Mrs. Jane (8 Grenville-place) Jameson, Miss (Dike-parade[sic]) Jameson, Wm., esq. (9 Grenville-place) Johnson, Robt. esq., (5 Grenville-place) Kelleher, Matthew, esq. (Sunday's Well road) Kennedy, the Rev. Alexander (2 Rutland Street) Lawe, Alexander, esq. (Sidney-place) Leader, Wm., esq. (of Mount Leader, barony of Muskerry, St. Thomas Street) Leahy, Mrs. (South Terrace) Leahy, Mrs. (Sunday's Well) Lewis, Mrs. (5 Rutland Street) Limrick, Mrs. (North Mall) Lloyd, Samuel, esq. (Lower Glenmire road) Lumley, Mrs. (Sunday's Well) Lyne, Mrs. (Dyke-parade) McCarthy, Owen, esq. (Church Street) McCulloch, James, esq. (55 George's Street) McDonald, J.M.C.,esq. (Sunday's Well road) McGowran, Mrs. (73 Douglas Street) Maguire, Henry, esq. (Nicholas Street) Mahew, Lieutenant (Nicholas Street) Mahony, Captain Jeremiah, H.P. (7 Lavitt's Quay) Mahony, Michael Edward, esq. (18 Sullivan's Quay) Mannix, Wm, esq (Sunday's Well) Masters, Captain, H.P. (Sunday's Well) Mathews, John, esq. (8 Academy Street) Maylor, Paul, esq. (6 Rutland Street) Morgan, Jeremiah, esq. (Nicholas Street) Morrison, Alderman Rowley, esq. (4 South Terrace) Morrogh, Edward, esq. (Camden place) Morrogh, John, esq. (Sidney-place) Murphy, Mrs. S. (Patrick's-place) Newman, Wm.,esq. (Sunday's Well road) Newson, Moses, esq. (21 Bachelor's Quay) O'Brien, Michael, esq. (11 Mary Street) O'Callaghan, Cornelius, esq. (Dean Street) O'Callaghan, Mrs. (Dyke-parade) O'Keefe, Miss (Charlotte's Quay) O'sullivan, T., esq. (of Dunmanway, 2 Prospect Place) Oliver, Thos., esq. (Wellington-place) Otway, Robt. ,esq. (Sidney-place) Patten, Captain Wm. (11 Dyke-parade) Perry, Captain Adam (7 South Terrace) Perry, Charles, esq. (3 Charlotte's Quay) Perry, Samuel, esq. (7 Charlotte's Quay) Power, John, esq. (11 Cook Street) Pratt, Captain, H.P. (Sunday's Well road) Pratt, Rev. Jas. (10 Mary Street) Pratt, John, esq. (Dean Street) Purcel, Rev. Matthew (Patrick's Hill) Purcell, Thos., esq. (Sunday's Well road) Reeves, Mrs. (20 Henry Street) Robinson, Mrs. (Camden-place) Roche, Stephen, esq. (Lower Glenmire road) Rochford, Thos., esq. (10 South Mall) Rogers, Robt., esq. (5 South Mall) Romney, Wm., esq. (9 Nile Street) Saint Lawrence the Honbl. and Righ Rev. Thos. Lord Bishop of Cork and Ross-palace, (Saint Finn Barr's) Saunders, John, esq. (6 Grenville-place) Segerson, Francis, esq. (South Mall) Seward, Henry Osborne, esq. (Sidney-place) Sheehy, Wm., esq. (Patrick's Hill) Shercraft, Paul, esq. (Langford Row) Sherrard, David, esq. (Nile Street) Smith, Wm., esq. (Patrick's Hill) Smyth, Mrs. (13 Pope's Quay) Taylor, Mrs. (Sunday's Well road) Teed, Captain Thos. H.P. (Sunday's Well road) Terry, Rev. S. (Sunday's Well road) Teulon, John, esq. (South Terrace) Thompson, the Rev. Archdeacon (Dyke parade) Topp, Richd. W., esq. (Dyke-parade) Townsend, Maurice, esq. (Sidney-place) Townsend, Rev. Wm. (Coolflough) Travers, Captain John (South Terrace) Travers, Captain N., E. I. C. (Mardyke-house) Travers, Mrs. (South Mall) Tuckey, Mrs. Susan (6 South Mall) Waggett, Rev. Wm., (Sunday's Well) Walker, Captain (Dyke-parade) James Walsh, esq. (Sunday's Well road) Walsh, Mrs. M. (Mary Street) Walsh, Richd., esq. (White-street) Walsh, Stephen, esq. (South Terrace) Ware, T., esq. (8 South Terrace) Waters, George, esq. (Patrick's Hill) Webb, the Rev. Dr. (of the hill, Camden-place) Westropp, Lionel, John, esq. (Patrick's Hill) Westropp, Mrs. R. (South Terrace) White, Captain Wm., R.N. (Patrick's Hill) Williams, Captain (16 Nile Street) Wise, Henry, esq. (Wellington-place) Wood, Mrs. (Sidney-place) Woodley, Anthony, esq. (Sunday's Well road) Woods, Mrs. (33 Cook Street)


Bartholomew Gibbings, esq., Mayor William Waggett, esq., Recorder Robert Lawe & William Crofts, esqs., Sheriffs Edward Colburne, esq. Common Speaker Thomas Pope, esq., Chamberlain William Jones, esq., Town Clerk and Clerk of the Crown J. Lane, esq., Treasurer H. Hardy, esq. , Secretary to the Mayor Osborn Barber, Sword Bearer and Clerk of the Markets Rev. Alexander Kennedy, and Rev. Morgan Donovan, Chaplains M.B. Westropp, esq., Water Bailiff Michael Beecher, esq., Deputy Water Bailiff William Rogers, esq., Deputy Water Bailiff at Cove John C. Cottrell, esq., Deputy Water Bailiff at Passage H. Hardy and Henry Edward Jones, Coroners Robert Hewson and R. Rogers, esqrs., High Constables George James Drinan, Conservator William Finny, esq., Calcultor of assize of Bread, average price of corn,&c. R. Hewson and W. Aidwell, esqrs., Seargents at Mace J. Welsh, esq., Keeper of City Goal Rev. Dr. Quarry, Inspector and Chaplain of City Goal and Bridewell. Rev. John Falves, Roman Catholic Chaplain of City Goal and Bridewell. Richd. Maguire, Apothecary and Medical Attendant of City Goal and Bridewell. J.P. Mathis, Keeper of Bridewell. James Hutchins and Edward Dillon, esqrs., Sheriff's Seargents B. Consughton and William Roycroft, esqrs., Sheriff's Bailiffs


Judge, Henry J. Heard, L.L.D., Vicar General Registrer, John Heard, esq. (12 Bishop Street) Advocates, William L. Webb and A. Connell, esqrs., Barristers. Proctor of Office, Thomas Pope, esq. Proctors; Thomas Pope, Nicholas Vincent, William Gregg, Richard Chinnery, and Henry Bennett, Gents.


Dignitaries, &c. of the Church of England, attached to the See of Cork and Ross. Bishop, the Honbl. and Right Rev. Thomas St. Lawrence, D.D., Palace Dean, the Rev. R. Burrows, D.D., Deanery House, Dean Street Chanter, the Rev. Henry, Sandiford, Cove Chancellor, the Rev. H.T. Hodder Treasurer, the Rev. James Stewart A.M. Glebe, Ballinadee Archdeacon, the Rev. Wm. Thompson, Dyke-parade


Kilbrogan, the Rev. H.T. Newman, A.M. Kilbrogan Glebe, Bandon Killaspigmullane, the Rev. Edward St. Lawrence Cahirlig, the Rev. W.L.Beaufort, A.M. Brinny Liscleary, the Rev. John Fortescue The Holy Trinity, the Rev. Robert Daly, A.M. Glebe, Power's Court. Killanully, the Rev. Henry st. Eloy, Endermine Parsonage, Enniscorthy. Inskenny, the Rev. Wm. Meade Kinaglory, the Rev. James Pratt, Glebe Owens Kilbrittan, the Rev. Thomas Barry, Glebe Rathclaren St. Michael's, the Rev. E.M. Carleton, Woodside, Cork Desertmore, the Rev. William Harvey, Desertmore Dromaleague, the Rev. T. Tuckey, Dunmanway ______________ Preacher, Residentiary and Reader, the Rev. George Burrows, Dean Street Curate and Librarian, the Rev. J. Egan, St. Finn Barr's The Choir, Vicar's Choral, the Rev. J. Berkeley, A.M., the Rev. R. Evans, the Rev. J.H. Goldsbury, and the Honbl. and Rev. George De-la-Poer Beresford, A.M. Choristers, Messrs. J. McGrath, J. Gebbs, R. Bettridge, R. Keys, A. Paul, J. McCarthy, J. Evans, and E. Sweeny. Organist, Mr. James B. Stephens _______________


Rector, the Rev. H.T. Hodder Curate, the Rev. Edmond Stevelly Parish Clerk, George Coyle


Rector, the Venerable Archdeacon Thompson, Dyke parade Curates, the Rev. J. Forsayth and the Rev. William Nash, South Mall Parish Clerk, J. Paul


Rector, the Rev. Joshua Berkeley, Dean Street Curates, the Rev. Alexander Kennedy, A.M., Rutland Street, and the Rev. Charles Leslie, Patrick Street Parish Clerk, James McGrath


Rector, the Rev. George Sealy Baldwin, L.L.D., South Mall Curate, the Rev. Thomas Waggett Parish Clerk, Andrew Paul


Rector, the Rev. Richard L. Connor Curate, the Rev. Richard Lee, green coat hospital Parish Clerk, Edward Purcell


Rector, the Rev. John Quarry, L.L.D., North Mall Curate, the Rev. Benjamin Swete Parish Clerk, John Gibbs



Bishop, the Right Rev. John Murphy, D.D., Chapel Street Dean, the Very Rev. Jeremiah Collins, V.G., Barrack Street Lecturer, the Rev. Thomas R. England, St. Mary's College Curates, the Rev. J. Daly, the Rev.Maurice Walsh, Rev. Denis O'Callaghan, and the Rev. W.J. O'Grady, North Presbytery.


Deservitor, the Rev. Thomas O'Keeffe, Brown Street Curates, the Rev. Justin F. McNamara, Patrick Street, and the Rev. John O'Brien, North Main Street


Parish Priest, the Rev. Jeremiah Collins, V.G., Barrack Street Curates, the Rev. William O'Connor, the Rev. William Scannell, the Rev. L. Henderson, South Presbytery.


Prior, the Rev. John Gibbons, the Rev. Daniel O'Connor, the Rev. Bartholomew O'Neile, and the Rev. William O'Donnell.


Provincial, the Rev. William O'Meara Guardian, the Rev. Michael Lonergan The Rev. Edward Horgan, the Rev. Hatton Walsh, Rev.Daniel Haly, and the Rev. Henry Hughes.


Prior, the Rev. John Gavin, Rev. Denis Lane, Rev. John O'Connor, Rev. Michael Loughlin, Rev. Bartholomew Russell, and the Rev. John Hynes.


Provincial, the Rev. T. Mathew.


Ursuline Convent, the Rev. Denis Lyons, South Main Street South Presentation, the Rev.____Clancy, South Presbytery North Presentation, Rev. Alexander Mahony, St. Mary's College.


