Pigot & Co.'s Directory, 1824 - Mallow

Pigot & Co.'s Directory
1824 - Mallow
Co. Cork

Updated 13 Oct 1999

Transcribed from public records by Anita and posted to Genexchange County Cork mailing list and used here with her kind permission.

"The Borough of Mallow was incorporated by Royal Charter of 27 February, 1613"*, but was a market town long before then.
The town is in the style of an old English town, with one long main street from one end, near the Castle and bridge over the Blackwater River, to the other end where at one time Castle Garr, or "Short Castle" once stood. The Main Street being rather lengthy thus gave rise to many business along it's stretch.

The town of Mallow, and the "beauty of it's surroundings, and the mineral spa became celebrated in the middle of the eighteenth century and made the town attractive as a sort of fashionable resort, and it began to be known as the "Bath" of Ireland."** These warm waters with their supposed curative powers drew the more wealthy nobles to the town on a regular basis.

(*- JCHAS Vol. XXXI, No. 133)
(** - JCHAS Vol. XXX, No. 131)

**Post Office**

Main Street. Post Master, Rt. Lynch, esq. Mails from Dublin, Bruff, Buttevant, Charleville, Kilmallock and Limerick arrive at seven minutes before five in the evening (Monday excepted), and depart at a quarter past nine in the morning (Saturday excepted). The mail from Cork arrives at nine in the morning, and departs at a quarter past five every evening. The mail from Kanturk arrives at a quarter past eight every Monday, Thursday and Saturday morning, and is despatched every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday evening at a quarter past five.
**Nobility, Gentry and Clergy** Atkins, Robt. esq. (Firville)
Atkins, Wm. esq. (Main Street)
Baldwin, Rev. Arthur B., Curate
Barry, Edw. esq. (Main Street)
Barry, Rev. Thos. (Spa Walk)
Becher, Wm. esq. M.P. (Ballygiblin)
Bennett, Rev. John (Main Street)
Braddell, Henry esq. (Main Street)
Braddell, John esq. (Main Street)
Browne, Capt. Henry (Main Street)
Cotter, Sir Jas. L. (Rock Forest)
Crofts, Mrs. (Main Street)
Croker, Gen. M. (Main Street)
Croker, Henry esq. (Quartertown House)
Davies, Capt. Richard (Garland Cottage)
Delacour, Robt. esq. (Bearforest)
Delacour, Robt. jun., esq. (Fairy-Hill)
Dwane, Rev. John (Main Street)
Evans, John esq. (Main Street)
Flynn, Tomas Pyne, esq. (Mount Ruby)
Gibbings, Miss (Main Street)
Grady, Mrs. (Main Street)
Griffith, Rd. esq. (Ballyellis)
Hanes, Thos. esq. (Main Street)
Hiffernan, Wm. esq. (Main Street)
Hume, Clement esq. (Main Street)
Jephson, Chas. D. Orlando esq. (Mallow Castle)
Jones, Rev. Rd. (Main Street)
Lombard, Rev. John esq. (Harriotville)
Lombard, Miss (Eastly Cottage)
Lynch, Robt. esq. (Main Street)
Lysaght, Mrs. (Main Street)
Lysaght, Nicholas esq. (Main Street)
Lysaght, Wm. esq. (Summer-Hill)
Mahony, Florence esq. (Sandfeild Lodge)
Nash, John M. esq. (Bellevue)
Newman, Capt. R. (Main Street)
Poole, Capt. Thos. (Main Street)
Purcell, Rd. Harris, esq. (Annabel)
Russell, Major Wm. HP (Beachmount)
Seward, Noble esq. (upper Bear Forest)
Tarrant, Rd. Fowler, esq. (Main Street)
Thornhill, Mrs. (Main Street)
Townsend, Thos., esq. (Retreat)
Williamson, Usher, esq. (Castleview)
Wrixon, Edw. esq. (Main Street)
Wrixon, Henry, esq. (Main Street)
Wrixon, John, esq. (Main Street)
Wrixon, Rev. Nicholas (Ballygiblin)

**Merchants, Tradesmen & c.**

**Physicians & Surgeons**

Barry, John (Main Street)
Davies, Robt. (Mill Lane)
Galwey, St. John (Main Street)
Linehan, Dan (Main Street)


Barry, Joseph (Main Street)
Browne, Henry (Main Street)


