Orphanages in Cork City in 1840
Co. Cork

Updated 31 Oct 1999

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The following Charitable Institutions were receiving free water from Cork Corporation in December 1872:
(source: General Minute Books of Cork Corporation, The Waterworks Committee)

Blind Asylum (now closed)
Carmichael Schools (closed, on the grounds of Trinity Presbyterian Church)
Clarence St. Convent (now Gerald Griffin St, North Presentation Convent)
Fever Hospital (now closed)
Good Shepherd Convent (closed recently)
Incurable Hospital (St. Patrick's, Marymount)
Lying-In Hospital (closed)
Male Industrial School, South Terrace, (closed)
Mercy Hospital
National Schools, Stephen St. (?)
North Infirmary (now closed)
Peacock Lane Convent Schools (St. Vincent's)
People's Baths (now closed)
Peter's & Paul's School (closed)
Ragged Schools, White St. (closed)
Refuge (?Magdalen Refuge?)
Sailor's Home (closed)
South Infirmary
South Monastery School (?)
St. Patrick's Orphan Asylum in Anne St.
St. Mary's of the Isle
St. Nicholas Industrial School ( for male children from the Workhouse, closed)
St. Patrick's Orphanage (closed)
St. Vincent's Church
Training Home, Union Quay (COI, closed)
And of course the Workhouse also operated as an Orphanage.

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