Bennett, Robt. (Grand Parade) Callanan, James J. (Grand Parade) Chinnery, Richd. St. Leger (11 South Mall) Connell, Anthony (Lapp's-island) Coppinger, S. (George's Street) Deane, Robt. (7 Grenville Place) Hitchcock, Robt. (Grand Parade) Kellett, Henry (10 Cahrlotte's Quay) Lindsay, James (Black-Rock) Lyne, C. (Dyke-parade) McCarthy, Francis (21 South Mall) McCarthy, Michael (33 George's Street) Nash, L. (South Mall) O'Callaghan, C. (St. Finn Barr's) Rogers, George Pigott (11 George Street) Scannell, Joseph (4 Smith Street) Tisdall, George (Castle Street) Waggett, Wm. , Recorder (Bachelor's Quay) Webb, Wm. L. (17 Nile Street)


Those marked thus * are notaries, and thus + Proctors also. Ahearne, Daniel (Wintropp-street) Allens & Ward (13 Grand Parade) Atkin, John Drew (17 Marlboro Street) Baldwin, John (Pembroke Street) Barber, Osborne Edward (72 South Mall) *Bennett, John (9 Academy Street) *Bennett, Joseph (110 George's Street) Besnard, J.C. (15 South Mall) Bullen, Wm. (80 South Mall) Byrne, James (82 Patrick Street) Callanan, James (148 Barrack Street) Casey, Thos. (81 South Mall) Chatterton, Abraham (4 Grenville place) Chatterton, J. (Crown Office) *+Chinnery, Richd. (11 South Mall) *+Colburns & Bennett (South Mall) Cottrell, Wm. (Academy Street) *Curtis, Josh. (31 Cooke Street) Daltera, James and Wm. Ricketts (1 Wintropp-street) Donovan, Richd. (23 Cooke-street) *Dowman, John (38 South Mall) Exham & Kift (South Mall) Fitton, George (26 Marlboro street) Fitton, Terence (88 South Mall) *Foot, Richd. & George (South Mall, R.F. Coroners County of Cork) Franklin, Denham (19 South Mall) Galwey, Wm. (South Mall) Gregg, George (20 South Mall) *+Gregg, Wm. (South Mall) Halburd, James (Queen-street) Hardy, Charles Evanson (Charlotte's Quay) *Hardy, Henry (2 Charlotte's Quay) Harris, Abel (22 Marlboro Street) Hayes, Wm. (South Mall) Haynes, David (South Mall) Haynes, Thomas (Patrick Street) Herrick, Francis (South Mall) Hoare, Henry T. (47 South Mall) *Hobbs, Wm. (87 Patrick Street) Howard, Thos. (South Mall) Johnson, Wm. & Son (65 South Mall) Jones, Henry Edward (2 Grand Parade) Jones, Wm. (clerk of the peace, City Crown Office) Lander, John (Nile Street) Lawton, Hugh (17 Cooke Street) Leahy, Dan. (Lake-view and Grand Parade) Lucas, H.G. (Evergreen) Marks, John (102 George's Street) Martin, Richd. Ayhner (30 South Mall) *Merrick, Samuel (37 South Mall) McCarthy, Alexander (24 South Mall) *McCarthy, Thomas Mannix (88 Patrick Street) McNamara, Michael Foly (18 Castle Street) *Milward, Henry (South Mall) Morgan, Jas. (Wintropp-street) Morrogh, Robt. (34 George's Street) Molsworth, W.S.G. (Rutland Street) Murray, Wm. (11 Patrick Street) Nash, Wm. (42 South Mall) Noblett, Henry (Pembroke Street) O'Brien, Jas. (21 Marlboro street, Coroner County Cork) O'Callaghan, John (30 Marlboro street) O'Callaghan, Thos. Bennett (23 South Mall) O'Connell, Thos. (77 South Mall) O'Reily, John (Cocke-street) *+Pope, Thos. (Grafton's Alley, South Mall) Reynolds, John (South Mall) Scott, Patrick (45 George's Street) Smyth, John M. (46 South Mall) *Swiney, John (14 South Mall) *+Terry & Vincent (63 South Mall) Tobin, Jas. (30 Cooke-street) *Travers, Robert (95 George's Street) Wallis, John (3 Grand Parade) Woodley, Henry (South Mall) Woodley, Richd. (79 South Mall)


Austen, Joseph Wm. (75 South Mall) Baldwin, Herbert (35 Princes-street) Barry, David (Bridge Street) Barry, John (29 Henry Street) Beamish, John (70 South Mall) Bell, Thos. (20 Marlboro Street) Bennett, Edward Weeks (13 Tuckey street) Bigger, H. (7 South Mall) Bull, Christopher (122 Patrick Street) Bullen, Denis B. (82 South Mall) Bullen, Wm. (82 South Mall) Cahill, Thos. (Academy Street) Casey, ____ (Grand Parade) Daly, Charles (Bridge Street) Daunt, George (6 Cook street) Fowler, George (9 Patrick Street) Greene, Richd. (72 Patrick Street) Hallaran, Wm. S. (43 South Mall) Herrick, George (South Mall) Howe,_____ (48 South Mall) Hudson, Edward (Peter-street) Kehoe, Patrick (Thomas Street) Loane, _____ (South Mall) Lyons, Francis (Academy Street) McNamara, Michael (Princes-street) Mann, Anthony (8 George's Quay) Moriarty, Marion (Bridge Street) Murphy, Wm. (10 Cook street) O'Brien, Edward (13 Mary Street) Orpen, Abraham (Camden-place) Osborne, Thos. Carey (4 Marlbro'-street) Pickells, Wm. (52 Duncan Street) Pitcairn, James (64 South Mall) Potter, Jepson (Bachelor's Quay) Quarry, John (13 North Mall) Seymor _____ (Patrick Street) Reade, Joseph (Dyke-parade) Ronayne, Stephen (29 Princes Street) Sharkey, Patrick (19 Henry Street) Sharp Thos. (12 Princes Street) Taylor, Thos. (South Mall) Tuckey, Thos. (Dyke-parade) Walsh, F. (25 South Mall) Warren, Richd. (Dyke-parade) Willis, James (2 Coal Quay) Woodroofe, John (71 South Mall)


Those marked thus * are Druggists also. *Bennett & Lucas (8 Parliament Street) *Callanan & James (148 Barrack Street) *Carroll & Jones (3 Patrick Street) *Edgar, John (3 Paul Street) Fowler, Richard (78 Mallow Lane) *Gosnell, Wm. (North Main Street) Haines, Humphrey (40 Patrick Street) *Hutchinson, James (47 Patrick Street) Langley, Thomas H. (122 George's Street) McCarthy, James (32 Grand Parade) *McGuire & Gordon (28 Princes Street) *Orpin, Richd. (77 Patrick Street) *Ryan, John James (Bridge Street) *Sharp, George (75 North Main Street) Squire & Ring (45 Shandon Street) Stack, Richard (115 Mallow Lane)


Hockin, Wm. (16 Marlborough Street)


Corbett, Daniel (32 Patrick Street)


AMERICAN- Jacob Mark (Charlotte's Quay) DEMARK- Patrick Cummins (Patrick's Quay) FRANCE- Colonel McMahon (Black-rock,), Chancellor de Consultant Marcel (Patrick Street) HOLLAND- Richard L. Jameson (Black-rock) PORTUGAL- T.T. Sampayo (Camden-place) SPAIN- B. Verling (Cove-Island) SWEDEN AND NORWAY- James B. Church (Warren's Quay)


Albion Fire, John Bolster (7 Patrick Street) Atlas Fire and Life, Sir Anthony Perrrier (South Mall) Beacon Fire and European Life, Jameson & Kellett (Charlotte's Quay) British and Irish Fire, Benj. White (3 Lavitt's Quay) British Commercial, Francis Spearing (Patrick Street) County Fire and Provident Life, Burkes and Honan (Patrick's Quay) Globe, J.B. Church (Warren Street) Hope, John Bourke (62 Patrick Street) Irish Insurance, Thomas Coleman (82 Patrick Street) London Union, Thomas Exham (65 South Mall) National Assurance, George Carr (16 Patrick Street) Norwich Union, Abraham Jones (77 Grand Parade) Royal Exchange, Leslie and Evory (61 South Mall) Sun Fire and Life, Robert Hall & Son (34 South Mall) West of England, Thomas Harvey (Charlotte's Quay) Westminster Life, Benjamin White (3 Lavitt's Quay)


Merchant's Quay Commissioners of Customs, J. Stewart, esq. and H.W. Le Poor Trench Collector of the Port, Robert A. Busby, esq. Clerks, E. Keely, J. Sullivan, J. Joyce, and W. Whitney Comptroller, Freegift W. Vanderkiste Clerks, W. Molony and F. Powell Clerk Ship Entries, E. Green Assistant, C. Barrington Acting Inspecting General of Out-door Officers, W. Weston Landing Surveyor, W. Easton Surveyor of the Stores and Registrer of Seizures, J. Galway Landwaiters, J. Hutson, G. Knapp, W. Smith and J. Dunscomb Cheque Stores, W.G. Galloway Permit Officer, R. Shea Debenture Officers, H. Tronsdell, M. Tisdall and R. Donovan Clerk of Information, J. Abbot Inspector of the Tide, R. Hodder Timber Surveyors, W. Moran and W. Hea Surveyors at Cove, W. Cole, G. Roche and N. Seymore Surveyors at West Passage, J. Lemon and R. Evanson Surveyor at East Passage, R. Holmes Surveyor at Cross Haven, M. Stewart Surveyor at Black-rock, M. Smith


Old Custom House William Pennefather, esq., Collector George Arbuckle, esq., Pro-Collector Thomas Ward, esq., Insepctor General Morgan Jones, esq., Storekeeper L. Geoghgan, esq., Assistant Storekeeper Permit Officers--James MuCulloch and F.W. Walsh Surveyors--John Corbett, Frederick Mayne, James Napper, Nathaniel Monck, William Foster and Edward Fitzpatrick.


Lane, Richard, esq., Distributor (32 South Mall)


Weighmasters--T. Dunscombe and E.K. Peiry Butter Inspector--Edward Howard


( 1 )


Albey, Mrs. (day) (10 Patrick Street) Armstrong, Rev. Geo. (boarding) (South Mall) Bewley, Mrs. (day) (88 Patrick Street) Bridgeman, Miss Jane (boarding) (King Street) Byrne, Mrs. Grace (boarding and day) (36 Duncan Street) Caborn, Wm. (day) (2 Nelson Place) Collins, Miss (day) (French Church-street) Corry, Miss (day) (11 Caroline Street) Dodd, Jas. (day) (1 Nelson Place) Doherty, Felix (day) (20 Robert street) Farrell, Martin John (boarding) (Patrick's Hill) Finny, Wm. (Academy Street) Fleming, Miss (day) (Mary street) Hamblin, Dan. (boarding and day) (58 George's Street) Hancock, Miss (boarding and day) (Patrick's Hill) McIntosh, Wm. (boarding and day) (30 Nile Street) Maginn, Jn. (gent's) (Marlboro street) Maginn, Miss (8 Marlboro street) Martin, Jane (boarding and day) (Pope's Quay) Meara, Rd. & Jn. (boarding) (57 George's Street) Millikin, Mrs. (boarding) (9 Charlotte's Quay) Millikin, Miss (boarding) (57 George's street) Moore Mrs. (boarding) (Patrick's Hill) Mulcahy, Timothy (boarding) (51 George's Street) (2) Academies continued-- O'Brien, James H. (day) (19 Warren's Quay) O'Brien, Mary & Catherine (day) (Academy Street) Sikes, Eliza (day) (Bridge Street) Stanley, Miss (boarding) (32 George's Street) Stokes, Wm. R. (classical & English, boarding and day) (King Street) Vincent, the Rev. J. (boarding) (Margaret Street)


(Ship, Commercial, &c.) Barry, Michael (land) (7 George's Quay) Bickerton, Geo. & Co. (ship) (Lapp's-island) Buckley, Thos. (land) (21 Margaret Street) Casey, Edwards & Son (commission) (28 Duncan Street) Conway, M.H. (ship) (Warren's Quay) Daly, Maurice (ship) (7 Merchant's Quay) Dodd, G.O. (ship) (Warren's Quay) Edmonston, Wm. (commission) (18 Tuckey Street) Finn, John James (ship) (56 George's Street) Hall, Robt. & Son (commission) (34 South Mall) Hayes & Barry (ship) (15 Warren's Quay) Jamieson, James & Co. (ship) (16 Maylor Street) (3) Agents continued-- Mark, Jacob (to Underwriters of Liverpool) (Charlotte's Quay) Palmer, J. W. (ship) (North Street) Parker, Wm. (ship) (4 Maylor Street) Ross and Johnson (ship) (75 George's Street) Sullivan, James Edward (ship) (4 Maylor Street) Williamson, Thos. Wilson (ship) (Lapp's-island)


Jackson, Joshua (Douglas Street) Martin, John (Leitrim Street) Sheehan, Mich. (New George's Street)


(see builders)


O'Brien & Sons, & Army clothiers (16 Tuckey Street)


Crosbie, Maurice (portrait painter) (Duncan Street) Noblett, John (landscape painter) (84 Grand Parade) Parks, Edw. (portrait painter) (Charlotte's Quay) Sheppard, Pat. (historical painter) (34 Clarence Street) Skottowe, Chas. (portrait painter) (16 Cook Street) (4)


Those marked thus * have Commission Ware Rooms Deaves, J. (Blackrock) Evans, J.B. (Nicholas Street) Hall, Robt. & Son (34 South Mall) *McDonnell, John (39 Patrick Street) Martin, John (Pope's Quay) Maskall, John (South Main Street) *Norton, Jas. (76 Patrick Street) *O'Leary, Arthur (25 Patrick Street) Pennington, Peter (James-street) Sheehan, John (French Church street)


