Journal Of
The Association For The Preservation Of The Memorials
Of The Dead In Ireland.
Aglishdrinagh Churchyard
Kilgullane churchyard
Killeagh Churchyard
Mogeely Churchyard
Templeusque Churchyard
Monanimy Churchyard
Aglishdrinagh Churchyard
Ballymartle Church
Ballyoughtera Churchyard
Ballysullagh Churchyard
Bohillane Churchyard
Donoghmore Churchyard
Garryvoe Churchyard
Ightermurragh Graveyard
Kilcrea Abbey

Updated 10 Jan 2001

Transcribed from public records by Anita and posted here with her kind permission.

In the early part of the 1900's there was a group of scholars, local historians, etc. (184 of them in number in 1907) who called themselves the 'Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead in Ireland'. They went graveyard to graveyard, throughout all the counties of Ireland, and reported back the inscriptions they recorded, which were then published in a journal twice yearly.

The goals of this association were as follows (as stated in their 1908 journal):
I. To endeavor to arouse the attention of the Clergy and Laity to the present generally very disgraceful state of the burial-grounds in Ireland, and to enlist sympathy and active aid in getting them into better order, and enclosed, where they require it: to strive to have them preserved and protected, and treated with the respect and veneration due to them.

II. To secure a record of ALL existing tombs and monuments of any interest--by having their inscriptions carefully and accurately copied, and to obtain information, as far as possible, regarding those that have been removed or destroyed.

III. To watch carefully works carried on in, and about, churches &c., so as to prevent injury to monuments and tombstones.

IV. To repair tombs of National Interest where the present representatives of the deceased are not in position to do so, and when the funds admit of it, as has been done in the case of Richard Millikin's tombstone, at Douglas County Cork (The author of the Groves of Blarney) and several other tombs.

V. To print a half-yearly journal, with illustrations and copies of inscriptions, and also such other matter connected with the Ancient Memorials of the dead in this country as may be thought desireable.

VI. The printing of extracts of interest from chapter-books, parochial and other registers and records, is thought very desireable; and the Clergy are earnestly requested to furnish them, as well as any other information they can give connected with their churches and parishes, and used and disused burial grounds.

VII. Accounts of ancient fonts, bells, church plate, and memorial glass, are also requested, with sketches, photographs or rubbings; and copies of inscriptions and "Hall-marks" thereon.

PRONI page
First I would like to thank Shauna and Coleman for pointing me in the direction of the PRONI page which contains information about the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials to the Dead in Ireland. PRONI page
According to the info on this page, the above named Association spanned the years 1888 to 1934 and published their recordings of inscriptions annually. From the PRONI page:
"The contents were made up of submissions by voluntary contributors, who transcribed whatever took their interest. The 'Memorials' therefore, have a piece-meal, hit and miss quality rather than being a meticulous study. Errors in transcription also occur." PRONI page
It seems the Ulster Historical Foundation in Belfast has published 25 volumes for Belfast, Down and Antrim and transcription lists have also been completed for Wexford and Wicklow. PRONI page
A.J. Morris has some available on microfiche:
Vol. I, 1888-1891
Vol II, 1892-1894
Vol III, 1895-1897
(each set U.S. $19.50)

These fiche available from A.J. Morris must include Memorials from the County Cork graveyards as they seem to be copies of the original volumes published, and the recordings of inscriptions are printed in each volume alphabetically, by county.

I have been transcribing some of the Memorials from Cork graveyards from the 1907-1908 volume the Association published.


VOLUME VII, 1907-08

Transcribed from LDS film # 1279254


Aglishdrinagh Churchyard

[From Colonel Grove White]

Thy will be done/ Blessed are/ The Dead which/ Die in the Lord/ This has been erected/ To the memory of/ Julia Franklin/ Otherwise Mercer/ Who died April 26th 1883/ Aged 80 years. *Upright stone

In memory of/ Mary Burrowes Hutchins/ daughter of/ Samuel Hutchins of Fortlands Esq. and Mary Burrowes his second wife/ who died at Fortlands Feb 25th 1853 in her ? year. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. *Flat slab

In memory of/ my beloved husband/ Thomas W. Harrison M.D. Died of fever June 30th 1882/ Aged 43/ Youngest son of Standish Harrison/ Castle Harrison/ He was loved by all and ever/ a kind friend to the poor/ Even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. I Thess. 4.14. *Upright stone

The Castle Harrison vault was built by Henry Harrison, of Castle Harrison, who was known as the 'Commissioner'. He was Commissioner of Customs in Ireland about 1710. On the top of this vault is an altar-tomb to some member of the Harrison family, but I cannot read the inscription. I understand that this churchyard is the private property of Colonel Harrison, of Castle Harrison. It is only a short distance from Castle Harrison, and lies about 3 1/2 miles (south-west by west) from Charleville.

Kilgullane churchyard [ From James Buckley]

This parish is situate between two and three miles to the west of Mitchelstown, and, for the most part, lies in the Barony of Condons and Clangibbons. A considerable portion of the very interesting and somewhat uncommon ancient church still exists. The inscriptions here are comparatively modern, and the oldest but one records the death of a centenarian.

Here Lies ye Body of Catherine Condon who died March ye 31st 1768 Aged 84 years. Requiescat in Pace

Here Lyeth/ The Body Of/ Thomas Lyne/ Of Clouhkikly/ Who Departed this Life Sep/ The 22nd 1747 Aged 110 Year/ Requiescat in Pace/ Amen

Iam Lyne, Honor Lyne

Erected by Iame/ Lyne in Memory/ of his Son Daniel/ Desc Octob 9th/ 1788 Aged 25 yrs/ May he rest in/ peace/ Amen/ The above Iames Lyne Desc/ May 7th 1802 Agd 64 yrs

This Stone Was Erected by Andrew Casey In Memory of His Wife Catherine Condon Who Died ye 10th Octob 1778 Aged 24 Years May She Rest in Peace

Erected by David Tobin of Cloughlefin in memory of His Daughter Mary Tobin Departed this Life October 7th 1887 Aged 17 years.

