Cork City Newspaper

Cork City Newspaper
abstract from
Volume 6 of the OKCM works, page 2389

Updated 28 Dec 1999

Transcribed from public records by Patty Pickett and posted here with her kind permission.

Resolution not to give servants any more tips on being entertained at their masters houses,

John Conway Colthurst
John Hyde
Robert Umack Fitzgerald
Rich Townsend
Rich Longfield
Robt Rogers
Abh Devonshire
Sam Hutchinson
Rich Fitagerald
Riggs Falkner
John Rye
Abm Morris
Roger Bernard
John Bernard
Boyle Aldworth
Fras Kearney
Thos Poles
Walker Colthurst
John Colthurst
Emmanuel Moore
Hy N. Nixon
Walt Traverse
Kevin Izod
George Pigott (I can only hope he is not related to me)
Godfrey Baker
Luke Grant
Usher Philpott
Wm. Parks
Hy Moore
Thos Wgan (not a misprint on my part)
Jhn Lapp
Jos. Wetherall
Fras Rowlat
And Franklin
Chris Conran
Wm Coles
Stph Renroche
Hugh Lautin
Humphrey Crowley
Jhn Parker
on behalf of the Co. Grand Jury and
Wm. Croftson on behalf of the Co of the City Grand Jury.

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