Post Office General Directory- the County and City of Cork 1842-43

Post Office General Directory- the County and City of Cork 1842-43
Co. Cork

Updated 29 Feb 2000

Submitted by Lynne H Irvine and posted here with her kind permission.

I have found that I have a facsimile of "Post Office General Directory- the County and City of Cork 1842-43 containing The Names, Seats and Post Towns of the nobility,Gentry and Clergy of the County at Large also A New Directory of the several streets, quays, places and lanes as named by the local commissioners,together with Latest general and local post office arrangements" Full title!!

If anyone would like a look-up just drop me an email and I will do so. But please not until mid-March 2000.

Lynne H Irvine

Agar	Charles,excise officer,34 Watercourse

Agar	William Rev		Lisquinlan		Castlemartyr	

Allen	John,cabinet maker,23 Duncau-street
	Anthony, Capt. 		34 Lower Glanmire road
	Miss			8 Wandesford street
	Joseph,snrcorn merchant	17 Marlboro'street
	Francis,esq.solicitor	58 Grand Parade & 6 South terrace
	Aylmer,gent.,		10 George's quay
	Catherine,dressmaker	14 Batchelor's quay
	Samuel,saw manufacturer	105 Old George's Street

Allen	James esq		Melville		Clonakilty
	Thomas esq		Shannon-vale		do
	Henry esq		Cloyne house		Cloyne
	The Misses		Lakeview		Blackrock
	Joseph,		Snugborough		do
	Nicholas		Garryduff		Douglas
	William esq		Shandrum house		Charleville
	John esq		do			do
	John esq		Primrose Hill		Fermoy
	Samuel esq		Mills			Middleton
	William esq		Liscongill		Kanturk
	Major			Glandore		Rosscarbery

Atkins	George P apothecary and chemist,54,Patrick street
	William,gent. 11 Charlotte quay
	George merchant,8 Morrisson's Island,office 2 Catherine street
	Rev Walter Baker,11 Charlotte quay
	William,architect &c.11,Morrisson's island

				[seat]			[post town]
Atkins	John J esq		Leadington		Midleton
	James esq		Balgooly cottage	Kinsale
	Sarah,Mrs		Shaw's terrace		Monkstown
	L esq			Rossa			Doneraile
	Robert esq		Waterpark		Carrigaline
	P.S.Rev.		Firville		Mallow
	Stephen H esq		Rigeberg		do
	James esq		Atkinville		Douglas

Barrett	John esq		Riverview[Seat]		Dummanway[Post-town]

Barrett	Mrs,dressmaker,12 Bowling-green street
	Thomas,coach maker,7 Maylor street
	Patrick,gent,30 Nicholas street
	William,harness maker,24 Tuckey street
	Robert,ditto,25 ditto
	Daniel,flour seller,21 Fishamble lane
	David,builder,24,Coal quay
	Bartholomew,boot closer,2 Paul street
	Mrs,vintner,34 York street,Blackpool
	Thomas,tanner,9 Watercourse
	James,accountant,4 Prospect row
	Edward,hide crane,Dominick street
	James,cabinet m   ƒaker,119 Barrackton
	Edmond,glue manufacturer,Commons,Blackpool
	E,toy and trimming warehouse,22 George's quay
	James,boot and shoemaker, 6 Harpur street
	James,ditto,4 Browne street
	Miss,bonnet maker,47 Paul street

Bryan	Thomas esq		Brookpark		Dunmanway
	E. Rev Curate		Midleton		Midleton

Bruce	Alexander,fish agent, 7 & 10 Coal quay

Bruce	Jonathan,Rev.		Springfort		Charleville
	Jonathan esq		Prohurst		do

Busteed	John,Rev		Ballinrea		Carrigaline
	Shaw esq		do.			do.
	Henry esq		Stonehill		do.
	Charles esq		Maryville		do.
	Mrs			Ballintemple		Blackrock
	Thomas,gent		Hilltown		Carigaline

Canty	Ellen,vintner,32 Bandon road

Carroll	Anthony		 	Kildorrery mills	Kildorrery
	Richard,solicitor 	Fermoy			Fermoy

