District of Cullen
Co. Cork

Updated 12 Jan 2004

Transcribed by Patty Pickett and posted here with her kind permission.

generally speaking it will list the date, name, age, father's occupation if given, and witness to death and relationshp

2-16-1864 Hanora Riordan, spinster, 17 years old, tailor's daughter of bronchitis, father James Riordan

2-16-1864 Michael Murphy, batchelor, 26 years old, farmer's son, of consumption for two years, Owne Murphy brother

3-15-1864 Margaret Leary, 18, farmer's wife, consumption for ten months, Margaret Ahern mother

3-29-1864 Honorea Cronin, seven years old, farmer's child, convulsions, father John Cronin

4-5-1864, Dennis Kean, severn years old, farmer's son, inflammation, father Dennis Kean

4-16-1864 Patrick Creeden, 17, farmer's son, of bronchitis of two months, mother Julia Creedon

7-27-1864 Johanna Scully, 35, farmer's daughter, of gastrodinia, Nora Scully

10-10-1864 Bridget Keeffe, fivei years old, farmer's daughter, paralysis for four years, Jerh, Keeffe father

10-15-1864 Honorea Fitzgerald, 32 years old laborer's wife, consumption of nine months, James Fitzgerald widower
(note, I think he was her husband, they have tended to denote the marital status of the remaining spouse as widow or widower from what I have seen on these entries)

10-27-1864 Williaim Casey, married, 28, carman, effusion on the brain due to violence, one and a half hours, inquest, Dan Casey brother

12-24-1864 Johanna Welsh, married, 27, farmer's wife, typhus fever of ten days, Eugene Welsh

2-12-1864 Ellen Connors, 12 years old, found drowned, inquest,

2-14-1865 Michael Neil, married, 27, farmer, gastritis and obstruction 12 hours, inquest from Coroner

3-11-1865 Mary Leary, five years old, croup, Mary Leary mother

3-27-1865 David Fitzgerald, 32, married, dysentery, Nora Fitzgerald

3-22-1865 Hanna Buckley, seven years old of bronchitis, John Buckley father

4-15-1865 Dan Connors, 15, farmer's son, Scrofula of one year, Dan Connors father

5-2-1865 Charles Callaghan, 16 years, farmer's son, scarletina, James Callaghan father

5-23-1865 Mary Finnigan, seven years old, farmer's daughter, convulsions, Mary Finnegan mother

7-5-1865 John Breen, twenty, laborer, scarlatina, Patrick Breen

7-18-1865 Dan Murphy, twenty, tailor's son, pneumonia, Tim Murphy

8-1-1865 David Connors, 32 and married, farmer, brain fever, Hugh Connors

8-30-1865 William Eagan, 26, laborer, four months paralysis, Ellen O'Connell

11-26-1865 Margaret Keefe, 8 years old, farmer's dau, scarletina,
Mary Keefe mother

12-2-1865 Michael Clifford, 33, farmer, married, consumption, Nora Clifford

10-14-1865 John Connell, six years old, scarletina, farmer's son, John Connell father

3-9-1866 Ellen Deeneen, 56, farmer's wife, bronchitis four months, Nora Murphy

12-27-1865 Andrew Desmond, 57, farmer, Mary Desmond wife, inflammation of bowels

8-23-1865 Cornelius Linehan,55, farmer, married, fever, Nora Linehan wife

12-20-1866 Julia Sullivan, 55, wife of farmer, pleuritis, John Sullivan husband

1-27-1867 John Connors, 58, laborer, paralysis, Tim Connors

3-18-1867 Cornelius Kelleher, 56, farmer, pleuritis, Honor Kelleher wife

7-13-1867 Honorah McCarthy, 55, farmer's widow, haemoptaie ,
Honora Murphy

2-10-1868 John Connor, 59, farmer, griping for four days
wife Nora Connor

8-24-1868 Dennis Mahoney, 56, laborer, killed by a bull and found dead / C. J Daly

12-2-1868 Denis Fitzgerald, 58, laborer, gastritis, Nora Fitzgerald

12-24-1869 Peter Linihan, 57, laborer, erisipilas of the head, Mary Linihan

4-6-1869 Ellen Buckley, farmers wife, 56, bronchitis Con Buckley

3-15-1870 Patrick Breen, 8 years old, farmer's son, effusion of the brain, Tim Connor

7-25-1870 Catherine Murphy, 12 farmer's daughter, acute bronchitis, Dan Murphy father

extra notes
Scarletina was actually spelled scalatina.
And don't everybody pelt something at me, because I mean no disrespect at = all, but for the poor soul who died of "griping for four days", I think it = would probably kill my spouse but not me.

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