Updated 16 Jan 2000
Transcribed from public records by Eugene Donnelly and posted here with his kind permission.

Census of Ireland 1901
Form B1 House & Building Return.
Parliamentary Div:-East Cork,
Poor Law Union :-,,Midleton,
District Electoral Div. :- Inch
Barony :-,Imokilly
Civil Parish :-Inch - Rostellan, Corkbeg & Titeskin

"Public House,"
"School, Church"
Is House
No. of
in the House.
Name of the
Head of each Family
in the House.
No. of
by each
Number of
in each
Name of the
Landholder on
whose Holding the
House is situated.
1Private DwellingYes1Jonas Smyth92Jonas Smyth
2Private DwellingYes1Michael Cronin22Jonas Smyth
3Private DwellingYes1William Conway37William Conway
4"Public House"Yes1Ellen Busteed48Mary Garde
5Private DwellingYes1John Bennett23Mary Garde
6Private DwellingYes1William Dolan33Henry Smyth
7Private DwellingNoHenry Smyth
8Private DwellingYes1John O' Neill22Henry Smyth
9Private DwellingYes1Henry Smyth144Henry Smyth
10Private DwellingNoHenry Smyth
11Private DwellingYes1Mary Garde76Mary Garde
12Private DwellingYes1Edward Hartnett33Mary Garde
13Private DwellingNoJonas Smyth
14Private DwellingYes1Catherine Murphy22Mary Garde
15Private DwellingYes1Michael Reany22Mary Garde
16Private DwellingYes1James Hetherington31Henry Smyth
17National SchoolNoHenry Smyth
1Private DwellingYes1Michael Carey27Michael McCarthy
2Private DwellingYes1Michael Clancy22Michael McCarthy
3Private DwellingYes1William Cashman12Michael McCarthy
4Private DwellingYes1Fannie Hegarty23Fannie Hegarty
5Private DwellingYes1Michael McCarthy49Michael McCarthy
6Private DwellingYes1Michael Wall46Michael Wall
7Private DwellingYes1John Coleman46John Coleman
8Private DwellingYes1Michael Brien43Michael O' Brien
9Private DwellingYes1John Fitzpatrick35John Fitzpatrick
10Private DwellingYes1Michael Wafer47Michael Wafer
11Private DwellingYes1Edward O' Shea33Edward O' Shea
12Private DwellingYes1Luke O' Shea37Luke O' Shea
13Private DwellingYes1Edmond O' Shea33Edmond O' Shea
14Private DwellingYes1William O' Shea33William O' Shea
15Private DwellingYes1William Wall49William Wall
16Private DwellingYes1William Hegarty28William Hegarty
17Private DwellingYes1Margaret Keinery11Michael McCarthy
18Light HouseYes1James F. Freil65Michael McCarthy
19Light HouseYes1Patrick Higginbotham32Michael McCarthy
1Private DwellingYes1Catherine Mahony34William Higgins
2Private DwellingYes1Catherine O' Brien11William Higgins
3Private DwellingYes1Corneilus McDonnell45Corneilus McDonnell
4Private DwellingYes1William Bourke33William Burke
5Private DwellingYes1Mary Carey45Mary Carey
6Private DwellingYes1Corneilus Fitzpatrick 12John Smyth
7Private DwellingYes1James Wall47James Wall
8Private DwellingYes1William Higgins58William Higgins
9National SchoolNoCorneilus McDonnell
10National SchoolNoCorneilus McDonnell
1Private DwellingYes1Michael Lawton35Michael Lawton
2Private DwellingYes1Michael Barry23James Hegarty
3ShopYes1Alice Smyth53James Hegarty
4Private DwellingYes1Timothy Walsh212James Hegarty
5Private DwellingYes1James Hegarty78James Hegarty
6Private DwellingYes1Mary Kelly88Mary Kelly
7Private DwellingYes1John Wall38John Wall
8Private DwellingYes1Maurice Cashman39Maurice Cashman
9Private DwellingYes1Patrick Hanley 37Maurice Cashman
10Private DwellingYes1Lawerence Cronin12James Hegarty
11Private DwellingYes1Michael Hennessy13James Hegarty
12Private DwellingNoMary Kelly
13Private DwellingNoJames Hegarty
1Private DwellingYes1Timothy Busteed33Thomas Curtin
2Private DwellingYes1Thomas Curtin59Thomas Curtin
3Private DwellingYes1William Ryan24Thomas Curtin
4Private DwellingYes1William Cashman57William Cashman
5Private DwellingYes1Richard Steel56Richard Steel
1Private DwellingYes1John Twomey35John Twomey
2Private DwellingYes1John Smyth22John Smyth
3Private DwellingYes1John O' Connell38John O' Connell
4Private DwellingYes1Patrick O' Connell58Patrick O' Connell
1Private DwellingYes1Thomas Scanlon38Thomas Scanlon
1Private DwellingYes1George Dawkins32William Dawkins
2Private DwellingYes1Edward Mills25William Dawkins
3Private DwellingYes1William Dawkins57William Dawkins
1Private DwellingYes1Michael O' Keeffe33Henry Smyth
2Private DwellingYes1Edmond Cronin34Henry Smyth
3Private DwellingYes1William Smyth22Henry Smyth
4Private DwellingYes1Edmond Regan44Edward Regan
5Private DwellingYes1John Cunningham54John Cunningham
1Private DwellingYes1Ellen Moran12Michael McCarthy
2Private DwellingYes1James Ahern52Michael McCarthy
