Origin of the Pickett/Pigot name
Misc. witnesses at Birth, Bpt, Marriages in Cork/Kerry
Trinity College students named Picket/Pigott
Index to 5040 Prerogative Grants for Cork and Kerry - 1595 to 1810
Prerogative Wills Index 1536-1810
Cork Administrataive Bond Index 1612-1858
Cloyne Index of Wills, Alpha, C of I 1621-1838
Abstracts of Wills and Administrations 1858-1900
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Excerpt from the Lismore Papers. Volume 3
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Index of marriages 1716-1841, Diocese of Cork and Ross Marriage Bonds Cloyne Diocese C of I 1801-1866

Updated 12 Jan 2004

Transcribed from public records by Patty Pickett and posted here with her kind permission.

Origin of the Pickett/Pigot name

the name being Becket for the Co.Cork Pigots.
Source: Edward MacLysaght's "The Surnames of Ireland" sixth edition, 1997
Also, there is a reference to an area and 14 families named Pigot or Piogoid.
Source: "County Kerry, Past and Present"

The last few extractions I have made are from volume 7 and they deal with the 1500's and 1600's and 1700's mostly and the data comes from the newspapers, from official city books and ledgers and I am finding them to be quite interesting to read. In a separate message I am posting one or two things containing many names of people of the times. I am finding several "cores" if you will of Piggot names within the various time frames. The earliest reference I found to any Pigot was William the Sheriff of Shropshire who was called many unflattering things. He was quite cunning if not necessarily nice from what I read. But that was in England and I am concentrating on the name in Cork. The earliest generations I have found involved Alexander, John, George, Richard and Emmanuel. They were all either lawyers or clergymen or doctors. I developed a distinct dislike for Emmanuel, Esq. from some of the documents he crafted or put his name on, but this is perhaps not fair.

I am looking for some reading recommendations on the history of the entire country , especially for the 1600-1800's. I am especially interested in learning what part any Irish may have played in the Jacobite rebellions ( and I know of several between 1700's- 1745). My past reading has focused on the part the Scots played in them and have seen little on the Irish piece. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

The best description of the so called "Mother Lode of Irish Genealogy" as listed on the Irish Genealogical Society, International web page, are the O'Kief, Coshe Mang, Slieve Lougher and the Upper Blackwater in Ireland series. Dr. Albert Casey, a pathologist who lived in Alabama, is the man who funded and worked on this project. Ultimately 16 volumes were produced, covering the above areas which touch County Kerry, County Cork, but also include some data on other areas as well.

What is the OKCM film I refer to?
The LDS have the first 14 on microfilm, as well as an all name index to the volumes. I have, as yet, not been able to find where I might access the last two volumes to the work, as they have not been filmed for release to LDS FHC due to, I believe, copyright restrictions. The data included comes from GRO,PRO, parish records, newspapers, personal collections, etc. I do not have the actual URL at this time, as it has changed since I last went there, but the page I am talking about is on rootsweb - last known to be https://sites.rootsweb.com/`irish/igsi/casey.html

this may not work quite right just now so if you go there poke around a bit if it is not immediately in front of you. The IGSI web page is well worth the visit anyway.

Misc. Pickett/Piggott witnesses at Birth, Bpt, Marriages in Cork/Kerry

Thomas Jones of Keelcusnan, chr 1-21-1829 son of Edmund Jones and Mary Connor, witnesses Robert Jones and Margaret Pickett

Ellen Moriarity dau of Timothy Moriarity and Ellen Sheahan chr 9-5-1889, Firies Rc Baptism, witnesses Timothy and Margaret Pigott, Sheens

Henry Moriarity son of John Moriarity and Mgt Donovan, Firies RC Baptism, witnesses Patrick and Mgt. Piggott 11-9-1898

John Keating bpt 5-29-1905, son of James Keating and Ellen Cullotty, witness Hannah Pickett, Killarney and Aghadoe Baptism, Killarney

Edm Keefe son of Thomas Keefe and Mary Barry of Kileteragh, date Feb 1844, witnesses Dennis Keefe and Anna Pigot, Dromtariffe and Derrinagree bpt

Dan Riordan son of Michael Riordan and Ellen Rahilly of Scagh, December 1843, witnesses Dan Sweeney and Ellen Pigot

Mary Kearney dau of John Kearney and Mary Curran, bpt March 1847, of Dromagh, witnesses Williaim Piggott and Mary McAuliffe.