Callaghan, Humphrey (20 York Street) Callaghan, Mary (138 Barrack Street) Callanan, Alex. (64 Patrick Street) Casey, Thos. (36 Shandon Street) Cocker, Thos. (25 South Main Street) Connor, Wm. (22 Castle Street) Cotter, Ellen (114 George's Street) Davis, David (122 Shandon Street) Downing, Peter (71 Duncan Street) Ellis, Harman (14 Prince's Street) Ellis, Jas. (23 Merchant's Quay) Farrell, Wm (20 York Street) Fitzgerald, Edw. (22 North Main Street) Foley & Crowly (127 Barrack Street) Gallaher, Thos. (106 North Main Street) Gallaher, Timothy (116 Mallow Lane) Hagarty & Hogan (89 North Main Street) Harper, Wm. (36 Barrack Street) Haynes, John (6 Prince's Street) Haynes, Wm. (4 Prince's Street) Hennessy, Bryan (20 Church Street) Hogan, John (80 North Main Street) Horan, Mary (22 Blarney lane) Horan, Morris (22 Prince's Street) Keating, Jeremiah (141 Barrack Street) Keays, James (2 Duncan Street) Keays, Wm. (40 North Main Street) Kennedy, Edw. (1 Fair Lane) Leonard Wm. (& grocer) (43 Grand Parade) Moorhead, Jos.& Co. (23 George's Quay) Murphy, Jer. (101 North Main Street) O'Brien, Morris (1 York Street) O'Brien, Pat. (17 George's Quay) O'Connor, Cath. (2 Shandon Street) O'Connor, Thos. (Bridge Street) O'Leary, John (28 Shandon Street) O'Neil Wm. Jos. (5 North Mall) O'Neill, James (& ship biscuit) (10 Merchant's Quay) Pennington, Edmund Jas. (39 North Main Street) Pigott, Dan. (60 North Main Street) Pigott, Denis (150 Barrack Street) Riordan, Pat. (43 Shandon Street) Roche, Dav. (63 Hanover Street) Seymour, John (35 North Main Street) Sullivan, Thos. (34 Market Street) Sweeny, Timothy (28 Barrack Street) Wallace, Sarah (3 Duncan Street) Walsh, Dav. (62 North Main Street) Webb, Jos. (26 & 27 Mary Street) Witcherly, Michael D. (69 South Main Street) Woodward, Catherine (56 South Main Street)


Leslie, Chas, Henry and John (Patrick Street) Pike, Jos. (Hoare's lane, North Main Street)


Halpin, Jas. Rd. (French Church street) Karnay, Francis (24 Duncan Street) Martin, Wm. & Co. (1 Prospect Row) (5)


Bennett, Wm. (8 Merchant's Quay) Chaubbard, John (6 Drawbridge Street) Keene, Wm. (6 Brown Street) Lester, Richd. (12 Brown Street)


(see also booksellers) Carver, Wm. (1 Brown Street) King, Jonas (Halfmoon-street) Lee, Jas. (11 Paul Street) Massey, Hen. (8 Meeting House Lane) Whitney, Thos. (49 George's Street)


Those marked thus * are also printers Blockley, Samuel (5 Paul Street) *Bolster, John (7 Patrick Street) *Coldwell, Thos. (93 Patrick Street) *Connor, John (35 Grand Parade) *Denmead, Henry (106 Patrick Street) *Dillon, Chas. (12 Castle Street) *Edwards & Savage (19 Castle Street) Fergusson, Wm. (108 Patrick Street) Foulks, Ann (11 Paul Street) Geary, Thos. (5 North Main Street) Hayes, Joshua (Paul Street) Kerner, Simon (98 Patrick Street) *King & Co. (15 Patrick Street) Loftus, John (36 Prince's Street) Miller, Geo. (51 Patrick Street) Moore, Stephen (45 Paul Street) *O'Hara, Wm. (122 Patrick Street) Stokes, Hugh (6 Paul Street)


Allen, Alex. (46 Hanover Street) Allen, John (16 Hanover Street) Barry, Robt. C. (52 North Main Street) Bateman, John (124 Barrack Street) Brown, John (36 Fish-shamble-lane) Busteed, John (46 Patrick Street) Byrn, John (126 George's Street) Connann, Minton (1 Castle Street) Conway, Jerry (3 South Main Street) Cooke, Geo. (43 Patrick Street) Cotter, John (ladies) (131 Patrick Street) Cox, Saml. (13 Paul Street) Crofts, Mich. (7 Fish-shamble-lane) Davidson, John (12 Tuckey Street) Dennahy, Denis (37 Fish-shamble-lane) Donovan, Benj. (24 North Main Street) Donovan, Francis (51 Duncan Street) Down, Wm. (56 Patrick Street) Dudly, Richd. (21 George's Street) Dunigan, Wm. (1 Duncan Street) Evans, Thos. (21 Coal Quay) Fisher, Wm. (95 Patrick Street) Franklin, Michael (6 Fish-shamble-lane) Franklin, Wm. (9 Tuckey Street) Gibson, Robt. (ladies) (7 Paul Street) Green, Henry (33 Fish-shamble-lane) Harris, Dan (59 South Main Street) Hayes, Jas. (58 Patrick Street) Hogan, Dan. (12 George's Street) Hogan, Moses (97 South Main Street) Horgan, John (3 North Main Street) Kelly, Henry (ladies) (4 Brown Street) Lanphier, Hugh (124 George's Street) Lanphier, Wm. (1 Bachelor's Quay) Lover, Saml. (30 North Main Street) Ludgate, Matth. (97 South Main Street) McLeod, John (127 George's Street) Mahony, Jas. (86 North Main Street) Mahony, Timothy (39 Fish-shamble-lane) (6) Boot and Shoe Makers continued-- Marks, Saml. (10 Paul Street) Morgan, Moore (18 Prince's Street) Murphy, Mich. (88 Mallow Lane) Neale, Francis (7 Bachelor's Quay) Neenan, Wm. (5 York Street) O'Sullivan, Jeremiah (18 Bowling-green-street) Rice, Wm. (30 Fish-shamble-lane) Roche, Edw. (31 Patrick Street) Sullivan, Jos. (101 North Main Street) Thornhill, John (38 Patrick Street)


Bryan & Pulvertaft (6 Hanover Street) Callanan, Chas. (16 Paul Street) Davis, Jonath. (& iron founder) (5 Patrick Street) Nash, Wm. (Fauliner's lane & Patrick Street) O'Connell, John (& cock founder) (5 Patrick Street) Randall, John (47 Hanover Street)


Austen, Jos. & Son (1 Patrick Street) Bennett, Michael (19 Patrick Street) Carroll, John (Paul Street) Hughes, Joshua (38 South Main Street) Keyburn Geo. (92 North Main Street) Murray & Davis (11 Patrick Street) Seymour, Geo. (Paul Street) Seymour, N.G. (125 Patrick Street) Swaine, Geo. (43 Broad Lane) Thompson, Jos. (60 Grand Parade)


Those marked thus * are Porter Brewers. Abbott, Saml. & Co. (Fitton Street) *Beamish & Crawford (61 South Main Street) Cashman, W. & Sons (Cross's green) *Lane, Daniel & Co. (43 South Main Street) *Walker, Henry & Co. (37 Maylor Street)


Hennessy, John (hide) (59 Dominick Street) Sherlock, Robt. (corn) (Watercourse)


Cogan & Geary (17 North Main Street) Coleman, Thos. (44 Shandon Street) Healy, Pat. (& parasol and oil cloth warehouse) (18 North Main Street) Jones, Robt. (31 Cove Street) Joyce, Thos. (2 Broad Lane) Varian, Thos. (14 North Main Street)


Conway, John (George's Street) Cottrell, Chas. (Wandesford-bridge) Deane, Alex. (11 Charlotte's Quay) Deane, Alex. Sharp (Lapp's-island) Deane, Thos. (Deane Street) Henright, Henry (8 George's Street) Hodnett, Chas. (14 Mary Street) Howard, Thos. (94 George's Street) Marks, Edw. (16 Fish Street) Martin, Edw. (Bishop Street) Martin, Jas. (Bishop Street) Morgan, John (Nicholas Street) Notter, Rd. (Sunday's Well road) Oakshott, Thos. (12 Nile Street) Pain, Geo. Rd. (5 Patrick's Hill) Power, Wm. (44 Clarence Street) Sadlier, John (19 Douglas Street) White, Henry (Devonshire Street)


Cagney, David (5 Eason's-lane) Casey, Henry (61 Dominick Street) (7) butter merchants continued Collins, Wm. (Philpot's-lane) Connell, Jas. & Co. (Eason's-lane) Connell, Maurice (Philpot's-lane) Cooke, Edw. (Sunday's Well road) Cremens, Ann & Ellen (11 Bandon Road) Crofts, Wm. & Brothers (Eason's-lane) Duggan, Hanry (9 Church Street) Fagan, Wm. (Eason's-lane) Finn, Thomas (North Mall, and Church Street) Fitzgerald, Thos. (Mallow Lane) Fitzgibbon, Garrett (Mallow Lane) Fitzgibbon, Wm. (Philpot's-lane) Forde, Patrick (Mannix Street) Furlong, Francis (Dominick Street) Leader, Thos. (18 Cook Street) Leahy, Jas. (Sunday's Well ) McCarthy, Alex. (Bachelor's Quay) McCarthy, Dan. (37 Duncan Street and 12 Church Street) McElegett, Thos. (Church Street) Minhear, Henry & James (11 Dominick Street) Molony, Francis and Sons (19 Church Street) Moylan, John C. (Mallow Lane) Newton, Richd. (24 Church Street) Nunan, John (8 Hardwick Street) O'Sullivan, Denis (Mannix Street) O'Sullivan, John (Sunday's Well road) Quill, Thos. (75 Mallow Lane) Rogers, Robt. (10 Dominick Street) Scanlan, John (Mannix Street) Scollard, Thos. (62 Dominick Street) Simon & Bolster (Dominick Street) Sugrue, Timothy (Dominick Street)


Castles, Wm. (61 Patrick Street) Coleman, Thos. (23 Duncan Street) Cox & Sons (& upholsterers, 53 Duncan Street) Crosbie, Jas. (19 Duncan Street) Dartnell, Edward (21 Bowling-Green Street) Driscoll, Hugh (14 Broad Lane) Duggan, Robt. (22 Brown Street) Graham, Wm. (22 Brown Street) Harris, John (12 Duncan Street) Hoare, Edw. (1 Henry Street) Howard, Francis (1 Moor-street) Lester, Saml. (& upholsterer, 16 & 17 Duncan Street) McOboy, Dav. (& upholsterer, 99 Patrick Street) Murphy, John (20 Duncan Street) Nott, Francis (27 Duncan Street) O'Keefe, John (upholsterer only, 67 Duncan Street) O'Neill, Lewis (& upholsterer, 62 Duncan Street)


Flannagan, Chas. (& ticken warehouse, 1 Peter Street) Spencer, Michael (11 Duncan Street)


(PLAYING) Donovan, Daniel (5 Duncan Street) Hennessy, Michael (8 Duncan Street) Kelly, Denis (Duncan Street)


(WIRE) for cotton and wool Colman, Denis (93 Mallow Lane) Lawrence, Thos. (126 Shandon Street) Leahy, Thos. (87 Clarence Street) (8) card makers continued Leahy, Thos. Osborne (90 Mallow Lane) Mathews, Geo. (139 Shandon Street) Meade, John (100 Mallow Lane) Murphy, Patrick (137 Shandon Street)


Bass, Denis (10 Broad Lane) Bayly, Mich. (32 Evergreen Street) Browne, Mary (7 Old-Market place) Good, John (5 Broad Lane) McAuliffe, James (33 Old-Market place) Murphy, John (Cockpit lane) O'Sullivan, Patrick (3 Old-Market place) Sheahan, Thos. (66 Dominick Street)


(see also Frieze and Flannel Manufacturers) Connor, John (11 North Main Street) Jones, Ann (10 North Main Street) Minchin, Lewis (and quilt, 8 Patrick Street)


Bennett, John (110 George's Street) Bohan, Daniel (68 Duncan Street) Ellis, J.W. (16 Cook Street) Harris, Richd. (49 Hanover Street) Hill, John (16 Broad Lane) Pericho, Lewis (5 Nile Street)


Constant, Ellen (8 South Mall) Cork Library (Ts. Carr, Librarian, Pembroke Street) Kingsford, Thos. (32 Patrick Street) Minerva Reading Room and Library: open from 11 A.M. till 5 P.M., Jas. Higginson, conductor. (10 Duncan Street)


Daly's Club House, Mr. Joseph Finnegan, steward (1 Grand Parade) Grand Parade Club House, Mr. Denis Brennan, steward, (22 Tuckey Street)


Coates, Robt. (1 Coach Street) Corbett, Wm. (Ann Street) Edden, Robt. Wm. (Nelson-place) Hamett, John (32 Marlboro Street) Julian, J. (5 George's Street) O'Brien Denis & Co. (15 Tuckey Street) Williams, Hen. & Thos. (George Street & Hanover Street)


Barry, Edw. (Cove Street) Bass, Chas. (North Abbey) Bell, Isaac (Pine Street) Clancy, Dan. (17 Market Street) Courtley, Jas. (George's Quay) Dibbs, John (Watercourse) Gleeson, David (New George Street) Gould, Richard (White Street & Cook Street) Green, Edw. (Blackamoor Lane) Hearlay, Timothy (Watercourse) Lynch, Jeremiah (Mary Street) McNamara, John (56 Clarence Street) Morony, Thos. (King Street) Murphy, John and Denis (27 Coal Quay) Murphy, John (Pope's Quay) O'Sullivan, Jeremiah (Knapp's Square) (9) coal stores continued-- Palmer, John (Old Chapel Lane) Roche, Morris (Thomas's Street) Sullivan, Daniel (Coal Quay) Sullivan, John (Academy Street)


