Extracts from various Newspapers, Journals, etc.
Co. Cork

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Extracted from parish records by Deirdra Sullivan posted to Rootsweb IRL-CORK-CITY-L and used here with her kind permission.

Extracts from various Newspapers, Journals, etc.

(Edw. Rem., 1753) ? Edwardian Remembrances?

Death: 1753 Apr. 19, Francis Taylor, buried St. Peters Churchyard and next morning was found sitting up in the grave, his cap and shroud torn to pieces, the coffin broke, one of his shoulders mangled one hand full of clay and blood running from his eyes. A melancholy instance of the fatal consequence of a too precipitate internment.

Leinster Journal of Kilkenny

Notice: posted on 3 Nov 1810 Account of trial of Sophia Connor orse Countess of Annesley for bigamy by marrying Francis Chas. late Earl of Annesley having previously married Martin Connor who is still alive. Married Annesley 29 Sept. in 37 yr. of Geo. III. Sophia's maiden name was Kelly; born in North of Ireland. Martin Connor, a gardener to Lord Annesley, "at the time the Law did not permit clergy of the RC religion to keep registers of marriage" (This fact was offered in evidence and not rebutted). Sophia called herself Lowry at one time after a man with whom she lived. Found not guilty.

Ennis Chronicle & Clare Advertiser 1810

Death: On 22 May, in London, aged 81, the celebrated Chevalier D'Eon. (note: an inquest determined that she was, in fact, a female).

Limerick Chronicle, 1813, Vol. XLVII

Notice: Posted on 23 Jan., Tralee, 19 Jan. yesterday, J. O'Connell, Esq. of Grenagh, went into the Billiard Room in Tralee and accosted Mr. Rich. Blennerhassett in terms which enduced Mr. Bl. & his friend Thos. Blennerhassett of Cahering to demand a meeting. Mr. O'Connell referred them to Mr. Prendergast. Mr. B. fired first and was immediately returned by Mr. O'C. Neither shot took effect. Mr. B. fired his second. the ball entered Mr. O'Connell's mouth, knocking out 2 teeth and severely injuring his lower jaw and lodged in the back of his neck. Mr. B. is the son of Sir Roland Blennerhassett by & Mr. O'Connell is the brother to Counselor O'Connell.

1761 - Misc. Newspaper Notices (Ireland)

M = married A = announced d = death b = birth n = notice L = pounds

m. in Cork, William Madden, Esq., Capt. in General Handasyd's Regt., to Miss Laulhe of said city...L.2500 [dowry?] (Faulkner's Dublin Journal, Tues. 25 Aug. 1761)

a. Henry, eldest son of William Baldwin, Esq. be admitted freeman at large (Cork Corp. Book, 26 Aug 1761)

a. Horatio, eldes son of John Ireland, inronmonger be admitted freeman at large (Cork Corp. Book, 26 Aug. 1751

a. Mr. Thomas Roberts brother-in-law to the Mayor, be admitted freeman at large (Joseph Wetherall, Mayor) (Cork Corp. Book, 26 Aug. 1761)

d. at Crosses Green in the Co. of Cork. Mrs. Blurton, sister to Robaert Atkins Esq. (Cork MLB: Edward Blurton & Ursula Atkins, 1745) (Faulkner's Dublin Journal, Sat. 5 Sept. 1751)

d. at Ballybricken in the Co. of Cork the seat of George Connor, Esq., Mrs. Dunscombe, relict of Will Dunscombe, Esq. deceased (Faulkners's Dublin Journal, Sat. 12 Sept. 1761)

d. in Corke, Mr. John Softlow (Faulkner's D. J., Sat. 12 Sept, 1761)

d. last week in Corke, John Vowell, Esq. (Faulkners - Tues. 15 Sept, 1761)

