Kilbehenny Grave Inscriptions

Kilbehenny Grave Inscriptions
Co. Cork

Updated 16 June 1999

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Kilbehenny Co. Limerick - 4 miles NE of Mitchelstown Co. Cork. Cemetary contains many from the Fermoy/Mitchelstown area, burials from about 1750 to about 1850. If you have an interest in this area of NE County Cork, I think it worthwhile to scan the whole list.

The following are edited versions of the inscriptions. The name after the - is the relative who erected the headstone.

AHERN, Owen died 1751 age 71
BARRET, Edmond died 1831 - son Patrick BARRET of Cahergall.
BUCKLY, Ellen died 1818 age 41 - husband James BUCKLY of Fermoy.
CASEY, Will'm of Gerah died 1841 age 63. Wife Elizabeth CASEY nee TOBIN died 1842 age 55 - son Patrick CASEY.
CLEARY, John of Beehehagh died 1813 age 54. Daughter Margaret CLEARY died 1820 age 21 - son/brother William CLEARY.
CLEARY, erected by Thomas CLEARY in memory of his father Patrick CLEARY of Loughaun (?) also his wife Johanna. His brother John died 1832 age 35.
CONDON, Richard died 1804 age 28 - mother Margaret CONDON.
CONDON, Patrick died 1847 age 37 - son Redmond CONDON of Mitchelstown.
CONDON, David of Gerah died 1850 age 70. Son David died 1842 age 22. And Mary died 1839 age 16. And Hanora died 1839 age 12.
CORKERY, Denis died1825 age 45 - wife Mary CORKERY of Carragane.
CULL, erected by Edmond CULL of memory of his father John Cull who died 1796 aged 81 years. Also his wife Catherine CULL alias CLEARY...........
CULL, William died 1797 age 86. Wife Johanna A...died 1797 age 81. Daughter Mary died 1796 age 40 - son/brother John CULL.
DUNLAY, erected by James DUNLAY of Cooleregan in memeory of his daughter Margaret DUNLAY who died 1829 age 22 years. Also his nephew and neice Joh (sic) and Bridget DUNLAY.
DUNN, Catherine of Ra.....died 1836 age 21 - brothers Michael, John and William DUNN.
DWIRE, ...erected by William DWIRE in memory of his wife Mary KIELY died 1780 age 26.
DWORTY, Darby died 1774 age 55. Daughter Honora died Mar 1784 age 32 - wife/mother Catherine DWORTY.
DWORTY, erected by William DWORTY of Upper Benigh in memory of his beloved daughter Honora NOONAN alias DWORTY who dep'd 1823 age 23.
DWYER, erected by Honora DWYER in memory of her uncle Rev Roger O DWYER (sic) PP of Kildorrery who died 1795. Also her brother Roger DWYER died 1833.
ENGLISH, Edmon'd died 1788 age 83 - son Edm'd.
FINN, erected by John FINN of Mitchelstown in memory of his father Patrick FINN deceased 1791 aged 73 years. Also his son Edm'd deceased 1786......
FITZGERALD (FitzGerald), James died 1791 age 52. Son John died 1794 age 21. Son William died 1810 age 41. - daughter Ellen O BRIEN.
FITZGERALD (FitzGerald), John died 1797 age 84. Wife Mary died 1791 age 78. Son William died 1800 age 56. - grandson/son James FITZGERALD.
FITZGERALD (FitzGerald), David. Son John died 1799 age 26 - daughter/sister Catherine FITZGERALD.
FITZGERALD (FitzGerald) , Maurice of Boher died 1811 age 49 (?) - son William FITZGERALD.
FITZGERALD (FitzGerald) David died 1851 age 70. Son David died 1849. - wife/mother Catherine FITZGERALD of Kilglass.
GALLA(G)HOO, Denis died 1830 age 21, mother Eliza GALLAGHOO died 1837 age 48 - Father/husband Thomas GALLAHOO of Anglesborough.
GORMAN, Here lieth the body of Ellen GORMAN who departed July 15th 1798 aged 33 year. Erected by John GORMAN and Timothy his son.
GORMAN, Erected by Ellen GORMAN alias REARDON of Ballilona in memory of her husband David GORMAN who died June 1 1819 aged 57. Also Mary GORMAN who died June 21 1817 age 21 years.
