Cemetery Inscriptions from Casey Vol 11, Old Court Cemetery Doneraile, Granard Cemetery Liscarroll, Killabraher Parish of Dromina, Exterior Of Churchtown Church, Kilbrogran Cemetery

Cemetery Inscriptions from Casey Vol 11
Old Court Cemetery Doneraile
Granard Cemetery Liscarroll
Killabraher Parish of Dromina
Exterior Of Churchtown Church
Kilbrogran Cemetery
Co. Cork

Updated 12 Jan 2004

Transcribed from public records by Patty Pickett and posted here with her kind permission.

Cemetery Inscriptions from Casey Vol 11
Old Court Cemetery Doneraile
page 1036 on the film

Margaret Colbert d 5-4-1957
Elizabeth Kelly D 7-17-1957
Elisabeth Wilson D 8-8-1957 peace perfect peace
Anastasia Keniry D 2-24-1958
Evelyn Griffiths D 2-28-1858 peace perfect peace
Johanna O'Callaghan D 4-12-1958
Eliz Harrington D 11-10-1958
Catherine Lane D 1-15-1959
Margaret Forde D 4-24-1959
Marie McDonnell D 5-15-1959
Nora Fitzpatrick D 2-6-1960
Mary Crowley D 2-4-1960
Margaret O'Regan D 2-10-1961
Kate Riordan D 7-16-1961
Nora Kelliher D 10-10-1961
Bridget O'Keefe D 4-9-1962

Would it be possible that these women were all nuns? Why else would so many women be buried in one location?

page 1035 Volume 11 of Casey
starts with Liscarroll continued _ now where the rest of this is I do not know. It does not seem to be on this film

Cornelius Barrett here whose death we much deplore for true liberality departed this life 5-23-1732 age 48 years.

In memory of Timothy Rahilly who departed life October 1825 aged 67 years also his brother John who departed Life June 1824 28 years.

Granard Cemetery Liscarroll
In Loving memory of Margaret O'Brien died 5-22-1922 age 46 years her son Michael D 10-14-1914 aged 4 years erected by James O'Brien

Killabraher Parish of Dromina Co. Cork
In loving memory of Catherine Coleman ,Liscarroll D 3-2-1940, Maurice D 12-2-1943, Edmond ,D Ballybeshallon 8-2-1945, Thomas 2-9-1948, Elizabeth, D Charleville 4-2-1956

In Loving memory of Charles McCarthy ,Cromogue ,Milford who died 12-17-1940, Mary Bernadette McCarthy, Shandon St., Cork D 5-10-1947

Erected by Jeremiah McArthur in memory of his father Jeremiah who died 12-22-1882

Erected by Matthew Foley, Dromina in memory of his parents Michael and Margaret Foley, his brother Thomas, his aunt Susan Foley and his nephew Michael Cummins

Erected by Michael Woll , Arthurgville in loving memory of his daughter Minnie Carroll who died 1-3-1900, aged 30 years

Erected by Mrs. Bridget Nunan, in memory of her beloved husband Patrick Nunan of Qurteenroe who died 6-29-1859 age 73 years

Erected by William and Matthew Thompson in memory of their father Matthew late of Mountbridget who departed this life 3-24-1852 age 64 years

Erected by Johanna Twohill, Dromina, in loving memory of her husband Felix Twohill D 4-7-1905, age 73 years, also her father in law John Twohill died 1867 aged 80 years

Erected by Durick Haugh in loving memory of his wife Ann who died 2-4-1791 aged 34 years

Erected by John Mahony in memory of his father and mother James and Annie his brothers James and William, his sisters Ellen and Mary, his uncles John and Darby Mahoney.

The Rev. L. Mahoney has erected this in memory of his brother John who departed life April 15 1850

Erected by Richard Casey in memory of his wife Catherine who departed life September 1738 aged 41 years

Patrick Hannon D 1-23-1769 aged 93 years

Here lies Patrick "? Louk?" who died 8-1-1772 age 26 years

Here lies the body of John Moffet who died 3-4-1772 age 60 years

Erected by David Roche in memory of his father John Roche who died 23 1816 aged 76 years (no month listed)

Exterior Of Churchtown Church
Erected by the people of Churchtown and Liscarroll in memory of their beloved pastor the Very Rev. Pierce McSweeney, PP. He presided over them with gentleness zeal or seal for 23 years revered and mourned by his flock. He died 2-28-1923 in the 84 year of his age and 55 of his sacred ministry.

Kilgrogran Cemetery
Erected by Ellen Frawley in memory of her beloved husband Patrick Frawley who died 4-25-1895 age 74 years. Also her loving daughter Ellen Morton who died 4--5-1895 age 39 years

Erected by Edmond Howard in memory of his son Patrick who died 12-2-1852 age 17 years

Here lies the body of Dan Sheehan who died 5-14-1778 aged 38 years

Mary Sheehan alias Figouh erected this in memory of her husband
? Sheehan who departed life May 28 1832 age 82 years also her son William Sheehan who departed life Oct 2 1828 32 years

John Cavanaugh of Ballavaheen erected this in memory of his daughter Ellen who departed life June 29 1835, age 17 years, also his son Daniel who departed life 2-11-1838 age 22 years and his daughter Margaret departed life 2-16-1842 age 39 years

Erected by Richard Roach in memory of his father Paul Roach who departed life May 3 1801 age 56 years

Erected by John Corkery in memory of his father Jeremiah Corkery late of Gurrabally who departed life Sept 11 1842 age 68 years

Here lies the body of John Allen who departed life 7-23-1773 age 70 years, also his wife Johanna Allen alias Earight departed life 12-10-1774 age 60 years

Daniel McAuliffe erected this in memory of his father Phillip McAuliffe who departed life 9-8-1808 age 59 years

In memory of Christopher Kavanaugh died Oct 1890, Johanna Kavanaugh d 9-29-1815,
Marg Kavanaugh D 5-17-1801, Cristy Kavanaugh, Buttevant, D 1-6-1913, erected by John Kavanaugh, Buttevant, John Kavanaugh D 8-3-1917

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