Limerick Prison 1923 roll call

Limerick Prison
1923 Roll Call
Co. Cork

Updated 16 June 1999

Transcribed from her the journal of her grandfather by Denise Sheahan Bringmann and posted here with her kind permission.

My grandfather was a prisoner of the British druing the late spring of 1923, along with the men listed here. He kept a journal of sorts and my father had it after Pop died, now, as the eldest, it is in my possesion. I wanted to share the information in the hope that someone will see their family name. It has survived intact for a reason.

O'Connor, Timothy 	Connolly, William
O'Shea, Denis		Lynch, Liam
Dunne, David		Dr. Riodan
Enright, Ned		McInerney, James
Casey, Paddy		Connors, Tim
MacSweeney, Michael	Maloney,  David
Murtagh, Patrick	Quinn,  John
Lacey, Denis		Vaughn,  Pat
Treacy, Sean		O'Dwyer, Thomas
Edwards, William	Cowgatate, ?  (Harry or Larry)
Hanely, William		Kenny, Thomas
Foley, Charles		Wharton, ?(George or Joege)
Condon, James		Kelroy, J.
Dr. Ryan
Connolly, J.
I hope this helps, and I am willing to mail out a copy of the page with the name you want, just allow me time, and be sure to send your snail mail address.

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