Pickett and Piggott Surname

Pickett and Piggott Surname
Co. Cork

Updated 12 Jan 2004

Transcribed from public records by Patty Pickett and posted here with her kind permission.

Hannah Sullivan baptised 3-6-1875 dau of Thomas Sullivan and Mary Moynihan, witnesses Brian Sullivan and JULIA PICKETT, Kippagh
Bapt 3-8-1881, Dromtariffe, Cath Anne PIGOTT, dau of JN PIGOT and Mary Nunan, witnesses, WM PIGOT and Hannah Nunan, Gurrane the above were from the Casey works

This is from the microfilm of pre 1855 Gravestone Inscriptions in Angus, Item 10, ForFar Parish, Scotland

#93, 1795, by D to W----Smith, 9-9-1876, 39, da Marjory PIGOT
8-2-1995, 29

#144 Wm. PIGGOTT 23-4-1892, age 83
w. Eliza Dewars 20-2-1849 age 42
DA Mary 10-7-1848 age 18
Isabella 1-7-1850 age 16
Jane 2-19-1867, 24
DA Cath 11-30-1873, 27
sister Mary 11-18-1887, age 80
DA Jessie 5-1-1917, age 83

and how I happened on those was these were on the microfilm reel for the Casey Index, along with many other Gravestone Inscriptions and a couple of books.

John Leary and Sarah PICKETT parents of Catherine chr 9-4-1838 Kerry, Rathmore with Nohaval and Kilcummin

Hannah Broderick M. James PICKET 7-26-1848, Kerry, Killarney RC

John PIGOT and Ellen Cahill parents of
Mary chr 9-9-1839
William chr 12-1842
Anna chr 12-1846
Patrick chr 8-1851
Dromtariff RC (but they were not on the Casey film)

Bartholomew PIGGOTT born 1748 and his wife Mrs. Bartholomew Pigott born 1760 Buttevant

Patrick PIGOTT and Catherine "Kate" Brien parents of
Bridget born 6-11-1864
Catherine 8-14-1866

Pat PIGOTT/PYGOTT and Catherine Kealiher/Keleher parents of
John chr 5-7-1832
Eliz chr 11-24-1835
Cath crh 5-22-1839 Dromtariff

Maurice PICKETT and Eliza Daly parents of
Catherine born 9-18-1865 Kilworth
NOTE - somebody posted data on the ship that brought provisions to the starving in Cork and the names Maurice Pigot and his wife of Kilworth were listed as dead from starvation so I expect they may have been his parents

Redmond PIGOT/PICKETT and Margaret O'Donnel parents of
Margaret born 9-7-1864
Catherine born 1-25-1867 Kilworth

Charlotte Emma PIGOTT married Joseph Hayes 4-20-1876, Mallow

Daniel PIGGOTT born 1781
David PIGGOTT born 1803
Denis PIGGOTT born 1800
Mary PIGGOTT born 1807 in Buttevant

Patrick PIGOT/PICKETT and Cathleen Sheehan parents of
Julia chr 4-29-1838
David chr 12-8-1839
James and John chr 4-10-1842
Hannah chr 7-14-1844 all in Boherbue

David PIGOT and Catherine Sullivan married 2-3-1876 Boherbue

David PIGOT married Mary Keefe 2-16-1878, Boherbue
and this made me think he was the son of Patrick and Cathleen, first wife must have died and he remarried.

Patrick PIGOTT and Bridget Sullivan parents of Edmund born 8-20-1865, Milford

Richard PIGGOTT and Ellen Barry parents of
Mary born 9-20-1864
Ellen born 5-10-1866 in Castlemartyr

William PIGOT and Ann parents of
Geo chr 3-10-1796, Mallow

Michael PIGOTT and Ellen Sullivan parents of
Helen Mary born 6-21-1865 Kanturk

Wm PIGOTT and Mary O'Neill parents of
james born 12-9-1865 Mitchellstown

David PIGOTT and Mary Mulcahy parents of
James born 9-10-1866 Newmarket

John PIGOT and Mgt. Cahill parents of
Jane chr 12-3-1836 Dromtariff

John PIGOTT and Ellen Cahill parents of
Julia chr 5-20-1838
Julia chr Jan 1845
John chr 10-14-1853
Jane chr 5-8-1856 all in Dromtariff

Jane Anne PIGGOTT and George Gahan maried 6-7-1865 in Mallow
Robert PIGOTT and Marg. Ambrose parents of
Johannah born 2-2-1865 Fermoy

Matt PICKETT and Kate Meade parents of
john chr 2-28-1864 Kilworth

William PIGOTT and Catherine Corkery parents of
Margaret born 9-24-1865 Cork

Mary PIGOTT married William Ryan 11-21-1845, Cork, Cork, St. Mary's Shandon

William PIGOTT and Norry Cotter parents of
William 8-5-1868
Mary born 3-22-1865 Fermoy

Michael PIGGOT and Eliza McGrath parents of
Mary born 2-1-1866 Fermoy

Andrew PIGOTT and Jane Walsh parents of
Mary born 7-11-1866 Rathcormack

Edward PICKETT and Elizabeth Campbell parents of
Mary born 10-5-1867 Ballincollig

William Pickett and Hannah Dogherty parents of
Michael born 9-20-1836 in Killarney which is the exact time frame for my Michael Pickett except his parents were listed in Catholic records here in VT as Michael and Margaret Flynn PICKETT

Mary PICKETT born to Patrick PICKETT and Hanora Flynn, 7-17-1865 in Waterford, Whitechurch

James PIGGOTT in Cronohill, and Richard and William PIGGOTT in Leitrim plus James in Propogue

John Barrett and Elizabeth PIGOT parents of Margaret Barrett born 3-26-1866 in Cork, Milford.

Robert Hazell married to Sarah PICKETT 7-30-1810 Church of St. Philip and St. Jacob, Bristol England

And there was a John PICKETT and brother Richard living in Tennessee mid 1860's who were from Cork Ireland

William Pickett whose parents were John Pickett and Mary McConnell born about 1828 in Cork, Gainey and she was born about the same time, from Mitchellstown.

John Pigott and Mary Noonan were parents of
Patrick Jn chr 7-10-1885, sponsors Thomas Noonan and Nora Tuomy, Gurrane, and
Catherine Anne , missed the date here, to John Pigott and Mary Nunan as her name is spelled, sponsors Wm Pigott and Hannah Noonan, Gurrane

Patrick Piggott and Hannah O'Keefe parents of
John Joseph chr 1-1-1893 sponsors John Pigott and Hannah O'Keefe, Killiterah, and
Corn Pigott chr 9-7-1897, sponsors Corn O'Keeffe and Hannah O Keefe. Gurrabown

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