Members Sent To The Irish Parliament
By The Constituencies Of The County Of Cork.

Updated 31 July 1999

Submitted by Moira Forde and posted here with her kind permission.

(N.B. Some of the dates are given as in the text and are not always be consecutive;
errors / differences in spelling of place names have been retained)

1585, April. Sir John Norreys, knt. William Cogan, Esq. John Fitzgerald, Esq., of Cloyne.
1613, April 19th. Dermod M'Carthy, Esq., of Lohort. Andrew Barrett, Esq., of Ballincollig.
1634, June 23rd. Sir William St. Leger, knt., of Doneraile. Sir Donagh M'Carthy, knt.
1639, March 2nd. Sir William St. Leger, knt., of Doneraile. Sir Donagh M'Carthy, knt. Redmond Roche, of Cahirduggan, expelled the 22nd of June, 1642, for the rebellion.
1661, April 25th. Hon. Richard Boyle. Sir Henry Tynte, knt., of Roxhall.
1661, June 2nd. Sir John Perceval, bart., of Burton, vice Tynte, deceased.
1665, Dec. 7th. Roger Lord Broghill, vice Boyle, deceased. John St. Leger, Esq., of Doneraile,
vice Perceval, deceased.
1692, Sept. 19th. Hon. Henry Boyle. Sir St. John Brodrick, knt., of Midleton.
1695, Aug. 6th. Sir St. John Brodrick, knt., of Midleton. Thomas Brodrick, Esq., of Wandsworth, Surrey.
1703, Aug. 28th. Sir John Perceval, bart., of Burton; Thomas Brodrick, Esq., of Mid1eton.
1713, Oct. 3lst. Sir John Perceval, bart., of Burton. Alan Brodrick, Esq., of Midleton.
1715, Oct. 20th. Hon. St. John Brodrick, knt., of Midleton. Henry Boyle, Esq., of Castlemartyr.
1727, Oct. 26th. Hon. St. John Brodrick. Henry Boyle, Esq., of Castlemartyr.
1728, March 30th. Sir Matthew Deane, bart., of Dromore, vice Brodrick, deceased.
1747, Oct. 28th. Arthur Hyde, Esq., of Castle Hyde; vice Deane, deceased.
1756, May 17th. Charles Viscount Dungarvan, vice Boyle, created Earl of Shannon.
1759, Nov. 6th. Richard Townsend, Esq., of Castletownsend, vice Lord Dungarvan, deceased.
1761, April 25th. Richard, Viscount Boyle, Castlemartyr. Richard Townsend, Esq., of Castletownsend.
1765, Nov. 11th. Hon. John Lysaght, Mount North, vice Boyle, Earl of Shannon.
1768, July 21st. Richard Townsend, Esq., of Castletownsend. John Hyde, Esq., of Castlehyde.
1776. Sir R. T. Meade.
1727, Sept. 25th. Hugh Dixon, Esq., of Ballybricken. Edw.Webber, Esq., of Cork.
1731, Oct. 25th. Jonas Morris, Esq., of Cork, vice Webber, deceased.
1735, Oct. 20th. Emanuel Piggott, Esq., of Chetwyn, vice Morris, deceased.
1739, Oct. 29th. Sir Matthew Deane, bart., of Dromore, vice Dixon, deceased.
1751, Oct. 28th. Thos. Newenham, Esq., of Coolmore,vice Deane, deceased.
1761, April 28th. John Hely Hutchinson, Esq., of Knocklofty, Tipperary. Sir John Freke, bart., of Castle Freke.
1764, April 28th. William Brabazon Ponsonby, Esq., vice Freke, deceased.
1768, July 8th. John Hely Hutchinson, Esq., of Palmerston, Dublin. Wm. Brabazon Ponsonby, Esq.
1776, Richard Longfield, Esq.
1784, Augustus Warren, Esq.
1790, Hon. J. H. Hutchinson.
1791, Rt. Hon. R. Longfield.
1796, W. Hare, Esq.
1797, Mountiford Longfield, Esq.


1559, Jan. John Walch, Esq. John Portyngall, of Youghal.
1585, April. Thomas Coppinger, Esq. James Collen, Esq. Francis Annias, Esq. (footnote: Could this be any relative of the famous John Annias, the poisoner, who was hanged 9th Nov. 1602?)
1613, April 26th. Edmund Coppinger, alderman of Youghal. John Forrest, alderman of Youghal.
1777, Robert Uniacke, Esq.
1787, John Keane, Esq.