David Mc Auliffe/F/B/farmer of Glountane, son of Patrick McAuliffe farmer, married 11-26-1895 Newmarket, Barony Duhallow, to Eliza Carroll/F/S of Glounamuckla, daughter of John Carroll (dec) farmer, witnesses Patrick McAuliffe and Hanna Pigot, celebrant J. McSweeney

John Mulcahy of Tour and Margaret Murphy of Knockerourke, son of Denis Mulcahy, daughter of Dennis Murphy, married 11-28-1868, witnesses Daniel Herlihy of Kiskeam and David Piggott of Tour, celebrant Rev. M. McMahon (found in Boherbue RC marriages)

John Fitzgerald married to Mary Homan 6-10-1858, Jeffrey Pigot witness, of Kanturk (Duhallow marriages)

Margaret Sullivan dau of Patrick Sullivan and Christine Moriarity, witnesses James Pickett and Mary Leary in Killarney (Aghadoe)

Michael Connor bpt 7-30-1810 in Kileen, son of Ml. Connor and Cath Garin Connor, witnesses Jerh Sullivan and Eliz Pickett

John Lynch son of Humphrey Lynch and Nora Finnegan, bpt 9-4-1810 in Killarney, witnesses John Pickett and Ellen Hegarty

Ellen Donoghue dau of John Donoghue and Hannah Cahill, bpt 4-14-1817 in Killarney, witnesses James Pickett and Mary Cronin

Mary Lynch dau of Patrick and Bridget Lynch bpt 6-25-1820 in Killarney, witnesses William Pickett and Hannah Buckley

Bridget Sullivan dau of Jerh Sullivan and Hannah Mc Carthy, bpt 5-4-1820 in Listry Kerry, witnesses Jerh Murphy and Eliz Pickett

Jeremiah Leary son of Ty Leary and Mary Mahoney bpt 3-9-1823, in Killarney, witnesses Ty Brick and Hannah Pickett

Michael Kerrish son of Ml Kerrish and M Connor bpt 4-3-1810 in Coolgarrive, witnesses Th Curtayne and Hannah Pickett

Mary Rahilly dau of John Rahilly and Cath Daley, bpt 6-24-1866, Castletisla nd, witnesses Thomas Daley and Hannah Pickett, Tullig

Richard Cummings son of Pat Cummings and Eliz McGrath, bpt 3-25-1874, witnesses Martin Pickett and Ellen McGillicuddy, Castleisland

Patrick Callaghan /F/Bfarmer of Ardglass, son of Simon O'Callaghan (decd) farmer, married to Margaret Hanlon/F/S grocer, of Kanturk, daugher of Cors Hanlon farmer, witnesses
John Callaghan and Mary Pigott, celebrant T O'Keeffee

Csatleisland, Cordal and Scartageen Roman Catholic Marriage dated 9-5-1829, Patrick Tynan and Cath Moore, celebrant Rev. O
Leary, witnesses Jeremiah Supple and Frances Pigott

Daniel Connell married 2-24-1846 Hannah Hayes of Killarney, witnesses Wm. Pickett and Martin Doherty, cel Rev. Tho J O'Sullivan

Cath Sullivan bpt 11-24-1875, dau of Ty Sullivan and Hannah Tuomey, witness Mary Pigott, Keelushalla ?

Ty Dennehy bpt 2-3-1878, son of Dl. Dennehy and Bgt McAuliffe, witnesses Jas Pigott, and Mary McAuliffe, of Knockanagh (listed as Boherbue RC Kilmean Parish)

Denis Mulcahy son of Dl. Mulcahy and Mary Brown bpt 4-1-1891, wtinesses Dav Pigott and Ellen Brown, Knocknanagh (as above)

Fras O'Connor child(sex not given) of Andrew O'Conner and Nora Moynihan, bpt 8-21-1892, witnesses Dav Pigott and Mgt Kirby of Glashakinleen (as above)

Ellen Mulcahy bpt 7-17-1898, dau of Ty Mulcahy and Julia Keeffe, witnesses David Pigott and Hannah Murphy Knockanagh (listed as baptisms, Dromtariffe, Co. Kerry)

Corn O'Keeffe bpt 12-28-1898 son of Ty O'Keeffe and Mary Hanlon, witnesses Corn O'Keeffe and Hannah Pigott, Killetra (listed as above)

Hannah Swiney bpt 1-11-1873, dau of Wm.Swiney and Hannah Riordan, witnesses Ty Swiney and Eliz Pigot, Millstreet, cel Rev. P . Fitzgerald

Hannah Sullivan bpt 3-6-1875 dau of Thos Sullivan and Mary Moynihan, witnesses Brian Sullivan and Julia Pickett, Kippah?

Jerh Mulcahy and Margaret Murphy, child (no name given) either bpt or b 11-28-1868 in Tour (parents of Knockerourke) witnesses Dennis Mulcahy and Denis Murphy as well as Dl Herlihy and David Pigott (why so many?)