Carroll	John esq,merchant,55 King street
	Barcroft esq,do,20 Patrick's place
	J & B and Co. timber and deal yard,29 Leitrim st & 19 Lower road
	Sarah,Mrs.Carolina,Middle road
	John esq 3 Harbour-view terrace
	James esq,merchant 5 Clarence terrace
	Jeremiah,flour seller,124 Barrack street
	John,grocer,vintner and flour seller 29,105 & 106 Mallow lane
	John,professor of music,10 Marlbro' street
	Susan,dressmaker, 10 do.
	John carter esq, Excise officer, 11 South mall
Cleary	Simon,tailor 8 Tuckey street
	James,wine,grocery and gunpowder merchant,21 Patrick street
	Daniel,fish monger,9 & 22 Market street
	Roger,gent. 6 Proby's quay

				[seats]			[post town]
Cleary	Thomas 			Ballygohig		Watergrass Hill
	Thomas Jas.		Ashton			Cork

Connolly	Theresa,confectioner,76 Grand parade
	James,carter   g and ship agent,34 Fish street

Connolly	John Rev 	Tracton cottage 	Carrigaline & Surgeon 	Killeagh		Killeagh

Connor	Daniel esq		Manch house		Enniskeane
	William esq JP		Mishells		Bandon
	Daniel			Ballybricken house	Monkstown

Connor	Richard capt R N Montenotte
	Richard,grocer,2 Coburg street
	Jerimiah,clothes seller,45 south main street
	Catherine,vintner,29 south main street
	John F,merchant tailor,23 Great George's street
	John and Co carpet and blanket warehouse,52 patrick street
	Daniel,vintner,99 Barrack street
	& Co,clothiers,27 Grand Parade
	James,hair dresser &c 8 Paul street
	John,smith and bell hanger, 18 Paul  street
	Mrs Evergreen Cross
	Denis,lodging house keeper,19 James  street
	Denis,oil and colour merchant,North main  street
	John,baker,68 ditto
	William,baker,21 Castle street

Costine	No references

Cotter	Maurice,corn broker,9 Douglas street
	Pierce,vintner,1 Sullivan's quay
	John,do,14 Fish street
	John,do,5 Coburg street
	James,tailor,5 Pembroke street
	Edmund,fish monger,13 Margaret strret and 7 New Market lane
	Mrs,vintner,88 Great Britain street
	Mrs,lodging house keeper,6 Pine street
	Joh,boot and shoe maker,62 Patrick street

Cotter	Sir Jas.Laurence.Bart.	Rockforest		Mallow
	James L Rev.	Rector 	Buttevant		Buttevant
	Nelson K esq. M.D.	do			do
	J R Rev.	Rector 	Donoughmore		Inniscarra
	Edmond,Rev. P.P.	Newtown			Charleville		
	George E Rev.		Glenview		Middleton
	Geo.Sachville esqM.D.	Dispensary		Castletownroche
	John,esq		Ashton,Blackrock rd	Cork
	J R Rev.	Rector 	Innoshannon		Innoshannon
	Michael esq		Stanner's grove house	Kildorrery

Crowley	Timothy,eating house keeper,39 Fishambe lane
	William,timber and deal yard,13 Leitrim street
	Phillip,vintner,43 Evergreen street
	Mrs,clothes dealer,43 South main street
	Mrs,2 Lancaster quay
	Daniel,woollen draper,39 Patrick street and 13 Mardyke parade
	Thomas,hat dresser,9 Kyrl's quay
	E,painter and glazier,25 do.

Cullinane	no references

Danahy	No references

Daunt	Thos esq		Kilcaskan castle	Enniskeane
	William esq		Dillsgrove		do.
	Achilles esq		Compass Hill		Kinsale
	George esq		Newborough		do
	Achilles esq		do			do
	John esq MD		Fairyfield		do
	Thomas esq M.D.		Fahalia			Carrigaline
	George esq		Heatheburn hall		do
	William esq		Springhill		do
	William esq		Woodview		do
	William Thos esq 	Highland cottage 	do

Dillon	The Misses		Blackrock		Blackrock

Dillon,	Charles,stationer and bookseller,34 Gt George's street
	William,vintner,23 George's quay

Driscoll,	Hugh,undertaker and cabinet maker,10 Broad lane
	Hugh,jun.cabinet maker,27 & 28 Duncan street
	John,harness maker,14 Sullivan's quay
	John,vintner,11 cattle market street
	Stephen,Lithographer & c.31 Cook street