HANRAHAN, John died 1821 age 26 - Father Roger HANRAHAN of Ballybire.
HANRAHAN, Michael died 1863 age 94 - daughter Margaret O BRIEN of Mitchelstown.
HEFFERNAN, John died 1789 age 31. His mother Margaret QUIN died 1770 age...
HENESY, Peter died 1764 age 73.
HENESY, James died 1826 age 33 - Parents William HENESY and Elinor CULL, Skehee.
HENNESSY, erected by Matthew HENNESSEY in memory of his father John HENNESSY who departed this life Feb 12th 1773 aged 62 years. His wife Margaret HICKEY who departed this life March Ist 1790 aged 80 years.
HICKEY, Here lieth the remains of Catherine HICKEY alias HYN.... who died Oct 5th 1750 aged 54 years. Also Mary HICKEY died Oct 18th 1763 aged 34 years. Erected by John HICKEY of Pelkeny (sic) who died July 21st 1777 aged...........Alos James HICKEY who departed Nov 10th 1820 aged 54 years. Michael HICKEY..........
HYLAND, John late of Ballinilard died 1842 age 54. - Son Robert of Ballycrana.
KEILY, John died 1787 age 52 - wife Mary MAHONY.
KEILY, Ellen died 1792 age 42 - brother James KEILY.
KEILY, Mary alias H..... died 1803 age 42 - son James KEILY.
KEILY, erected by John, William and James KEILY in memory of their beloved father Philip KEILY, late of Longford, who departed this life Aug 9th 1826 aged 79 years..... Renewed by the Rev, Jospeh M KEILY of Chicago in memory of his grandfather William KEILY and his father William KEILY who died Feb 1908 aged 93 years.
KEILY, Roger of Kiltankin died 1817 age 74. Son Patrick KIELY of Kiltankin died 1830 age 64 years. - Son Philip KEILY of Waterford.
KEILY, Thomas of Kilglass died 1837 age 67. - Sons Roger and Thomas Keily.
KENT, John died 1838 age 27. Sister Mary died 1845 age 22 - brother Laurence KENT of Gerah.
KILMARTIN, erected by Michael WALSH of Coolnay in memory of his mother Bridget KILMARTIN who died 1831 age 55. Also her mother Margaret GORMAN died 1810 age 60.
LUDDY, erected by William LUDDY in memory of his father Thomas LUDDY (who) died 1788 aged 56 years Renewed by Jer'h LUDDY of Spittle in memory of his father, William LUDDY (who) departed March 1839 aged 69 years. Also his brother John died 1826 aged 34 years. His sister Catherine LUDDY, alias FENNELL, died 1842 aged 48.
LUDDY erected by Timothy LUDDY in memory of his father John LUDDY of Coolregan who departed life June 5th 1823 aged 60 years. Also his son Thomas and his daughter Mary......
LUDDY, Johanna alias KEILY died 1833 age 60 - husband Patrick LUDDY of Coolregan.
LUDDY, erected in memory of William LUDDY and his wife Margaret. Renewed by Patrick LUDDY of Coolyregan in memory of his father Patrick LUDDY who died 1846 aged 90 years. His brother John died Nov 1839 aged 52 years. Also his brother Timothy died 1864 aged 65 years. His daughter Johana LUDDY alias FENNESSY died Jan 1866 aged 27 years.
LYNCH, Richard of Gerah died 1837 age 72 - sons David and James LYNCH.
MC CRAITH, Ellen died 1840 age 20 - mother Ellen MC CRAITH alias KENT of Gerah.
MC MAHON, Rev John MC MAHON PP of Imogeely died 1790 age 73 - nephew Darby MC MAHON.
MAGNER, Mary nee KEILY died 1781 age 36. Husband James MAGNER died 1799 age 62.
MAHONY erected by Julian MAHONY in memory of her father Daniel MAHONY deceased December 6th 1759 aged 68 years. Also her mother Catherine MAHONY aged 58 years. Her daughter Mary MC CRAIGH aged 28 years and Ellen MC CRAIGH aged 26 years.
MAHONY, Daniel died 1768 age 66.
MAHONY, Elizabeth alias KELY died 1779 age 50 - husband Daniel MAHONY.
