Pigot's & Co. Directory, 1824 - Middleton

Pigot's & Co. Directory, 1824
Co. Cork

Updated 3 Oct 1999

Submitted by Anita Sheahan Coraluzzi to the Genexchange County Cork mailing list and posted here with her kind permission.

Pigot's & Co. Directory, 1824 - Middleton, County Cork

**Post Office** - Post Master, Mr. J. Brabazon. The Dublin & English mails arrive at half past seven in the evening, via Waterford, and the Cork mail is despatched [sic] immediately after. The Dublin & English mails leave at half past six in the morning, and the letter box closes a half an hour before.

**Nobility, Gentry & Clergy**
Adams, Jas. esq. (Ballyannon House)
Atkins, Col. M.U. (Leadington)
Ansten, Rev. Robt., LLD, Rector of Middleton, Glebe-House and Hadwell-lodge
Barry, David, esq. (Barry's Lodge)
Barry, Garrett S. esq. (Lenlara)
Barry, Jas., esq. (Dundillerig)
Barry, John Smith, esq. (Foata)
Barry, Richd., esq. (Greenfeild)
Barry, Thos., esq. (Rockville)
Cahill, Pat, esq. (Bally Spillane)
Carey, John, esq.
Coppinger, Edm., esq. (Rosmore)
Courtenay, Geo., esq (Ballynaclashy)
Courtenay, Robt., esq. (Bally-Edmund)
Courtenay, Thos., esq. (Ballynaclashy)
Courtenay, Thos., esq. (Ballycrana)
Cox, Lieut. S. HP (Rosehill)
Dixon, ______, esq. (Brookdale)
Donovan, Dan., esq. (Millview)
Fitzgerald, Pierce, esq. (Corbally)
Foulkes, Cousens, esq. (Young-grove)
Freeman, Rev. Rd. Deane, Rector of Ardnageehy, and curate of Middleton
Gaggin, Rev. Rd. (Dongournay)
Garde, John, esq. (Ballinacora house)
Garde, Wm., esq. (Bilberry)
Green, Rev. Wm., LLD, Rector of Tullylease
Grier, Rev. Dr. Richard
Hamilton, Rev. Thos. (Churchtown)
Heard, Lieut. F. HP (Ballintubber)
Humphreys, Dan. esq.
Leach, Capt. John (Ballyedikin)
Long, Capt. John (Rathcoursey)
Lakay, Geo. esq.
McOboy, Wm. esq.(Stump-hill)
Martin, Robt., esq. (Tullagreen)
Maunsell, Rev. Wm. Wray, Archdeacon of Limerick, Middleton Lodge
Meany, Denis, esq. (Donnickmore)
Poole, Thos., esq. (agent to Lord Middleton, Cahirmone)
Power, Pierce, esq. (Clonmult)
Pratt, Rev. Robert , curate of Lisgoold
Seton, A., esq.
Seward, Daniel Pope, esq.
Smith, John, esq.(Rathcoursey)
Smith, Robt., esq.
Thomond, Marquis of (Rostellan Castle)
Wakeham, Wm., esq. (Water-rock)
Warner, Peter, esq. (Castleview)
Warren, Wm., esq.
Welland, Wm., esq. (Killagh Farm)
Welsh, Rev. Jas.(Dunsfort)
Wigmore, Henry, esq. (Ballivodock)
Wigmore, Lieut. Henry, HP
Wigmore, Miss (Ballinacora)
Wigmore, Richard Harding, esq. (Ballynona)
Wilson, Joseph, esq. (Ballycrana)

**Merchants, Tradesmen, &c.**
**Professional Gentlemen**
Boston, John, physician
Daly, Matthias, academy
Dirkinson, Austen, physician
Gaggin, John, attorney
Heard, Edw., physician (Ballintubber)
Hudson, John, apothecary & surgeon
McCarthy, Denis, physician
Nagle, John, physician

**Merchants, &c.**
Barry, Robt., corn merchant (Ballinacora)
Coppinger, John & Jos., brewers & maltsters
Coppinger, Thomas Stephen, merchant
Hackett, Jas. & Co., distillers
Lomashuey (sp?), John, maltster
McCall, John, miller
McCall, Samuel, merchant (Charleston)

**Spirit & Porter Dealers**
Buckley, Michael
Buckley, Wm.
Geary, Maurice
Hegarty, Jeremiah, King's Arms Inn, (& agent to Messrs. Walker & Co., brewers at Fermoy)
Hegarty, Pat. (Bush Inn)
Holmes, Richard
Kenny, Thos.
McCarthy, Denis (Charleston)
Moore, Daniel
Nagle, James
Ronan, Jerh. (Ballinacora)
Stack, George

**Shopkeepers & Traders**
Adams, Ellen, china dealer
Bourke, Edmund, dyer
Bourke, Pat., tanner
Buckley, Michael, grocer and spirit dealer
Callahan, Matthias, woolen draper
Cullenane, Charles, linen and woolen draper
Donovan, Pat, hardwareman
Dwyer, Thos., grocer
Edwards, Mary, baker
Garde, John, tallow chandler and soap boiler
Greene, John, china and glass dealer
Hartnett, Jas., baker and grocer
Hartnett, Patrick, linen and woolen draper
Kean, Cornelius, butcher
Kean, Thos., tanner
Kenny, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer
Mahony, Margaret, tobacconist
Moore, Pat., butcher
Murphy, Timothy, baker
Powell, Pierce, leather cutter
Purcell, John, linen draper
Sheehan, John, parish clerk
Sweeny, John, tobacconist &c.
Varian, Thos., tobacconist & tallow chandler
Welsh, Ellen, linen draper

**Revenue Officers**
Richd. Julian, surveyor of excise
Wm. O'Donovan, gauger
Twohig, John, gauger

Martin Karney, Thos. Gorman, Michael Hennessy, and John Curtain convey heavy goods by agreement to Cork, Cloyne or Youghal.

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