Barry, John (Shandon Street) Duke, Thos. (54 Shandon Street) Farley, Mary (89 Mallow Lane)


Boland, Thos. (11 George's Street) Cane, Eliza & Ellen (10 Nile Street) Daly, Mary (30 Grand Parade) Foulkes, John (26 Duncan Street) Garven, Francis (Drawbridge Street) Kearney, Francis (2 Drawbridge Street) Keily, Cath. (2 George's Street) McCarthy, Mich. (1 Academy Street) Roche, Maria (18 Marlboro Street) Sheppard, Eliza (27 Prince's Street) Sheppard, Sarah (22 Duncan Street) Wallis, Letitia (4 Duncan Street) Watson, Arabella (3 Bachelor's Quay)


Bennett, Geo. (14 Fitton-street) Brown, John (22 Mary Street) Dixon, Saml. (12 Merchant's Quay) Dooly, John (Mallow Lane) Dunbar, Thos. (wine), (Abbey Street) Fair, Geo. (9 John Street) Field, Stephen (Old Market place) Flynn, Edm. (8 Philip's-lane) Holland, Danl. (25 Maylor Street) Holland, Geo. (Sand-Quay) Howe, Randal (7 John Street) Kennefeck, Michael (16 Old Chapel lane) Large, Seward (wine), (26 Maylor Street) Leahy, Dan. (27 Douglas Street) Lucas, Andrew (11 John Street) Lyons, Kean (5 Bishop Street) Lyons, Wm. (John Street) McAuliffe, Andrew=20 McCarthy, Thos. (Mannix Street) McDonnell, Denis (4 Meeting House lane) Mayberry, Wm. (John Street) Mahony, Mich. (33 Douglas Street) Maultby, Henry (Sand Quay) Milner, Richd. (John Street) Newman, Jn. (wine) (101 George's Street) Nunan, Jas. (38 Dominick Street) Paul, Thos. (Mannix Street) Raynes, Barth. (Leitrim Street) Reardon, Dan. (60 Mallow Lane) Roche, Wm. (Cove Street) Rowe, Thos. (John Street) Shea, Wm. (Half-Moon Street) Strange, Jos. (90 Great Britain Street) Tanner, Benj. (Pope's Quay) Tivey, Geo. (35 Leitrim Street) Townly, Richard (Leitrim Street) Walker, Jas. (15 Old Chapel lane) Webber, Richd. (79 George's Street)


Woods, Jas. (1 Dyke-Parade)


Barry, David (58 Grand Parade) Connell, Michl. (21 Peter Street) Harnett, Michl. (4 Castle Street) Mahony, John (1 Cockpit-lane) Roche, John (8 Grand Parade) (10)


(Retail) Alexander, John (Kyrls Quay) Barrett, Edw. (25 Market Street) Cremen, Jeremiah (9 York Street) Dowing, Edmund (15 Fish-Shamble-lane) Dwyer, John (26 Market Street) Hingston, Spencer (124 Shandon Street) Mahony, Dav. (29 Market Street) Mahony, Eliza (73 Great Britain Street) Murphy, Jas. (8 Clarence Street) Nagle, James (102 Clarence Street) Neile, Wm. (27 Market Street) Regan, Thos. (98 Mallow Lane) Siorach, Margaret (14 Warrens Quay) Sullivan, John (73 Barrack Street)


(see Merchants also) Allen, Joseph (South Mall) Cahill, John (Academy Street) Carroll, Jos. Thos. & Co. (Pine Street) Donovan, Rd.. (& flour) (Perry Street) Feath, Henry K. (Drawbridge Street) Fowke, Henry (2 Millers Street) Graham, Simon (Berwick Lane) Howell, Nicholas (15 Cook Street) Roberts, Wm. & Son (Watercourse) Savage, Johnson (Mary Street) Sexton, Patrick (Cove Street) Wherland, James (Bishop Street)


Brien, Thos. (warehouseman) (58 North Main Street) Brown, John & Wm. (& linen) (83 Clarence Street) Clancy, David (& linen) (75 Clarence Street) Crowe, Wm. (32 Clarence Street) Curtain, John (24 Clarence Street) Gillman, Henry (Great-Britain Street) Magrath, Mary (99 Clarence Street) Murphy, John (Brockelbank Street) Plant, John (& linen) (Brockelbank Street) Teape, John (warehouseman) (105 North Main Street)


(see also Tanners) Barry, Garrett (9 North Main Street) Carland, Michael (4 Philips Lane) Murphy, Andrew (7 Barrack Street)


Bradford, Richard (9 Patrick Street and Careys Lane) Hallem, Fred (79 North Main Street) Towers, John (16 North Main Street)


Callaghan & Brothers (Glen Distillery) Daly & Murray (rectifiers only) (Blarney Lane) Hewitt, Thos. & Co. (Watercourse) Howell, Nicholas (Mill Field Distillery) Meagher, Dan. (52 Patrick Street) Shea, Thos. (York Street) Walker, Thos. & Co. (St. Dominicks) Wise, Wm. & Thos. (North Mall)


(see also Apothecaries) Harrington, Wm. (17 Patrick Street) Hayes, Jas. (71 Grand Parade) Tracy, John (43 Grand Parade) (11)


Biggs, C. & Sons (176 Blarney Lane) Burke, Michl. (142 Barrack Street) Craig, Jas. (2 Peter's Church Lane) Crofts, Thos. (13 Great Britain Street) Foley, Daniel B. (147 Barrack Street) Golding, Bartholomew (North Abbey) Keating, Henry (& thread & cotton manufacturer)=20 (5 Henry Street) Lee, John (15 North Mall) Moloney & Stancliff (14 Great Britain Street) Shuttleworth, Peter (Brockelbank Street) Stafford, Wm. (43 Great Britain Street) Tremmell & Barry (21 Hanover Street)


Bolster, Henry (& millwright) (7 Francis Street) Drabble, James (Fish Street) Meredith, Benj. (civil) (7 Dyke-parade)


Green, John (34 Patrick Street) Heyland, W. (door plate) (13 Nile Street) Mullins, Philip (printer only) (8 Bowling-Green-street)


Bourke, John (62 Patrick Street) O'Keeffe, Mary (71 Patrick Street) O'Neil, Michael (74 Patrick Street)


Armstrong, Patrick (& coal merchant) (11 Bowling-Green-street) Casey, John (14 Robert Street) McMullen, James (Perry Street) Shaw, George & Son (Fish Street) Thompson, J. (Maylor Street)


Curtain, Cornelius (Spring Lane) Curtain, Thos. (Spring Lane) Desmond, Cornelius (flannel and blanket warehouse) (114 North Main Street)


Barratt, Richd. (20 Patrick Street) Gill, Margaret (6 Nelson Place) Hoare, John (44 Patrick Street) Love, John (35 Paul Street) McAuliffe, Florence (13 Princes Street) McNamara, Francis (9 Georges Street)


(see also auctioneers) Brehon, Thos. (117 Georges Street) Connor, Ann (12 Marlboro Street) Mathews, Eliza (Wentropp Street) Spearing, J. Jun. (Bowling-Green-street)


(flint) Foley, Daniel & Co. (Waterloo Glass Works) (16 Hanover Street) Roynane Brothers (South Terrace Glass Works) (South Terrace)


Barry, James (19 Kyrls-street) Barry, Mary & Margt. (6 Kyrls Quay) Carey, John (wholesale) (French Church Street & Carey lane) Davenport, Chas. (wholesale) (27 Brown Street) Holton, Charles (3 Kyrls Quay) Ingram, John (52 Hanover Street0 Kearns, Amelia (20 Kyrls-street) (12) Glass, china & earthenware dealers continued-- Knight, Edward (78 Patrick Street) Leahy, Wm. (75 Patrick Street) McCarthy, Ann (15 Kyrls Quay) Mears, James (14 Kyrls Quay) O'Keefe, Sarah (22 Coal Quay) Pumphry, Michael (7 Kyrls Quay)


Condon, John (35 Patrick Street) Hoggin, John (7 Cockpit-lane) Humphreys, Jas. (46 Broad Lane) Kidney, John (3 Cockpit-lane) Magragh, John (6 Cockpit-lane) Morirty, Michael (8 Cockpit lane) Mullins, Tim. (4 Blarney Lane) O'Flanagan, Michl. (81 Grand Parade) O'Flannagan, Denis (2 Cockpit-lane) Piggott, Ellen (9 Cockpit-lane) Tancred, James (12 Cockpit-lane) Tancred, Moses (17 Hanover Street) Wall, John (90 Grand Parade) Wall, Richd. (18 Grand Parade)


Condon, John (John Street) Cronin, James (Black Miller lane) Field, Wm. (Old Market-place) Hackett, James & Co. (Blackmoor-lane)


(See also Jewellers and Silversmiths) (working) Armstrong, John & Co. (85 Patrick Street) Obree, Henry (1 Georges Street) Salter, James (34 Grand Parade) Tolekein, John (84 Grand Parade) Tulon, Wm. (127 Patrick Street)


Barry, Catherine (97 Mallow Lane) Barry, Michl. Josh. (42 South Main Street) Brenan, George, jun. & Co. (and wholesale) (19 North Main Street) Brenan, Jeremiah (94 Mallow Lane) Brennan, Timothy (17 Blarney Lane) Burniston, Anthony (10 Princes Street) Callanan, Mary, (96 Mallow Lane) Cleary, James (36 North Main Street) Cleary, Thos. John (53 North Main Street) Cole, Sarah (11 Wandesford-bridge) Connor, Denis (63 North Main Street) Cunningham, Eugene (1 Paul Street) Cunningham, John (146 Barrack Street) Curtain, Cornelius (49 Grand Parade) Daly, John (2 Sullivans Quay) Daly, Mary (112 Mallow Lane) Daly, Michael (72 North Main Street) Denny, Julia (104 Patrick Street) Donovan, Simon (32 South Main Street) Dooly, John (Mallow Lane) Douthat, Mary & Eliz. (4 Patrick Street) Dowden, Sarah (19 Georges Street) Dowe, Isaac (98 South Main Street) Downin, Christopher (135 Barrack Street) Drinan, M. & Co. (28 South Main Street) Dudley, Guilford (85 Mallow Lane) Dunbar, Josh. (13 Patrick Street) Feanell, Eliz. (15 Peter-street) Fitzgerald, Edwd. (24 Market Street) Fitzgerald, James (Mallow Lane) Flynn, James (4 York Street) Geary, Thos. (34 Clarence Street) Gould, Michael (51 South Main Street) Harley, Austin (69 Clarence Street) Harley, John (4 Great Britain Street) Hawkes, Lucy (19 Blarney Lane) Haynes, Thos. (40 Barrack Street) Helen, Emmanuel (109 Georges Street) Hopper, Edward J. (30 Patrick Street) Humphrey, John (10 Warrens Quay) Jackson, Francis (72 Duncan Street) Johnson, Christ. (35 Barrack Street) Lane, John (4 Bridge Street) Lane, Lawrence (20 Market Street) (13) Grocers continued-- Langley, Samuel (1 Shandon Street) Love, John (35 Paul Street) Lynch, John (14 Barrack Street) Lyons, Ann (139 Barrack Street) Lyons, John (54 South Main Street) Mahony, Michl. (72 Grand Parade) Malet, John A. (17 South Mall) McAuliffe, Thos. (9 Bridge Street) McAuliffe, John (27 Castle Street) McMullen, Daniel (118 Patrick Street) Morrisey, Francis (22 Georges Street) Morrogh, Walter (130 Shandon Street) Murphy, Daniel (40 Nile Street) Murphy, Jeremiah (48 S. Main Street) Nagle, Catherine (9 Hardwick Street) Newsom, John (109 Patrick Street) Nyam, Mary (120 Barrack Street) O'Brien, Patrick (1 Parliament Street) O'Flynn, Denis (119 Mallow Lane) O'Hea, James (14 Georges Quay) O'Keefe, Keeffe (6 North Main Street) O'Leary, Ellen & Sons (63 Patrick Street) O'Regan, Timothy (45 N. Main Street) Porter, Daniel (15 Princes Street) Punch, P. (& wholesale) (28 Castle Street) Reed, Henry (& spirit dealer) (108 & 110 North Main Street) Reeves, George (Bridge Street) Russell, E. & K. (96 Patrick Street) Scollard, Michael (99 Mallow Lane) Scollard, Nicholas (107 Mallow Lane) Sexton, Lawrence (52 South Main Street) Shaw, Charlotte (73 Patrick Street) Short, Josh. (136 Barrack Street) Short, Richd. (27 North Main Street) Smith, Wm. (20 Maylor Street) Spearing, Andrew (Paul Street) Stafford, Mary (44 Great Britain Street) Sullivan, Daniel (15 Church Street) Sullivan, Thos. (36 Market Street) Taylor, John (17 Grand Parade) Toomy, John (Great George Street0 Toomy, John (& ironmonger) (106 Barrack Street) Welstead, Andrew (27 Henry Street) White, Thos. T. (42 North Main Street) Williamson, Jane (23 Maylor Street) Wilson, John & Co. (& oilmen) (65 South Main Street) Wright, Thos. (9 Duncan Street) Young, Robt. (70 North Main Street)