M. Mr. William Reynolds of Cork, silversmith to Miss Foot, dau. of Mr. James Foot, linen draper (Faulkner's.. Sat. 19 Sept. 1761)

d. At St. Peter's Ch. near Corke the widow Hea (Faulner's D. J. Sat. 19 Sept 1761)

m. near Corke, Joseph Ledbetter of Bando, Esq., M.D. to Miss McClealan (Faulkner's D. J. 19 Sept 1761)

a. Edward Parks, clothier having served Mr. Burgess Parks be admitted freeman at large (Cork Corp. Book, 21 Sept 1761)

d. last Monday, Mr. Richard Dormon of this City, an eminent atty. at law (Corke Journal, Thurs. 24 Sept 1761)

d. las week, died at Derrycloona near this city, Miss Ann Sarsfield, a young lady (Corke Journal, Thurs. 24 Sept. 1761)

d. last Tues. morning Richard Moore, Esq. eldest son of Stephen Moore of Kilworth, Esq. and Member of Parliament for Clonmell (Corke Journal, Monday 28 Sept 1761)

m. Lim. 24 Sept. Tues. last Anthony Parker, the younger, Esq., High Sheriff of the Co. of Limerick, was married to Miss Ann Grady, dau. of Standish Grady, the younger, Esq. (Cork Journal, Mon. 28 Sept. 1761)

d. near Charleville in the Co. of Cork, the wife of Amos Godsele, Esq. (Faulk. Dub. Jour. Sat. 10 oct. 1761)

d. near St. Peter's Ch, Corke, the widow Vaughan, vintner (Faulkner's D. J., Tues 6 Oct 1761)

m. at Rathcooney in Corke, Mr. Francis Rowland of said City merchant to Miss Martin, only dau. of the late Edward Martin of Bandon in said Co., Esq. (not in parish reigster) (Faulkner's D. J., Tues 13 Oct 1761)

d. Sat. evening suddenly just as he was going into his work house in Cove Lane, Mr. Jeremiah Baunane, blacksmith, (Cork Journal Mon. 19 Oct 1761)

a. that Jane the widow of Francis Clarke tobaconist at the corner of Kitt's Lane in the Main St. carries on the trade...., (Corke Journal, 19 Oct. 1761)

d. Tues. on the Mall, the widow Young (Corke Jour. Mon. 19 Oct. 1761)

m. yesterday 7-night at Moorpark near Kilworth in the Co. of Cork, the Right Hon. Will, Earl of Inchiquin knight of the Bath, to Miss Moore, dau. of Stephen Moore, Esq. L.10,000 (Faulkner's D. J. Tues 20 Oct. 1761)

d. last week at his lodgings in the North Abbey Corke, Mr. Richard Shee, son of Mr. Robert Shee of Thurles (Faulkners, Tues 20 Oct. 1761)

m. last Tues. Mr. William Allen to the widow Stockdale of Hammond's Marsh (Corke Journal, Thurs, 22 Oct. 1761)

d. Sun. evening at Cove Lane, Mrs. Baker wife of Mr. Charles Baker, innkeeper (Corke Journal, Thurs 22 Oct 1761)

a. Whereas Hon. Shea orse Lane, wife of Darby Shea of Killclough in the Parish of Matcha & Co. of Corke hath eloped on the 3d inst...dated 7 Oct. 1761 (Corke Jour. 22 Oct 1761)

a. Whereas Eliz. the wife of Corn. O'Leary of Knockviellig in the Co. of Corke gent., did of her own accord & contrary to the will of her husband veroften before & frequenly of late, go away and depart from her said husband & family...whereas the said Elizabeth is now absent...(mention of "an helpless young charge of children") dated 29 Sept 1761)

d. in Cork, Mr. John Chartres (Faukner's..Thurs 3 Nov. 1761)

d. a few days ago at Dralee in the Co. of Kerry, Maurice Crosbie of Ballykelly Esq. in the 81st year of his age...fortune devolves to his son Col. Launcellot Crosbie ofTuberrid Esq. & to his grandson Gustavus Frake Crosbie (Faulkner's D. J. Sat 7 Nov.1761)

a. William, eldest son of John Chartres gent. dec'd. be admitted a freeman at large (Cork Corp 11 Nov. 1761)

d. at Corke in the 82nd year of his age Mr. James Emerson, an eminent skinner (Faulkner's ..14 Nov. 1761)

d. Mr. John Snadwell, Sr. an eminent merchant in Cork (Faulkner's, Sat. 14 Nov. 1761)