Erected by John Tobin of Cloughl in Memory of his Brother Martin Tobin who dep this life Sep 15th 1841 Aged 29 yr

**The following particulars of a most appalling occurrence in the townland of Furrough, near Kilbehenny, some four miles east of Mitchelstown, are taken from the Dublin Evening Post of the 17th February, 1816:
"Mitchelstown, Feb 12: A most melancholy event took place yesterday morning near this town. A farmer of some respectability in the neighbourhood, whose daughter was married the previous night, invited a number of his friends &c., to the wedding. After supper all the young people retired to a large barn to dance. There was a fire in the barn, as the night was cold;, and, after they had been dancing for some time, they wished to have the fire extinguished, when one of the young men went into the dwelling house for some water, and seeing a large jug full of water, as he supposed (but it proved to be spirits), brought it into the barn and threw it on the fire. The barn immediately took fire, as it had no chimney; before the door, which was locked, could be opened, dreadful to relate, a number of them were burned to ashes! and such as found their way out were miserably scorched. Sixteen have been already interred, and about twice that number are despaired of: among the latter is the bride--the bridegroom is severly scorched, but he will recover. A young gentleman who has just come from the melancholy scene says he never saw such a dreadful sight--men and women lying on the outside of the ruins so disfigured that their parents could not even recognize them!! The uncle of the young man who was married and his daughter are among the dead. They have not got all the bodies from under the ruins yet, but from every account it is supposed that about 20 persons were burned to death."

Cork Merchantile Chronicle---Further particulars of the melancholy effects of the fire at Mitchelstown, mentioned in the Dublin Evening Post of 17th inst.-- "Mitchelstown, Feb 14: Since my last I have learned the following particulars. I omitted to inform you that the name of the farmer was Chamberlaine; his young son, a man of the name of Bronogue, his eldest son and daughter, with two more of that name; a young man of the name Noonan, an only son; a young woman of the name Cavenagh; two young sisters of the name Clancy; and two more females of the name Mahony, one of whom was to have been married on the Sunday following, were burned to ashes. Several beggars, who generally attend at country weddings, were also burned. I have just heard that four persons who were injured by the fire have died in consequence. I understand that there are no hopes of the recovery of four more. A poor blind female fiddler lost her life; her little daughter who was an attendant on her made her escape, but was very much injured. From the appearance of the ruins and the bones found it is generally conjectured that from 25 to 30 have perished, besides those who have died since. It is impossible to describe the state of distraction of the parents and relatives in endeavouring to discover some remnant of the remains of the unfortunate sufferers."

The ashes of the girls Mahony, whose relatives still reside in the locality, were conveyed thither for interment; and two large headstones, bearing the following inscriptions, were raised, side by side, to their memory:

William Mahony of Ballylough Erected this in Memory of his Daughter Margaret who died Feb 11th 1816 Aged 20 yr May her soul rest in peace Amen

Erected by William Mahony of Ballylough in Memory of his daught Mary Mahony She died Feb 11th 1816 aged 22 yr May she rest in peace amen

Killeagh Churchyard [From Mr. James Coleman]

The graveyard at Killeagh, County Cork, lies close beside the Killeagh Railway Station on the Cork and Youghal line. The Protestant church of Killeagh, a plain but neat structure, stands on the north side of this graveyard, which is somewhat better kept than some of the neighbouring ones. Owing to the rather large number of headstones and table tombs, it presents a more symmetrical and finished aspect than id usual in County Cork rural churchyards, and the inscriptions on many of the older headstones are still quite legible. The following is a selection of the inscriptions in Killeagh Churchyard, want ot time preventing me from copying the remainder, where legible:

Here/ lies the body of/ Patrick Swiney/ who deceased/ 6th April 1782/ Aged 42 years

Erected/ by John Hillgrove in Mem/ ory of his Wife Margaret/ Hillgrove alias McCarthy/ who departed this life October the 23rd 1822 aged 71 years

Erected/ by Maurice Coleman of/ Youghall in memory of/ his beloved Wife/ Johanna Coleman Alias Connell who dep this/ Life Oct. 21st 1836/ Aged/ 72 years

Erected/ by John Bride in memorey of his/ Wife Hanora Smiddy who died/ March 11th 1810/ Aged 70 years

Sacred to the memory of Thoma/ Benger late of Glenane More [?] Departed this life the 20th day/ of July 1773

Here lieth the body of/ Patrick Joyce who/ deceased October the 7th 1778/ Aged 60 years

Erected/ by William O'Brien/ in memory of his father James/ O'Brien of Bridgefield, who/ dep this life March 8 1826/ Aged 74 years/ Also his sister Julia/ O'Brien who died May 10 1818/ Aged 20 years

Tumulus Alain Greatrakes, 1766/ nee nos reliquit antoccsit/ tandem libertandum cujus tandem [?] eternus

*At the base of a lofty Celtic Cross, forming the most conspicuous monument here, is inscribed:
Erected by his Fellow Countrymen
To the memory of
Timothy Daly of Midleton
who fell fighting for his
Country's Independence in Castlemartyr
on the night of the 6th of March 1867
in the 34th year of his age
God Save Ireland

This tomb was erected to the/ memory of Mr. Henry Davis late/ of Ballymakey/ who departed this/ life Nov 4th 1797/ aged 57 years

*Table-tomb, inscription facing west:
Here lyeth the body of/ Patrick Bellew who/ departed this life/ the 7th day of October 1718/ aged.....years

This Stone was erected by Mary Morress in Memory/ of her husband William/ Ahern who Dep/ this life the15th of August 1787/ Aged 88 years

Here/ lyeth the Body of/ Maurice Morris who/ Died March 1st 1778 aged 27 years/ Also his Wife Margaret/ Coalman who died/ March 25th 1777 aged 60 years

The Rev Patrick Morris erected/ this tomb in memory of his/ beloved Father/ Redmond Morris/ of Killeagh who dep this life the 18th day of Jany 1829/ aged 79 years

Here/ lies the Body of Thomas/ Doyle who departed this life/ Sept 5th 1818 aged/ 70 years