Hannah Dowd bpt 11-1-1867 dau of Daniel Dowd and Mary Lynch, witnesses Wm. Pickett and Mary Guinea of KNockeendone ( they are to be married in the future)

Mgt. Rahilly dau of John Rahilly and Cath Daly, bpt 8-10-1873, wtinesses Pat Moynihan and Cath Pickett, Tullig

James Parker son of James Parker and Elizabeth Sughrue bpt 12-4-1795 witnesses John Pickett and Hannah Shea

Corn Cronin and Abina Ready married 4-30-1793 Knockarainett, witnesses Ty Pigott and James Pigott

Eugene Falvey bpt 11-30-1904 son of Humphrey Falvey and Cath Dowdy, witnesses Patrick Pickett and Cath Fowley,

Jn Sullivan son of Edw Sullivan and Rose Ann Moynahan, bpt (I forgot to write down the date but it is from Volume 14 page 35 of the OKCM microfilms-will get it later if anyone needs it) witnesses James Piggott and Ellen Connor of Killarney

Ellen O'Connor dau of James O'Connor and Ellen Brian, bpt 9-8-1869, witnesses Ml.Brien and Ellen Pigott, Coolcorkaran

12-17-1895, bpt Ty Browne son of Ty Browne and Julia Sullivan, witnesses David Pigott and Hannah Herlihy, Glounalogha/Nohovaldy

12-29-1870 listed as Duhallow Birth, Mary Hegarty to Daniel Hegarty and Ellen Moriarity, wit Wm Picket and Mgt Lynan and Mary and Corn and Cath Sheehan/ Killarney (editorial comment -that's a lot of folks to witness one birth)

5-4-1895 Anne Dogherty dau of Ml Dogherty and Annie O'CONNELL, witnesses Wm Pigott and Cath O'CONNELL/Killarney =3D bp Magunihy

9-4-1894 bpt Magunihy, Mary Brosnan dau of John Brosnan and Bgt Connell, witnesses Thos Pigott and Mary Sullivan, Killarney

4-21-1897 bpt Magunihy, Mary Anne Breen, dau of Ml Breen and Mary Moriarity, witnesses Jas and Mgt Pigott/Coolgarrive

8-2-1882, bpt Magunihy, Deborah Hunter dau of Wm Hunter and Mary Sullivan, witnesses Ml Sullivan and Mary Pigot, Killarney

4-9-1882, bpt, Magunihy, Mgt Casey dau of Ml. Casey and Mgt Sullivan, witnesses Ty Casey and Mary Piggott, Killarney

6-13-1879 bpt Magunihy, Jn. Glover son of Peter Glover and Mgt. Warren, witnesses David and Mary Pigott, Killarney

3-8-1872 bpt Magunihy, Anne Daily dau of Thos Daily and Eliz Shine, witnesses Jerh Dailey and Hannah Pigott, Ardaneining

12-15-1863 bpt Glenfesk Magunihy per the film, James Donoghue son of Dl. Donoghue and Mary Clifford, witnesses John Donoghue and Anne Pickett, Brewsterfield

12-24-1868 Brosna RC bpt Anne O'Donnell dau of John O'Donnell and Anne Carmody, witnesses Pat Piggott and Hannah Carmody

I missed the date on this one after 1868 and before 1872 though,
Alex O'DONNELL son of Alex O'Donnell and Mary Walshe, witnesses Pat Pigott and Ellen Sullivan

2-18-1878 bpt Brosna RC Eugene Walshe son of Edmund Walshe and Nora Keeffe, witnesses Pat Piggott and Mary Cullinane

2-22-1887 Firies Marriage Michael Breen and Mary Moriarity, witnesses James Pigott and Timothy Moriarity, Roxboro

4-29-1894 Firies bpt James Sullivan son of Patrick Sullivan and Nora Leary, witnesses James Pickett and Catherine Foley of Aglish

11-9-1898 bpt Firies Mary Moriarity dau of John Moriarity and Mgt Donovan, witnesses Patrick and Mgt Piggott

4-26-1896 Firies bpt Jas Moriarity son of Timothy Moriarity and Ellen Sheehan, witnesses Pat Pigott and Mary Donoghue, Sheens

9-5-1889 bpt Firies Ellen Moriarity dau of Timothy Moriarity and Ellen Sheehan, witnesses Timothy and Mgt Pigott of Sheens

8-3-1886 bpt Firies Hannah Moriarity dau of Timothy Moriarity and Ellen Sheehan, witnesses James Breen and Catherine Pickett, Sheens

10-29-1840 Killarney RC bpt Hannah Guran dau of John Guran and Eliz Dougherty, witnesses Wm Pickett and Hannah Dogherty, Killarney (these two are married actually)

12-3-1840 Killarney RC bpt Mary Dogherty dau of Martin Dogherty and Ellen Cronin, witnesses Jas Picket and Mary Dogherty of Killarney

6-20-1841 Killarney RC bpt Julia Mangan dau of Jerh Mangan and Cath Sullivan, witnesses Dl. Sullivan and Nora Pickett, Woodpark

