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Marriage Licence Bonds - Diocese of Killaloe

Marriage Licence Grants
Diocese of Killaloe

Updated 1 July 1999

Submitted by Jane Lyons and posted here with her kind permission.

© Copyright Jane Lyons 1999

I keep harping on about our geography and how it is important for people to know and understand the various divesions of Ireland...the Diocescan Marriage Licence Grants/Bonds are a source which some forget to check for information because their ancestors did not come from that Diocese.......

But their future husband or wife might have......


Marriage Banns (the intention of the couple to marry)were called out in a church on three consecutive Sundays, however it was possible to avoid this by 'buying' permission to marry from the church. The Bishop of the Diocese would then issue a 'licence' to marry to the couple.

A Bond was usually taken out in the Diocese of the Bride to be. The Groom and a relative or friend would pay the church a sum of money a 'surety' or guarantee that there was no just cause or impediment that the marriage should not take place.

The original Diocescan and Prerogative Court Marriage Licence Bonds were all destroyed in the Four Courts fire in 1922. The Indices and some abstracts however survive. Some of the indices do contain information such as the addresses of the people concerned whereas others just have the names of the people


The Marriage Licence Bond index for the Diocese of Killaloe covering the years 1766-1845 only contains 375 names in all...some of these are guarantors so that explains the uneven number in a list of couples....not my maths The Diocese of Killaloe covers mainly Co. Clare, Co. Tipperary, into Co.Offaly, Co. Laois, Co. Limerick.

Of these names approx 353 have addresses associated with them. Not all ML bonds/or grant books have the addresses of the people who are listed. not all the addresses listed are spelled as today or even spelled as per the various townland indices which are available.

I've taken the names, sorted them alphabetically, filled in a few counties where none was listed and put the lot together. I am posting these names as per county lists to some newsgroups. I have not included the year that the bond was for, so if anyone sees someone they are interested in please ask me. Jane O'Brien. It might take a while before I get the information listed for that name back to you - but I will.

Armstead Alice Clare
Arthur Anne Clare
Arthur bridget Clare
Bajer Agnes Clare
Bellasys Margaret Clare
Blackhall Mary Clare
Blood Jane Clare
Bolton Mary Anne Clare
Borough Randal, Esq Clare
Bourke Susanna Clare
Bowler Bridget Clare
Bowles George Clare
Brady Elizabeth Clare
Brew Ellen Adams Clare
Brew George Clare
Brew Jonathan Clare
Brew Richard Clare
Brown Anne Clare
Brown Richard Clare
Butler Catherine Clare
carr Margaret Clare
Carswell Henry Clare
casey Martha Clare
Castle geraldine Clare
Caulfield James Clare
Chadwick Sarah Clare
Chartres Frances Clare
Connell Ann Clare
Connell Maurice Clare
Crowe Robert, Esq Clare
Cullinan Margaret Clare
Curtis Susanna Clare
D'Arcy Dominic, Esq Clare
Davoren Frances Clare
Drew Anastasia Clare
Dulhunty Catherine Clare
Ellse Mary Clare
Finnucane Morgan, Esq Clare
Fitzgerald Richard Bolster Clare
Flanagan Loughlin Clare
Flanary Darby Clare
French Honora Clare
Gleeson Anne Clare
Gleeson Roger Clare
Grady Patrick Clare
Gregg Jonathan, Esq Clare
Gulley Esmond Clare
Gunn Giles Clare
Harvey Robert Clare
Hayes James Clare
Hehir James Clare
Hemsworth Elenor Clare
Hickman Richd. Esq Clare
Hogan Bridget Clare
Huleatt John, Rev. Clare
Hunt Ellen Clare
Ievers Ann Clare
ievers Hannah Clare
Ievers john, Esq Clare
Johnson Daniel Clare
Jones John Clare
Julie Bridget Clare
Kelly Mary Anne Clare
Kendall Rebecca Clare
Langton John Stephen Clare
Lawless Matilda Clare
Lynch Catherine Clare
Madget Margaret Clare
McCarthy Mary Clare
McCarthy Thomas Clare
McDonnell William, Rev Clare
McInerhiny Thomas Clare
McNamara Margaret/Johnson Clare
Merrett Jane Frances Clare
Minahan John Clare
Molony Margaret Clare
Monsell Jane Clare
Moore Thomas Clare
Moore Thomas Clare
Morken Margaret Clare
Morrison Mary Clare
Newton William Clare
North Mary Anne Clare
Nowlan Daniel, Rev Clare
O'Brien Anne Clare
O'Brien Edward Clare
O'Brien William Clare
O'Callaghan Charles Clare
O'Connell Mrs Clare
O'Gorman Catherine Clare
Palmer James Clare
Pilkington Abigail Clare
Pinchin Elizabeth Clare
Piper Catherine Clare
Raynard Jane Clare
Sargint John Clare
Scanlan Michael Clare
Shone Thomas Clare
Singleton john Clare
Sittred Eleanor Clare
Smith Ann Clare
St. John Hellen Clare
Stackpool William Clare
Stackpoole Mary Clare
Stapleton Sarah Clare
Stinson William Clare
Stritch Abraham Colclough Clare
Sullivan John Clare
Sullivan Maurice Clare
Sweeny Margaret Clare
Swyny Elizabeth Clare
Trousdell Anne Clare
Trousdell Frances Clare
Trousdell Mary Clare
Vaughan daniel Clare
Wall Alice Clare
Wall Luke Clare
Western MAry Clare
White Henry Clare
White Mary Clare
Wilson Edward Lucius Clare
Wilson Ellen Clare
Wolf Bridget Clare
Woods Anne Clare
Worrall Margaret Clare
Worrall Rebecca Clare
Worrell Anne Clare
Worrell Anne Clare
Worrell John Clare
Woulfe Alicia Clare
Young Michael Clare

