Surname Distribution

1851 Surname Distribution report
Co. Cork

Updated 12 Jan 2004

Transcribed from public records by Patty Pickett and posted here with her kind permission from Genexchange Cork mailing list.

Within the materials contained in Volume 3 of the Albert Casey work is a surname distribution report for something like 105 surnames in the Slieve Lougher area where five or more families appear.

I was delighted to find the surname Pigott, which is the way my name is spelled at times in Ireland, appeared in three specific areas within the Slieve Lougher area.

According to this report Piggott appears in:
1) Litter etc, and the handwritten names that went with Litter were Kilkathy,Dunmahon, etc.;
2) Glanworth, where the surname Piggott appears with Donovan, Sheehy, Clancy, Donnell, Duane, Dunn, Neill, Tierney and Tobin;
3) Macroney and Leitrim where the names Clancy and Flynn also appear. Other names were listed and may also appear in the above areas which are listed, respectively as #22, #24, and #28, but I only recorded the Pigott names.

I found several birth, death and marriage records for Gurrane for my name as well.

Can anyone point out a source for me to find out more about these places specifically?

I was very excited to think that more than 5 families with the name Pigott appeared anywhere in Ireland. Maybe I will find my ggreatgrandparents Michael Pickett and Margaret Flynn in Cork after all. I was especially thrilled to see Flynn and Pigott both listed in Leitrim and Macroney.
Am I right in thinking these areas are all in Fermoy Deanery? Thanks for any help.

Surname distribution 1851
Area # 22, Barony of Fermoy, (Litter, Dunmahon, etc), 442 HH

Callaghan 14
Connell 15
Foley 9
Keefe 24
Lenihan 12
McGrath 6
Roche 17
Fenton 4
Pigott 5

are # 24 Glanworth, Barony of Condons and Clangibbon, 540 HH
Barry 14
Bullman 10
Conry 10
Foley 8
Howard 7
Roche 27
Keeffe 18
Fitzgibbon 9
Fitzpatrick 6
Piggott 5

area # 28, Macroney and Leitrim Barony of Condons and Clangibbon, 571 HH
Ahern 15
Browne 12
Cahill 8
Casey 14
Clancy 13
Coleman 10
Flynn 14
Lamasney 10
Lyons 6 (and then this notation P=3D0.05)
Kenneally 7
Kiely 7
McGrath 9
Moore(Moher) 12
Piggott 4

I also accidentally copied # 23, Farahy and Kildorrey Parishes, Barony of Condons and Clangibbono, 504 HH
Barry 16
Coughlan 7
Duane 27
Hannon 10
hennessy 13
Magner 8
Noonan 9
Regan 13
Roche 13
Tobin 5
Walsh 20

Since I am researching Pickett/Pigot/Piggott and Flynn and both of these names appear in Macroney/Leitrim, area # 28 as above, I am wondering if anyone has the Griffiths to go with this area and if so, can you let me know? Seems too good to be true.

I found quite a few Pickett/Pigot/Piggott names on the Casey reels for Volumes 1-2-3-4 to my delight. I have discovered that several Picket/Pigott brothers married Sullivan sisters.

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