a. Joanna Maria Fitzgerald wife of Richard Fitsgerald of Castle Ishin in the Co. of Cork, Esq. having thought proper to live seperate for some time past from her husband on the 7 Aug. last forceably conveyed away from Boarding School of Mrs. Leo in Charleville the said Richard Fitzgera's son and daughter (Joanna has received Alimony as dedreed & R. F. has served her notice to return children to said school) (Corke Journal 23 Nov. 1761)

d. last Friday, Richar Phillpot of Dromagh, Esq. was unfortunately drowned crossing the Black Water near Fermoyle between Millstreet and the New Bridge...a young gent. (Corke Journal Mon. 23 Nov. 1761)

d. last week at Clonikilty, the wife of the Ref. Mr. Ellis (Faulkner's...24 Nov 1761)

d. last week at Snugborough near Skibereen in the Co. of Cork, Mrs. Mary O'Callaghn wife of Mr. James O'Callaghan (Faulkner's...6 Dec 1761)

d. in Corke the wife of Capt Phillips of Gen. Sebright's Regt. of Foot (Faulkner's Dublin Journal Tues 15 Dec 1761)

m. last week in Cork Mr. Richard Pope to Miss Sally Winthrop dau. of Alderman Winthrop of said place (Faulkner's.. 19 Dec. 1761)

d. in Meeting House lane, Cork, Mr. Joshua Beale, one of the people called Quakers (Faulkners 22 Dec.)

m. near Mallow, Mr. Ruby McCarthy to Miss Margaret Bear of Corke (Faulkner's 22 Dec 1761)

m. last week at St. Peter's Ch., Corke, Mr. Henry Sanders of Charleville, Gent. to Miss Catherine Roach of said city (Faulkner's...22 Dec 1761)

d. near Millstreet Corke, the Rev. Mr. Francis Townsent (Faulkner's...22 Dec 1761)

m. last week in Corke Mr. Edward Heard of Kinsale merchant to Miss Judity Ellis of Clonakilty in said Co. (Faulkner's 29 Dec 1761)

1762 - Misc. Newspaper Notices

a = announcement d=death m=marriage n=notice b= birth

d. at Mt. Coote in the Co. of Limerick, Charles Coote, Esq., father of Childers Coote, Esq., (Faulkner's.. Sat. 2 Jan 1762)

d. Mr Edmond Galway of Corke, merchant (Faulkner's 2 Jan 1762)

m. last week in cork, Mr. John Deyos, meerchant to Miss Anne Welstead (Faulkner's 5 Jan 1762)

d. last Tues. Mrs. Sara Cambridge (mother of Mr. Peter Cambridge of this city) one of the people called Quakers (Corke Journal, Thurs ? Jan 1762)

d. Limerick, 4 Jan, last Wed. suddenly at his house at Broskey in the 95th year of his age, Mr. John Hewson, (Corke Journal Thurs 7 Jan 1762)

a. Whereas Allice Murphy alias Curtin wife of Dennis Murphy of Condonstown in the parish of Killshanahan & Co. of Cork, hath eloped...dated 10 Dec 1761 (Corke Journal, 7 Jan 1762)

a. that Peter Fothet, in St. Paul St., intends fter theholy days to keep a French School at his house...he will wait on Gentlemen & Ldies at their houses and will translate French letters...(Cork Journal 7 Jan 1762)

d. last week Corn. Scanlon of Ballyaha, Esq. (C.J. 7 Jan 1762)

d. Limerice 4 Jan. Friday last, died Miss Mary Vereker eldest dau. of Henry Vareker of Boxborough, Esq. (C.J. 7 Jan 1762)

d. Mrs. Daly wife of Mr. Carrol Daly, linen draper (Faulkner's, 9 Jan )

d. at her lodgings i Dublin in her way to Bath, Mrs Falkiner wife f Riggs Falkiner of Corke, Esq. (Faulkiner, 9 Jan)

d. a few days ago in Corke, Mr. Lassaigne Patton, linef draper, (Falk. 9 Jan)

d. near Drawbridge, the widow Day. (CJ 11 Jan)

d. near North Gate, Mrs. Philips wife of _____ Philips, Esq. ond of the Burgesses of this city (CJ 11 Jan)

m. last week Mr. William Nash to the only dau. of Doctor Bonbonous (Rathcooney, Jan. 5)

a. Whereas Mary Flin alias Quill wife of John Quill of Inchinsimuta in the parish of Killeenterns, Co. Kerry hath eloped...dated 14 Jan (CJ)

