Some McAULIFFE Tombstones
in the Kanturk area
Clonfert Cemetery,
Immaculate Conception Church and Cemetery,
Co. Cork

Updated 13 Oct 1999

Submitted by Mary McAuliffe Nigro and posted here with her kind permission.

Clonfert Cemetery

Patrick McAuliffe
High St. Newmarket
Died Nov.11th, 1949
His wife Anne
Died Aug.31,1965

Hanora McAuliffe
Died Jan 28, 1959
Aged 72 years

James McAuliffe
Died July 9, 1868
Aged 75 years
Erected by son,Rev. J.McAuliffe, p.p. of Queanbeyan, Australia

Nicholas McAuliffe
Died Feb.27, 1958
His wife, Ellen
Died Jan. 14, 1962
Their daughter, Kitty
Died Nov.3,1949

Erected by Timy McAuliffe
in memory of his father
Timy McAuliffe
Died 20 April, 1845, aged 45 years
and of his mother, Johanna
Died 20 March, 1886
aged 82 years
Hanora McAuliffe and her daughter Hannah

Jeremiah T. McAuliffe
Knockacummer - Meelin
Born 1875 Died 1954
His wife Norah
Born 1878
Died 1972
Their son, Daniel
Born 1919 Died 1982

Erected by Mrs. Maria McAuliffe
In memory of her husband
John McAuliffe
Died 27th May 1943
Aged 56 years

Erected by Patrick John McAuliffe Glounamuculagh
Also by Malachy McAuliffe of Knockeenadullane
in memory of his father
Jeremiah, who died in 1821, aged 86 years
His brother, Jeremiah, who died in 1861, aged 72 years

James McAuliffe
Bannagh Kanturk
Who died 12 Jan. 1943
His son, Jack Died March 1925
His wife Bridget
Who died 14 Dec. 1962

William McAuliffe
Knockacummer, Meelin
Died 25 Dec. 1983
Aged 66 years
His daughter
Died March1958, aged 11 months
His wife Mary

Erected by Mary McAuliffe
In memory of her father
John McAuliffe
Died 23rd Jan, 1923
Aged 87 years
Her Mother Johanna
Died 13th Oct.1921
Aged 93 years
Also her brother Jeremiah
Died 16th Dec. 1935
Aged72 years

In loving memory of
Michael McAuliffe
Died Feb. 5, 1960
John McAuliffe
Died Sept.20, 1972
Hannah McAuliffe
Died Aug.28, 1979
Erected by his wife, Hannah and his son, Jonnie

Erected by Jeremiah McAuliffe
In memory of his father Jeremiah
And his mother, Mary
Also his wife, Mary
Died April 17, 06
Aged 56 years
And son, Cornelius
Died June 22nd, 06, aged 15 years

In loving memory of Jeremiah McAuliffe
Died Nov.10, 1961
Aged 80 years
His wife Margaret
Died May 31, 1976, aged 89 years
Their son Jonnie
Died Jan 5, 1982, Aged 64 years

Erected by the sons of Denis McAuliffe
of Meelin
in memory of their sister, Johana Nunan, alias McAuliffe
who died March 1838
Aged 32 years
Also Bridget, daughter of Jeremiah
Died on the 4th year of her age
Requiescat in pace Amen
I McAuliffe fecit

In ever loving memory of Denis J. McAuliffe
Who died April 26, 1958
His wife Hannah Mary, died Oct. 14, 1926
His father Jeremiah died Jan. 10, 1928
His mother Catherine Died July 6, 1929
His sister Catherine Dillane nee McAuliffe
Died April 3, 1923
His brother, Daniel died May 26, 1938
Erected by his son Daniel McAuliffe & his daughter Catherine

Immaculate Conception Church and Cemetery,Kanturk

In loving memory of
Denis McAuliffe
Paal, Kanturk
Who died Dec.11,1976

Donal ( Donie ) McAuliffe
Paal, Kanturk
Died Sept.14, 1992 aged 87 years
His Wife Mary
Died Aug. 24,1997 aged 89 years

In loving memory of
Daniel McAuliffe
Rusheen Kanturk
Died April 20, 1969
Patrick McAuliffe
Died Feb.16, 1971

Denis Daley
Strand Street Kanturk
Died Oct. 15, 1950
Denis McAuliffe
Died Sept. 18, 1975
Elizabeth McAuliffe
Died March 4, 1992

James J. McAuliffe
Drowned while bathing at Kanturk
14 August 1870(?)
aged 18 years

Mrs. Mary O'Reilly
Who died at Clonmoyle Coachford
June 12, 1921 Aged 84 years
And her son
Maurice O'Reilly
Died at Castlemagner Oct.25, 1882
Aged 21 years
Erected by Philip McAuliffe

Erected by Julia Sheehan
in loving memory of her husband
Patrick Sheehan
Cattle dealer
Paal House Kanturk
Who died 8th Oct., 1914
Aged 63 years
Also his beloved son, Timothy
Died May 19,1898
Thomas McAuliffe
Died 2 June, 1955 Aged 34 years, Grandson

Timothy McAuliffe
Mill View Road

Clonfert Cemetery, the ancestral burial grounds of the McAULIFFES
Timy, born, 1800,died 20 April, 1845
Johanna, born 1804, died 20 March, 1886
Hannorah McAuliffe and her daughter, Hannah

Erected by Cath. McAuliffe
In memory of her beloved husband, William McAuliffe
"Earle of Cailugh"
Died 1820 aged 42 years

Patrick McAuliffe
Also Pat McAuliffe
Ellen McAuliffe
Jeremiah McAuliffe
Nora McAuliffe
William McAuliffe
son, Patrick McAuliffe, died July 3, 1975

Daniel McAuliffe
Glenlara, Newmarket
Ellen, his wife, died May 6,1964

Erected by John McCailiffe
in memory of his father, Cornelius
Died April 20, 1777 65 years old
Johanna, his sister
And Johanna, his daughter

Dixon McAuliffe
In memory of his son, Denis McAuliffe
Died Jan. 1, 1818
Age 26

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