Baggs, Geo. (Short Castle)
Bunworth, Peter (Vittoria Lodge)
Carmichael, John (and seneschal)
Jones, Richd. (Main Street)
Pead, Edw. (Main Street)


Babbington, Mrs. (ladies' day)
Hopley, Henry (gent's boarding, Mill Lane)
Johns, Mrs. Martha (ladies', Main Street)
Ryan, John (gent's day, Main Street)
Welsh, John (gent's day, Spa Walk)


Bourke, John (Main Street)
Cudmore, Thos. (Main Street)
Justice, Thos. Holmes (& surgeon, Main Street)
Mansfield, Pierce jun. (Main Street)


Barry, Jas. (Main Street)
Begley, Matt. (Main Street)
Downing, Geo. (Main Street)
Mansfeild, Pierce (Main Street)
Nagle, Pat (Main Street)
O'Regan, Cornelius (Main Street)
O'Regan, Denis (Main Street)
Ryce, John (Main Street)
Sullivan, John (Main Street)
Wynne, Geo. (Main Street)


Delacour, Robt. (Main Street)

**Boot & Shoe Makers**

Barry, David (Main Street)
Blanch, David (Bridge Street)
Brommell, Tos. (Spa Walk)
Buckley, Denis (Main Street)
Connell, Thos. (Bridge Street)
Hovenden, Robt. (Bridge Street)
Mahony, Paul (Main Street)
Murphy, Rd. (Main Street)
Murphy, Rd. jun. (Main Street)
Murphy, Wm. (Main Street)
O'Keeffe, Manus (Main Street)
Peard, Rd. (Main Street)
Peard, Thos. (Main Street)
Redmond, Nicholas (Main Street)
Rice, Samuel (Main Street)


Tarrant, Sarah (Main Street)

**Cabinetmakers & Upholsterers**

Nagle, Patrick (and undertaker, Bridge Street)
Nagle, Philip (and undertaker, Carmichael Lane)


Colman, John (Main Street)
Dwyer, Edm. (Main Street)
Farmer, Robt. (Main Street)


Callaghan, Daniel (Main Street)
Hannan, Richd. (Main Street)

**Fire Offices**

Irish National Assurance, John Jones jun. (Main Street)
Sun (and life) John Gardiner, (Main Street)

**Glass, China &c. Dealers**

Jones, Hercules (Main Street)
Newell, Michael (& seedsmen &c., Main Street)
O'Connell, Morris (Main Street)


Magher, Philip (Spa-Walk)
Mullins, Denis (Main Street)

**Grocers, Tallow Chandlers &c.**

Ahern, John (Main Street)
Begley, Matt. (Main Street)
Gardiner, John (Main Street)
Mahony, Mich. (Main Street)
Murphy, Lawrence (Main Street)
Punch, Thos. (Main Street)
Quain, John (Main Street)
Quain, Wm. (Main Street)
Sheehan, David (Main Street)
Stack, John (Main Street)
Tuckey, John (Main Street)


Green, John (Main Street)


Connell, Morris (Main Street)
Jones, Hercules (Main Street)
Scully, Pat (Main Street)

**Inn & Hotel**

Carmichael, John (Main Street)


O'Connell, Morris (and architect, Main Street)
Ryan, Edmund (and coal store, Main Street)

**Leather Sellers**

Bourke, Fred (Main Street)
Kalaher, Denis (Main Street)
Keeffe, Manus (Main Street)
O'Connor, Thos. (Main Street)
Sheehan, David (Main Street)

**Linen & Woolen Drapers**

Barrett, Richd.(and silk mercer, Main Street)
Dawson, Jane (and perfumer, Main Street)
Jones, John (Main Street)
Jones, Jn. jun. (& agent to the Newcastle Bleach office, Main Street)
Lacy, John (Main Street)
Nunan, Pat. (Main Street)
O'Callaghan, Eliz. (Main Street)
Osborne, Thos. (Main Street)
Roche, Eliz. (Main Street)
Sullivan, Thos. (Main Street)


Gardiner, John (Main Street)
Haines, Chas. (Main Street)


Croker, Dillon John (Quartertown)
Fitzgerald, John (Mallow)

**Milliners & Dressmakers**

Cogan, Miss (Main Street)
O'Brien, Cath. (and linen draper, Main Street)