9-13-1841 Killarney RC bpt Jerh Geran son of Jerh Geran and Mary Talbot, witnesses David Picket and Eliz Dogherty, Lisivigeen

11-14-1841 Killarney RC bpt Ty Morgan son of Jerh Morgan and Mgt Sugrue, witnesses Jerh Morgan and Nora Pickett, Lisivigeen

4--26-1845 Killarney RC bpt Alice Roche dau of Conrad Roche and Cath Garan, witnesses Wm Pickett and Eliz Doody, Killarney

1-12-1847 Killarney RC bpt Jn Dealy son of Corn Dealy and Ellen Lynch, witnesses Jn. Dealy and Nancy Pickett, Ardaneigh

3-11-1849 Killarney RC bpt Daniel Flynn son of Corn Flynn and Hannah Mahoney, witnesses Jn Connor and Hannah Pickett, Killarney (note, this is the first time I have seen my names, Pickett
and Flynn together anywhere in Cork or Kerry. no proven connection yet though)

3-31-1850 Killarney RC bpt Mgt Rourke dau of Ty Rourk and Mary Leane, witnesses Dav Picket and Ellen Connor, Ardaneining

3-3-1851 Killarney RC bpt Mgt McCarthy dau of Corn McCarthy and Hannah Fleming, witnesses Dav Pickett and Ellen Cronin, Killarney

12-10-1854 Killarney RC bpt Cath Sullivan dau of Dl Sullivan and Ellen Scannell, witnesses Ty Pickett and Mary Sullivan Killarney

5-4-1856 Killarney RC bpt Abina Flynn dau of Corn Flynn and Hannah Mahoney, witnesses Pat Casey and Ellen Pickett, Lisivigeen

date missed again, Killarney RC bpt Wm Ginea son of Jas Ginea and Hannah Rearden, witnesses Ml. Flynn and Julia Pickett, Tralee (there is a Pickett and a Flynn again!!)

10-9-1863 Killarney RC bpt Mary Leese dau of Pat Leese and Mary Doherty, witnesses David Pickett and Eliz Geran, Killarney

1-22-1865 Killarney RC bpt Ellen Dowd dau of Daniel Dowd and Mary Lynch, witnesses Patrick Pickett and Ellen Down, Knockeenduff

5-24-1862 Killarney RC bpt Frances Mathews dau of Jn Matthews and Anne Boyle, witnesses Jas Pickett and Marg Mahoney, Killarney

Trinity College students named Picket/Pigott

David Richard Pigot /Pen/Mr. Downing, 7-4-1814 age 18, RC, son of John Pigot Physician. Born Cork, B>A> A est. 1819, MA Nov 1832, LLD (Honoris Causa) A Est. 1870, Chief Baron of the Exchequer (L) Irish Bar 1826, PC

David Richard Pigot/Pen/PT/ 7-1-1840 aged 16, RC son of David Pigot Lawyer. Born Co.Cork BA A est 1844, M A Vern 1860

Edward Pigot (Pigott) native school, Feb 2 1627-28, BA 1633 (Prebend of Killabegs (Tuam) 1638-39, Provost of Tuam 1639-1666, BA restored Nov 13, 1633

John Pigot S.C. ( Mr. Organ) 7-2-1839, aged 17, RC, son of David Pigot lawyer, born Cork

Alexander Pigott (Pen) (his father) 11--1-1769, aged 17, son of Williaimi Pigott, clergyman, Born Co. Cork

George Pigot (Piggot) (Pen) ( Mr. Chinnery) Middleton, 7-8-1728, aged 17, son of Emmanuel Pigot Esq, born Chetwind near Cork

John Pigott ( Pen) (Mr. Mulley) Cork, 6-30-1701, aged 15, son of Thomas Pigot, gentleman, Co. Cork, B.A. Kern 1705,MA A Est. 1708

Thomas Pigott SC (Dr. Edward Jones) (Killkenny) 2-9-1676-77 aged 18, son of Alexander Pigott Esq, born Co Cork

Some of this I get and some of it I haven't caught yet. It reads to me like the date the boy went into the school, previous schooling if noteworthy, father's name, perhaps the person sponsoring them or something like that, degrees and titles conferred. What is the reference to ( Pen) do you know Denis or anyone?

Index to 5040 Prerogative Grants for Cork and Kerry -Picket/Piggott 1595 to 1810

( from PRO wills, administrations, marriages, letters and commissions)
if 'W'= will, then 'I'= Intestate, or, a person who dies without having a will

Following from Dennis Grant on Genexchange:

The government is just as interested if not moreso in a person who dies intestate as one who does not. Why? Usually there is an even greater opportunity of taxation. The assets of all deceased persons must be declared to the government. To be fair, it is also to ensure that those who are entitled to them by the law of the land actually get them. There are formal rules of distribution in the absence of a will, some of which cannot be over-ridden by a will.