Trench John Cork
Waters John Cork

Cashell Rowan, Esq Dublin
Cooke Thomas Lalor, Esq. Dublin
Goulding William Dublin
Graydon Alexander, Esq Dublin
McDonnell Hugh, Esq Dublin
McGregor John James Dublin
McNiven Richd. Charles Dublin
Minnitt William Dublin
O'Callaghan Cornelius Dublin
Pelham Henry Dublin

Bourchier Ann Galway
Bourchier John Galway
Bourchier Mary Galway
Brady William Galway
Clarke Alice Galway
Clarke Hesther Galway
Clarke John Galway
Darcy Stephen, Esq Galway
Doolan William, Esq Galway
Holland Anthony Galway
Holland Mary Galway
Long Benn Galway
Long John Galway
Long Mary Anne Galway
McDonough Allen Galway
Owens Elizabeth Galway
Page Jane Galway
Ryan Nathaniel Galway
Singleton John Galway
Turner Robert Galway
Wakely Eliza Galway

Roche John Madget Kerry

Minchin James Kilkenny

Anglesey John Kings/Offaly
Anglesey John Kings/Offaly
Brereton Arthur Kings/Offaly
Cruess George Kings/Offaly
Cruess Joseph Robert, Esq Kings/Offaly
Cuthbert John Kings/Offaly
Davis John Kings/Offaly
Davis William Kings/Offaly
Delany Andrew Kings/Offaly
Dillon Thomas Kings/Offaly
Drought William Kings/Offaly
Goulding Samuel Kings/Offaly
Haughton George Kings/Offaly
Howard Robert Kings/Offaly
Legg Thomas Kings/Offaly
McAvoy James Kings/Offaly
Monck Richard Kings/Offaly
Simpson John Kings/Offaly
Summers Denis Kings/Offaly
Abbott Mary Anne King's/Offaly
Acheson Ann King's/Offaly
Antisell Lucinda King's/Offaly
Armstrong Anne King's/Offaly
Ashton Sarah King's/Offaly
Berry Pris King's/Offaly
Bryan Mary Anne King's/Offaly
Collagan Mary King's/Offaly
Darby Susan King's/Offaly
Davis Ann King's/Offaly
Doolan Frances King's/Offaly
Doolan Mary King's/Offaly
Drought Jane King's/Offaly
Fegan Jane King's/Offaly
French Mary Isabella King's/Offaly
Hackett Sarah King's/Offaly
Hastings Mary King's/Offaly
Hobbard Mary Anne King's/Offaly
Lake Frances King's/Offaly
Lucas Mary Anne King's/Offaly
Lucas Phebe King's/Offaly
Maria Wraymount King's/Offaly
McDonough Eliza King's/Offaly
Mitchell Jane King's/Offaly
Newbould Jane King's/Offaly
Palmer Hannah King's/Offaly
Shepherd Mary King's/Offaly
Sheppard Sarah King's/Offaly
Smith Frances King's/Offaly
Whitten Catherine King's/Offaly
Wright Mary Anne King's/Offaly
Russell Robert Wilson, Rev. Leitrim

