Register of Deaths in Ireland 1864
Knocknagree Division,
District of Cullin
Union of Millstreet
District Boherby
Union of Williamstown
Co. Cork

Updated 12 Jan 2004

Transcribed from public records by Patty Pickett and posted here with her kind permission.

Register of Deaths in Ireland 1864, Knocknagree Division, District of Cullin, Union of Millstreet Co. Cork, partial list

2-10-1864, Knocknagree, ELLEN CRONIN, F/ 82, wife of Batt Cronin, deceased, farmer, Knocknagree, bronchitis, cause of death; 7 days duration; Mary Crimmin, aunt, present at death she resides in Nohavale

2-22-1864 Nohivale, DENIS MURPHY, M/56, laborer, abscess cause of death, 12 months duration, Nanno Murphy relative of Lydaun present at death

2-25-1864 Shanballa, DANIEL MAHONEY/M/36, farmer, cause of death oppression= , duration 5 weeks, Patrick Moynihan present at death of same place

District Boherby, Co.Cork, Union of Williamstown

2-6-64 Tureenglanahel, JOHN MURPHY, M, one half day old, newborn farmers child, cause of death convulsions, one hour duration, Eugene Dunlevy, Uncle of same place present at death

2-10-1864 Carriganes, PATRICK WELSH/m/ 9 months/ laborer's child, cause of death whooping cough, duration three weeks, Mary Hickey, cousin of Kiskeam present at death

5-2-1864, DENIS FOLOY/M/80, laborer, cause of death bronchitis, duration one week/ Dennis Foloy son present at death, of Clounts

5-10-1864, Cottage, JERRY MOYNIHAN/m/child- 1/ laborers child, cause of death convulsions, duration one week, Johanne Mohnihan mother present at death

5-1-1864 Shinnagh, ELLEN MOYNIHAN/female/child of one, farmer's child, unknown cause of death, Phillip Moynihan father present at death

5-26-1864 Carraganes, TOBIAS ROCHE/M/80/farmer, unattended, Tobias Roche grandson present at death, he of same place

6-3-1864 Carraganes- MARY ROCHE/F/80, farmer's wife, unattended, Honora Roche daughter in law present at death

4-27-1864 Knocknagree-MARY ROCHE/F/81, unattended, David Cronin grandson of same place present at death

5-4-1864 Shanballa, ABBY SULLIVAN/F/60, Tradesman's wife, unattended, Michael Denahy son present at death, of same place

5-27-1864 Scrahan, MARY GUINEE/f/36/farmer's wife, puerpera fever cause of death, ten day duration, Timothy Guinee present at death of same place (relationship not given)

4-1-1864 Nohavale- JOHN LYNCH/m/70/weaver, bronchitis, 5 days, John B. Cronin clerk of Petty Sessions present at death, he is Knocknagree

3-29-1864 Park, HANORA CRONIN/F/7/farmer's child/convulsion/ 6 hours/Patric= k Cronin father of same place

6-30-1864 Glencollins, NANNO DUGGAN/f/ 2/farmer's child/Mesenteric disease cause of death, one year duration, non medical, Margaret Duggan mother present at death

8-9-1864 Knockavorheen (Boherboy Dist) MARY CASEY/F/ 6 , laborer's child, meningitis epidemic, 15 days duration, Mary Casey present at death of same place

7-7-1864 Gortnaglough (Coom District) BARBARA CROWLEY/f/75/farmers wife, cause of death bronchitis, duration 4 days, John Sullivan, knowledge of death, he of Freemount

7-12-1864 Gneerguilla BARTHOLOMEW DAWLY/M/82, weaver, death caused by old age, unattended, Honora Dawly daughter present

8-7-1864 Lissiconnor, ELLEN CROWLEY/f/4 hours oldl, farmer's child, weakness, unattended, Dennis Crowley father present

8-10-1864 Shinnagh, MARY O'SULLIVAN/F/94/gentlewoman, cause of death decay of nature, Denis O'Sullivan son present

7-17-1864Knocknacoppel(Coom) TIMOTHY BUCKLEY /m/55/farmer, peritonitis cause of death, duration six days, Dennis Scannell present

7-9-1864 Rathmore JOHN SULLIVAN/M/80/smith, train collision, three hour duration, James McDonnell brother in law of Shannagh present at death

7-20-1864 Shannagh DENNIS REED/m/35/phthysis, six months duration, Timothy Reen present he of Shinnagh

9-2-1864 Nohivale EUGENE DALY /m/2, farmer's child, death by scald, seven days duration, unattended, Matthew Daly father

7-31-1864 Nohivale PETER MURPHY/ m/six months old farmer's child , cause of death debility for six months, unattended, Margaret Aheran grandmother of Ruhillmore present at death

9-23-1864 Lyredaowen, PATRICK KEEFFE/ M/ 1 month, farmer's child, death of gen debility of one month duration, unattended, father Patrick Keeffe present

10-18-1864 Turreenclasagh, JOHN MAHONEY/ M/88/farmer death by pleuritis of four days, unattended, Cornelius Mahoney son present at death

10-18-1864 Kiskeam (Boherboy) ELLEN CASEY/f/8 months, farmer and publican's= child, death by whooping cough, John Casey Sr. present at death

11-29-1864 Gneeves Boherboy MARY KEEFFE /f/68, tailor's wife death by bronchitis of 7 days, unattended, Dennis Keeffe husband present at death

12-10-1864 Dromohoe (Boherboy) MICHAEL CASEY/m/11 laborer's son, death by effusioin of the brain, duration of 14 days, mother Ellen present at death.

10-20-1864 Clounts TIMOTHY CONNELL/ M/19 laborer, phthysis of one year cause of death, unattended, Mary Connell present

11-16-1864 Lisheen HONORA HAYES/f/70, laborer's wife, of bronchitis of one week, Darby Ryan son in law of Ballycullane present at death

11-25-1864 Shinnagh, WILLIAM FITZGERALD/ m/ 66 , laborer, mob cardis of five years cause of death, Richard Fitzgerald present at death

11-24-1864 Shinnagh, DANIEL MURPHY, /M/63/laborer/ of smallpox of ten day duration, Dan Murphy nephew, Knowledge of death

11-27-1864 Scrahan, JULIA MURPHY/F/90, widow of Richard Murphy, deceased, cause of death debility 7 days duration, unattended, Timothy Long inmate of house present at death

10-15-1864 Lyreaoun HONORA FITZTGERALD/F/80, wife of William Fitzgerald who is deceased, death by bronchitis 5 years duration, unattended, Timothy Hickey inmate of house present at death

10-27-1864 Knocknagree, WILLIAM CASEY, /m/28, carman, effusion of the brain from violence from coroner's report cause of death, 12 hour duration, Daniel Casey brother present at death

11-5-1864 Lyredaoun, MICHAEL HICKEY/M/2, laborer's son ,death by bronchitis= of two days, father Andrew Hickey present, unattended

12-2-1864 Dromenagh (Cullin) MARY HUDNER/F/80 laborer's wife, debility cause of death, ten days unattended, Patrick Keefe present at death of Dromenagh.

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