**Painters, Plumbers & Glaziers**

Green, John (Main Street)
Hazel, Henry (Main Street)
Swain, John (Main Street)


Denny, Wm. (Main Street)
Haines, John (Main Street)

**Saddlers & Harness Makers**

Browne, David (Main Street)
Greany, Mich. (Main Street)
Gwynn, Robt. (Main Street)
Slattery, Mich. (Main Street)

**Smiths &c.**

Barratt, Robt. (Bridge Street)
Connor, Timothy (Bridewell Street)
Doyle, John (Bridewell Street)
Flynn, John (Ballydaheen)
Galwin, John (Main Street)
Kane, Matthew (Potato-Market)
Keeffe, Jas. (Gallows Lane)
Preston, Henry (Bridewell Street)
Reardon, Chas. (Bridewell Street)
Roche, Jas. (Bridewell Lane)
Roche, John (Ballydaheen)
Ryan, Denis (Main Street)
Ryan, Edmund (Main Street)
Tomay, Pat (Barrack Lane)

**Straw, Chip and Leghorn Hat Makers**

Quigly, Mary (Main Street)
Strisell, Mrs. (Main Street)


Ahern, Pat (Main Street)
Dory, Thos. (Main Street)
Flynn, Jas. (Spa-Walk)
Flynn, John (Spa-Walk)
Flynn, Wm. (Spa-Walk)
Murphy, John (Main Street)
Roche, Nicholas (Main Street)

**Tanners and Curriers**

Bourke, Fred (Main Street)
Haines, Homan (Main Street)
Tarrant, James (Main Street)

**Timber Merchants**

Ahern, John (Main Street)
Haines, Charles (& coal & iron, Main Street)
Mullane, John (Main Street)
O'Connor, Anth. (Main Street)

**Vintners, Spirit Dealers &c.**

Ahern, John (Main Street)
Barry, Jas. (Main Street)
Batterberry, Rd. (Main Street)
Buckley, John (Bridge Street)
Deady, John (Main Street)
Douling, David (Spa-Walk)
Galvin, John (Main Street)
Hegerty, Denis (Bridge Street)
Kelleher, Denis (Main Street)
Kerney, John (Main Street)
Mannix, Mich. (Main Street)
Nagle, Jas. (Main Street)
O'Neill, Jos. (Main Street)
O'Regan, Cornelius (Main Street)
Perkin, John (Main Street)
Quain, Wm. (Main Street)
Roche, John (Main Street)
Smallman, Thos. (Main Street)
Sullivan, Daniel (Main Street)
Swiny, Mary (Bridge Street)

**Watch and Clock Makers**

Baron, Jas. (Main Street)
Twiss, Alex. (Main Street)


Clancy, Morris (Main Street)
Cremen, Jeremiah (Main Street)
Field, John (Balladaheen)
Lonegan, Edmund (Main Street)
Magner, Jeremiah (Balladaheen)
O'Brien, Bryan (Balladaheen)
O'Brien, Wm. (Balladaheen)
Swiney, Dan. (Bridge Street)

**Wool Combers**

Barry, Jas. (Bridge Street)
Brady, Kingsmill (Main Street)

**Woolen Cloth Manufacturer**

Brady, Kingsmill (Main Street)


Begley, Martha, pastry cook (Main Street)
Brady, Wm., dyer (Spa-Walk)
Connell, M., auctioneer (Main Street)
Griffith, Richd. esq., engineer (Ballyellis)
Haines, Thos., flour & c. dealer (Main Street)
Hayes, Matthew, barm manufacturer (Spa-Walk)
Haynes, John, letter press printer (Spa-Walk)
Mahony, Cain, hatter (Main Street)
Murphy, Daniel, coachmaker (Main Street)
Murphy, Richd., clerk
O'Connor, Anthony, tallow chandler (Main Street)

**Stamp Office**

John Gardiner, distibutor, (and commissioner for taking affidavits in the
county of Cork, for his majesty's courts of King's Bench, Exchequer, & Common

**Coaches, &c.**

CORK, a coach from the hotel, Main Street, every evening at 5.
LIMERICK, a coach from the hotel, Main Street, every morning at 9.

CORK, a Caravan for passengers & parcels from the Coach Office, Main Street, every morning at 8, and returns the same day at 6 in the evening.

Connell's Jingles to all parts, on hire.

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