1559, Jan. Sir John Allen, knt., of .Aiincourt, Kildare. Francis Agard, Esq., of Grange Gorman, Dublin, and of Fawston, Staffordshire.
1585, April. James Galwey, Esq., of Kinsale. Philip Roche, Esq., of Kinsale.
1613, April 21st. James Roche Fitz-Philip, of Kinsale, Dominick Roche Fitz-Richard. gent. of Kinsale.
1634, June 13. Wm. Gallwey, Esq., of Kinsale. James Roche, Esq., of Kinsale.
1639, Feb. Patrick Roche Fitz-Richard, of Kinsale. Philip Roche Fitz-Richard, Esq., of Kinsale.
1661, April 11th. St. John Broderick, Esq., of Ballyannanane. Randolph Clayton, Esq., of Short Castle, Mallow.
1692, Jonas Stawell, of KiLkearns. Edward Southwell, Esq., of Kinsale and of Kingsweston,
1695, Aug. 15. Edward Southwell, Esq., of Kingsweston, Gloucester. James Waller, Esq.
1703, Sept. 2nd. Hon. Henry Hawley, of Kinsale. William Southwell, Esq.
1713, Oct. 26th. Edward Southwell, Esq., of Kingsweston, Gloucester. Hon. Henry Hawley, of Kinsale.
1725, Sept. 30th. Antony Stawell, Esq., of Kinsale, vice Hawley, deceased.
1725, Sept. 30th. Sir Richard Meade, bart, of Ballintober, vice Stawell, miselected.
1703, Sept. 2nd. Francis Bernard, Esq., of Castle Mahon. Richard Georges, Esq., of Kilbrew, Meath.
1713, October 29th. Francis Bernard, Esq., of Castle Mahon. Martin Bladen, Esq., of Albury Hatch, Essex.
1727, October 23rd. George Freke, Esq. Stephen Bernard, Esq., of Castle Mahon.
1731, Oct. 21st. Bellingham Boyle, Esq., of Glinfield, Rathfarnham, Dublin, vice Freke, deceased.
1761, April 23rd. William Conner, Esq. Thomas Adderley, Esq., of Innishannon.
1766, Feb. 14th. Francis Bernard, Esq., of Castle Bernard, vice Conner, deceased.
1768, July 2nd. Francis Bernard, Esq., of Castle Bernard, vice Conner, deceased. Thomas Adderley, Esq., of Innishannon.
1775, W. B. Ponsonby. Esq. Lodge Morris, Esq.
1790, B. Chinnery, Esq.
1797, Hon. W. O'Callaghan.


1613, May 1st. Sam. Molyneux, Esq., of Louthstown, Kildare. Sir James Ware, knt., of Macestown.
1634, June. William Kingsmill, Esq., of Ballyowen. Thomas Bettesworth, Esq.
1634, Jan. Sir Thomas Wenman, knt., of Ballintogher, Sligo. Donogh O'Brien, Esq., of Dough Clare.
1639, March 2nd. William Kingsmill, Esq., of Ballyowen. Thomas Beckett, Esq.
1641, May. Joshua Boyle, Esq., of Castle Lyons, vice Kingsmill, past hope of recovery.
1713, Nov. 2nd. Sir Matthew Deane, bart., of Dromore. Bretridge Badham, Esq., of Ballyheen.
1715, Oct 27th. Colonel George Evans, of Carassby, Limerick. Captain Wm. Boyle, Castlemartyr.
1721, Oct. 5th. Henry Purdon, Esq., vice Evans.
1725, Oct. 30th. Hon. James O'Brien, of Dublin, vice Boyle, deceased.
1727, Oct. 14th. Pryce Hartstongue, Esq., of Bruff, Limerick. John Lysaght, Esq., Mount North.
1743, March 12th. Edward Barry, Esq., M.D., Dublin, vice Hartstongue, deceased.
1759, Nov. 14th. Hamilton, Viscount Dungarvan, vice Lysaght created Lord Lisle.
1761, April 24th. Robert Barry, Esq., of Dalkey, Dublin. Richard Longfield, Esq, Castle Mary.
1768, July 12. Hon James Lysaght, of Mount North. Robert Barry, Esq., of Dalkey, Dublin.
1776, Richard Cox, Esq. Thomas Warren, Esq.
1783, Rogerson Cotter, Esq.
1790, Sir J. Blaquire.
1797, Hon. C. H. Boyle.


1692, Sept. 22. Thomas Brodrick, Esq., of Midleton. George Rogers, Esq., of Ballykuavin, Tipperary.
1692, Oct. 22. Henry Petty, Esq., of High Wycombe, Bucks, vice Rogers, returned for Lismore.
1695, Aug. 7. Sir Francis Brewster, Knt, of Dublin. St. John Brodrick, Esq., Wandesworth, Surrey. Sept. 20. Charles Oliver Esq., of Clonodfoy, Limerick, vice Brodrick, excused by reason of sickness.