A Prerogative Grant gets its name from the Prerogative Court which made it. I don't know if this court still exists in Ireland or Britain. I think in Britain at least these matter's would now be dealt with by the Probate Division of the High Court of Justice. Thus the expression 'probating a will', Probate Duty, etc.

Thomas Pickett, 1750, Monne, Co.Cork, farmer, I, 162

Thomas Pickett, 1731, Monee, Cork, Gentleman W/214

Thomas Pickett 1752, Co. Cork, farmer, W, 11

Emmanuel Pigott, Cork,Esq, W/242, 1762

Emmanuel Pigott, Cork, Esq W/13, 1762

Barbara Pickett, spinster, Cork, I/256, 1762

Alexander Piggott, Co. Cork,Esq, 1681 W/120

Thomas PIckett, Mooney sic probably Monee or however you really spell it) Cork, farmer, 1768, W/92, W/98

Perogative Wills Index 1536-1810

just the names and dates for Pickett, Pigot, Pick and anything even close to my name

Ellinor Pick, of Cork, widow, 1768
John Pick,of Cork, merchant, 1740
Thos Pickett, Monee,Co Cork, gent 1752
George Pigott, Cork, Esq, 1773

Cork Administrataive Bond Index 1612-1858

Thomas Pickett, St. Finbarry, 1681

John Pigott, Cork, 1843

George Pigott, Kinsale (Burgess) 1701

Mrgt Pigott, Kinsale, widow, 1701 then 1742

Mary Pigott, 1725 first listed (see name Elliot) 176520
note under Cork and Ross C of I marriage bonds for 1623 -1750 I find Mary
Pickett married 1681 to a Morriss Elliott)

Cloyne Index of Wills, Alpha, C of I 1621-1838

Catherine Piggot, widow, Drinagh, 1777/1811
Daniel Piggott, d of W, Knucknacolane 1806/1812
Garrett Piggott of Glanlary 1688/1806
Richard Piggott Dramoran (Benmorane) 1806/1804
Williami Piggott Drinough, 1766/1852
William Piggott Fermoy, 1818/1834

Now I have no idea what is up with the dates on these. But if they are
supposed to be real dates, as indicated on the OKCM microfilm, one will
was final before it was entered, and one two of them spanned close to or
over 100 years.

I will take all thoughts, I am a sponge.

Abstracts of Wills and Administrations 1858-1900

Ellen Pigott, under £200, March 15, will, late of Henry St. Cork, widow, died 12-30-1871 at same place, proved at Cork by Rev. Corn. Buckley of Buttevant, Co.Cork, RCC the sole executor

Joseph Pigott under £270, will 19th June, late of 39 Marlboro St., City of Cork, hairdresser, died 1-7-1861 at same place, proved at Cork B. O. of John Seyman Rowley, 39 Marlboro Street, gentleman

Misc wills

Prer will of Warham Sentleger, Knight, agd 1 March 1599, pr 7 March 1599, House of Monastereven, son of William, a minor. The writings concerning Monastereven were delivered by testator's man Robert Fricker into the hands of Sr. Anthony St. Leger (Sentleger). All warrants are in the hands of young Anthony Manny as Will Pigott and Robert Fricker know and remember.

next one
Thos Pigott of Desart indebted to George Percivall of City of Dublin, Esq.
agd 16 March 1674, pr, no date 1675

next one

Prer will of Stephen Gulman, now of Curricheen Cork, agd 21 May 1747, pr
25 June 1748, Trustee Emmanuel Pigott Esq of Chetwyndd

Har Pigott, witness for John Cliffe of New Ross 1-5-1727, Prer will
endorsed 1728

Excerpt from the Lismore Papers. Volume 3

From the OKCM microfilm, the Lismore Papers are described as having been recorded by Sir Richard Boyle. There seem to be three separate listings in the OKCM works:
Sir Richard Boyle, Lismore Papers 1611-1629
Boyle Papers Excerpts 1632-1637
Lismore Papers, Volume 3, no dates given

I do not know enough yet about Sir Richard Boyle to say who he was and what he did but the data contained in the papers apply to the whole of Ireland, Co. Kerry, Co.Cork and other specific parts as well. Written in the narrative form of a journal or diary.

I send you this entry because I was totally astounded by the dollar value of the transactions mentioned.

from Volume 8 Page 1790, Volume 3 of the Lismore Papers

5-21-1631 Lisivigeen (which is in Kerry,correct?) Received my security for payment of 2000 A3 sterling to Sir John Cletworthy.
Sir Robert Piggott is to give Henry Kenny ***** a good horse*** for ****his saddle**** as Mr. Kenny at my request gave up a lease for 50 years that I made his father of Ayree lands in Queen's county in reverecon.