Erected/ by Rev. Richard Canon Smiddy/ P.P. Aghada/ in Memory of his Mother Hanora/ wife of Pierce Smiddy of/ Ballymakey who died July 12th 1875/ Also of his Brothers/ John died March 25th 1851/ aged 38 years/ Michael died March 8th 1857/ aged 37 years/ Laurence died Jany 22 1847 aged 20 years/ and Pierce died Dec 5th 1857 aged 25 years

Mogeely Churchyard [From Mr. James Coleman]

Mogeely graveyard is about three minutes walk north of the railway station of that name, and two miles nearer Cork than Killeagh. A large addition to this graveyard has recently been made, and the old part, in which a considerable portion of the old pre-Reformation Church still stands, with a two-light lancet window intact on its eastern wall, is no longer in the disgraceful condition it presented a few years back. The following three inscriptions are from graves within the old church walls, the remainder being from those outside:

Sacred/ to the memory of John Galway/ who departed this life Jany 27th 1820/ aged 72 years/ Also his Wife Catherine/ who died August 12 1824/ Aged 61 years/ This monument is erected by order/ of Philip Galway of the Honourable East India Company's Service/ As a mark of his filial affection Requiescat in Pace

Here lyeth the body of George B. Mally who depa/rted this life.....1701

Erected by William Forren[?] in me/ mory of his son Rich/ard who died Feby the/ 11th 1704 aged 21 years

Here lyeth/ the Body of/ Robert Colbort/ who departed this life February the 22 1756 Aged 56 years

Erected/ by John Ahern/ of Portland U.S./ in memory of his Father John Ahern who died July 1852/ Aged 66 years/ Also his mother Mary Ahern who died June 1851/ Aged 68 years

Erected/ by William O'Brien of/ Curbally/ as a mark for/ the Burial place of/ Himself and Family/ The above Wm O'Brien died/ April 18th 1889 aged 94 years

Here/ lyeth the body of/ William Quirk who/ departed this life/ June the 13th 1768 Aged 34 years/ This stone was erected by/ his wife

*Celtic Cross, on base at back:
This Celtic Cross and railing have been erected/ by the Most Rev. Dr. Fitzgerald/ in memory of his beloved relatives/ *In front:
Of your charity/ pray for the souls of Simon Keane who died/ February 17, 1798/ of William his son who died/ Feby 1809, of Mary alias Carey/ his son's wife who died Nov 28th 1850

*On table-tomb extending from the above: This/ is the burial place of/ Simon Keane and Family/ He departed this life/ the 17th day of Feby 1798 aged 67 years

Here lyeth the Remains of/ Mr Thomas White of Cork who died March 25th 1882/ Aged 33 years No man could have fulfilled with greater credit to himself/ the varied duties of an obedient/ son and affectionate husband/ an honest and just citizen/ May his soul rest in peace

*Surmounted by a sort of spire, or pinnacle, is the following inscription, for the ungrammatical portions of which the stonecutter is, doubtless, partly responsible:
Here are the deposited remains/ of/ Redmond Joyce/ of Ladysbridge/ who
departed this life/ on the 7th day of Feby 1889/ in the 80th year of his age/
Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord
A fond regret thy sudden flight deplore
And o'er thy grave affection shed her store
Yet hope survive triumphant o'er thy tomb
Thy bliss to share in a celestial home
His widow and children dedicate this/ monument to his memory/ and as a mark of their burial place

This tomb was erected at the/ Expense of John Barry Shopkeeper/ Castlemartyr to the memory of/ his father Michael Barry late/ Fair/ Keeper of said town/ who died the 17th Dec. 1829 Aged 68 years

*At the south-west corner of the graveyard stands the Catholic church of the village-one of the ugly, old-fashioned chapels now being gradually superseded by more becoming structures, such as those at Killeagh, Carrigtwohill, and Midleton. In the space in front, just outside the western wall of the graveyard, are four separate table-tombs inscribed thus:

Sacred to the memory of the/ Rev Michael Hanagan/ late PP of Mogeela/ who died July 16th 1852/ Aged 51 years/ Erected as an enduring memorial by his sorrowing relatives

Sacred to the memory of the/ Rev Edmond Ahern, RCC of Imogeela/ who departed this life May 1 1856 in the 50th year of his age/ and 20th of his sacred ministry/ This tomb has been erected by his sorrowfull friends

Sacred/ to the memory of the/ Rev. Patrick Walsh PP/ of the Island of Sherky who departed this life on the 11th day of Nov 1845/ In the 50th year of his age/ & 20th of his ministry/ unexpectedly cut off from the scene of his pious/ labours by malignant fever caught while/ discharging the duties of his sacred calling/ deeply lamented by a large circle of relatives/ And friends to whom his unassuming manners/ and innocence of life/ had gretly[sic] endeared him/ His mortal remains lie underneath awaiting/ The final reward of a resurrection/ To a glorious immortality.

Templeusque Churchyard [From James Coleman]

Like all the other churchyards in the vicinity of Cork Harbour, which take their names from the ancient "Teampuls" or churches which stood in their midst, Templeusque stands on a hill which gradually rises from the north bank of the River Lee, from which this churchyard lies about 7 miles to the north-west from Dunkettle Station, and is the most remote, isolated, and lonely of them all.
There must have been quite a muscular type of Christians in the days when those "Teampuls" were built, ready to face wind and weather, up such very steep hills, in order to attend to their Sunday worship; for it seems difficult to suppose that the young or the feeble could possibly attend them, especially in wintry weather, on account of their distance and inaccessability.
Here one would expect to find the ancient "Teampul" in an almost perfect condition: but instead of that, the modern rural vandal has not left a fragment of it remain, and, no doubt, utilized its stones in repairing the neighbouring ditches and roads. As is the case with Ballylucra (?) Churchyard, even the most recent headstones are lichen-grown as to make it very difficult to decipher them. There are only two table-tombs in Templeusque Churchyard, on which are the following inscriptions---

This Tomb Erected by/ James Cronin/ of Farrancleary Black/ Pool Cork June 30 A.D. 1818

Here lyeth the Body of William/ Cahill Late of Killicouch [?] who de/ parted this Life The Thirtieth Day of April and in The Year of Our Lord/ God 1730 and in the Eighty Second/ Year of his age/ Here also lye the Body of Joan Quin wife of John Cahill [remainder mostly illegible, ending with 1727]

On Ordinary headstones are the following representative Inscriptions--
Erected by/ John Barth & Math Cahill In Memory of John Sin Barth/ of Dunanough [?] who died Sep 15 1843 Aged 27 years.