Downing	Mrs,huxter,9 Henry street
	William,wine and spirit store,53 North main street
	John B,apothecary,fever hospital,Old Youghal road
	Mrs ,6 Hargrave's quay
	Bartholomew,vintner and grocer,129 Barrack street

Downing	John esp.		Whitepoint		Cove
	McCarthy esq solicitor	Skibbereen		Skibereen

Fitzgerald	George,master cooper,30 Mary street
	Mary,huxter,92 Cat lane
	Mary,bonnet maker,12 Hanover street
	Mary,boarding house keeper,8 Marlboro' street
	Edward 30 ditto
	Edward,tailor,56 Old George's street
	Thomas,stone and chimney piece manufacturer,5 Grand parade
	T J esq. butter merchant,73 Wellington road,office,Dominick street
	David(Reprs.of,)	ditto	 	3,Clarence terrace,office,Church street
	John,vintner,7 Coburg street
	John do 1 Mannix street
	Thomas,hay and oats store,8 Lavitt's qyay and 2 Perry street
	Nichol   ças M,civil engineer,11 Bowling green street
	Thomas esq butter merchant,office,Dominick street
	Edward,grocer,24 Market street
	Edward,baker,70 North street
	James,stone cutter,2 Brown street
	Daniel,accountant,2 Nelson place
	Miss,bonnet maker,20 Bowling green street
	Patrick,stone cutter and vintner,Langford row

Fitz-Gerald	Richard esq	Castle Richard		Killeagh
	Henry Lieut.		Maryland		Cloyne
	Robert,U.P. esq		Corkbeg			do
	Blakeney Mrs		Whitegate house		do
	John esq		Ballykenelly		Castlemartyr
	John esq jun		do			do
	Richard esq		Castlerichard		do
	Peter esq		Ardrum			Inniscarra
	J.C.Mrs			Cloghroe		do
	Richard A esq		Muckridge		Youghal
	Captain			Heathfield		do
	James Rev. P.P.		Castletown		Castletown

Fitzgibbon,Garrett,butter merchant,office,Church street
	William,gent.Sunday's well
	William,leather seller,63 Great Britain street
	William and Co,mercers and drapers,42,43 & 44 Gt George's street
	Thomas,commission agent,3 Morrison's island
	Harriet,wine and spirit stores,2 Marlboro' street
	Robert,tailor,27 Old Georges's street
	William,esq,Woodville,Lower road

Fitz Gibbon	R.L.Rev.L.L.D.	Killeagh glebe		Killeagh
		Ephineas esq	Innitlinga abbey	Inniscarra
		Edward esq	Ahenna			do
		Cross esq	Clonmoyle		Coachford
		Thomas esq.M.D.	Dispensary Newtown Castletownsend

Fleming,Samuel,painter and  glazier,21,Abbey St
	William,shoemaker,1,South main street
	Edward,do. 24 Tuckey street
	John and Son,painters and glaziers,22,Hanover street

Fleming,	J B esq		Shannon square		Clonakilty
	R.S...solicitor		Do			do.	
	Swithin,esq		Middleton		Middleton		New Court		Skibbereen

Hackett	James,Jeweller and silver smith,30 Grand parade
	William Ashton,fishing tackle and wire work manufacturer,20 Duncan street
	James,Rectifying distiller,6 King street
	William and Co ,tanners,5 Patrick's quay
	William B,merchant,16 Patrick's place

Hackett	James and Co		Distillery		Midleton

				[seats]			[post towns]
Hallaran Wm Rev			Magourney glebe		Coachford
	John esq		Charleston		Midleton

Healy,	Edmond,vintner,13,Blarney lane
	Thomas,tailor,7,French church street
	Miss,milliner and dressmaker,do.

Hickey,	William esq,land agent,30 South mall
	Denis,clothes seller,19 Kyrl's street
	Cornelius,vintner,8 Dublin street
	Denis,cooper,41 do
	John,cabinet maker,51 Duncan street
	William,dancing academy,14 Bridge street

Hickey	William esq JP.		Janemount		Glanmire
	Mr Rev.			Tullig			Ballinhassig

Hurley	Daniel,provision merchant,6 North main street
	Denis,shoe maker 57 South main street

Hurley	John esq		Bandon			Bandon	

Hovenden	Mrs,vintner,102 Barrackton

Keane,John Thomas,H.M.C. 38 Patrick street  

Keane,	James esq		Glen Cottage		Monkstown
	Mrs			Parkgariff		do.		Shangarry,		Cloyne
	Mr Rev. P.P.		Midleton		Midleton
	John,		(tanner)			do.

