Irish Work House Records

Irish Work House Records

Updated 27 June 1999

Submitted by Jane Lyons and posted here with her kind permission.

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There are Indoor and outdoor registers in existance for some places.

Indoor registers in some instances give information on the following:
Name & Surname; age; marital status if adult; status if child; religion; disability if there was one, spouses name and children, where they came from and date of admissin, leaving or death.

Outdoor registers:
Name, age, maritial status, spouse, children, where from

As with parish records these are the categories which there is supposed to be information on , that is no guarantee that any union actually took all this information.

Survival of records has been poor and more so in areas where famine hit worst unfortunately. All documents pertaining to workhouses have not been collected and stored in central archival unit yet. 33 Unions were created during the famine and some unions changed names or parts of them became part of other unions. some unions cross county boundaries.

Other records survive besides the inmate listings, but these are the ones of most concern to those who earch for information from the time of the famine.

Minute books generally give no mor than information on the running of the workhouse, same goes for rough minute books. General Ledgers give information on monetary transactions, personal ledgers give info on officers of teh union. Rate books list info on tenements, but also the occupier and immediate lessor in some instances. Some unions kept vaccination records, some death and birth records, electoral records.

Those records still in existance do not necessarily cover the whole period of the famine. Some give information from c. 1840 and then others may just give information on one year.

The following is alist of Poor Law Unions which have some information on work house registers The information is held in different parts of the country. Some of it in the PRONI in Belfast, in those instances I simply list a P, others are held by the National Archives (NA) or National Library in Dublin, or in the county libraries. Some may have been filmed and held by LDS centres.

Co. Antrim:
Antrim: Indoor workhouse registers - P
Ballycastle: Indoor workhouse registers - P
Ballymoney: INdoor workhouse registers - P
Larne: INdoor workhouse registers - P

Co. Armagh
Armagh: Outdoor workhouse books - P
Armagh: Indoor WOrkhouse registers - P
Lurgan: Indoor workhouse books - P
Newry: Outrelief lists for Ballymoyler

Co. Cork
Cork: Indoor workhouse register - Cork Archives Institute
Kinsale: Indoor workhouse register - CAI
Middleton- Indoor workhouse books - CAI

Co. Donegal
Glenties: Indoor workhouse register - Co. Library
Inishowen: Indoor workhouse register - Co. Library
Letterkenny: Outdoor register - Co. Library

Co. Dublin
Dublin North: Indoor workhouse registerts - NA
Dubin south: Indoor workhouse registers - NA
Rathdown: Indoor workhouse registers - NA

Co. Fermanagh
Enniskilen: Out relief registers - P
Enniskillen: Indoor workhouse registers - P
Lowtherstown (Irvinestown): Out relief register - P
Lowtherstown (Irvinestown) Indoor workhouse registers - P
(part of Lowtherstown is in Co's Tyrone and Donegal)

Co Derry (Londonderry)
Magherafelt: Indoor workhouse register - P

Co. Offaly (King's Co.)
Parsonstown (Birr) : Indoor workhouse register - Co. Library
(part of this covers part of co. Tipperary)

Co. Tipperary
Thurles: Indoor workhouse rgisters - Co. Library

Co. Wicklow:
Rathdrum: indoor workhouse registers - Courthouse, Wicklow

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