Bowles, Joseph (22 Patrick Street) Bryan, James (15 Broad Lane) Bryan, John (62 Grand Parade) Newman, Robert & George (15 Paul Street)


Armstrong, Mary Anne (& milliner) (99 Grand Parade) Beahan, Sarah (20 Castle Street) Blackledge, Isabella (115 Georges Street) Boddy, L. (41 Patrick Street) Claverie, Dorcas (2 Tuckey Street) Cogan, James (83 Grand Parade) Dwyer, Mary (1 South Mall) Fanning, Misses (65 Grand Parade) Gibson, C. (63 Grand Parade) Lyons, John C. (93 Grand Parade) McCarthy, M. (61 Grand Parade) McDonnell, Ann (94 Grand Parade) O'Driscoll, Sarah (85 North Main Street) Shea, Mary Anne (77 N. Main Street)


Edwards, M. & Co. (& cutlets) (8 Castle Street) Howell, W. (112 Patrick Street) McAdam, George (16 Grand Parade) (14) Hardwaremen continued-- Murray & Davis (11 Patrick Street) Osborne, Anna (& cutler) (6 Castle Street) Thomas, George (wholesale) (12 Grand Parade) Thompson, Robert (2 Castle Street) **HATTERS** Bass, Isaac (9 Cross Street) Crane, Daniel (111 North Main Street) Crowley, Michael (14 Coal Quay) Daly, Edward (109 North Main Street) Downes, Robt. (68 Grand Parade) Granger, Harry (17 Old Chapel lane) Haines, Jas. (102 North Main Street) Hardun, Thos. (107 North Main Street) Laffan, Michael (47 Grand Parade) McEnery, Richd. (68 York Street) Murphy, Thos. (19 Old Chapel Lane) Osborne, Han. & Co. (13 N. Main Street) Russell, Joseph (104 North Main Street) Spencer, Ebenezer (94 S. Main Street) Stamers, Isaac (18 Old Chapel lane) Welch, John (96 South Main Street) Wood & Son (6 Patrick Street) Wood, Richd. (26 North Main Street) Wood, Wm. W. (10 Patrick Street) Young, Godwin (59 Grand Parade)


Condon, Eliza (26 Coal Quay) Desmond & Connell (32 Coal Quay) **HOSIERS** Dowden, W. (& hatter) (2 South Mall) Hill, Thos. (79 Grand Parade) Lawson, John (87 Grand Parade) Robinson, Ellen (11 Castle Street)


Bests Hotel, Francis Best (86 Patrick Street) Chamber of Commerce, Charles Woodhouse (104 Patrick Street) Commercial Hotel, John Joyce (South Mall) Conway's Hotel, John Conway (Georges Street) Days, Mrs. Hotel (94 Patrick Street) Flyns Hotel (26 Georges Street) Rawlinson, _____ (90 Patrick Street) Skibbereen & Dublin Hotel, M. Abraham (5 Wintropp Street)


(see also Painters, Plumbers & Glaziers) Collins, James (18 Duncan Street) Fanning, I. & C. (91 Patrick Street) French, Robt. (72 Patrick Street) Keily, Bartholomew (South Mall)


Austen, Joseph (furnishing) (54 North Main Street) Barry, Michael (21 Church Street) Carr, George (16 Patrick Street) Davis, Jonathan (6 Patrick Street) Gibbings, Rebecca (41 Shandon Street) Kemp, Robt. & Son (12 Kyrls Quay) McAdam, George (& hardwareman) (16 Grand Parade) Manly, Joseph H. (5 Grand Parade) Meade, Catherine (101 Mallow Lane) Rubie, John (102 Mallow Lane) Rubie, Philip (104 Mallow Lane) Seymour, Wm. (87 North Main Street) Young, George (9 South Main Street) Young, James (20 North Main Street)


Barnes, Thos. A. & Co. (& brassfounders & machine makers)(31 and 38 Hanover Street) Eamess, Edward (20 Sullivans Quay) (15) Iron founders and workers continued-- McSwiney, Paul (& brass & bell founder and machine maker) (King Street) Raleigh, James (Leitrim Street) Stotesbury, George (5 Kyrls Quay)


Barry, Cath. (97 Mallow Lane) Beale, Abraham & James (Patrick's Quay) Guest, Thos. Revell (28 Hanover Street) Haughton, H. (71 North Main Street) Lambert, John (9 Merchants Quay) Manly, Joseph H. (5 Grand Parade) Morton, John & Jas. (76 Patrick Street) Toomy, John (Great Georges Street)


(working, see also Goldsmiths, &c., & Watch Makers) Callaghan, John (19 Princes Street) Egan, Wm. (27 Nile Street) Garde, John (French Church Street) Hackett, Jas. (41 Georges Street) Heyland, Wm. (13 Nile Street) Wyburd, Geo. (4 Nile Street)


Baker, Robt. (10 Shandon Street) Desmond, Wm. (14 South Main Street) Drew, John (53 South Main Street) Gillman, Sylvester (12 Shandon Street) Harrington, Henry (18 Shandon Street) Hayes, Michael (wholesale) (Popes Quay) Lynch, Lawrence (Great Georges Street) McCarthy, John (wholesale) (64 South Main Street) Morgan, Jos. (39 South Main Street) Mullins, Cornelius (6 South Main Street) Shea, Edw. (60 South Main Street) Shepard, Chas. (131 Shandon Street) Smith, Henry John (95 South Main Street) Stavely, Robt. (North Main Street) Walsh, Thos. (128 Shandon Street) Wright and Morgan (16 South Main Street)


Abell, Jane and Sarah (86 Grand Parade) Babington, Thos. (91 Grand Parade) Banfield, Thos. (30 Market Street) Bell, Edw. (23 South Main Street) Bellew, M. (19 South Main Street) Bennett, E. & Co. (13 Tuckey Street) Connell, John (2 Fish Shamble Lane) Connell, Wm. (38 Fish Shamble Lane) Cotter, John (16 Shandon Street) Craig, Wm. (75 South Main Street) Crone, Eliza (138 Shandon Street) Crone, Frances (136 Shandon Street) Dawson, Benj. (87 South Main Street) Dowden, Richd. (96 Grand Parade) Drew, John (57 South Main Street) Elms, Mary (29 South Main Street) Galway, Jas. (57 South Main Street) Gray, Henry (4 Tuckey Street) Greaves, Chas. (89 South Main Street) Hagarty, John (15 Duncan Street) Harvey, Thos. & Co. (& wholesale) (5 Tuckey Street0 Hynes, Francis and Son (& haberdasher & silk mercers) (4 North Main Street) Hynes, Jas. (100 South Main Street) Johnson, Wm. (76 South Main Street) Keating, John (1 North Main Street) Lawrence, Geo. (21 North Main Street) (16) Linen drapers continued-- Lee, Peter (17 Tuckey Street) McCarthy, Mich. (36 Market Street) McSweeney, Bridget (Shandon Street) Morrogh, Henry (92 South Main Street) Mullins, Timothy (4 Blarney Lane) Murphy, Jeremiah (& wholesale) (77 South Main Street) Murphy, Jeremiah (78 North Main Street) Nixon, E. & L. (56 Grand Parade) Noblett, B. & Co. (82 Grand Parade) Oakshott, Eliz. (28 North Main Street) O'Connor, Mary (18 Castle Street) O'Keeffe, Daniel Joseph (83 South Main Street) O'Leary, Mary (25 North Main Street) Reardon, John (93 North Main Street) Reardon, Mich. (55 North Main Street) Roche, Ann & Son (59 North Main Street) Ryan, Ann (24 Sullivans Quay) Salmon, Mich. (80 Grand Parade) Shea, Denis (8 Fish Shamble Lane) Stack, H. (24 Castle Street) Sullivan, B. (South Main Street) Wheeler, Martha (35 South Main Street) Williams, Jane & Sons (44 Grand Parade) **LIVERY STABLE KEEPERS** Cashman, Thos. (& post horse master) (Nile Street) Conway, Michael (St. Finn Barrys [sic]) Corbett, John (47 Mallow Lane) Daly, Mrs. (20 Georges Street) Fisher, Thos. (9 Maylor Street) Forsyth, John (Clothiers Lane) Horgan, Francis (Coach Street) Leahy, Thos. (87 Clarence Street) Pickells, Rd. (12 1/2 Blarney Lane) Quin, Jeremiah (Drawbirdge Street) Tiner, Jos. (Coppythorne Street) Tyrell, R. (Wintropp Street) **MALTSTERS** (see also brewers) Beamish & Crawford (S. Main Street) Walker, Francis (South Terrace) **MERCHANTS** (see also Agents and Corn Merchants) Alexander, J.L. & Co. (3 Georges Quay) Bagnell, Henry (Charlottes Quay) Beamish & Crawford (13 Merchants Quay) Bennett, John (Beasly Street and Georges Street) Besnard & Herrick (linen) (2 Perry Street) Brown, John (6 Lavitts Quay) Burkes & Honan (Patricks Quay) Callaghan, Dan. & Sons (South Mall) Calvert, Jn. (33 Great Britain Street) Carr, Robt. & Co. (20 Merchants Quay) Carroll, J. & T. & Co. (Patricks Quay) Church, James B. (16 Warrens Quay) Clear, Rd. & Sons (Pembroke Street) Coleman, Thos. (mahogany) (Duncan Street) Connell, Jas. & Co. (Easons Lane & South Mall) Creed, Edw. (Fish Street & South Mall) (17) Merchants continued-- Cummins, Nich. & Jos. & Brothers (Patricks Quay) Cuthbert, Hare & Cuthbert (26 South Mall) Dawson, Thos. (flour, 28 Maylor Street) Dean, Jarvas (17 Sullivans Quay) Doyle, John (Lapps-island) Fagan, Wm. (Easons Lane) Fitzgerald, Thos. (120 Shandon Street) Fitzgibbon, Thos. & Co. (Patricks Quay) Going, Chas. & Sons (4 North Mall) Good, Henry & Co. (Morrisons Island) Goold, Patrick & Sons (6 Georges Quay) Gould, John & Co. (Cove Street) Hardy, Simeon (3 King Street) Hargrave, Josh. (Devonshire Street & Hardwick St.) Harris, Josh. & Brothers (22 Lapps island) Harvey Son & Deaves (Charlottes Quay) Harvey, Thos. (Charlottes Quay) Haughton, John B. (Bachelors Quay) Hawkes, Rd. G. (10 Queen Street) Hodder, John & Co. (17 Merchants Quay) Jenkins & Bucknell (Popes Quay) Kelly, Patrick (Pine Street) King, Jos. (73 South Mall) Lahy, Jas. (Shannakiel Hill) Lane, Daniel & Son (St. Finn Barrys [sic]) Large and Adams (West India) (Lapps-island) Large, Seward (26 Maylor Street) Leeky & Mark (Charlottes Quay) Lycester, McCall & Cotter (Lapps-island) Lynch, Jeremiah (21 Sullivans Quay) McClare & John (Sand Quay) McMullen Jas. & Robt. (flour) (66 Clarence Street) McSwiney Brothers (18 Dunbar Street) Mahony, Jeremiah (24 Coal Quay) Marques, D.E. (Lapps-island) Maxwell, Rd. (Lapps-island) Maylan, Denis Rd. (King Street) Molony, F. & Sons (19 Church Street) Molony, John (Camden Quay and Devonshire Marsh) Morgan & Reeves (Buckingham Square) Morgan, Isaac & Henry (White Street) Murphy, Dan. (Charlottes Quay) Murphy, James (South Mall) Murphy, James, Nicholas and Jeremiah (Morrisons Quay) Murray, R.T. (Merchants Quay) Newman, John (provision) (101 Georges Street) O'Connor & Slattery (Ferry Quay) O'Connor, Cornelius (Pine Street) O'Donnoghue, Wm. (hops) (12 Academy Street) Perrier, Sir Anthony (22 South Mall) Power, Richd. (Camden Quay) Roberts, Wm. & Son (Union island) Sharp, Henry (Fish Street) Shaw, Robt. (provision) (Fish Street) Sinton, John (Leitrim Street) Strange, John (33 Leitrim Street) Sugrue, Chas. (Devonshire Marsh) Sullivan, D.W. & Co. (Patricks Quay) (18) Merchants continued-- Taylor, Thos. John (Deane Street) Whately, John & George (Lapps-island) White, Benj. (3 Lavitts Quay) White, Henry (provision) (14 Fish Street) Whitten, John (South Mall)


Daly & Murray (Blarney Lane) Downing, Peter (71 Duncan Street) Penrose, Geo. Rooke (Cloghroe) Power, John (Glen) Shaw, Geo. & Son (Fish Street) Wright, John (Hammons-marsh)


Barry, Theresa M. (116 Georges Street) Cantwell, Ann (14 Tuckey Street) Curtain, Nancy (13 Academy Street) Dixon, Cath. (4 Bowling-Green-street) Donovan, D. (22 Drawbridge Street) Fitten, Lucy (23 Sullivans Quay) Fitty, Ellen (115 Patrick Street) Fitzgerald, Mary (4 Peter Street) Greaves, Eliza (84 Patrick Street) Hall, Eliz. (113 Patrick Street) Holmes, A. & M. (29 Grand Parade) Lanphier & Donovan (1 Bachelors Quay) Lewis, Ann (3 South Mall) Martin & Hill (79 Grand Parade) O'Driscoll, Mary A. (60 Duncan Street) O'Keefe, Eliza & Ellen (3 Tuckey Street) Reardon, Ellen (47 Georges Street) Sheehy, H. (8 Tuckey Street) Strong, Mary (132 Georges Street) Wallace, S. (7 Grand Parade)


Sullivan, Eugene (& machine maker & wire web worker)(30 Nile Street & 4 Moor-street)


Gillespie, John (88 Grand Parade) Gillespie, Richd. (33 Patrick Street)


Cork Advertiser & Morning Intelligencer, (published every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday), Geo. Tisdale & Co. proprietors Cork Constitution, (published every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning at 9, Castle Street), Edwards & Savage, proprietors. Cork Mercury & Weekly Advertiser, (published every Saturday evening at 93 Patrick Street), Thos. Coldwell, proprietor. Merchantile Chronicle, (published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, at 1 Patrick Street), John Pearce, proprietor. Southern Reporter, (published every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening, at 130 Patrick Street, and extensively circulated through the British dominions), Redman O'Driscoll, proprietor.