Hibernian Chronicles excerpt

Volume 7 page 1407 OKCM

1785 p.o. 17 March et seq to be sold pt of Estate of Henry Cole Bowen of Kilmurry Co. Limerick - Ballynaconay, Killavullen, Shanballyduff,Killilane, Rahatassenig,all near Mallow, A3 94.10 a year - a lease of three lives renewable for ever paying A340 on the fall of each life and Ballinveskey within one mile of Mallow , list to Thomas Piggot, apply to Henry Cole Bowen, Bowen's Court.

Three lives - how long would that be does anyone know? sounds like a lot of money for the times?

Pickett/Piggott names on Tombstone Inscriptions Castlemagner church

Daniel Piggott erected this in memory of his father Patrick who died 3-12-1801. Also his brother Michael who died 3-10-1801, aged 42 years, also his family's burial place

I missed the exact locations of the rest of these, but they are Cloyne/ Cork/Ross. Will get the exact locations if and when I get a shot at the only reader left working at the LDS tonight.

Erected by David D Pigott of Glounamuckla in memory of his mother Elizabeth Pigott who died March 11 1891 aged 82 years, RIP

Erected by John P Pigott of Minehill to the memory of his beloved sister Anne Pigott who died Sept 15 1875 aged 47 years RIP

Erected by Patrick and Mrs. PIGOTT in memory of their son John died 3-3-1930 aged 36 years, RIP

Erected by Mrs. Ellen Hennessy of Kanturk in memory of her beloved husband Mr. John Hennessy who died April 5th 1876 aged 56 years, of her fond father Daniel Pigott, of her mother and sister Kate also of her uncle John Pigott of Newmarket and of his wife Mary, Req in pace, Amen

Kilcummin Cemetery, Catherine Pigott Knockeendugg died 3-28-1922, aged 66 years, Wm. Pigott d 4-3-1931 36 years

Killarney Co. Kerry
In memory of Johanna Pigott who died 18 Aug 1935 aged 86 years and of Thomas Pigott who died 3 Feb 1947 aged 93 years

Mary Sheehan alias Pigouth erected this in memory of her husband William Sheehan who departed this life 5-28-1832 aged 82 years. Her son William Sheehan departed life Oct 21,1828 aged 32 years, Kilbrogan Cemetery

2805/ Corporal J.W. Pigott, York and Lancaster Regt., 3rd Aug 1916, also listed as John William Pigott buried 8-6-1916 age 42

Erected by Mrs. Kate Pigott, Abbeyfeale, in memory of her beloved husband John Pigott, died 4-23-1921 aged 60 years

In Loving memory of Mary Pigott, died 2-11-1926 Kerry gravestone cemetery not recorded.

Extract from Council Book of Youghal 1123-1800

Joshua Boyle, Esq was sworn recorder and freeman at large "Whereas Thomas Pigott is to make his repair by sea to the province of Mounster. These are to require you,where so ever he shall land, to see him provided with ten sarans (what is that?) and cars from place to place, for carrying such provisions for his Majesty's service are sent by him to our very good Lo--, President, said Pigott paying for said carriage ready money or leaving ticket for same. Given at the Castle of Dublin, 26 Feb 1641, to all Mayors + C (what is that?) "
in a subsequent entry it states
"The following freeman at large ? Rev. Richard Piggot, 10-16-1780

Cork, Cloyne, Ross C of I Clerical and Parochial Records 1291-1860

1-26-1796 Richard Henry Rogers, R, LL, D resides at Youghal, son of Bayly Rogers Esq by Martha, dau of Emmanuel PIgott, MP, Deacon at Cork 1784 + Priest at Cloyne 1784, R Killagh 1796 to his death on March 3 1837, buried Whitechurch, Cork, his wife Suzannah Gumbleton 1783 ? had three sons - Henry-Richard, George Gumbleton and Joseph Pigott, daughters Elisabeth, Heloise, Susannah, and Cath (wife of Mr. Atkins). Eldest son Richard Henry Rogers(sic) ordained Deacon 1809 and Curacey of Inchigeelagh 1812 and M 1811 to Augusta dau of John Lyster of Youghall

Piggott and St. Leger names/ with

Well, it helps if you go through your own archived materials sometimes. I do not know when I sent this originally as I printed it before I sent it and no date prints on them that way but once upon a time I posted this:

Sir Robert Piggott to receive bond (Knight of Dysart) in the Queen's Co., which he erected into a manor by patent 7-2-1639. He married first Anne daughter of William St. Leger, son of Sir Anthony St. Leger, Lord Deputy for Ireland, by whom he had two sons and two daughters. Secondly Thomasine daughter of Christopher Peyton, Esq. widow of Captain Baptiste Castillion by whom he had two sons and two daughers. He is now represented by Sir Charles Piggott of Knapton, Queens Co, Baronet

so there is a family connection between those two names. Not connected to my own Pickett to the best of my knowledge.

