Contents Vol. 1,
Journal of the Cork Archaeological and Historical Society
- second series, 1895
Co. Cork

Updated 17 Jan 2000

Transcribed from public records by Anita Sheahan Coraluzzi and posted here with her kind permission.

Contents Vol. 1, Journal of the Cork Archaeological and Historical Society(JCHAS) - second series, 1895
Item # 7, from LDS film # 1279254
Armorial Bearings of the Province of Munster, and Chief Towns in the County of Cork
Armorial Bearings of the Bishoprics of Cork, Cloyne and Ross (with explanations)
From drawings by John Vinycomb, M.R.I.A.
Contributed Papers--

Seige of Rathbarry Castle 1642 (From a manuscript in the British Museum)-
Edited by Herbert Webb Gillman, B.I., V.P.
Photographic views by W.R. Atkins, F.C.A., M.R.S.A. page 1
Description of Rathbarry, with Plan, page 4
Earliest History of Rathbarry, page 6

Stray Notes on some Castles of the County of Cork page 20
Blarney, with view

Bonaparte on board the 'Bellerophon', July 1815- Letter of Ephraim Graebke. Contributed by Rev. Courtenay Moore, M.A. page 31

Silver Notes in the County Cork- Robert Day, F.S.A. Pres. page 33

Huguenot Settlers in Youghal - Robert Day, F.S.A. Pres. page 34

The Old Dublin Bankers, C.M. Tenison pages, 36 & 227

Cork M.P.'s, 1559-1800, C.M. Tenison, pages; 39, 73, 117, 176, 230, 276, 322, 377, 421, 471, 522, 561.
(The M.P's are listed by name, 2 full pages, 4 columns of names, too numerous to list here)

Extracts from the Letter Book of Joseph ffrancklyn, Mayor of Cork in 1708.
Edited by Denham Franklin, Hon. Sec. page 49

Persons Remarkable in Local History - James Coleman, St. Beretchert, the Saxon Saint of Tullylease, County Cork, with illustration page 61

Rev. Daniel A. O'Sullivan, Irish Scholar and Poet page 105

John Hogan, the Irish Sculptor, with portrait page 261

Dr. John Milner-Barry, with illustration page 305

The Old Priests - Monuments Erected to their Memory in the County and City of Cork, W.C.
Kilgariff (Clonakilty) p.97
Abbeystrowery (Skibbereen) p.98
Templerobbin (Queenstown) p.99
Kilmurry (Inniscarra) p. 101
Donoughmore (East Muskerry) p.102
Marmullane (Passage West) p.103
Caherlag (Lower Glanmire) p.103
St. John's (Cork City) p.104
Clogoch (Timoleague) p.104

Medal of the Bandon Boyne Volunteers, with illustration, Robert Day, F.S.A. Pres. page 111

Flags of the Cork True Blue, 1745, with illustration, Robert Day, F.S.A., Pres. page 158

Guidon of the Blackpool Horse, 1776, with illustration, Robert Day, F.S.A., Pres. page 260

Medal of the Cork True Blue, with illustration Robert Day, F.S.A., Pres. page 260

Port of Cork Steamships from 1815-1894, with illustrations of the 'Sirius', the first steamer that crossed the Atlantic, and the 'Severn', by William J. Barry page 145&433

Some Advantages of Archaelogical Study, by Rev. Canon Courtenay Moore, M.A. page 180

A Bishop-King of Cashel, with illustration and general Ground Plan of Cashel, M.T. Kelly page 193

Recollections of Castle-Hyde, by J. Roderick O'Flanagan page 200

History of a Townland in Muskerry, with Glimpses of Country Life Herbert Webb Gillman page 218

Lough Gur, with illustrations J.F.Lynch page 141 & 289

Supplementary Notes on some of the Antiquities discovered in Lough Gur Robert Day, F.S.A. Pres. page 281

Singular Career of an Irish Prelate, or, Passages from the Life of Maurice Riogh FitzGibbon, Archbishop of Cashel, 1567 M.T.Kelly page 312

Crofton Croker's Gold Plates found in County Cork James Coleman, M.R.S.A. page 328

The Nicknames of the Fiants Rev. John Lyons, P.P. page 337
Military Terms, p.338
Colours, p.339
Physical Qualities, p.339
Moral Qualities, p.340
Residence, p.342
Trades, Occupations, etc., p.343
Miscellaneous, p.343

Notes from the Council Book of Clonakilty - Municipal Records of Clonakilty, 1675-1803 pp's. 346, 385,447,514,558
Pedigree of the Moore Family-page 385

An Historical Account of the Dominicans of Cork, from 1229, the year of their first foundation in the City, to our own times, with illustrations Rev. James A. Dwyer, O.P. pp's. 357,404,456,544
Chap.i The Years of Prosperity, p.358
Chap.ii The Long and Dark Night of Persecution, p.360
Chap. iii The Dawn of a Brighter Day, p.404
Chap. iv Unexpected Blessings, p.456
Chap. v A Succeeding of Joys and Sorrows, p.544

The Ancient School of Cork, with Annals J.P. Hayes page 369

Around Cork with Pen and Pencil, with illustrations J.P.D. page 402

Folk-Lore of the Months- by Mananaan MacLir pp's. 413-553
Introductory, p.413
January, p.413
February, p.415
March, p.553

The Cork Literary and Scientific Society, its Rise and Progress F.W. Allman p.463

Togher Castle and District, County Cork, with Plans, Maps and illustrations. Rev. J. Lyons, P.P. and H.W. Gillman, R.L.V.P.
Photographic Views by Denham Franklin, Hon. Sec.
Description of the Castle, with Plans, p.481
History of Togher, p.486
Togher, p.491
The Estate of the MacCarthy's of Glenn-a -chroim, with map p.493

A Knight of the Road and Sea- Thomas Stukeley p.498

The Rise and Progress in Munster of the Rebellion, 1642 (From a manuscript in the British Museum) Edited by Herbert Webb Gillman p.529

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