See Attorneys


Casey, Jas. (123 Patrick Street) Drummond, Jas. (2 Parliament Street) Hartland & Bullen (23 Patrick Street) Hartland, Arthur (69 Grand Parade) Laffan, Thos. & Andrew (74 Grand Parade) (19)


Barrett & Denny (6 Duncan Street) Caulfield, Wm. (& drysalter) (49 North Main Street) Hare, John (103 Patrick Street) Harris & Beale (68 South Main Street) Hatton, Robt. (17 South Main Street) Hennessy, Mich. (8 Duncan Street) Martin, Thos. (44 North Main Street) Newsom, Denis (43 North Main Street) Ring, Edw. (25 Castle Street)


Bennett, Thos. (65 Patrick Street) Hunt, Thos, (80 Patrick Street)


Connell, Mary (51 Broad Lane) Foley, Pearce (28 Fish-Shamble-lane)


Bremacomb, S. (French Church Street) Burd, Geo. (North Abbey) Connell, Chris. A. (Crosses Green) Divett, Geo. (& quilt dealer) (12 Market Street) Donovan, Timothy (Cove Street) Field, M. (Blarney Lane) Furneau, John (11 Cockpit Lane) Geoghegan, John (15 Brown Street) Grey, Humphrey (51 Shandon Street) Hare, Elizabeth (2 Bishop Street) Helen, Jos. (37 Clarence Street) Helen, Roger & Emanuel (Nelsons place) Helen, Roger (8 Cross Street) Henly, Jos. (52 Blarney Lane) Hicks, A. (69 North Main Street) Hosford, Mary (18 Fish-Shamble-lane) Howard, John (32 Blarney Lane) Husband, John (Abbey-street) Jameson, Thos. (20 Shandon Street) Mahony, Eugene (5 Robert Street) Miller, Jane (149 Barrack Street) Miller, John (77 Mallow lane) Murphy, Tim. & Co. (Gt. Britain Street & Brouge-market) Murrogh, Henry (Christ Church Lane) O'Donovan, Patrick & Co. (37 Barrack Street) O'Leary, Hannah (Dominick Street) Ring, Joseph (3 Mary Street) Slattery, Maurice (Sand Quay) Smith, Geo. (1 Meeting House Lane) Trenworth, Emanuel (52 Cross Gun Lane) Tuohig, Edmund & Co. (Copithore Street) Walsh, Jas. (Barrack Street) Wilson, Chas. (52 York Street) Wilson, Wm. (58 Great Britain Street)


Connell, Timothy (3 Paul Street) Fanning, J. & C. (91 Patrick Street) Lyne, Patrick (Paul Street) Mahony, Timothy (6 Paul Street) Noble & Byrne (7 Peter Street) Smith, Ellen (18 Paul Street)


Those marked * are Manufacturers *Jenkins and Reeves (Faulkiners Lane) (20) Paper warehouses continued-- *Hodnett, Jas. (& wholesale stationer) (58 Patrick Street and Sunday's Well) *Magnay Brothers (Wintropp Street) *Moylan, Francis (17 Maylor Street) *Phair, Francis and Wm. (94 North Main Street) Purcell, Edw. (113 Patrick Street) Walsh, John & Co. (37 Grand Parade)


Attridge, A. (& hair cutter) (4 South Mall) Barry, Garrett (11 Grand Parade) Barry, John (126 Patrick Street) Coghlan, Chas. (92 Grand Parade) Coghlan, Richd. (133 Georges Street) Corcoran, Thos. (32 South Mall) Doyle, Mich. (120 Patrick Street) Fitzgerald, John (23 Georges Street) Roche, Andw. (16 Princes Street) Waters, Margaret (16 Georges Street)


(See also house and sign board painters) Barry, Jeremiah (18 Bachelors Quay) Cranitch, Wm. (Paul Street) Crowly, Patrick (9 Kyrls Quay) Devereux, Thos. (3 Sullivans Quay) Donovan, Daniel (64 Duncan Street) Dowd, John (Hanover Street) Drinan, Morris (Bachelors Quay) Fisher, Reuben (40 Hanover Street) Foree, Pierson (19 Paul Street) Gash, Thos. (8 Hanover Street) Green, John (plumber only) (Careys Lane) Gwynn, George (2 Nile Street) Keays, White (46 Georges Street) Keily, Bartholomew (South Mall) Mannix, John (34 Princes Street) O'Keefe, _____ (25 Dunbar Street) O'Regan, Wm. (4 Georges Street) Robinson, George (26 Paul Street) Roche, J.G. (26 Princes Street) Walsh, Parker (14 Paul Street)


(Bottled) Daly, Denis (Drawbridge Street) Howard, Luke (Maylor Street)


Restrick, Wm. & Co. (Knapps Square)


(See also Booksellers and Newspaper Offices) Barber, Edmund (25 Brown Street) Hennessy, John (& London printing ink agent) (French Church Street)


See Attorneys


(See also Artists) Aubrey, Lewis (dancing) (9 William Street) Brenan, John (drawing & painting) (69 Grand Parade) Brettridge, Roger (music) (74 Douglas Street) Buckley, John (music) (6 Sullivan Quay) Connell, Edwd. (music) (15 Henry Street) DePothonier, Monsieur (French) (12 Cook Street) Gamble, F. (dancing) (3 Wintropp Street) Hickie, Wm. (dancing) (21 Academy Street) Jacotin, Dominick (French) (Patrick Street) McCarthy, Daniel (literature) (8 Devonshire Street) Owgan, Denis (music) (12 Mary Street) (21) Professors & teachers continued-- Paul, Edward & Andrew (music) (2 Devonshire Street) Roche, John (music) (41 South Mall) Roussel, Ambrose (French and Italian) (12 Peter Street) Ryan, James (music) (1 Bowling-Green-street) Stephens, James (music) (32 Cook Street)


Callaghan, Michael (29 Coal Quay) Connor, Denis (21 Merchants Quay) Ford, Catherine (5 Coal Quay) Hagarty, Cornelius (2 Coal Quay) Hanlan, Cornelius (Clarence Street and Coal Quay) Hanlan, Thomas (45 Clarence Street) Kelleher, Catherine (33 Coal Quay) Murphy, Mary (4 Coal Quay) Murphy, Wm. (& sail maker) (1 Coal Quay) Shaw, Mary & Sons (& sail cloth makers) (13 Coal Quay and Blarney Lane)


Abernathy, Richard (28 Patrick Street and James Street) Abernathy, Thos. (25 Grand Parade) Barrett, Wm. (20 Tuckey Street) Connell, Richard (19 Grand Parade) Dwyer, Wm. (19 Tuckey Street) Evans, George (7 Tuckey Street) Hawkes, Wm. (6 Tuckey Street) Herd, John (103 Mallow Lane) Holmes, Wm. (78 Grand Parade) Hyde, Wm. (57 Patrick Street) Maybury, Thos. (95 Mallow Lane) Murphy, Daniel (21 Tuckey Street) Russell, Thos. (collar maker) (48 Shandon Street) Smith, Bryan (110 Patrick Street) Stewart, James (collar maker) (Coach Street) Sugrue, Timothy (39 Grand Parade)


(See also rope makers) Besnard, Peter, jun. (& duck) (Perry Street)


Deane, Eliza & Co. (White Street) Deane, Susan & Allen (45 Clarence Street and Morgans Lane) Hurly, Jeremiah (John Street) Johnson, George (Bishop Street) Sherrard, John (8 Great Britain Street) Sherrard, Richd. (Great Britain Street) Shinnick, Richard (South Terrace) Verling, Bartholomew (11 Maylor Street)


(See also linen drapers) Dennahay, Cath. (131 Georges Street) Finlay, James (97 Grand Parade) McSwiney, James (83 South Mall) Silk, Mary (South Mall)


Garde, Richard (18 Broad Lane) Mahony, Kean (Drawbridge Street) Seymour, John (William Street)


Callaghan, John & Jas. (Bleasbys Lane) Corcoran, Jeremiah (Blarney Lane) Corcoran, Mary (26 Bandon Road) Crone, John (110 Mallow Lane) Desmond, John (123 Shandon Street) (22) Skin and Feather merchants continued-- Drew Thos. (25 Blarney Lane) Griott, James (105 Mallow Lane and Dominick Street) McSweeney, Edmund (24 Shandon Street) Merrick, Thos. jun. (Water-course) Moon, Wm. (& broker) (16 Popes Quay) Purcell, Martin (Popes Quay)


Busteed, James (34 Coal Quay) Connor, Thos. (Paul Street) Jefford, Wm. (& ironmonger) (Academy Street) Kemp, Abraham (& patent lock maker) (24 Hanover Street) Langwood, Henry (Popes Quay) Reidy, Cornelius (& ship smith) (2 Kyrls Quay) Ryan, Catherine (& farrier) (3 Carey Lane) Toomy, Michael (4 Bishop Street)


Flannegan, Denis & William (29 Water-course)


Spear, Christopher (7 Paul Street) Wills, Eliza (8 Nile Street)


Flanegan, John (Leitrin Street) Fitzgerald, James and Thos. (6 Grand Parade) Hickey, John (Blarney Lane) Scannel, John (Nicholas Street) Sheehy, Joseph (marble only) (Careys Lane) Swiney, Robert (29 Cook Street)


Alcock, Sarah (1 Nile Street) Bristow, George (33 Grand Parade) Brown, Ruth (3 Nile Street) Callaghan, Anna (10 Paul Street) Clark, Bridget (32 Broad Lane) Corkeran, E. (26 Fish-Shamble-lane) Galgey, Mary Anne (35 Fish-Shamble-lane) Haly, Joseph (65 Hanover Street) Hamilton, Mary Ann (124 Patrick Street) Hennessy, Catherine (9 Paul Street) Jones, Elizabeth (& leghorn) (14 Grand Parade) Lester, Ann (46 Paul Street) Logan, Rose (7 Paul Street) McCarthy, Ann (7 Academy Street) McMullen, Catherine (118 Patrick Street) McSwiney, Ellen (Georges Street) Petay, Wm. (31 Brown Street) Saunders, Margt. (25 Fish-Shamble-lane) Savage, Margaret (10 Wandesford-bridge) Smith, Francis (13 Fish-Shamble-lane)


See Physicians


Burne, David (Coach Street) Cogan. J. (Douglas Road) Fitzgerald, Michael F. (land) (19 Bowling-Green-street)


Those marked thus * are drapers also Barry, John (69 Great Britain Street) *Busted, John (71 South Main Street) Enright, Maria (11 Paul Street) Evans, John (132 Patrick Street) *Flanagan, Francis (129 Patrick Street) Galwey, Morgan (25 Marlboro Street) Galwey, Thos. (66 Grand Parade) Hackett, James (1 South Bridge) (23) Tailors continued-- Hamstead, John (18 Grand Parade) Harrington, David (20 Careys Lane) Healy, Thos. (9 Georges Street) McCarthy, Mich. (3 Bowling-Green-street) *Murphy & Connor (23 Marlboro Street) Murphy, Edwd. (8 Bowling-Green-street) Murphy, James (1 Tuckey Street) ODriscoll, John (13 Cook Street) *O'Grady, Jeremiah (102 Patrick Street) O'Shea, Michael (7 Cook Street) O'Sullivan, Patrick (18 Margaret Street) Reardon, Peter (9 Marlboro Street) *Tangney, Thos. (101 Patrick Street) Tracey, John (26 Cook Street) Whitney, John (6 Paul Street)