Erected by Bridget Keeffe/ in memory of her beloved Father/ John/ who died Oct-1-1817/ Aged 23 years/ And of her dear brother/ Michael Keeffe, who died Oct-7th-1847/ Aged 27 years

Erected by Daniel & Patrick Driscoll in memory of/ their brother Cornelius who departed this life the 6th June/ 1805/ aged 10 years/ & Daniel's daughter Catherine/ who departed this life A.D. 1822 Aged 16 years.

Erected by/ John Madden/ in Memory of his Father/ Daniel Madden/ who died Oct 6th 1836/ Aged 73 years/ also to the memory of his mother/Mary Madden [remainder covered up]

The Burial Place of/ Cornelius Murphy/ This stone was erected to perpetuate the memory/ of his beloved daughter Mary/ who died March 6th 1881/ aged 26 years/ and Catherine/ who died Jan 2nd 1882 (?) Aged 26 years.

Erected by Edmound Downey in Memory/ of his father Martin Downey/ who died May the third 1811 Aged 52 years and also His/ mother Died March the 7th 1818 aged 51 years/ also his Son Maurice Died February 7th 1819 aged 15 years/ also his uncle John died March the Third 1815 aged ?? years.

In Raised Letters--
Erected by/ the widow Barry and brother in law/ Edmund Barry in me/ mory of her husband/ Patrick Barry who died/ Jan the 4th 1833 aged 42 yr/ his father died June the 6th 1823 aged 76 years/ also his Mother died August the 2nd 1820 aged 67 years.


VOLUME VII, 1907-08

Transcribed from LDS film # 1279254


Monanimy Churchyard [From James Buckley]

Not a vestige of the ancient church survives- a circumstance, perhaps, unprecedented in this country. Some ruins existed a century and a half since , according to Smith's A. and P. State of County and City of Cork. A m odern Protestant church, in the erection of which the old church was probably utilised, stood here, but was taken down about fifteen years ago. The late Rev. Richard Ahern, the Parish Priest, acquired the pews, and had them installed in the Annakissy church, where they are now in use.

After a close inspection of most of the headstones in this cemetery, the one bearing the oldest and most interesting inscription I could find, was erecte d to a father of the flock. The inscription appears in no fewer than three different languages--English, Latin, and Irish---and is probably unique:

Here Lyeth the Body
Of the Rev Dan Kelhr
PP of Monanimy
Who Died Feby 20th
1751 Aged 56 Years
Resquiescat in Pace

Here lieth the Body/ of the Rev Jame Roche/ PP of Monanimy Who/ Died Feb the 26 1777/ Aged 69 years/ Resquiescat in Pace Amen

John O'Brien/ erected this in me/ mory of his Brothe/ r the Rev Pat O'Brien/ who died June 26th/ 1802 Aged 65 yr Requies/ cat in Pace Amen Tobias Vanstan Rec (?)

Here Lyeth the Body of Richard Nagle Who Departed this Life the 21 Day of Sep 1761 Aged 80 years And his Wife Ellen Nagle Departed the 4 Day of Febru 1757 aged 80 years

Memento Mori Here Lies The Body of Elizabeth Higgins Wife to David Magner Who Depar This Life April the 18th 1797 Aged 42 years He Caused this Stone to Be Erected For Him And Family May She Rest in Peace

Erected by James Magner in memory of his son Edmond who died in 1798 aged 19 yr also his daughter Ellen who died 21 Jan 1803 aged ?? yr May They Rest in Peace Amen

Erected by James Magner of Kilquain in memory of his Uncle Patrick Magner who departed this life Aug 31 1859 Aged 58 yr and also his Brother Son Denis who Departed Aug 26 1859 aged 23 yr May their Souls rest in Peace Amen. *This stone is neatly erected but rather frail. It is at present cast down, but very little injured. Hence this record of it.

Timothy Riely erected this in memory of his Son Daniel who died dec the 1st 1801 aged 33 years May he rest in peace Amen

Jerem Riely erected this in memory of his Son John Riely who died June 20th 1812 ag'd 18 y Also John Riely son to Den Riely died March 1 1881 ag'd 6 yr May their souls rest in peace amen. This stone and ground is registered.

Here lieth the body of Joan Hogan Wh Departed this Life 16th February 1762 Aged 40 years

Here lieth the Body of Daniel Linihane Who Dec Septembe 1766 Aged 78 Years Also Joan Linihane his Wife Who Decd June 21 1766 Aged 61 yr

Here Lies the Body of John Linnihan who did April 1798 A 84 Also the Fam Burying Place

Erected in memory of Daniel Linehan of Mount Nagle who died Oct 25 1830 aged 86 yr Also to his Son Denis who died 28th of Nov 1796 aged 17 yr And of His Wife Ellen who died 20th of April 1812 aged 60 yr

Here the Body of James Sullivan Who Died Septem the 18 1778 aged 21 yrs. May he rest in peace Amen

Erected by Tho Lane in memory of his Father Jerm Lane Dec Janr 17 1794 Aged 69 y May he rest in peace Amen

Here lies the body of David Madden the son of William of kilmacoom and the Husband of Margaret Rea he was a dutiful son and affectionate brother father and husband and an honest well conducted man He died Novemb the 25th 1821 aged 48 yrs May his soul rest in peace

Aglishdrinagh Churchyard [From Colonel J. Grove White]

*Upright stone:
In memory/ of Standish De Coursy/ only son of/ Thomas W. Harrison M.D./ Born April 7th 1876/ Died May 23rd 1876

In memoriam/ Isabella Alice de la Poer/ Dearly beloved wife/ of/ Cyril C.R. Matthey Esquire/ Died 19th April 1893 in the 26th year of her age

In/ memory/ of/ Anna Eliza Close/ widow of/ Alan Parker Close/ Derrymacloughey, co Galway/ who died 22nd Feb 1908 R.I.P.