3Private DwellingNoMichael McCarthy
4Private DwellingNoMichael McCarthy
1Private DwellingYes1Michael O' Connell511Michael O' Connell
2Private DwellingYes1Daniel Wall107Daniel Wall
3Private DwellingYes1Maurice Cotter34Maurice Cotter
Townland:-Ballinrostic (Rostellan Parish)
1Private DwellingYes1Thomas Mahony34Thomas Mahony
2Private DwellingYes1Mary Higgins55Mary Higgins
3Private DwellingYes1Patrick Hegarty12Mary Higgins
4Private DwellingYes1William Cashman311John Smyth
5Private DwellingYes1Edmond Keeffe22John Smyth
6Private DwellingYes1Patrick Cashman38John Smyth
7Private DwellingYes1John Cotter35Liam Higgins
8Private DwellingYes1William A. Hegarty45William A. Hegarty
9Private DwellingYes1Catherine Ryan33William A. Hegarty
10Private DwellingYes1John Barry38William A. Hegarty
11Private DwellingYes1Michael Hanley23William A. Hegarty
12Private DwellingYes1Eliza Cusack33Jeremiah Duhig
13Private DwellingYes1Ellen Fitzgerald22Jeremiah Duhig
14Shop KeeperYes1Jeremiah Duhig22Jeremiah Duhig
15Shop KeeperYes1Ellen Hegarty24Jeremiah Duhig
16Public HouseYes1John Hegarty63William A. Hegarty
17Public HouseYes1Ellen Fleming22Ellen Fleming
18Private DwellingYes1Margaret Sweeney 33Kate Nolan
19Public HouseYes1Kate Nolan67Kate Nolan
20Private DwellingYes1Mary Anne Culhane72William A. Hegarty
21Private DwellingYes1Johanna Cashman23Kate Nolan
1Private DwellingYes1Mary Sisk22Michael Conway
2Private DwellingYes1Michael Conway39Michael Conway
3Private DwellingYes1Richard O' Keeffe610Richard O' Keeffe
1Private DwellingYes1Edmond Higgins48Edmond Higgins
2Private DwellingYes1William Lahiff33William Lahiff
3Private DwellingYes1Ellen Guess12Edmond Higgins
4Private DwellingYes1Patrick Higgins14Patrick Higgins
5Private DwellingYes1Patrick Fitzgerald26Patrick Higgins
Townland:-Ballintra East (Corkbeg Par.)
1Private DwellingYes1Thomas Wall46Thomas Wall
2Private DwellingYes1Mary Doyle33Mary Doyle
3Coastguard StationYes1Arthur Mack44
4Private DwellingYes1Reginald Parsons43
5Private DwellingYes1James Walsh43
6Private DwellingYes1George Underhill49
7Private DwellingYes1Neville H. Taylor42
8Private DwellingYes1Charles Pulman36
9Private DwellingYes1Mary Bible41Thomas Wall
10Private DwellingYes1John Coleman25Thomas Wall
Townland:-Ballintra West
1Private DwellingYes1Patrick Ahern35Patrick Ahern
1Private DwellingYes1John Wall57John Wall
2Private DwellingYes1Jerimiah Lynch43John Smyth
3Private DwellingYes1Martin Mahony43John Smyth
4Private DwellingYes1Patrick Kerns55Patrick Kerns
5Private DwellingYes1Catherine Duhig33John Smyth
6Private DwellingYes1Mary Bateman24John Smyth
7Private DwellingYes1John Roche34John Roche
8Private DwellingYes1Margaret Lynch22John Smyth
9Private DwellingYes1James Conway29Edmond Wall
10Private DwellingYes1Mary Duhig37Mary Duhig
11Private DwellingYes1Kate Collins37Kate Collins
12Private DwellingYes1Michael Cashman33John Smyth
13Private DwellingYes1John Aherne22Kate Collins
14Private DwellingYes1James Manning16John Smyth
15Private DwellingYes1Edmond Wall510Edmond Wall
16Private DwellingYes1Mary Manning54Mary Manning
17Private DwellingNoKate Collins
Townland:- Ballybranigan (Titeskin Par
1Private DwellingYes1William Smyth69William Smyth
2Private DwellingYes1Richard Smyth311Richard Smyth
3Private DwellingYes1Matthew Glavin13John Smyth
4Private DwellingYes1Maurice Cashman38Maurice Cashman
5Private DwellingYes1John Garde34Richard Smyth
6Private DwellingYes1Thomas Cashman37Thomas Cashman
7Private DwellingYes1John Garde413John Garde
8Private DwellingYes1Ben Garde44Ben Garde
9Private DwellingYes1Anastasia Kelly23Ben Garde
10Private DwellingYes1Timothy Cashman26William Smyth
11Private DwellingYes1Denis Lawton16William Smyth
12Private DwellingNoMichael O' Connell
1Private DwellingYes1Nora Hartnett35Nora Hartnett
2Private DwellingYes1Hanora McCarthy67Hanora McCarthy
3Private DwellingYes1Margaret Walsh33Margaret Walsh
4Private DwellingYes1James O' Brien34James O' Brien
5Private DwellingNoMichael McCarthy
1Private DwellingYes1James Ryan13John Smyth
2Private DwellingYes1John Ahern26John Smyth
3Private DwellingYes1Nora Foley12John Smyth
4Private DwellingYes1Maurice Dunne46Maurice Dunne
Townland:-Titeskin (Kilteskin)
1Private DwellingYes1Edmond Russell54Edmond Russell
2Private DwellingNoTimothy Hartnett
3Private DwellingNoEdmond Russell
1Private DwellingYes1Michael McCarthy49Michael McCarthy
2SchoolhouseNoMichael McCarthy

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