Barrett, John (22 Shandon Street) Callaghan, Timothy (27 Shandon Street) Cogan, James (58 Market Street) Cogan, James (2 Barrack Street) Cogan, John (42 Patrick Street) Crofts, Roger (68 Shandon Street) Dalohary, Barth. (13 Blarney Lane) Denn, John (52 Shandon Street) Donegan, Daniel (80 South Main Street) Donovan, Daniel (11 Bridge Street) Ellis, Fann. (93 North Main Street and 45 Great Britain Street) Hagin, Patrick (108 Georges Street) Hagin, Patrick (23 Cattle Lane) Hallisy, Ellen (118 Mallow Lane) Hatton, Edward (16 Georges Quay) Hawkes, Corless (24 South Main Street) Johnson, James (6 York Street) Kemp, Wm. (25 Princes Street) Kemp, Wm. (Careys Lane) Lane, Wiley (18 Sullivans Quay) Lecky, Wm. (Queen Street) Long, Rowland & William (101 Mallow Lane) Long, Thos. (121 Mallow Lane) Murphy, Timothy (31 Blarney Lane) Newman, Charles (14 Caroline Street) Olden, Robert (38 Duncan Street) Olden, Thos. (35 North Main Street) O'Reagan, Mary (Clothiers Lane) Parker, Mary (122 Barrack Street) Pearse, Michael (105 Georges Street) Power, John (16 Barrack Street) Shinkwin, Wm. (67 North Main Street) Sullivan, D. (23 Barrack Street) Sullivan, Eugene (33 Market Street) Swiney, Patrick (25 Georges Quay) Thornton, Geo. (99 North Main Street) Weir, John (29 Shandon Street) Wren, George (109 Barrack Street)


Baker, John (Fitton Street) Callaghan, James, sen. (Clarence Street) Callaghan, John & Jas. (Bleasby Street) Carland, Michael (Philips Lane) Cooke, Nicholas (Clarence Street) Deady, Timothy (Water-course) Dunn, Michael (Water-course) Dunn, Patrick (74 Clarence Street and water-course) Fitzgerald, John (Water-course and Hillgrove Lane) Hackett, Jas. & Co. (St. Finn Barrys [sic] and Blackmoor Lane) Hackett, Wm. (Water-course) Hornibrook, John (Cattle-market) Jenkins & Bucknell (Popes Quay) Kelly, Michael (Water-course) Kelly, Patrick (62 Clarence Street and Allinets-lane) Ledwith, John (Water-course) McNemara, John (Bishop Street) Merrick, Jeremiah (Water-course) Merrick, Thos. jun. (Leitrim Street) (24) Tanners and Curriers continued-- Merrick, Wm. (Hodders Lane) Murphy, Andrew & Co. (John Street) Murphy, James & Daniel (Blackpool) OConnell, John (55 Clarence Street) Riordan, Daniel (66 Shandon Street) Steers, Thos. (73 North Main Street and Water-course) Walsh, John (27 Blarney Lane) Wise, Henry & Francis G. (Cattle-market) Wise, Thos. James (Old Market Place)


Delay, Michael (47 Water-course) Lyons, Wm. (32 Water-course) Neale, Daniel (& thread) (61 Great Britain Street) Parrott, Thos. (thread only) (Great Britain Street) Steele, Joseph, Wm. & Richard (& thread) (61 Clarence Street) Sullivan, Morris (Great Britain Street)


(See also grocers) Ballard, James B. (wholesale) (14 Academy Street) Grahara, Eliza (27 Patrick Street)


(See Tape Manufacturers)


Callaghan, Andrew (Devonshire Street) Deane, Alex. & Jervis (Crosses Green and King Street) Kelly, Thos. B. (Leitrim Street) McMullen, Joseph (Kyrls Street) Martin, John (Leitrim Street) Wright & Morgan (16 South Main Street)


(See Braziers)


Bennett, Jane (8 South Main Street) Bennett, Thos. (30 North Main Street) Cogan, Mary (Barrack Street) Dennison, James (66 Patrick Street) England, Edward (Blarney Lane) Harly, Austen (dealer only) (69 Clarence Street) Hosford, Joseph (& tallow chandler) (4 South Main Street) Hosford, Sarah (& tallow chandler) (14 Castle Street) Lambkin, Jas. (42 Market Street) Moriarty, Mrs. (49 South Main Street) ODriscoll, Cornelius (45 S. Main Street) Pattison, Wm. (dealer only) (70 Patrick Street) Power, John (16 Barrack Street) Riordan, Danl. (66 Shandon Street) Walsh, John (Blarney Lane)


Barclay, Margaret (128 Georges Street) Claburne & Co. (89 Grand Parade) Colman, Nano (49 Patrick Street) Connor, Ann (60 Patrick Street) Curry, Misses (21 Patrick Street) Dunn, Etty (45 Patrick Street) Hayes, David (95 Grand Parade) Loder, Ann (22 Sullivans Quay) Massey, Samuel (129 Georges Street) Simkins, Mary (65 Duncan Street) Skillin, Mary Ann (25 Patrick Street) Wilson, Sarah & Co. (8 Half-Moon-street) Young, John (54 Grand Parade)


Abbott, Francis Henry (41 North Main Street) (25) Trimming warehouses continued-- Beale, George (93 South Main Street) Buckley, Eliza (144 Barrack Street) Cottrell, Mary (15 Georges Street) Hynes, George & Co. (manufact.) (13 Hanover Street) Leahy, Patrick (74 South Main Street) Meyers, Charles (5 Castle Street) Montjoy, Thos. W. (8 North Main Street) Murphy & Condon (40 South Main Street) Murphy, Walter (18 North Abbey) Steaphens, Wm. (15 North Main Street) Thompson, Mary (10 Tuckey Street)


Jervis, Jacob (Careys lane) Quill, Thos. (Cross Street)


Ahern, James (4 Broad Lane) Ahern, Thomas (52 Broad Lane) Hynes, Jacob (21 Grand Parade)


(See cabinet makers) **VETERINARY SURGEONS** Bootiman, R.E. (98 Georges Street) O'Conner, E.F. (8 Sullivans Quay)


Adams, John (Old Market place) Bellamy, Wm. (Fair lane & Cattle-market) Coates, Patrick (13 Bandon Road) Deeble, Alicia (54 Dominick Street) Deeble, Benj. (Water-course) Fennell, Joseph (Kemp Street) Ford, Richard (21 Cattle Lane) Ford, Wm. (22 Cattle Lane) Gaggin, Jas. Saml. (68 Clarence Street) Heron, Michael (20 Cattle Lane) Ireton, Edward (175 Blarney Lane) Ireton, George (171 Blarney Lane) Morgan, George (169 Blarney Lane) Murphy, Daniel (51 Bandon Road) Seward, Charles (165 Blarney Lane) White, James (Old Market place) White, Thos. (Old Market place)


Ahern, Michael (18 Market Street) Ashe, John (9 Warrens Quay) Atherne, John (42 Grand Parade) Barrett, Johanna (14 Blarney Lane) Barrett, Thos. (32 Shandon Street) Barry, James (108 Mallow Lane) Barry, John (55 Shandon Street) Barry, John (2 Merchants Quay) Barry, John (31 Barrack Street) Barry, Mary (21 Dunbar Street) Barry, Nicholas (56 Shandon Street) Barry, Wm. (Great Britain Street) Bayler, Wm. (41 Hanover Street) Bodwin, Edward (New Georges Street) Bradley, Daniel (89 Bandon Road) Brehan, Ann (21 Princes Street) Buckley, John (58 Shandon Street) Callaghan, Jane (93 Georges Street) Campbell, Colin (9 Warrens Quay) Cantillon, Barth. (7 Warrens Quay) Cantillon, Wm. (New Georges Street) Carroll, Wm. (Wintropp-street) Casey, Henry (61 Dominick Street) Cashman, Michael (31 Market Street) Clancy, Nano (132 Shandon Street) Cleary, John (2 Old Market place) Coakley, Mary (18 Blarney Lane) Cogan, Daniel (8 Market Street) Cogan, Wm. (50 Market Street) Collins, Ellen (5 Sullivans Quay) Collins, James (52 Clarence Street) Collins, Michael (1 South Main Street) (26) Vintners & Spirit & Porter Houses continued-- Connell, John (1 King Street) Connolly, Norah (York Street) Connor, John (Pembroke Street) Corkry, Wm. (83 North Main Street) Cotter, Pierce (1 Sullivans Quay) Cotter, Wm. (Knapps-square) Coveney, ____ (113 Georges Street) Crean, Honora (34 Shandon Street) Cremen, James (and wholesale) (104 Georges Street) Cremen, Thos. (27 Old Market place) Cronin, Mary (1 Church Street) Crosbie, James (4 Shandon Street) Crowly, John (19 Merchants Quay) Cunningham, John (3 Barrack Street) Cunningham, Mary (90 North Main Street) Daly, Simon (68 North Main Street) Daly, Thos. (27 Grand Parade) Deady, Michael (14 Market Street) Delany, Wm. (2 Paul Street) Delay, Michael (49 Water-course) Desmond, Dan. (7 South Main Street) Donovan, Jeremiah (23 Princes Street) Donovan, Richard (and wholesale) (10 South Main Street) Dooley, John (13 Wintropp-street) Dorgan, John (69 York Street) Downes, Edwd. P. (16 Merchants Quay) Doyle, James (16 Market Street) Egar, Wm. (41 South Main Street) Falvey, Timothy (Warrens Quay) Farrell, John (57 Grand Parade) Finch, John (50 Shandon Street) Fitzgerald, David (17 Church Street) Fitzgerald, Martin (96 North Main Street) Fitzgerald, Wm. (King Street) Fitzgibbon, Michael (Coppythorne Street) Flyn, Denis (25 Georges Street) Flyn, Mary (1 Drawbridge Street) Flynn, Daniel (92 Patrick Street) Flynn, James (2 York Street) Flynn, Jane (109 Mallow Lane) Foley, Margaret (39 Broad Lane) Forrest, John K. (18 Merchants Quay) Gallwey, Patrick (13 Shandon Street) Gibson, Robt. (86 South Main Street) Goold, James (23 Market Street) Gould & Coleman (50 South Main Street and Bridge Street) Hadigan, Thos. (24 Georges Quay) Hassett, Daniel (10 Market Street) Haynes, Abraham (Barrack Street) Haynes, Edward (55 Barrack Street) Haynes, Thos. (40 Barrack Street) Healy, Andrew (York Street) Hendrick, John (Clothiers Lane) Hennessy, John (Douglas Street) Hennessy, Mary (Dublin Hill) Hine, Ellen (10 Market Street) Hodgkisson, John (24 Hanover Street) Hogan, Michael (King Street) Horgan, John (2 North Main Street) Horgan, John (33 South Main Street) Horgan, Wm. (25 Bandon Road) Howes, George (6 Warrens Quay) Jackson, John (26 Leitrim Street) Johnson, Wm. (16 Old Market place) Joyce, Wm. (39 York Street) Kearny, John (10 York Street) Kelly, Samuel (170 Blarney Lane) Kenealy, Wm. (22 Market Street) Lane, Daniel (14 Church Street) Lane, John (17 South Main Street) Lane, John (19 Georges Quay) Lane, Lawrence (19 Market Street) Lane, Timothy (17 Kyrls Quay) Langley, Geo. (14 & 121 Georges Street) Langley, Samuel (1 Shandon Street) Larymore, Geo. (4 Sullivans Quay) Larymore, Hugh (5 South Main Street) Lineham, John (48 St. Finn Barrys [sic]) Linehan, James B. (131 Barrack Street) (27) Vintners, and Spirit and Porter Houses continued-- Lucey, Cornelius (26 Shandon Street) Lynch, James (5 Market Street) Lynch, Jeremiah (133 Shandon Street) McAuliffe, Chas. (101 South Main Street) McAuliffe, James (40 Blarney Lane) McCarthy, Chas. (15 Market Street) McCarthy, Danl. (34 North Main Street) McCarthy, Denis (York Street) McCarthy, Hannah (Mannix Street) McCarthy, James (North Abbey) McCarthy, Markham (29 Castle Street) McEvers, Daniel (125 Georges Street) McLaughlin, Michl. (31 Shandon Street) McMahon, Terence (3 Wandesford-bridge) McSwiney, Michael (62 Barrack Street) Mahony, Daniel (42 Great Britain Street) Mahony, Daniel (5 St. Finn Barrys [sic]) Mahony, Michael (38 Grand Parade) Major, Henry (2 York Street) Matthewson, Robt. (1 Lapps-island) Moore, Ann & Son (8 Kyrls Quay) Moorhead, John (41 Clarence Street) Morgan, Eliza (Cattle-market) Morgan, John (Dublin-hill) Moriarty, Daniel (84 Fair Lane) Morrissy, Daniel (15 Barrack Street) Morrogh, Walter (129 Shandon Street) Moynihan, John (Blarney lane) Mullins, Patrick (3 Caroline Street) Murphy, Denis (5 Parliament Street) Murphy, James (47 Clarence Street) Murphy, Jeremiah (6 Old-Market-place) Murphy, Mary (70 Barrack Street) Murray, Timothy (50 North Main Street) Neenan, John (63 South Main Street) Norris, John (11 Merchants Quay) Oakshott, Thos. (12 Nile Street) O'Connell, Daniel (28 Coal Quay) O'Connell, Timy. (26 Grand Parade) O'Donoghue, Patrick (30 Shandon Street) O'Grady, John (Bridge Street) O'Keeffe, Denis (40 Shandon Street) O'Keeffe, Timothy (York Street) O'Leary, Arthur (29 Duncan Street) O'Leary, Denis (119 Patrick Street) O'Leary, John (and wholesale) (2 Lavitts Quay) O'Leary, Michael (23 North Main Street) O'Neill, Michael (3 York Street) O'Reily, Mary (10 Georges Quay) O'Sullivan, Cornelius (Lapps-island) O'Sullivan, Timothy (35 Shandon Street) Parker, Garrett (97 North Main Street) Parker, Robert (Bridge-street) Quinn, Jeremiah (9 Drawbridge-street) Ransford, Wm. (11 Market Street) Rarden, Patrick (78 Clarence Street) Rea, John (121 Barrack Street) Rearden, John (Devonshire Street) Reed, Henry (4 Parliament Street) Reynoldson, George (Evergreen Street) Riordan, Patrick (43 Shandon Street) Russell, John (2 John Street) Russell, Michael (123 Barrack Street) Scollard, Nicholas (107 Mallow Lane) Scott, Rebecca (1 Bishop Street) Shanahan, Patrick (8 Barrack Street) Sheehan, Edward (18 Market Street) Sheehan, Michael (South Main Street) Skiddy, Morgan (1 Mannix Street) Smith, James (24 Princes Street) Smyth, Jasper (16 Blarney Lane) Stack, John (Market Street) Stratford, Anthony Baldwin (72 South Main Street) Sullivan, Eugene F. (9 Sullivans Quay) Sullivan, Jeremiah (4 Barrack Street) Sullivan, Thos. (35 Market Street) Swayne, George (56 North Main Street) Swiney, Edmund (15 Barney Lane [sic]) (28) Vintners and Spirit and Porter Houses continued-- Thomas, Wm. (10 Fish-Shamble-lane) Walsh, Ellen (3 Lapps-island) Walsh, John (36 Nile Street) Ward, Mary (6 Bishop Street) Ward, Mary (Great George Street) Warren, John K. (7 Coal Quay) Watson, Mary (Merchants Quay) Welsh, Thos. (10 Old Market place) Weston, John (120 Georges Street and 32 Princes Street) Wilson, George (32 Grand Parade) Wright, John (Sundays Well) *