MAHONY, erected by Edm'd MAHONY of Bogaderry in memory of his father Daniel MAHONY who departed Feb'y 26, 1789 aged 60 years. Also his mother Margaret MAHONY alias TOBIN departed Nov 6th 1781 aged 35 years. Also his sister Norry departed Jan 29th 1826...
MAHONY, David of Leitrim died 1807 age 60 - wife Mary CLANCY.
MAHONY, Judith died 1801 age 38. Daughter Margaret died 1809 age 38 - husband/father Patrick MAHONY of Cahergal.
MAHONY, John of Spring died 1850 age 84. Wife Catherine died 1853 age 72. Son Thomas died 1878 age 59.
O MAHONY, Altar tomb this is the burial place of the O MAHONYS.
MOLAN, erected by Ellen PRENDERGAST in memory of her husband Daniel MOLAN OF Kiltankin who died Dec 11th 1770 aged 55 years. Also her daugher Johanna MOLAN died May 23rd 1813 aged 45. Daniel MOLAN died October 6 1825. His wife Ellen died May 1829.
MOLAN, erected by Edm MOLAN in memory of his father Edm MOALN late of Ballycrana who departed this life Jan 4th 1782 age 55 years. Also his grandson John MOLAN who died April 4th 1808 aged 23.
MOLAN, Johanna died 1804 age 36. Son Patrick MOLAN died same date age 12 - husband/father Michael MOLAN.
MULLINS, Daniel died 1801 age 74 - son James MULLINS Daniel MULLINS of Inchacome (sic) died 1883 age 85.
NUNAN, Daniel died 1808 age 71. Grandson Daniel NUNAN died 1816 - son/father John NOONAN of Ms Town (Mitchelstown).
NUNAN, Timothy late of Mitchelstown died 1829 age 50. Son Daniel NUNAN died 1826 age 19.
O BRIEN, Murtough died 1764 age 52.
O BRIEN (BRYAN), John BRYAN died 1778 age 58 ( born in Newcastel, Ballyporeen, Co. Tipp.) - wife Joan FORD.
O BRIEN, Edm'd died 1792 - son John O BRIEN.
O BRIEN, Thomas died 1832 age 25 - father Thomas O BRIEN of Garryleagh.
O BRIEN, Patrick died 1839 age 74. Daughter Ellen O BRIEN died 1837 age 27 - son/brother Michael O BRIEN of Coolanave.
POWER, erected by John POWER in memory of his son James POWER of Mitchelstown died 1866 age 26. His father Edmond POWER died 1820 age 78. Also his wife Honora POWER died 1854 age 58.
QUINLAN, Rev Thomas PP of Rathcormack died 1807 age 47. Rev Michael QUINLAN died 1826 age 42. Rev. Thomas QUINLAN RCC died 1837 - renewed by Thomas QUINLAN of Ballygiblin(?).
RYAN, Joanna nee O DONNELL died 1824 age 56 - son Patrick RYAN.
SCHANACY, John died 1820 age 56 - son Thomas SCHANACY.
SHEALY, Mary nee HENNESSY died 1779 age 25(?). Son James........ - husband/father James SHEALY.
SHEALY, Terence died 1799 age 75. Terence SHEALY junior died 1797 age 16 - James SHEALY of Poulkerry.
SHEALY, Patrick died 1803 age 21 - father James SHEALY of Poulkerry.
SHEALY, John died 1819 age 16 - father John SHEALY of Carragane Renewed by John and James SHEALY of Carragane in memory of their father John SHEALY died 1835 age 56.
SLATERY, Darby died 1772 age 60. Son David died 1789 age 27.
SLATTERY, Patrick of Skeheeenarinky died 1821 age 61. Sons William SLATTERY died 1856. Edmond SLATTERY died in 1888. Thomas SLATTERY died 1885 age 75.
SLATTERY, Patrick died 1869 age 80. Son Thomas died 1855.....-son/brother William SLATTERY of Skeheenarinky.
WALSH O Lord have mercy on the soul of Thomas WALSH who lived beloved and died in peace with his neighbours May ye 11th 1803 age 55 years. Erected by his wife Catherine WALSH alias MASON. Also on ye soul of his son Thomas who died Jan ye 21st 1802 age 25 years..
WALSH, Edmond died 1817 age 24 - father Rob't WALSH.
WILLIAMS, David of Kiltankin died 1811 age 68. Wife Catherine WILLIAMS alias HENESEY died 1815 age 67.

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