*Upright stone:
To the memory/ of John Harold Barry J.P. of Ballyvonare/ died 30th day of July 1867/ aged 77 years/ and whose body is interred/ in the adjoining vault/ Erected by his son John Harold Barry D.L./ Ballyvonare/ whose mortal remians repose beneath/ Died 5th day of May 1898 aged 74 years R.I.P. The Ancestors of this family/ are interred at St. Mary's Limerick/ and at Buttevant Abbey

*Upright stone: Marie-Patricia/ infant daughter of Harold and Helen Harold-Barry/ Ballyvonare Buttevant/ Died 15th July 1904/ aged 4 months

Ballymartle Church [From the Rev. William Bell-Wright]

*In the new church:
Here lyeth ye body of WILLIAM MEADE Esq. Eldest son of SIR JOHN MEADE of Ballintober K & Bar (?) & of his Wife ELIZABETH, LADY MEADE, daughter of PIERCE, LORD VISCOUNT IKERRYN He was borne the 18th of June 1689 & Dyed the 5th of June 1702. Here lyeth also ye body of SIR JOHN MEADE, KNT & BARN(t) Father of ye above named WILLIAM MEADE Esq. who departed this life in ye 63rd year of his age, A.D. 1709

*In the chancel of the old church:
Here lyeth the body of ELLENOR MEADE Daughter to ROBERT MEADE, Esq. who departed this life 17th Nov 1717

*The peerages state that Sir John Meade, Kt. & Bart. was the eldest son of William Meade, of Ballintubber, County Cork, a Lieut.-Colonel in the army, by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Robert Travers, Kt. Sir John, of Ballintubber, was the ancestor of the Earls of Clanwilliam. He was one of the most eminent lawyers of his time. He was judge of the Palatinate Court of Tipperary, and Attorney-General to James, Duke of York. In 1685 he was appointed by commission, dated 14th July, with Sir John Rogers, Kt., the King's Commissioners of Oyer and Terminer. In the Parliament which met 7th May, 1689, he with Joseph Coughlan, Esq., represented the University of Dublin, and were the only Protestants in the House of Commons, of which he was also a member in the reigns of William III and Queen Anne, and by the latter he was created a baronet in 1703. He married 1st, Mary, daughter and heir of James Coppinger; she died without issue. He married 2ndly, Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Colonel Daniel Redman, of Ballyinch Castle, by whom he had one daughter. He married 3rdly, in June 1688, the Hon Elizabeth Butler, daughter of Pierce, 2nd Viscount Ikerrin, and by her, who died in December 1757, he had four sons and five daughters. Sir John died on the 12th January, 1711 (according to Burke)

Ballynoe [From the Rev. John Murphy PP Conna]

*In the graveyard attached to what is popularly known as the Old Abbey, Ballynoe, but which was in reality a preceptory of the Knights Templars, founded about 1301, and on the suppression of that order, less than ten years later, handed over to the Knights Hospitallers, are close together the graves of three notable ecclisastics of the Catholic Diocese of Cloyne, whose inscriptions, now in part obliterated, are as follows:
In spe resurrectionalis ad gloriam hie jacet Rev. Simon Quinn, in Orrery natus qui cum laude renit......
8 Decembria 1778 Etatis77

*Beside his grave is that of his nephew, a namesake, who was co-adjustor Catholic Bishop of Cloyne and Ross from 1779 to 1783, and had been Parish Priest of Castlelyons. He was living at Ballynoe at the time of his death:
Hic jacet.......Reverendissimus Simon Quinn, Coadjutor Epis, de Cloy et Ros necnon Reverendus David Roche, per multos annos parochus de Rathe de Conna. In vita delenerunt et in morte non sunt separati. Requiescat in Pace.

*The third grave is that of a Dean of Cloyne, over which the inscription runs: In spe ressurectionis ad gloriam hic jacet Gulielmus Lonergan, Decanus Cloynensis que cum laude renit unitas.......12 Martie 1791

Ballyoughtera Churchyard [From Mr. James Coleman]

*This churchyard is situated in a very secluded part of the Castlemartyr demesne, and, like all graveyards I have seen in private grounds, such as is this one, is in the most deplorably derelict condition, many of the graves being furthermore so much burrowed by rabbits or other animals, as to make it dangerous to walk through it. The walls of the old church still stand, its length being about ninety feet, and divided by an archway into the chancel and nave, with a very small and narrow lancet-window in the west end of the nave. The day being dreadfully wet and gloomy, I was unable to search for the old Geraldine tomb said to be here, though it was probably that located in the south-east end of the church. It was rather pitiful to see the plain table-tomb of the last proud Earl of Shannon almost sunk to a level with the ground, and the inscription already somewhat difficult to decipher. It runs as follows:
Beneath/ are laid the remains of Richard/ Earl of Shannon/ who died on the 1st of August 1868/ A sorrowful widow placed this/ stone in memory of the most affectionate and best of husbands
*The son and successor of this Earl of Shannon who died in Wales on the 11th of December 1906, aged forty-six, sold his ancestral property the November previous to Lady Arnott, nee Fitzgerald, and thus, after the lapse of 300 years, this fine property is again owned by a Geraldine.

*On another table-tomb is a very long inscription, beginning thus: Here lies the body of Matthew D(B?)unbury/ who dep this life the 11th day of August/ 1786 He was perfected (etc.)

