Leary Baptisms - St. Finbarr's South Parish
Co. Cork

Updated 28 Dec 1999

Transcribed from public records by Mary McNally and posted here with her kind permission.

The following is a list of Leary Baptisms I received from St. Finbarr's South Roman Catholic Parish in Cork City.
The dates listed are baptismal dates. Hope this helps anyone searching for their Leary ancestors in this part of the city.

Surname:   First Name  dd/mm/yy	     Parents:  
Leary      Humphry     04/15/1839    Humphry Leary & Mary Scanlan
Leary      Humphry     06/16/1805    Mick. Leary & Elizabeth Barry
O'Leary    Humphry     12/29/1800    Cornelius O'Leary & Norry Kelleher
Leary      Hannah      01/26/1806    Jeremiah Leary & Mary Sanders
Leary      Honora      01/03/1790    Arthur Leary & Elizabeth Dorney
Leary      Honora      12/11/1803    Michael Leary & Mary Carrol
Leary      Honora      09/13/1812    Cornelius Leary & Margaret Haly
Leary      Honora      08/20/1800    John Leary & M. Murphy
Leary      Honora      04/24/1839    Daniel Leary & Ellen Horgan
Leary      Joana       03/06/1845    Denis Leary & Joan Mahony
Leary      Joana       03/07/1847    Cornelius Leary & Margaret Cavanagh
Leary      Joana       02/14/1805    James Leary & Marg. Cronin
Leary      Joana       06/14/1845    Denis Leary & Ellen Donovan
Leary      Joana       11/14/1844    Timothy Leary & Joan Savage
Leary      Joana       01/18/1844    John Leary & Joana Casey
Leary      Joanna      07/02/1800    Denis Leary & Ellen McGrath
Leary      Joanna      05/04/1806    Jeremiah Leary & EllenToumy
Leary      Joanna      05/14/1805    Timothy Leary & Judith Collins
Leary      Joanna      04/19/1810    Patrick Leary & Ellen Lindsay
Leary      Joanna      12/22/1799    William Leary & Mary Walsh
Leary      Joanna      04/25/1815    Daniel Leary & Mary Leary
Leary      Joanna      12/25/1809    Denis Leary & Ellen Crane    
Leary      Joanna      04/27/1808    Daniel Leary & Catherine Riordan
Leary      Joanna      06/30/1811    Cornelius Leary & Mary Sheehan
Leary      Joanna      10/30/1812    Denis Leary & Margaret Lynch
Leary      Johanna     10/08/1790    Daniel Leary & Rosa Murray
Leary      Johanna     10/12/1790    Daniel Leary & Elizabeth Minigan

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