National School Teachers

National School Teachers

Updated 27 June 1999

Submitted by Jane Lyons and posted here with her kind permission.

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Pre 1800 there were Charter schools and hedge schools and all kinds of other charitable schools.

Post 1800 there was the Kildare Place Society est 1811. Nice article on that in the Kerry Archaeological and Historical Journal Board of National education est 1831.

1834 there were 9537 daily school in Ireland....over half of these were private, plus another 892 or so in the National Schools system...618 supported by the London Hibernian Society & 235 by the Kildare Place Society..

Kildare Place Society includes registers of trainee teachers from 1814-54. No real genealogical information to be had : Date of entry, discharge, age, religious denomination, who recommended them, where they were educated, who paid their fees, where they taught..

The Second report of the commission of Irish Education enquiry contains lists of schools in the country for 1826-27, names of teachers..

"Schoolmasters and Schoolmistresses in Ireland 1826-27": Dorothy Rines Dingfelder & E.J. McAuliffe (California, 1982) is an edited version of these lists and is in four vols...

Teachers salary books held by National Archives Dublin arranged by need to know where the person worked..and they are not very informative. Lots of names....but these are so big that they are stored off site and need to be ordered a day in advance of your visit to the National archives..

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