Kearney	John,,corn merchant,14 Thomas street
	William,carpenter,24 Pine street
	Mary Ann,dressmaker,25 do
	Miss,straw bonnet maker,9 Nelson place

Kearney	John Cuthbert esq.	Garrettstown		Kinsale
	John Cuthbert esq	Mountfieldstown		Douglas
	John esq		Shannon square		Clonakilty
	John esq		Caheramee		Doneraile

Keohane	No references

Kehoe	Patrick esq M.D. & Surgeon,39 Cook street

Keily	Edmond,esq comptroller of H.M.Customs,10 Mardyke parade
	Bartholomew,confectioner,23 Castle street
	Bartholomew,painter and glazier,36 South mall

Kidney,John 			[paper mills] 		Enniskeane

Lawton,	James,vintner,10,Nelson place

Lawton,Hugh	esq		Seat of Lakemount	Post town Skibbereen

Linehan	Bartholomew,accountant,27 Barrack  street
	Jeremiah,shoemaker,5 William  street
	Jeremiah,undertaker,109 Douglas  street

Linehan	Corns			Ballymackmoy		Mallow
	Miles			Mallow			Mallow
	Corns.			Wiliura			Castletownroche

Mahoney	Denis,trimming warehouse,33 North main street
	Edward.D. wool store and do. 54 do
	Martin & Brothers,wool manufacturers & Clothiers,1 Camden place
	John,butter merchant,office,28 Mannix street
	Thomas,builder,10 Hardwick street
	Mrs. 10 Grattan hill
	Michael,builder,44 do
	John,	do,do
	Timothy,gingle keeper,3 Rochford's lane
	Miss B,boarding house keeper,12 Cook street
	Timothy,tailor,106 Old George's street
	F. dress maker,54 do
	Cornelius & Co ,woollen and general outfit drapers,1 Patrick street
	Ellen,bonnet warehouse,56 Grand parade
	Daniel,vintner,103 Great Britain street
	Daniel,do,23 Dublin street
	James,taillor,1 Perry street
	Denis,vintner,107 Barrackton
	James,house painter,10 Nile street
	Patrick,jeweller,,4 do
	Mrs,pawnbroker,4 Robert street
	Cornelius,shoemaker,66 Barrack street
	Timothy,grocer,36 South main street
	William,master tailor,10 Tuckey street
	John,do,  		14 Brunswick streetj
	Mary,flour vender,24 Fishamble lane
	Thomas,accountant,11 Dunbar street
	Gerard,builder,18 Margaret street
	Alexander Rev.R.C.C. 50 Douglas street
	John,vintner,114 Bandon road
	Michael E house and land agent,24 Sullivan's quay
	James,grocer,34 Market street

Mahoney	Denis,Rev. R.C.C.	Ahabullogue		Coachford

Marmion	Thos.H esq		Skibbereen		Skibbereen

Marmion,	Rev R W  24 Grneville quay

McCarthy Justin esq,MD		Cloyne			Cloyne
	Denis esq		Rathroe			Kanturk
	James esq		Desert glebe		Enniskeane
	Samuel esq		Springmount		Ballincollig
	Samuel jnr esq		do			do
	Denis esq		Duragh			Millstreet
	Daniel esq		Ardnageeha		do
	Jerimiah E esq		Rathdown		do
	Daniel esq		Knocknagure		do
	Robert esq		Church hill		do
	Florence esq		Brandy hall		do
	Richard esq H.M.C	Boreenmana		Cork
	Mr Rev.,R.C.C.		Newtown			Charleville
	Eugene,Rev P.P.		Ardnageehy,Bridestown	Watergrasshill
	P.,R.C.C.		Chapel street		Clonakilty
	Daniel esq		Loch0hine cottage 	Skibbereen

