Excise Licenses - Obtained - 1837

Excise Licenses - Obtained - 1837
Co. Cork

Updated 25 Apr 2000

Submitted by Deirdra Sullivan to Cork City mailing list and posted here with her kind permission.

PARLIAMENTARY PAPERS, Appendix #12 RETURNS of the Names and Residences, Specifying the Streets and Numbers of the Houses of all Individuals in the Towns in Ireland which return Members to serve in Parliament, who have made Application for, or received EXCISE LICENCES for the Sale of Spirits in Premises unther the Annual Value of 10, since the 2d May 1837; to which is added the fact of their being registered as Householders, whenever such is the case and the Dates of such Registries respectively.



Barrett, Richard
Barrett, Josh.
Buckley, John
Burke, Thomas
Bodmin, Edward
Boore William
Buckley, John
Buckley, Michael
Barry, Michael

Callaghan, William
Callaghan, Daniel
Callaghan, John
Callaghan, Humphry
Connor, Francis
Connolly, William
Collins, Cornelius
Cleary, Roger
Cogan, Andrew
Corcoran, Thomas
Courtney, David
Carey, Michael
Coleman, Matthew
Cotter, Martholomew
Collins, Cornelius
Clayton Jeremiah
Crowly, William
Crowly, John
Cronin, Cornelius

Dawson, William
Denehy, Denis
Davies, David
Dwyer, John
Dowling, Edward
Daly, John
Dillon, Matthew
Dunn, William
Doyle, Henry
Dooley, John
Duff, David
Down, William

Evans, John
Ellis, William
Enwright, Michael

Hobbs, Samuel
Harrington, Philip
Hullisey, Michael
Hurley, Jeremiah
Hyde, Mames
Horgan, Timothy

Justin, Richard

Kirk, Chalres

Largey, Patrick
Linehan, Jeremiah
Langwith, Richard
Lucy, Partick
Lucy, Timothy

Mahony, Daniel
Mahony, Daniel
Mahony, Denis
Mahony, John
Maher, John
Manning, Dennis
McCarthy, John
McCarthy, John
McCarthy, Jeremiah
McGrath, Patrick
McAuliffe, James
Meagher, Jeremiah
Moriarty, Ambrose
Morris, Patrick
Murphy, Joseph
Murphy, John
Murphy, Patrick
Myles, James

Neville, Maurice
Nagle, John
Nagle, John

O'Keeffe, Daniel
O'Keeffe, John
O'Keeffe, Michael
O'Keeffe, Michael
O'Brien, Daniel
O'Brien, James
O'Brien, Denis
O'Regan, John
O'Callaghan, Daniel
O'Shea, William

Pye, Jervice

Quill, Thomas

Reardon, Denis
Reardon, John
Ryan, Patrick
Ryan, John
Russell, John
Reynolds, Benjamin

Sullivan, Patrick
Sullivan, Bartholomew
Sullivan, James
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, Patrick
Scannell, Jeremiah
Sexton, Edward
Sherlock, Robert
Shea, Denis

Tobin, John
Twomey, Daniel
Twohig, William

Walsh, John
Wheeler, Thomas
Walsh, Patrick

Exise Office Lonton 17 April 1838 G. A. Cottrell, First General Accountant

Deirdra Sullivan (nee Condon)

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