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Grosse Isle, Canada
Co. Cork

Updated 16 June 1999

Transcribed by Laurel Baker and posted here with her kind permission.

Grosse Isle, Canada - Vessels I will do look ups in "Grosse Ile: Gateway to Canada 1832-1937" by Marianna Gallagher, which has several lists for ONLY the dates shown. Names appear to be of mainly IRISH immigrants.

List 1 is "Alphabetical List of Orphans in the Catholic Orphanage of Quebec 1847" and is a list of 619 names, along with those of the people who adopted them <1847 and 1848> (adoptive parents of various ethnic background).

List 2 is "Report of Vessels Boarded at the Quarantine Station July 1847 (excerpt)", covers ship departures beginning May 18, 1847, last arrival July 30, 1847. This list shows: Rig, and Name; Captain's name; from; Date of Sailing; Arrival; Cargo; # of Passengers Cabin, Same Steerage; Consigned to; Date of Release; # sick; # died. Lists 41 vessels, does not list passenger names.

List 3 is "Nominal list of persons who died in the Grosse Isle Hospital since First of May showing in what manner the property was disposed of". List covers 18 May 1834 through 24 August 1834, lists 259 names. The list shows: Names, age, from what vessel, from what port, date of admission, date of death, disease, property how dispossed of.

List 4 is "Return of Money and Effects left by Emigrants; who died without relatives, at Grosse Isle, from the 16 May to 21st October 1847" as published in The Quebec Mercury, Tuesday November 2, 1847. The list shows: Names, Vessel in which arrived, amount, remarks. There are approximately 200 names on the list, although a couple are not legible.

I will try to turn requests around quickly but I have a day job so please be reasonably patient.

The following are excepts taken from "App 3, "Report of Vessels Boarded at the Quarantine Station July 1847 (Excerpt)" from "Grosse Ile:Gateway to Canada 1832-1937" by Marianna O'Gallagher.

#, Rig and Name, Captain's Name, From, Date of Sailing, Arrival, Cargo, Passengers Cabin, Passengers Steerage, Consigned to, Date of Release, # Sick, and # Died.

ALL dates are 1847

#217, Ship Jessie, William Oliver, Cork, June 5th,July 11th, ballast, 4, 437, I. Munn(?), July 12th, 85, 44.
#233, Bark Rodena, William Wilkinson, Cork, Jun 1st, July 12th, Ballast, 2, 254, order o, July 19th, 130, 65.
#227, Ship Avon, Mich Johnston, Cork, May 19th, July 12th, Ballast, 2, 550, Libbets & Co, July 25th, 140, 136.
#256, Bark Sir H Pettinger, M. Crowel, Cork, May 29th, July 28th, Ballast, 1, 399, H.B. Bumstall, August 7th, 100, 106.
#261, Ship Blenheim, Her Mondon, Plymouth & Cork, June 23rd, July 28th, Ballast, 6, 378, ?ary Agent, July 19th, 6, 12.

(Note, on # 217, the consignment name is partially blurred - the I. Mu are clear but the last bit looks like either nn or rm or a very sloppy m. On # 261 the release date could not have been July 19th as the ship did not arrive at Grosse Isle until the 28th. The list makes frequent use of ditto marks and the recorder probably meant August for this entry as well as # 259 and 260.)

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