*On another table-tomb within the old church, the first part of the inscription is as follows: Here/ lies the body of James Barry/ with his son James, the son died in September 1764 in the age 28th year/ and the father died in the 64th year of his age

*The following are inscriptions on headstones within the old church: In memory of Elizabeth Carpineal/ born August 10th 1788, Died March 4th 1811

In memory of/ Frances Guisset who died 27th July 1808/ Aged 55 years

Here lies inter the body/ of John Healy who died Jan 21 1708 aged 60 years

*Outside the old church are about forty, mostly over-grown headstones, from which are taken the following inscriptions: Erected by James Saul/ as a Preservation of the memory of his Father Barnaby Saul/ who died Nov 19th 1827 in the 80th year of his age/ May Our Lord Jesus Christ Son of the Living God/ have mercy on his soul/ and the souls of the faithful departed Amen

*Beside this is another stone: Erected/ by Mrs Mary Saul in memory of her/ beloved husband the late Mr. James/ Saul of Deerpark who died March/ 5th 1869 aged 90 years

Erected to the memory of Michael Brien of/ Lahard for the Resurrection unto life/ Eternal who dep this Life the 10th of/ August 1888 Aged 50 years/ Jesus Son of the Living God have mercy on his Soul

This stone was/ erected by Rich/ ard Sullivan to the memory of his sons John Sul/ livan and Timothy/ John dep this life the 14th day of May 1780 aged ____ years and Timothy the 28th day of Feb 1786 aged_____ (rest covered up)

Erected by Denis/ Murphy in memory of his and his family Burying place, Intered here the 1st/ Day of Dec 1798 aged 98 years

Erected by Johanna Boing/ in memory of her husband/ Anthony Boing who died July 3, 1808 aged 72

Think of Death and Fear the Lord/ Erected to the memory of John/ Crowley who Departed this Life July 31st 1789 Aged/ 44 years

This/ Stone was erected by Catherine/ Hannanny? in memory of her Good Mother Elizab/ eth Hannan/ ny? who died 8 the 16th 1783. Aged 64 years/ Her Father Daniel Hannan died March 9th 1791 aged 70 years *This last inscription appears as if it had been recut, or placed over an older inscription

*On a small slab inserted near the chancel arch of the old church, at the nave side, is inscribed:
This is the burial place of/ John Mountaine/ and Family, 1889

*Lewis's Dictionary states that Ballyoughtera Church was built in 1549, and destroyed in the war of 1641.

Ballysullagh Churchyard (near Charleville)

[From James Buckley, Esq.] Colir/ Lemasne/ aged 68 y/ 1795 R.I.P.

Here lyeth ye Body/ of Margaret Huerd/ Alias ffitzGerald who/ Depart this=20 Life Feb/ ye 3rd 1737 age 23/ Y

Bridget Supple died in the y 1796 Aged 28 y Erected by her Sister Mary

Here lies the Body of Cathrine Mills who Died 8 y 26 1774 Aged 39 years

Erected by Edm Cops in memory of His Father James Cops Who Died Jan 1 1797=20 Ag'd 108 y Also his Moth Bridget Cops Ali Ryan who died Janry 12 179= 2=20 Ag'd..........(buried)

Here Lies the Body/ of Jane Sullivan who/ Departed this life/ May y 2 1772/=20 aged 57 years

Here lyeth ye Body/ of John Quin who/ Departed This Life/ April ye 6th 1746=20 aged/ 23 y

Bohillane Churchyard [From Mr. James Coleman]

*The little churchyard of Bohillane, or Boughellane, which is only about 50 feet square, lies on the top of a hill about five miles to the north-east of Cloyne, and possesses the rather unique character of being walled in by a stone wall. This wall was due to a Protestant clergyman, as shown by the tablet inserted in the pillar of the gateway leading into it on the roadside , there being an unused space intervening between the outer gateway and the churchyard proper. The inscription on the gateway is as follows:
The Rev. William Chatterton has caused this churchyard of Boughlaune to be enclosed at his own expence July 1881.
His good intentions have been balked, no doubt, by the jerry-builder he employed, as the wall is now broken down in two places. The walls of the old church here can still be traced, being about 33 feet long by 12 wide, and less than 2 feet high, and running from north to south. The graveyard is kept quite free from weeds. There are only two modern headstones, and not more than fourteen or fifteen in all. The following are the inscriptions on the older ones:
Erected/ by William Colbert in Memory/ of his Father Patrick Colbert/ late of Ballybraher who dep/ this life 31 May 1815 aged 55 years/ his Sister Bridget died Dec 1833/ aged 30 years/ Also his Mother Bridget Colbert/ died 3 May 1835 aged 58 years. May they rest in peace Amen

Here/ lyeth the Body of/ William Donovan who departed thi/ s Life January the 18th 1772 Aged 55/ years Also his Wife/ Anne Fitzgerald who deceased the 8th of December 1791/ Aged 62 years

Erected by/ John Daly/ in memory of his wife Johanna Guiry/ who depd this life Sept the 5th 1813 Aged 57 years. May she &c.

Here/ lyeth the body of/ William Kineley who died January the 7th, 1788/ Aged 27 years

Erected by David/ Mehigan in memory/ of his Father John Me/ higan who died the 28 of June 1794(? poss 1704) Aged/ 66 years/ May he &c.

Erected by Patrick Burke of/ Ballybimikin in memory/ of his Father David Burke (remainder covered up)

Here/ lies the Body of/ Edmund Linahan/ who deceased March 14th 1769/ Aged 58 years

Erected/ By Jeremiah O'Bryan in Memory of his Father John O'Bryan who died the May/ 1788 Aged 77 years. His Mother Margaret (remainder covered up)

Donoghmore Churchyard [From Mr. James Buckley]

In Memoriam
Here Awaiting Resurrection
Lies the Remains of
Jerh McCarthy
Of Coolmona
Who Died In 1800
And of His Family
Amongst Them Were
His Brother Timy
His descendants Edwd
Jerh Edwd McCarthy
and Kath Buckley
R.I.P. ?????? 1880 (?)