Somebody on the genforum surname page for Pickett sent me information that states that the Picot, Pichot and Pigot name came from two families that were established in the shire of Cambridge England after the Norman Conquest in 1066. Their lands were confiscated for rebellion during the reign of William Rufus (1087-1100). Another family settled on the border of Wales in Cheshire and it is from this family that the Richard Pigot of Cheshire married the daugher and heiress of Sir Richard Peshale and obtained the Chetwynd estate in Shropshire, held by Piggott for 12 generations but sol by Robert Pigot in 1776. The spelling of the name Pigott was adopted by Robert Pigott of Chetwynd who was Sheriff of Shropshire in 1517 and this is the name Pickett originated from" per K. Lund on the genforum page.

However, I have read someplace that the Pickett name in County Cork first was spelled Becket. Now I do wish I could find where that was stated.

Cork and Ross, C of I, Marriage Bonds 1623-1750

Mary Pickett and Morris Elliott 1681
Martha Piggot and William Parsons 1705
Margaret Piggott and Samuel Atkins 1700
Henry Pigot and Margaret Murphee 1674
Elisabeth Pigott and James Dennis 1749
Emmanuel Pigot and Ann Phair 1722
Emmanuel Pigot and Lucia Rogers 1710
Martha Pigott and Bayley Rogers 1750
Thomas Pigott and Jane Moore 1681< br> Magdalen Pignalt and John Pick 1713

Index of marriages 1716-1841, Diocese of Cork and Ross

1809 Thomas Pickett and Mary Sullivan
1763 Ann Pigot and Barachia Wayles
1830 Joseph Pigott and Ellen Seymour Rumsley
1753 Judith Piggott and John Chetwyne/ clerk
1839 Richard Piggott and Mary Anne Browne

Marriage Bonds Cloyne Diocese C of I 1801-1866

David Richard Pigot and Catherine Paye 1821
John Pigot and Elizabeth Keily 1806

1847 Alms and Work House Records, St. John Co. New Brunswick

One of the many branches of my family tree includes a family consisting of Martin Donnelly and Ellen Burns from Burrishoole Co. Mayo. They came to North America through Canada in the 1840's, this we know from the birth of two of their children. Apparently at some point Ellen Burns Donnelly died and Martin took up with Mary Cunningham - I say took up with because, based on the research Martin and Mary did not actually get married till the day he died, despite having five children in the second relationship.

From two photocopied pages of Alms and Workhouse Records for parts of 1847, from the actual books themselves, as well as a photocopy of a transcribed page from a book along the same lines.

The book is called "The Irish in New Brunswick and their Origins" by Johnson, published 1985. I have one page from this book as a reference copy and the following names appear on this page covering part of July 1847:
All from CORK
DANLLEY, Patrick
SOUCE,Beckey ( she also appears on the actual ledger pages with data listed below,
LEARY, Johanna (ditto)
CROWLEY, Cornelius
CARNEY, Mrs. Johanna

there is more information on them and if you recognize the name please email me directly.
The two actual pages from the records cover June and July 1847 in part.
The following names are for County Cork:
name, age, religion, place of nativity, circumstances of disability, died or discharged, date of discharge or death, vessels name, whence sailed, where and when landed 7-9-1847, ANNE HARTT, age 16, RC, Cork, fever, died, August 9, PALLAS, Cork, June 21 1847

7-9-1847 QUINLAN, NOIRIE, 27, RC, Cork, died Aug 21, PALLAS, Cork, June 21, 1847

7-9-1847 No name DONNELLY, 9, RC, died, Aug 21, PALLAS,Cork, June 21,1847

7-12-1847 HANORA HICKSON, 36, Prot, from Kerry, sprain, disch 7-26-1847, ship's name Sally, sailed Cork, arrived St. John 7-18-1847

7-12-1847 MARGARET HICKSON, 9 =BD, Prot, from Kerry, destitute, discharged 7-26-1847, ship is SALLY, sailed from Cork , as above

7-12-1847 MARY HICKSON, 5, Prot, from Kerry, Destitute, disch as above, same ship and date of arrival

7-12-1847 JOHANNA HICKSON, 4 months, Prot, from Kerry, Destitute, all the rest same as above
7-13-1847 JOHANNA COONEY, 27, RC, from Cork, fever, disch 7-20-1847, ship Sally, same dates as above

7-13-1847 MRS. MARY HEGARTY, 35, RC, of Cork, fever, died 8-8-1847, from the ship Malvina, sailed Baltimore (Cork) Ireland landed July 2.

