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Originally published as "State-Aided Emigration Schemes from Crown Estates
in Ireland c. 1850" in Analecta Hibernica, No.22 Dublin 1960
Excerpted and reprinted: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.
Baltimore, 1977,1978,1983,1993
Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number 76-39654
International Standard Book Number 0-8063-0748-X
Made in the United States of America

State Aided Emigration Schemes From Ireland

From the crown estate of Kingwilliamstown situated in the parish of Nohaval Daly, barony of Duhallow, near Kantuck and the Cork-Kerry border, in Co. Cork. While compiling the Ordanance Survey, Richard Griffith in a corresponce on April 11, 1849 recommended to the Commissioners of Woods a scheme for the removal of the 'surplus population'. Michael Boyan, the crown agent on the estate, was instructed to prepare lists of those who would emigrate willingly, or whose compulsory removal was necessary for 'improvements ' on the estate.

The first party of 119,left Kingwilliamstown for Cork on August 30,1849. They sailed for Liverpool on the Nimrod and embarked for N.Y. on the Columbus on September 7, 1849. Three persons died at sea between Cork and Liverpool and two sisters were sent home, so that only 114 persons sailed from Liverpool.

A second party, consisting of thirty-six persons left Cork for Liverpool on June 15,1850 and arrived at N.Y. shortly before July 29, 1850. (Several of this group settled in Buffalo).

A third party of seventeen left Cork on October 5, 1850

The fourth and last party of nineteen ,sailed from Cork for Liverpool on September 20, 1851.This brought the total number of emigrants to 191 at a cost of 904 pounds 1s. 4d.

The crown estate which was referred to as the 'mountain pasture of Pobble O'Keefe' in older surveys, was sold by auction in five lots in April 1855 for a total sum of 14,520 pounds. The village which has grown on part of the estate has within the last few years been renamed to Ballydesmond.

Legend w-wife, s-son, d=daughter, sis=sister, m=mother, b=brother, bil=brother in law, sil=sister in law, fil=father in law, n=niece ,*=no relationship specified Party 1=Left Kingwilliamstown for Cork on Aug.30,1849,Sailed for Liverpool aboard the 'Nimrod" and embarked for N.Y. on Sept.7,1849 aboard the Columbus. Arrived N.Y. Oct.22,1849.
Party 2=Left Cork for Liverpool on June 15,1850,and arrived at N.Y. shortly before July 29,1850.
Party 3=Left Cork on Oct.5,1850
Party 4=Left Cork for Liverpool on Sept.20,1851
Additionally,eldest daughter of Daniel Sullivan,caretaker of Kingwilliamstown Model farm,also described as woodranger;six pounds advanced by the Treasury,April,25,1855 departed Liverpool Summer of 1855