n. that part of the strand from Water Lane to Martins Glin... was taken by Mr. Samuel Allin at L.2.8.0, for lives of lessee, John Allen his eldest son, and Jeremiah, 3rd son of Jeremiah Herrick of Youghal burgess (Youghal Corp Book 19 Jan 1862)

a. of Laurens Arnett "at his school opposite the Sign of the Three Anchors & Crown in the main St...... He effectually cures Wens & Warts in the most easy safe & speedy manner possible, no purchas. to pay. "Corke, 21 Jan 1761

d. Lim. 18 Jan last week died at Newcastle in this County, the Rev. Mr. Richard Wight (CJ 21 Jan)

d. at Tralee, Mr. John Blennerhassett of a wound he received in a duel (Faulkner's 23 Jan.)

d. in Corke, Mrs. Dorman, wife of Mr. Robert Dorman (Faulkner's 23 Jan 1762)

m. Dublin 23 Jan. the Rev. Mr. Michael son to Sir Richard Cox, Bart., to the relict of John Arthur of Seafield, Esq. (Corke Journal, Monday 25 Jan 1762)

m. last Sat. night was married Mr. John Stack, cooper to Miss lucy Pigott, dau. of Mr. William Pigott - handsome fortun (Corke J. Monday 25 Jan)

d. Friday last, in Corke, Mrs. Baker who many years kept the Blue Anchor Inn (Faulkner's Tues 26 Jan)

d. at Corke, Mr. ____Williams an eminent chandler (Augustus William, chandler bur. St. Finbarr's Jan 19 (Faulkner's...Tues 26 Jan)

n. Whereas Mary Quintian alias O'Donnell wife of Maurice Quintias of Annagh near Charleville in the Co. of Corke hath eloped....dated 16 Feb 1762 (Corke J. )

d. near South Gate, Corke, Mr. John Plant, glaizer (Faulkner's 2 Feb )

d. last week at his hour in Cavan St. in a very advanced aged, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Edward Synge, Lord Bishop of Elphin (Faul. Dub. J. Tues 2 Feb 1762)

m. last week in Limerick Mr. Thomas Dickson merchant to Miss Susanna Nash, dau. of Ralph nash of Cahirconligh, Esq (Faulk, 6 Feb 1762)

m. a few days ago Mr. William Cooke of Youghall merchant to Miss Ann Solen (sp?) of Castlemartyr (Faulkner's 9 Feb)

m. in Corke Mr. Michael Archer, balcksmith age 80 to Mrs. Ruth Redding aged about 70 (Faulkner's Tues. 9 Feb)

d. Dublin, 9 Feb last Sat., about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, of an inflamation on her lungs, at Naves in the Co. of Meath, Miss Latitia Jones dau. of the Reve. Mr. John Jones schoolmaster of said place (CJ, Feb 11)

m. a few days ago at Rathcooney, Mr.Simon Vokes of the Co. of Limerick to Miss Wood of this city - handsome fortune (CJ 11 Feb; Rathcooney: Feb 6)

a. Whereas Mary the wife of Maurice Condon of Dunmanway, cordwainer has been by her detected in embezling & purloining his substance in a sinister way....dated 15 Feb 1762)

d. last Sat. in Dublin, Mr. Finey, carpenter to the Theatre Royal occasioned by the bite of a mad cat he received about 6 weeks ago (CJ 16 Feb)

d. last Sat. Mr. Thomas Greaves of Blarney Lane, Carpenter (CJ 13 Feb)

a. Horatio Ireland, ironmonger, son of John Ireland late of this city dec. who served his apprenticeship to Mr. Timothy Turner of Dublin is just arrived from England and into continuing his father's business in his father's house at the corner of Tuckey St. on Tuckey's Quay...dated 18 Jan (CJ 15 Feb)

a. Whereas on 8th inst. Jan. Edmund Kenna was assaulted by Simon Doyle & Patrick Kennedy near the Poor House and died on the 17th on which they were brought in guilty of wilful murder by the Coroner's inquest (CJ 15 Feb)

a. That Ann Plant widow of John Plant late of this city of Cork plumber & glasier will carry on the business dated 1 Feb 1762 (Cork Journal 15 Feb)

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