7-13-1847 MARY KIDNEY, 22, RC, Cork, fever, dec July 30, ship ELLAN? sailed Cork, landed June 18

7-13-1847 JUDY HAINIHAN ? 6, RC, Cork, fever, discharged 8-2, PERSEVERANCE out of Londonderry, arrived July 19

7-13-1847, BESS ROBERTS, 12, RC, Cork, fever, died 7-19-1847, PERSEVERANCE, sailed Londonderry, landed July 19

7-13-1847 CATHERINE TOOMEY, 11, RC Cork, fever, disch July 27, ship DALY from Bantry, landed June 18

7-15-1847 MARY DALY, 24, RC, Cork, Poor, dish 7-17-1847, PALLAS, sailed from Cork, landed June 21

7-15-1847 JOHANNA Casey or Carey, 18, RC, Cork, Poor, disch 7-17, PALLAS, Cork sailed, landed June 12

7-15-1847 PEGGY DALY, 1 BD RC,Cork,fever, disch 7-17, ship PALLAS, from Cork, landed June 12

7-16-1847 PEGGY MURPHY, 14, RC, Cork, fever, disch 9-8, ship GARLAND sailed from Cork, landed July 1

7-16-1847 MARGARET BUTTER, 25, RC, Cork, fever, disch 8-13, ship Ambassadress of Liverpool, arrived July 13

7-16-1847 MARY HEGARTY, 8 months, RC, Cork, fever died 7-23, ship Shakespeare from Liverpool

7-16 1847, BECKEY SOUCE, 12, RC, Cork, Fever, Disch 7-29, ship PERSEVERANCE, from Cork, landed June 23

7-16-1847 MARY COLLINS (Or Souce I think it says) 50, Rc, Cork, destitute, disch 7-24, ship PERSEVERANCE from Cork as above

7-16-1847 JOHANNA LEARY, 16, from Cork, fever, died either Aug 20 or it might even be Feb 20, ship PERSEVERANCE, from Cork, as above

7-16-1847 ELLEN DONNELLY, 27, RC,Cork, fever, died 7-20, ship Malvinian or Malvinia, from Baltimore Cork, Ireland, landed July 2.

7-15-1847 MRS. MARY HARRINGTON, 30,RC, Kerry, destitute, disch 7-17, ship MARY from Cork, arrived June 12

7-15-1847 MARY HARRINGTON, 14, RC Derry, destitute, disch 7-17- ship MARY MURRAY, from Cork, landed June 12

The copies I have are larger than legal sized paper from the actual ledgers, and the handwriting is a bit hard to read. I notice that the actual ledgers I have the copies of list only women, but the book also incorporates men's names and so assume there was a place for men separate from the women. Under New Brunswick - Minorities - History the only work mentioned in FHLC is The Irish in Atlantic Canada, 1780-1900 Power, Thomas P

The following from the Grosse Ile lists may be of interest. People who died and were buried on Grosse Isle in 1847:

Name         		Age     Vessel       	Port            Date of Death
Pigott, Ann  		60      Wakefield   	Cork          	July 18 -24
Pigott, John 		5m   	John Francis 	Cork         	May 29 -Jun 5
Pigott, Mary 		30   	Elizabeth     	Liverpool   	Aug 29 - Sep 4
Pigott, Wm.  		36  	John Francis  	Cork        	Jun 6 - 12

People who died on ships at sea or in quarantine on Grosse Ile
Pigott, Catherine  	26  	John Francis  	Cork  		April 10 - June 10
Pigott, Maurice  	27  	Wakefield  	Cork        	May 28 - Jul  12

From 'A Register of Deceased Persons at Sea and on Grosse Ile in 1847', Andre Charbonneau and Doris Drolet-Dube, Canadian Heritage - Parks Canada, 1997

The Grosse Ile ( list is actually a companion 'data' volume to '1847 Grosse Ile - a Record of Daily Events' Charbonneau and Sevigny, Canadian Heritage, Parks Canada (since they manage the Grosse Ile site) 1997, ISBN 0-660-16878-2. The ISBN for the 'Register...' is 0-660-16877-4.

Purchased from Federal bookstore in Toronto, website email fedpubs@fedpubs.com

Quite incidentally I took the time to read a commemorative plaque in Toronto last week which had been unveiled by the Irish Ambassador or Consul in 1987. It was on the SE corner of King and John Sts and noted that on the NW corner had been situated a group of large quarantine sheds in the same period. At that time (1847) the population of Toronto was 20,000 and in one year 40,000 immigrants passed through this quarantine station having disembarked from ships at the pier on Simcoe St (a few blocks South). They were led straight to the quarantine sheds and those deemed fit were given some minimal rations and transported into the hinterland, there to fend for themselves. Others were 'hospitalised' with a maximum stay of 5 (?) days. Whilst at the station they were given 1/2 lb of bread and meat daily per person. Many died (I will check the figures). The objective of the terrified citizens of Toronto was to send them on there way as humanely as possible with whatever sustenance they could.
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