Party / Emigrants Surname and Given Names / Age / Relationship
4 Buckley - Darby 51,Mary 39w,John 2s,Michael 16s,Tade 18s,Johanna 9d,Margaret 5d,Mary 12d 1 Casey - John 56(w named Rosian,two d's were sent back from Liverpool. One had 'not use of one leg'. Mary Sullivan was of this family group),Michael13s,Bab or Barbara19d,Johanna18d,Rosean16d
2 Collins - Mary 27(niece of Mary Guiney; left w/Guiney family & probably went to Buffalo w/them)
1 Connel - David 45,Margaret 35w,Dan 15s,Jerry 10s,John 13s,Pat 3s,Eileen 1/2d,Johanna 8d, Margaret 9d, Mary 5d
1 Connell - Patrick 50,Ellen 44w,Dan 16s,John 13s,Phillip 19s,Johanna 4d,Judy 15d,Margaret 7d,Ma ry 22d
1 Cremin - John 28(b of Timothy who did not emig.),Kitty 25w,Timothy 1/4s
2 Cronin - Betty 17 (d of Mary Cronin, widow of John of Glencollins, who did not emig.;went to Norfolk)
1 Daly - Daniel 50(died on the way to America),Margaret 50w,John 26s(went to Norfolk),Bessy 25d,Judy 20d,Margaret 19d
1 Danihy - Denis(Daniel) 40(died on the way to Liverpool-wife and family went to Buffalo),Johanna 40w,Con 15s,Dan 17s,Denis 7s,Matt 5s,Michael 13s,Mary 19d,Mary 13n( brother Michaels daughter)
1 Danihy - Denis(Matt)60 settled in Buffalo, Johanna 50w,Daniel 19s,Denis 7s,John 17s,Matt 21s,Michael 11s,Tade 3s,Bridget 15d,Eileen 10d,Mary 23d
2 Danihy - John 25(son of Ellen,brother Daniel did not emig.),James 21b,Eileen(or Ellen) 27 sis,Kitty 30sis
1 Danihy - Tim 40,Mary 42w,Con 3s,Dan 13s,Michael 8s,Tade 5s,Nelly 10d
2 Dillon - Pat 47( overseer of labourers at Kingwilliamstown had already sent out 2 d's at own expense),Judy 51w,Margaret 23d
2 Duggan - Denis 27(s of Daniel and Mary,his wife who did not emig.)
2 Duggan - Margaret or Madge (d of Harry Duggan a blind man, and Norry, his wife who did not emig.; went to New Jersey) 29,Eileen(or Helen) 25sis went to Buffalo
1 Fenigan - Daniel 55,Johanna 48w,Johanna 20d,Judy 7d,Kitty 10d,Mary 22d
1 Foley or Fowley - John 52,Eileen 50w,Dan 18s,John 21s,Pat 16s,Eileen 28d,Johanna 11d,Julea 8d,Mary 24d( died in Liverpool)
1 Galvin - John 32 a mason,Margaret 30w,Patrick 2s,Tade 4s,Biddy 6d
1 Galvin - Tade 30b of John above
3 Guiney -Darby 45,Kitty 37w,Ben 5s(twin),Dan 17s,Darby 3s,Tade5s(twin),Biddy 9d,Eileen 11d,Joney 13d
2 Guiney - Mary 50 (widow of Benjamin/d of 'Big' Daniel Leary and Johanna, his wife/aunt of Mary Collins above,Ben8s,Dan23s,Tade14s,Gubby11d
2 Keefe - John 25 (s of John & Mary who did not emigrate),Hanora(or Norry) 18sis
1 Keefe or O'Keeffe - Margaret 50,Eugene 17s,Jeane 13d,Johanna 21d,Nano 23d
1 Kelleher - Daniel 69,Dan 29s,Kitty 26(w of Dan jr.),Tade 2s,Kitty 3d,Mary 21d of Daniel sr.,John 36nephew of Daniel sr.
2 Leary - Catherine 22(d of Timothy & Peg who did not emig.)
1 Leary - Connor or Daniel 55(died in hospital shortly after landing),Ellen 50w(widow by Aug.9,1850),Jerry 11s,John 18s,Eileen 16d,Johanna 20d,Mary 13d,Peggy 5d
2 Leary - John 19(s of late John 'Bawn' and Kate Leary/b Pat did not emig.
2 Leary - Mary 22(d of Daniel and Ellen or Peg Leary )
1 Leary - Matthew 50,Mary 45w,Dan 6s,Darby 18s,John 16s,Matt 1s,Pat 13s,Johanna 4d,Judy 20d
1 McAuliffe - Denis 28(s of Robert),Michael 22b,Robert 17b,Johanna 24sis
1 McCarthy - Margaret 22(d of Sandy-carpenter to the Crown estate, and Nell McCarthy )
4 Minehan or Moynihan - Biddy 41(widow,d of Johanna),John 15s,Patrick 12s
2 Moynihane or Moynehan - Denis 33,Johanna 28w,John 2s,Johanna 5d
2 Mahony or Moynehan - Mary 55(widow),Dan 18s,Tade 14s,Ellen 26d,Johanna 21d,Norry1 2d
2 Murphy - J ne 20(d of Michael & Mary Murphy who did not emig.)
2 Murphy - Johanna 20(d of Timothy and Margaret or Mary Murphy who did not emig.)
4 Reen -Darby51,Bridget41w,Jerry9s,John12s,Michael15s,Tade19s,Ellen5d,Mary6d
2 Reen - Denis 25(s of late Darby Reen and Biddy his wife/b of John who did not emig.),Tade 22b
1 Sullivan - John (also called Pat) 35,Ellen 30w,John 1/2s
1 Sullivan - Mary 25(stepdaughter of John Casey)
3 Sullivan - Pat 50,Judy 43w,Dan 4s,John 12s,Michael 8s,Pat 7s,Judy 1d,May 14d

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