Adams Elizabeth Limerick
Carroll John Limerick
Furnell Michael, Esq Limerick
Gunn Mary Limerick
Harte Richard Limerick
Hodges William Limerick
Morony Edmond Limerick
Peat Clement John Limerick
Rowe Pierce Limerick
Trousdell John Limerick
Waring Julia Limerick
Willson Richard Limerick

Holland Susanna Queen's/Lois
Brecar Thomas Queen's/Laois
Brereton Thomas Queen's/Laois
Carey Frederick Queen's/Laois
Ely George Queen's/Laois
Hipwell John Queen's/Laois

Tydd Joice Roscommon

Abbott Francis Tipperary
Abernethy Catherine Tipperary
Allen Jane Henrietta Tipperary
Anderson Debara Tipperary
Armstrong Mary Tipperary
Beedle Ellinor Tipperary
Bethel Ellinor Tipperary
Boakes Edward Tipperary
Brazil Sarah Tipperary
Brerton John, Esq Tipperary
Brindley Sarah Tipperary
Burgess Manly Tipperary
Byrn Dixon Tipperary
Byrne Bridget Tipperary
Byrne Eliza Tipperary
Cantrell/Poe ?? Tipperary
Cashell Catherine Tipperary
Chapman Richard Tipperary
Clanchy George Tipperary
Clebourne Anne Tipperary
Collins Bartholomew Tipperary
Cruess Anne Tipperary
Dagg Jane Tipperary
Dagg John Tipperary
Dagg Mary Tipperary
Dagg Mary Tipperary
Dagg Thomas Tipperary
dagge William Tipperary
Davis John Tipperary
Davis William Tipperary
Draper John Tipperary
Duggan/O'Meara Margaret Tipperary
Duke Alicia Tipperary
Dunn Alice Tipperary
Dwyer William Tipperary
Evans William Tipperary
Gardiner William Tipperary
Guest George Tipperary
Hackett Anne Tipperary
Haskett Anne Tipperary
Hawkshaw Ann Tipperary
Hayes Catherine Tipperary
Hayes Richard Tipperary
Head George Tipperary
Hewetson Richard Tipperary
Hill John Tipperary
Hodgings Thomas Tipperary
Hodgins Esther Tipperary
Hodgins George Tipperary
Hodgins James Tipperary
Hodgins Sarah Tipperary
Hogan William Tipperary
Hopper Arthur Tipperary
Hunt Arabella Tipperary
Hunt William Tipperary
Johnson Elizabeth Tipperary
Kelly Bridget Tipperary
Kennedy Hugh Tipperary
Kent Rendal Tipperary
Kiernan John Francis Tipperary
Lamb Jane Tipperary
Laurence Elizabeth Tipperary
Lee/Proctor Anne Tipperary
Lewis john Tipperary
Lidwell James Tipperary
Lyndon Jane Tipperary
Lynn Jane Tipperary
Maxwell Sarah Tipperary
Maxwell Thomas Tipperary
McCauley Rosetta Matilda Tipperary
McNamara Timothy Tipperary
M'Gennis catherine Tipperary
Minchin William, Rev Tipperary
Mortished Catherine Tipperary
Murphy catherine Tipperary
Newstead William Tipperary
Nicholson Maria Tipperary
Oakley Elenor Tipperary
Osbourne Henry Tipperary
Palmer Elizabeth Tipperary
Parker William Tipperary
Powell George Tipperary
Powell Robert Tipperary
Power Edward Tipperary
Power Honora Tipperary
Prittie Adam Tipperary
Prittie Mary Tipperary
Prittie Mary Anne Tipperary
Ralph catherine Tipperary
Ralph Margaret Tipperary
Ralph William Tipperary
Reid Samuel Tipperary
Richardson Wm. Frederick Tipperary
Roane Lydia Tipperary
Ryland Catherine Tipperary
Smith Elizabeth Tipperary
Stoney Mary Tipperary
Talbot Mary Tipperary
Talbott Mary Anne Tipperary
Toler Henrietta Tipperary
Townsend Martha Tipperary
Travers John, Rev. Tipperary
Tucker Peter Tipperary
Turpin John Tipperary
Tydd Jane Tipperary
Walker Rachel Tipperary
Watson Feltan Tipperary
Westropp Dorothy Tipperary
White Jane Tipperary
Wilkinson Susanna Tipperary
Wills George Tipperary
Wright John Alexander Tipperary
Young Catherine Tipperary
Mary Rose Tipperary

Goodlett David, Esq Tyrone

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