McCarthy,Michael esq,barrister,98 Old George's street
	William,lodging house keeper,3 Moore street
	Michael,clothier,1 Castle street
	Timothy,brush maker,17 ,do.
	Michael,draper,26 do.
	Mary,vintner,3 North main street
	Daniel,baker,27, do
	Jane,linen draper,45 do
	Daniel,grocer,77 do
	Alexander esq,butter merchant,19 Grenville quay
	Nelson,esq,do,office,Church street
	Charles,solicitor,50 Sunday's well
	Alexander,gent, 13 Adelaide street
	Denis and Co,butter merchants,27 Dominick street
	Daniel,esq,attorney,1 Clifton terrace
	William,tailor,166 Brickfield's road
	William,shopkeeper,160 do
	John,gent.,4 do
	Carteny,shopkeeper,5 do
	Alexander esq,attorney,22 Cook street and 103 Lower road
	Patrick,general smith, 46 do
	Alleyn C esq,attorney 30 Marlboro' street
	Charles,accountant, 123 do
	Isabella,Mrs 9 Old George's street
	Miss,confectioner,25 Patrick street
	James,apothecary,78 Grand parade
	Michael,linen draper,96 do
	John,pawnbroker,66 Duncan street
	Mrs,linen draper,22 Dublin street
	Charles,vintner,1 York street,Blackpool
	John,vintner,6 Cross street
	James,corn merchant,98 Evergreen road
	Mary Ann,haberdasher,2 Arcade
	John,leathe    r cutter,64 South main street
	Michael and Sons,tailors,83 do
	Jeremiah Eugene esq,20 South terrace
	Timothy,grocer,64 Douglas street
	Jeremiah,shoe maker,12 Great George's street
	Denis,vintner,87 South main street
	Michael F,clerk of Police office,10 Dunbar street
	Mary,vintner,17 Margaret street
	John.professor of music,83 South mall
	& Murphy esq,do,69 South mall
	& Kearney,corn merchants,42 Warren's place

McCarty	Frederick C esq M.D. 3 Morrisson's Island

McMahon	No references

Meade,	Maurice,vintner,115 Evergreen street
	James,do,104 North main street

				[seats]			[post towns]
Meade	Robert,rev		Ballymoney glebe	Enniskeane
	Adam Newman esq		do			do
	John esq		Innoshannon		Innoshannon
	F esq			Belmount		do
	William R Rev		Glebe			Kinsale
	John esq		Ballintober		do
	William R esq		Ballymartle		do
	William Rev		Donoughmore		Coachford
	William Rev		Dunmanway		Dunmanway

Moore	Alexander & Co,mineral water manufacturers,9 Lavitt's  quay
	George,leather hide and bark stores,7 do & 18 Hanover street
	Stephen,bookseller,15 Paul street

Moore	Walter esq		Borleigh		Bandon
	T.D.Rev.		Athnowen glebe		Ballincollig

Nihen	no references

O'Brien	James John,esq attorney and insurance agent,33 South mall
	John,bookseller,45 Patrick street
	Robert Hewitt esq ,do ,24 Prince's street
	Miss,school,18 Marlboro'street
	Timothy,tailor,94 Old George's street
	Patrick,hotel keeper,108 do
	Maurice,baker,48 York street
	James Henry,English academy,5 King street and Sydney place
	Rev J H . L.L.D. 14 Patrick's hill
	Patrick,accountant,196 Lower road
	James,fish dealer,12 Lavitt's quay
	Denis,victualler,40 & 41 do
	John,hamper and basketmaker,14 Barrack street
	Denis,vintner,2 Cat lane
	James,do,93 Main street
	James,linen draper,4 Great George's street
	Mark,chandler,20 do
	Rev R.C.C. 50  Douglas street
	Mary,bakery,17 George's quay
	Daniel,vintner,1 Gillabbey street
	Maurice,accountant,19 Evergreen road

O'Brien	Arthur,gent.		Blackrock		Blackrock	
	Richard esq		The Cottage		Mitchelstown
	Henry esq M.D.		Dispensary		Carrigaline
	William gent		Transtown mills		Watergrass hill
	Mr Rev P.P.		Clondrohid		Macroom
	Cornelius esq JP. 	Kilcor Castle		Castlelyons
	John esq		Ballyaden		Castletownroche
	Edward esq		Bandon			Bandon		

O'Connell, Daniel esq		Innoshannon		Innoshannon
	Denis esq.M.D.		Flintfield		Millstreet
	John,gent.		Droumcullen		Coachford		Peake			do
	Daniel esq		Ahavrin			do.