*In Raised capitals:
Jeremiah and Dani/ el Murphy Erected/ This In Memory of/ Their Father John/ M who died June/ 1806 May His Soul/ Rest in Peace Amen

Jeremiah Sheehan/ Dep this Life/ Sep ye 6th 1789/ Aged 64 Years/ May he rest in peace Amen

This is ye Burying Place of Denis Lear/ & Family Here Lyeth The Body of Cornel/ his son who departed This Life January 8th 1791/ Aged 47 Year/ The Lord have mercy on his Soul Amen

Here Lyeth the Body of Patrick/ Healy of Fore/ Nught Who Departed/ This Life August 1st/ 1791 Aged 50 Year

This Stone was Erec by Thom Helen in memory of His Father John Helen who Dep Life May the 28th 1794 Aged 70 years may he Rest in Peace amen

Clenor Churchyard [From James Buckley, Esq. 1908]
Here Lyes The Bodies/ of Philip Hennessy &/ His Wife Elizabeth she/ Deceas'd Aug ye 21st/ 1740 ag'd 65 years/ He Deceas'd March ye 11th 1741 Ag'd 75 year/ This Buring Place Belongs to Said Family

Here Lyeth the Body of Maurice Connor Who Died February the 6th 1764 Aged 69 ye

Here lieth the Body of John Connor who Departed this life Nov 27th 1769 Aged 72 years

Here Lies The Body
Of David Roach Late
Of Annikissy Who
Died Oct 7th 1817 Ag'd
63 yr Also His Wife
Mary Madden Who
Died July 21st 1810 Ag'd
42 yr May Their Souls
Rest In Peace Amen

This is ye Burrying Place of Richard Drake & his Family his son John DyE 2 nd April ye 27th 1750 Ag'd 27 yr his Daughter Mary Dy'd April ye 29th 1750 Ag'd 21 year

John Condon Erect/ this Stone in Memor/ of his Son Michael/ Condon Who dept/ This Life Thie 28 of/ Nov 1779 Agd 18 yr

Here Lyeth the Body of Denis Lean who died/ March the 23rd 1748/ Aged 63 years His Wife/ Joan died march the 17/ 1769 aged 69 Years/ Lord Have Mercy on Them

William Lean Erect/ This Stone in Memory of/ His Wife Mary Lean/ Dept This Life Dec 24th 1798/ Aged 56 Yr Requiesca/ in Pace

This is the Burying Place
of Timothy Finn For The
Use of Himself And
Family 1737
Margaret Finn Here Doth Rest
Until the Resurrection of The Blest
Her Soul ???? Soar the Milky Way
Conveyed by Angels There to Stay
Till the Lead Trump Doth Sound &
Her Soul And Body ?ones Agine
Made Pure And Fit For To Adore
Her Dear Redeemer Evermore

*Memorial Slab:
Here Lieth the Body of the/ Rev William O'Brien P.P./ of Killshannick and a Native/ of this Parish a man of univer/ sal Benevolence Christian/ Meekness and Exemplary/ conduct He Died of a Malig/nant Fever Caught in the Exerci/ se of His Ministry in the 52nd y of/ his age on the 5th of Nov 1808/ May He Rest in Peace Amen

Garryvoe Churchyard [From James Coleman]

This churchyard lies about three miles south-east of Bobillane, and due south of Ballycotton Island. The old church walls are nearly perfect, being about 80 feet long by 14 feet wide, and about 10 feet high. Portion of the altar remains, over which was a small two-light lancet window. To the right of the altar is a recess, and at the left is a pedestal apparently for a statue. In the south wall is the piscina, and near it a lancet-window: whilst in the north wall, near the altar, are another recess and a lancet-window. There is also a small lancet-window in the west end; and the doorway on the south is still perfect. Within the old church are the following inscriptions:
Here lies the Body of/ Daniel Culli/ nane who Dece/ ased November the 17th 1777/ aged 67 years

Erected/ By Daniel Cullinane/ in memory of his Son Daniel/ Cullinane who dep this Life August/ 18th 1827 Aged 18 years May his soul rest in peace Amen

Here lies the Body of Daniel Maguire who Dep this/ Life the 8th of March 1789/ Aged 23 years

Erected for Patrick/ Chamberlin in memor/ of his daughter Mary/ Chamberlin/ who dec/ 27th July/ 1790 Aged 27 yr Lord have mercy on her soul

Gloria in Excelsis Deo
Erected by Mary Chamberlin alias Forist in memory of her husband Jeremiah Chamberlin/ who died Feb 1st 1846 aged 78 years/ & in memory of her children / who died young all buried/ beneath this stone and also of her son Jas. Who died Capt. of a ship/ in New Orleans decr 2nd 1849 aged 32 yr and her daughter Elizabeth who died in New York decr 20th 1849 Aged 29 yrs. Requiescat in Pace

*Outside are the following:
This stone was erected by/ Michael Higgins in memory of his brother Willm Higgins of Ballydaniel/ who depd this life Dec 3rd 1800/ Aged 26 years/ and also the burial-place of his Father Rich Higgins & grandchild Mary Higgins Aged 2 years

Erected/ by John and Thomas Griffen in memory of their beloved/ Father Thomas Griffen who depd this Life March 1st 1826 Aged 62 years. May he rest in peace

Erected/ by Thomas Finn in memory/ of his beloved son Thomas/ Finn who depd this Life/ Dec 2d 1828 aged 28 years. May he rest in peace

Here lyeth/ Interred Wm Brown who Departed this Life ye/ 2 June 1751 aged 11 years Likewi/ se ye Body of Margaret Brown who Dep this Life ye 16 March Aged 16 years 1751 The Lord have mercy on their souls

Erected/ by Johanna O'Brien alias Cashman/ in memory of her father John Cashman/ who depd this life 28th April 1805/ aged 88 years/ Also of his son John died 8 Dec 1835 (?) aged 38 years Requiescat in Pace

Erected/ by Mary Homes/ alias Kiniry in memory of her husband James Homes of Loughane who depd this life March 1 1843 aged 70 years/ Also her son John died March 4 1843 aged 28 years

Erected/ by Daniel Kinniry in Memory of his Father Thomas Kinniry/ who died Oct 18th 1812 Aged 75 years And also his/ Mother Margaret Kinniry who died Nov 7th 1812 aged 78 yrs also [remainder covered up]

Erected by Thomas Kinniry And Mary Stanton his Wife in memory of their Daughter Mary/ Kinniry Who died November 12th 1812 Aged 21 years. May she rest in peace Amen.