1613, April 20. Sir Thomas Crooke, knt., of Baltimore. Henry Pierce, Esq., of Dublin.
1634, June 1. Lott Peere, Esq. Edward Skipwith, Esq. Dec. James Travers, Esq., vice Peere, absent in England on special occasions.
1639, Feb. 24. Bryan Jones, Esq. Henry Knyveton, Esq.
1661, April 10. Sir Nicholas Purdon, knt., of Ballyclough. Richard Townsend, Esq., of Castle Townsend.
1692, Sept. 19. Col. Thomas Beecher, sen., of Sherky and Castle Mahaon. Edward Richardson, gent., of Moorstown, Castlemore.
1695, July 13. Colonel T. Beecher, sen. Edward Richardson, gent.
1703, Aug. 19. Percy Freke, Esq., of Rathbarry. Thomas Beecher, Esq., Sherky.
1707, July 5. Edward Riggs, Esq., of Riggsdale, vice Freke, deceased.
1709, May 10. Francis Langston, Esq., vice Beecher, deceased.
1713, Oct. 26. Hon. Richard Barry. Michael Beecher, Esq.
1715, Nov. 1. Hon. William Southwell. Michael Beecher, Esq.
1721, Sept. 26. Sir Percy Freke, bart., of Castle Freke, vice Soutbwell, deceased.
1727, Oct. 6. Sir Percy Freke, bart., of Castle Freke. Richard Tonson, Esq., Duncathal.
1728, April 27. Sir John Freke, bart., of Castle Freke, vice Percy Freke, deceased.
1717, Sept. Richard Cox, Esq., of Dunmanway, vice Sir R. Freke, deceased.
1725, Sept. l6. Francis Bernard, jun., Esq., vice Cox, deceased.
1727, Oct. 16. Francis Bernard, jun, Esq., of Castle Mahon. Sir Richd Cox, bart., of Dunmanway.
1761, May 1. Richard, Lord Boyle, of Castlemartyr. Sir Richard Cox, Bart., of Dumnanway.
1761, Nov. 27. Henry Sheares, Esq., of Golden Bush, vice Lord Boyle, returned for the county Cork.
1766, Feb. 15. Mathew Parker, Esq., of Youghal, vice Cox, deceased.
1768, July 7. Richard Longfield, Esq., of Castle Mary. Riggs Falkiner, Esq., of Cork.
1776, Thomas Adderley. A. Wood,
1784, Charles O'Neill,
1792, Sir J. C. Colthurst,
1798, Viscount Boyle,
1794, J. Hobson, Jun.
1797, Thomas Prendergast.


1692, Sept. 19. Sir Richard Hull, knt. of Leamcon. Robt. Pooley, Esq., of Dublin.
1695, Aug. 17. Robert Pooley, Esq., of Dublin. Samuel Morris, Esq., of Ballybeggon, Kerry.
1703, Sept. 7. Thomas Keightley, Esq., of Dublin. Joseph Deane, Esq., of Dublin.
1703, Oct. 18. Robert Fitzgerald, Esq. of Cork-Beg, vice Keightley, returned for the county of Kildare.
1695, Aug. 18, John Hayes, Esq. Edward Denny, Esq., of Tralee, Kerry.
1703, Sept. 14. Sir Francis Brewster, knt., of Dublin. William Phillips, gent.
1703, March 20. Joseph Kelly, Esq., of Kellymount, Kilkenny, vice Brewster, deceased.
1713, Oct. 28. Sir John St. Leger, knt., of Dublin and Grangemellan, Kildare. Bartholomew Purdon, Esq., of Ballyclogh.
1715, Oct. 19. Hon. Arthur St. Leger, Doneraile. William Cansabon, Esq., of Carrig.
1727, Oct. 11. John Waller, Esq., of Castletown, Limerick. Jephson Busteed, Esq.
1727, Oct. 11. Hon. Hayes St. Leger, of Doneraile, vice Busteed, miselected.
1743, Oct. 20. William Harward, Esq., of Doneraie, vice Waller, deceased.
1751, Oct. 25. Sir John Conway Colthurst, bart., of Ardrum, vice St. Leger, become Viscount Doneraile.
1761, April 21. John St. Leger, Esq., of Grangemellan, Kildare. Sentleger Aldworth, Esq., of Newmarket.
1768, July 8. Sentleger Sentleger, Esq., of Doneraile. Richard Aldworth, jun., of Newmarket.
1776, Hayes St. Leger, Esq.
1783, James Chatterton, Esq.
1788, J. Harrison, Esq.
1790, J. Bagwell, Esq.
1792, J. Maxwell, Esq.
1797, P. Holmes, Esq. John Townsend, Esq
1798, Hon. B. St. Leger.
1776, William Tonson, Esq. F. B. Beamish, Esq.
1783, S. Hamilton, Esq.
1784, Rt. Hon. T. Orde.
1790, H. Duquery, Esq. J. P. Curran, Esq.
1797, N. Boyle, Esq. C. M'Donnell, Esq.
I798, William Bagwell, Esq.

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