O'Connell,Philip,esq,attorney,37 South mall
	James,accountant,38 Prince's street
	David esq,attorney,27 Marlboro street
	John,tanner,45 Watercourse
	William,gent.14 Rockview terrace
	John,timber merchant,Summer hill place
	John,butter merchant,Grattan hill
	Cornelius,grocer,7 Castle street
	John,vintner,8 Blarney lane
	William,linen draper,16 Castle street
	John & Co. do. 16 Great George's street
	Julian,vintner,33 Barrack street
	Miss,bonnet maker,28 Paul street
	James  F,fish dealer,17 Market street
	Michael,do,12, do
	John,chain maker,11 Kyrl's quay
	John,vintner,20 Coal quay
	Daniel,fish dealer,25 do.
	& Daly,timber merchants,48 Leitrim street

O'Connor	Denis esq. M.D. & Surgeon 34 South mall
	James,bootmaker	   53	do.
	John,vintner,36 Prince's street
	Rachael,lodging house keeper,16,Old George's street
	Michael,do. 		18,do.
	Michael,wine and spirit merchants,57 do.
	James,dyer,61 Duncan street
	John H,supervisor of excise,17 Leitrim street
	Joseph,tanner,45 Watercourse
	Denis,oil and colour merchant,7 & 15 North main street
	Catherine,linen draper,21 North main street
	William,merchant tailor,5 Marlboro' street
	Jeremiah,vintner,32 Paul street
	Jeremiah J,lime works,South Terrace and     22,Rutland street
	Michael,accountant,12 Cumberland street
	James,vintner,grocer and timber merchant,103 Barrack street
	William,apothecary,13 Cove street
	William,vintner,9 Wandesford street
	Joseph,tanner,61 Great Britain street
	John F,merchant tailor,23 Great George's street
	Eliza,grocer,Shandon street
	Miss,trimming warehouse,South main street
	Rev John,R.C.C. 44 Dominick street

O'Connor,Arthur esq		Fort--robert		Enniskeane
	Roger esq.R.N..		do.			do.
	David esq		(apothecary)		Fermoy
	Michael esq		do		-	Kinsale
	John,Rev R.C.C.		Thornhill,Boreenmana	Cork	

O'Donnell,Patrick,vintner,15 Barrackton

O'Donnell Herbert esq		Coolmore		Millstreet
	Mr Rev.R.C.C.		Clondrohid		Macroom
	Mr Rev			(apothecary)		Fermoy	
O'Hallaran,William,accountant,17 White street

O'Neill	Gregory,baker and ship's agent,9 Merchant quay
	Eugene,apothecary,1 Parliament street
	James,hotel keeper,108 Old George's street
	Hannah,vintner,15 Castle street
	Michael,baker 9 Patrick street
	John do. 31 Great George's street west
	John,shoe maker,51 Paul street
	James,Clarence Livery stables,Pembroke street
	Michael,tailor,31 Duncan street

O'Neile,	Connolly esq   	Glanmire [ seat]	Glanmire [ post town]
	John esq		Fermoy			Fermoy

O'Sullivan	Wm esq		Carriganass castle	Bantry
	Joseph,Rev. P.P.	Eniskeane		Enniskeane
	Humphrey esq		Shinagh			Millstreet
	Edmond esq sol.		Fermoy			Fermoy
	Dr			do			do
	Eugene esq M.D.		Millstreet		Millstreet
	Jeremiah esq		Rathmore		do
	Denis esq		Liscahane house		do
	John esq JP		Carricatringam		Castletown
	John esq		Millcove		do
	Patrick esq		do			do
	Patrick J jnr esq	do			do
	Pat.J esq		Hungryhill cottage	do
	Sylvesteresq		Thornhill		do
	Roger esq		Lyre			do
	Daniel F		Ardgroom		do
	Jeremiah esq		do			do		do			do
	Eugene esq		Point			do
	Timothy			Harbour-view		do
	James esq		Gom			do
	Jeremiah esq		Sandmount		do
	Mark esq		Skullmount		do
	Morty,Rev.P.P.		Dreary Cove		do
	Sylvester esq		Rathmore		Millstreet
	Daniel esq		Bridgemount		Dunmanway
	P.,Rev.P.P.		Ovens			Ballincollig
	J esq			Mohera house		Castlelyons