VOLUME VII, 1907-08

Transcribed from LDS film # 1279254


Ightermurragh Graveyard [From James Coleman]

This graveyard is about 8 miles south-east of Mogeely Railway Station, and lies on a hill slope at the south side of the road. It contains some large trees, but nothing is left of the old church, nor does it seem to have anyone look after it. The headstones are mostly old, and their inscriptions hardly legible. There are a few table-tombs, one bearing a Latin inscription no longer decipherable. On another stone, laid flat on the ground, is the following:

Here Lyeth the Body of Han/ nah Patrickson Who depart/ ed This Life the 10th of January Anno Domini 1701-2 Aged on years/ Here also Lyeth the Body of/ Wingfield (?) Patrickson who/ Departed this Life the First of/ May Anno Domini 1721 Aged 60 years/ Here also Lyeth the Body of Anne Pratt wife to John/ Pratt who Departed This Life the 16th of March Anno Domini 1737 aged 29 years

Erected/ by Michael Brien in memory of his Father/ William Brien who died March 20, 1889/ Aged 84 years. Also his brother Denis Died Decb 12, 1881, Aged 50 years
Erected by Catherine Wall alias Flavin of Ballyshane in/ Memory of her Son/ James Wall Who Dept this life January 6th 1884 aged 31 years
Remember/ Man/ Eternity Erected/ by Mary Mara alias Coffey/ in memory of her beloved Husband William Mara/ of Castly Martyr, who dept this life March 1 1839/ Aged 54 years/ also her Daughter Margaret died Oct 18th 1843/ aged 8 years
Here lies the Body of Jeremiah McCarthy who Died January the 6th 1802 in the/ 54 year of his life
Here Lyeth the Body of/ Michael Cashman/ who Departed this Life ye 25th Day of Febru Anno/ Domini 1744 Aged 34 years
Erected/ by John Duggin in memory/ of his Wife Margaret Kenefick/ who died Jan 11th 1704* aged 55/ years/ also his Son John died June 7th 1794 aged 8 yrs/ and also his Son Michael died October/ 11th 1809 Aged 19 years May they rest in peace Amen/ And his Son James died Nov 30 1868 aged 67 years (*I have a feeling this is a typo either by the original transcriber or possibly the printer, but this is the date on the page)
Here/ Lyeth the Body of Joan Ronan who/ Departed This Life November 1st 1768/ Aged 60 years/ Also her Niece Mary Fitzgerald who died Nov 15th 1830 Aged 80 years. Her Son William Fitzgerald/ who Dep this life May 10th 1837 aged 40 years.
Here Lyeth the Body of David Hennes/ sy who Departed this life April 1st 1761/ aged 39 years
Erected/ by Catherine/ Long for the Burial place and in memory of her Husband Peirce Butler who Departed this/ Life April the 17th 1795/ Aged 56 years

Kilcrea Abbey [From Canon J. O’Mahony, P.P.]

Kilcrea Abbey, situate on the banks of the river Bride, Barony of Muskerry, is about eleven miles west of Cork. It was founded in 1465 by Cormac Mac Carthy (Laidir), Lord of Muskerry, and did not become a general place of burial until it became a ruin, in the Cromwellian period.

The founder’s tomb is in the choir, and bears the following inscription, legible now, with considerable difficulty:
Hic Jacet Cormacus, filius Thaddaei fil. Cormaci, fil. Dermiti Magni Mac Carthy, Dnus De Murgraigh Flayn, Ac istius Conventus Pririus Fundator, An. Dom. 1494
‘Here lies Cormac, son of Teig, son of Cormac, son of Dermod More McCarthy, Lord of Muskerry, and founder of this convent, 1494.’

Tomb of the McCarthy’s of Ballineedig. *On a broken slab which covered this tomb is the inscription-
This is the burial place of the MacCarthys of Ballineedig. Was erected by Charles McCarthy and Callaghan in memory of their father Timothy MacCarthy of Lyredane, Grandson of Capt. Teig mac Owen McCarthy of Ballineedig died 176[8] aged 49, the body of Mary O’Donoghue, [Mac Car]thy, wife to the said Charles, the eldest daughter of Jeoffry O’Donoghue of the Glenn County Kerry .............exterior perfec] ........being married only 14 months, to add to the misfortune of her [dis]consolate husband, left not a pledge] behind of their mutual affection.
*Note on the above inscription:
The aforesaid Timothy had by his will, November, 1763 [Record Office] , disinherited Charles if he should “at any time intermarry with any daughter of Eliza O’Donoghue, widow of O’Donoghue, late of Kerry.”
*Tomb of Aurthur O’Leary, by the nave, in the south wall- Lo, Art O’Leary, generous young and brave Slain in his bloom lies in his humble grave Died May 4th 1778, aged 26 years
Arthur O’Leary was a Catholic gentleman, of Carriganimmy, west of Macroom, who had been a captain in the Austrian service. Gibson says (Hist. of Cork): “O’Leary’s horse had beaten that of Mr. Morris, who revenged himself by demanding the winning animal for five pounds, pleading the force of a penal statute against Catholics. O’Leary indignantly refused, and was outlawed and shot. Mr. Morris was, two months after, shot in Cork by O’Leary’s brother.” O’Leary’s wife was the aunt of Daniel O’Connell. [See Mrs. O’Connell’s “Last Colonel of the Irish Brigade”]
The inscription on Arthur O’Leary’s tomb I take from Gibson’s Hist. of Cork (pub. 1861), not being able to decipher it now.
Tomb of the Hayes’s, a Cork family.
*On the north side stands this tomb, which is the largest and finest in the abbey. Owing to the height of the inscription from the ground, and owing to its being covered with vegetation, it was impossible to decipher it. ‘Mrs. James Talbot Power, of Leopardstown Park, County Dublin, is now the only representative of the Hayes family.’
*By the east wall is a tomb bearing the inscription:
The burial place of John Barry Murphy of Coolmakee Who died Oct 17th 1818
The slab bearing this inscription, replaced, in 1818, an older one, bearing the name of Dermod Roe Murphy, 1710, who in the Book of the Sales of Forfeited Estates, 1702-3 (?) is described as “Darby Murphy, owner of the townlands of Coolmakee, Inniskersun (now Ryecourt), Knockshanavoe, and Rathphelan, and Ballinguilla.

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