Bagley, Richard (75 Grand Parade) Barry, Joseph (3 Castle Street) Byron, Wm. (68 Patrick Street) Carroll, W. (5 Princes Street) Danahy, Daniel (clock only) (7 Nelson place) Hawkesworth, Edward (67 Grand Parade) Haynes, Samuel (114 Patrick Street) Mangan, James (81 Patrick Street) Millikin, Robert (30 Georges Street) Montjoy, John D. (Bridge Street) Murphy, John (59 Patrick Street) Nicolson, Nicholas (70 Grand Parade) O'Brien, Francis (13 Georges Street) O'Shaunessy, Mark (23 Grand Parade)


Collis, Wm. Robt. (22 Grand Parade) Dove, John (Great Georges Street) Walsh, Wm. (15 Hanover Street)


Atkins, George (Morrisons-island) Barry, James (5 Paul Street) Cremen, James (Cooke Street) Curtis, Thos. (26 Castle Street) Daly & Murray (Blarney Lane) Dunbar, Thos. (Abbey Street) Foott, James B. (75 South Mall) Galwey, Gerard (33 Princes Street) Kellett, Richard (Charlottes Quay) Mason, Thos. (15 Marlboro Street) Maziere, Peter, Son and Sainthill (Faulkiners Lane) Meagher, Dan. (52 Patrick Street) Newton, Richard (24 Church Street) Roche, James (12 Cooke Street) Sainthill, Richard (Nelson-place) Sharpe, Matthew (6 Wintropp Street) Spearing, Andrew (Paul Street) Waters, George (4 Wintropp Street) Weston, John (32 Princes Street) Westropp, Henry B. (3 Marlboro Street)


Hackett, John (& fish hook maker) (10 Peters Church lane) Moloney, Stephen (2 Peters Church Lane)


Andrews, Thos. (24 Cattle Lane) Anglin, Samuel (88 Great Britain Street) Baker, Thos. (54 Blarney Lane) Barrett, Richard (Blarney Lane) Bass, William (26 Cattle lane) Bateman, Wm. (7 York Street) Craig, James (148 Blarney Lane) Craig, Wm. (33 Blarney Lane) Crispin, Ralph (187 Blarney Lane) Drummy, James (178 Blarney Lane) Duke, Wm. (North Abbey) McCarthy, Charles (91 Barrack Street) McMullen, James (65 Clarence Street) Mahony, Denis (Blarney Lane) (29) Wool Combers continued-- Malone, Elizabeth (168 Blarney Lane) Mitchell, John (17 Shandon Street) Mokesley, James (88 Blarney Lane) Murphy, Daniel (160 Blarney Lane) Towall, Richd. (35 Blarney Lane)


Mahony, Martin (43 Clarence Street)


Creage, James (Brockelbank Street) Crofts, Thos. (13 Great Britain Street) Foley, Daniel B. (147 Barrack Street) Lane, Richd. & Sons (Blarney Lane) Leland, Ellen (Brockelbank Street) Lyons, Thos. & Co. (11 Tuckey Street) Mahony, Timothy (Water Lane, Blackpool) Neenan, James (York Street)


Abbott, Thos. (17 North Abbey) Brown, Robert (21 South Main Street) Casey, Edwards & Son (& wholesale) (28 Duncan Street) Connor, Lawrence (100 North Main Street) Crone, Daniel (8 Shandon Street) Crowly, Danl. (84 South Main Street) Daly, John (5 Shandon Street) Dawson, Wm. (14 Patrick Street) Elms, John (67 South Main Street) Fitzgibbon, Wm. (6 Shandon Street) Fogarty, Edmund (Irish) (Patrick Street) French, John (97 Patrick Street) Hayes, Stephen & Co. (81 South Main Street) Hodder, Francis (111 Patrick Street) Kennedy, John (and wholesale) (7 North Main Street) Lyons, John & Thomas (71 South Main Street) Lyons, Thomas & Co. (& wholesale) (11 Tuckey Street) McAdams & Enright (82 South Main Street) McCarthy, Roger (26 South Main Street) Murphy, John (& wholesale) (85 South Main Street) Noblett, B. & Co. (82 Grand Parade) O'Donnell, Thos. (79 South Main Street) O'Shea, Wm. (3 Shandon Street) Power, Catherine (140 Shandon Street) Power, Edward (5 Patrick Street) Power, James (7 Shandon Street) Quinlan, Wm. (90 South Main Street) Reardon, John H. (12 North Main Street) Rice, John (79 South Main Street) Richardson, Matt. (135 Shandon Street) Rogers, Patrick (66 South Main Street) Ryan, Catherine (78 South Main Street) Tidmarsh, Francis & Co. (& wholesale) (27 South Main Street0 Walsh, Patrick (11 Shandon Street)


Andrews, Richard - worsted manufacturer (134 Shandon Street) Ballard, Wm. & Christopher - camp furniture makers and undertakers (20 Grand Parade) Ballast Office - (Lapps-island) Burn, George - clothes saleman (140 Barrack Street) Butler, Wm. - artists and mechanics tool warehouse (76 North Main Street) Cogan, Daniel - cheesemonger (8 Coal Quay) Condon, Robt. - skin dresser (John Street) (30) Miscellaneous continued-- Costello, Jas. - fishing tackle maker (70 Duncan Street) Davies, Edward - wax chandler (73 Grand Parade) East India Companys Recruiting Establishment- Captain N. Travers (Old Custom House) Ellis, J.W. - picture frame &c. manufacturer (16 Cook Street) Flannagan, Thos.- flute &c. maker (35 Broad Lane) Geary, Thos. - coach lamp maker (16 Fish-Shamble-lane) Haines, Ann - matron to the Lying-In-Hospital (26 Nile Street) Hide Crane- (Dominick Street) Jennings, Thomas - vinegar maker (Brown Street) Kennedy, Robt. - patten maker (55 Broad Lane) McNamara, Daniel - farrier (83 Grand Parade) Montjoy, Arthur D. - accountant (60 Duncan Street) Newsome, Margaret - green grocer (116 Patrick Street) Olden, Roger - slater (Bishop Street) Osborne, Thos. - fringe maker (27 Fish-Shamble-lane) Payne and Donovan - glass cutters (6 James Street) Seymour, Thos. - mineral water manufacturer (24 Brown Street) Skeys, Abraham - conservator (53 Georges Street) Stonehouse, C. - childbed linen warehouse (15 Grand Parade) Sweeny, James - metal founder (128 Patrick Street) Townly, Christopher - clerk to the Hide Crane (Dominick Street) Welsh, John - governor of the city gaol (Dyke Parade)

**COACHES, &c.**

DUBLIN, The Royal Mail, by Cahsel, every evening at half past five, from the office in Wintropp Street, through Rathcormac, Fermoy, Mitchelstown, Cahir, Cashel, Littleton, Urlingford, and Kildare; and arrives in Cork every morning at seven.

DUBLIN, The Royal Mail, by Clonmel, every morning at eight, from the office in Wintropp Street, through Rathcormac, Fermoy, Kilworth, Ballyporeen, Clonmel, Callen, Kilkenny and Carlow; and arrives in Cork every evening at five.

FERMOY, a Day Coach, every afternoon at four, from Mrs. Days, Patrick Street; and arrives in Cork every morning at eleven.

KINSALE, the Diligence, every afternoon (Sundays excepted), at half past three from Mrs. Dalys, 20 Georges Street; and arrives in Cork every morning at eleven.

LIMERICK, the Royal Mail, every morning at six, from the office in Pembroke Street, through Mallow, Charleville, Kilmallock, and Bruff; and arrives in Cork every evening at eight.

LIMERICK, a Day Coach, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at nine, from the office in Pembroke Street, through Fermoy, Glanworth, Castle-Oliver, Kilmallock and Bruff; and arrives in Cork on the intermediate days, at six in the evening.

MALLOW AND MACROOM, The Diligence, every afternoon at two, from the office in Pembroke Street, and arrives in Cork every day at noon.

SKIBBEREEN AND BANTRY, The Royal Mail, every morning at eight, from the office in Wintropp Street, through Kinsale, Bandon and Clonakilty; and arrives in Cork every evening at five.

TRALEE, the Royal Mail, every morning at eight, from the office in Pembroke Street, through Macroom, Millstreet, and Killarney; and arrives in Cork every evening at five.

WATERFORD, the Royal Mail, every morning at five, from the office in Pembroke Street, through Middleton, Castle-Martyr, Youghal, Tallow, Lismore, Cappoquin, and Dungarvan; and arrives in Cork every evening at a quarter past nine.

YOUGHAL, the Diligence, every afternoon at two, from the office in Pembroke Street, through Middleton and Castle-Martyr; and arrives in Cork every afternoon at two.

YOUGHAL, the Diligence, on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday morning, at half past ten, from the office in Wintropp Street, through Middleton, and Castle-Martyr; and arrives in Cork on the intermediate days, at two in the afternoon.

KILKENNY, a Car every morning, (Sundays excepted), at half past five, from Mr. Newsomes, Patrick Street, through Fermoy, Mitchelstown, Cahir, & Clonmel, and proceeds to Dublin the next morning.

WATERFORD, a Car, every morning, (Sundays excepted), at half past five, from Mr. Newsomes, Patrick Street, through Fermoy, Mitchelstown, Cahir, Clonmel, and Carrick-on-Suir; and arrives in Cork every evening at half past seven.

**CARRIERS** Denis McCarthy, Car Factor, Blackpool, provides cars for the conveyance of heavy goods, to every part of the kingdom; but other cars may be had at individual risk. **CONVEYANCE BY WATER** Cork and Bristol Packet Communication. J.N. Smart, managing proprietor for Cork, No. 1 Merchants Quay.

A War-Office Sailing Packet every Saturday during the winter months of December to February.

A War-Office Steam Packet every Tuesday during the summer months of March to November.

A Commercial Packet, weekly, with all descriptions of Merchandize, Carriages and Horses, Passengers, Luggage, &c.

BRISTOL, Vessels twice a week. DUBLIN, at uncertain periods LIVERPOOL, once a week LONDON, once a week.

There are also vessels to most ports in the United Kingdoms; every information respecting which and the above may be had on application to the ship agents.

*****This ends the Pigot & Co.'s Directory for Cork City, 1824.

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