O'Sullivan William,Rev R.C.C. 13 Sydney place
	James,woollen draper,17 South main street
	Patrick,tailor,6 Margaret street
	J,builder,30 Brown street
	F J accaountant   8,do
	John,vintner,1 grand parade
	Miss,29 Henry street
	Morty,butter merchant,Dominick street
	Denis,do,Mannix street
	Henry,Hide crane,Dominick street
	William,butter merchant,9 York terrace
	Jeremiah,vintner,Blarney lane
	James R gent. 64 Ward's buildings
	Thomas,do,1 Woburn place
	Cornelius,feather dealer,5 Blarney lane
	Jeremiah,farrier,11 & 21 Sullivan's quay
	Patrick,vintner,Blarney lane
	Mrs,do,2 Prince's street
	Patrick,undertaker,Old market place
	James Rev.R.C.C. 61 North main street
	Michael, Presbytery
Parker	R.N. esq  attorney,4 South mall
	John,accountant,1 Adelaide terrace
	William,gent.1 Adelaide terrace
	Anne,Mrs,115 Woburn place
	Mrs,vintner,36 Patrick's quay
	N esq.,M.D & Surgeon 9 Nile St
	Thomas,chandler,21 Great George's street
	William D'Estere,esq attorney and insurance agent,25 Prince's street
	Parker & Hoare,esqs,attorneys and insurance agents,117 Old George's street

Parker	Thos esq		Carrigrohane bridge	Ballincollig
	Captain R.N.		Greenpark		Youghal
	Richard esq		Waterview		Passage ,west
	Nicholas S esq		Bellevire		do
	Miss			Rock Cottage		do
	Philip esq		Blackrock		Blackrock	
Perrott	Samuel W esq		Fermoy House		Fermoy
	Thomas	esq		Upland house		do
	Samuel			Cleve hill		Blackrock	

Perrott	Richard,hive iron foundry,Hanover street,
	Great George's 	street,west,and house Hay Field
	William,gent.Queen's place
	Thomas,vintner,73 South main street
	J W esq attorney and insurance agent,9 South mall

Potter	No references

Quinn	Richard esq		Firgrove		Innoshannon
	Thomas esq		Sunny hill		do
	Richard,Rev P.P.	Durrus			Bantry

Roche	Alexander,musical repository,46 South mall
	Andrew F.apothecary and druggist,67 South main street
	Andrew,baker,66 North main street
	David,gent.Lancaster quay
	Edward,ladies' boot and shoe maker,95 Patrick street
	James,druggist,oil and colour warehouse,15 Patrick street
	James,professor of music,53 Grand parade
	Joseph G painter and plumber,6 Prince's street
	Mrs.53 Grand parade
	Mrs,hair dresser and perfumer,55 Old George's street
	William,master cooper,12 Mary street
	Mrs.Capt.47 Strand road
	James esq 4 Woburn place

Roche	James H			Cottage			Clonakilty
	Edward esq		Trabolgan		Cloyne
	Mrs			Rochemount		do
	Richard V esq		Killuntin		Watergrasshill
	Stephen esq		Kilmarnock		Monkstown
	Edward Burke M.P.	Kilshannick		Rathcormac
	Edward .. M.D.		Fermoy			Fermoy
	George..		Woodbine Hill		Youghal

Stanton	William & Co,potters, 17 John street

Turner,	Frances Anne,linen draper,23 North main street
	Miss,school,56 Duncan street

Wiliams,John,gent 2 Victoria terrace
	Thomas,accountant,2 Dominick  street
	William,skin dyer,18 Francis  street
	Thomas,coal merchant,11 Morroe  street
	Catherine,ship chandler,3 Market street
	Thomas,coach maker,20 Great George's  street
	Thomas,farming machine maker,19 do. west
	Mrs,upholstress,2 Hanover  street

Wolfe	Mrs			Cashell			Rosscarbery	
	Ralph esq		[endowed school]	Charleville
	John esq		Coolerahaun		Rosscarbery

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